'The Walking Dead': Comic book series creator Robert Kirkman answers our questions about last night's shocking pilot

Last night, AMC screened the pilot of new show The Walking Dead, in which Andrew Lincoln’s small town Georgia sheriff Rick Grimes desperately attempts to reunite with his family in a zombie apocalypse. The result was an epic start to this adaptation of Robert Kirkman‘s long-running comic—and an amazingly horrific display by TV standards.

How did pilot director Frank Darabont get away with featuring so much bloody mayhem? Will a knowledge of the original comic series help viewers guess which characters are going to live and which become undead chow? And was that really Jim Carrey cameo-ing as a zombie?

After the jump, Robert Kirkman—who is also one of the writers on the show and a Walking Dead executive producer—tackles these questions and more. Though, be warned, at times the conversation leans toward the gory and, if you haven’t yet seen the pilot, spoilery.

Entertainment Weekly: I’m guessing the Walking Dead pilot is the first to open with the hero shooting a cute—if admittedly zombiefied—little girl in the head.
Robert Kirkman: That could be a first possibly, yeah.

EW: Even your original comic didn’t kick off in such a brutal fashion. Was there much discussion about that whether that was a good idea?
RK: You know, it was just something Frank put into the script. At no point did AMC say, “Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this.” So I guess because it was treated like it wasn’t a big deal, it didn’t really occur to me how bold that was until I was on set. It was always a question as to how much of that they were going to show, and AMC has surprised us with everything that they’re allowing us to do. There was a plan at one point to shoot a lot of gore—which is what we did—but the original plan was to have re-edited versions of the episodes, that would go on DVD. But at this point, AMC hasn’t really made us pull anything.

EW: The kid was wearing rabbit ear slippers, for goodness sake!
RK: Well, Frank is very demented.

EW: Then the show cut back in time to a long conversation about women between Rick Grimes and his fellow cop, Shane (Jon Bernthal). It’s like the first scene was saying, “Hey, if you don’t like zombie movies, then switch over to Brothers and Sisters, but the second sequence made clear that this is not just going to be a show about people plunging axes into zombies’ heads.
RK: Yeah. It’s a very cool juxtaposition [that explains] what this show is going to be. The show is going to serve a lot of masters. There’s going to be very straight human drama stuff, and then there’s going to be very graphic, crazy zombie stuff. And it’s neat that in the first minutes of the first episode you get a sense of exactly what the show is going to be bringing you, week after week.

EW: I suspect a lot of people who are coming across the story of The Walking Dead for the first time would have thought that the guy-wakes-from-coma-to-discover-that-the-world-has-been-overrun-by-zombies plot was very similar to 28 Days Later. Presumably you had seen that film when you wrote the first issue of the comic?
RK: No. Welcome to my life seven years ago. It was complete coincidence. I saw 28 Days Later shortly before the first issue of Walking Dead was released. That first issue came out in October of 2003 and 28 Days Later was released in the States in June of 2003. So we were working on our second issue by the time I saw it. It was going to be a matter of somehow trying to restage the entire first issue, because it was a very similar coma opening. I made a decision—which I pretty much regret at this point—I said, “You know what? It’s so different [from that point on], I will probably never hear anything about this.” And I was wrong.

EW: So when you saw the movie you must have thought, “Oh s—!”
RK: Yeah. It was a little annoying. But great minds think alike, right?

EW: A colleague of mind who saw the pilot, and is unfamiliar with the zombie genre, couldn’t believe that Rick didn’t spend more time going “So, what exactly happened while I was in a coma?” He doesn’t seem to show a lot of interest in the details of how the entire world fell apart.
RK: Well, he has a lot distracting him. He has a wife and son that’s out there and right now he’s focusing on that. As the show progresses, you’ll see that Rick is a very one-track-mind kind of guy. He’s not going to stand around and go, “Well, I’m going to find my wife and son, but first we need to find out what all these dead people are doing.” Plus, if something like this were to really happen, the people in Georgia aren’t going to walk out of their houses and say, “We need to get to the bottom of this!” Pardon my French, but that’s like a bulls— action movie kind of stance. That’s not how it would be. The main worry would be, “How are we going to survive today? How are we going to find food? How are we going to protect ourselves?” People would just assume that the government was trying to do something. Or they would just assume that there was nothing we could do.

EW: It’s interesting, because Rick’s a cop, but he’s clearly not John McClane.
RK: Rick is a much more realistic police office. I always kind of pictured that Rick Grimes was not a police officer that had used his gun very often. He was just one of those guys that basically just walks by the local malt shop and made sure the kids were getting home on time.

walking-deadEW: There was one zombie in the show that looked just like Jim Carrey, who worked with Frank Darabont on The Majestic. Can you confirm whether or not that was a cameo from Ace Ventura?
RK: It’s not Jim Carrey at all. And dammit, most days I remember that guy’s name. He’s a great guy. I’ve met him a few times. He works for [visual effects company] KNB. He appears like maybe four times as different zombies in the six episodes.

EW: Also, one of the first zombies we saw in the episode had no legs. Was that CGI or did you use an amputee actor?
RK: That was completely CGI. The woman was wearing basically blue stockings and then everything was cleaned out. There is an alarming amount of CGI in the pilot episode and in the whole show, and you would never know it. The company, Stargate, that does it, does a lot of CGI for television, and they do an amazing job. There’s a shot where Rick is riding off on the horse and his hat actually blew off, and they really liked that shot, and so they had Stargate go in and digitally put the hat back on his head.

EW: We also discovered in the pilot that zombies love eating horses, which is a departure from the undead mythology as set out in George A. Romero’s zombie films. In fact, as I’m sure you know, in Romero’s most recent zombie movie, Survival of the Dead, they spend a long time trying to persuade one of the zombies to eat a horse.
RK: Yes, that is true. Anecdotally, that is actually the exact same horse.

EW: Really?
RK: Yeah, yeah, the trained horse in the Walking Dead pilot and is the exact same horse from Survival of the Dead. But again, similar to the 28 Days Later situation, the zombies-eating-the-horse thing was in The Walking Dead seven years ago. So, screw you George Romero! [Laughs]

EW: In the comic book, the affair between Rick’s wife Lori and Shane is over by the time we catch up with the characters. But in the show, they’re depicted as still together. Why?
RK: Well, I didn’t know how long the comic book series was going to last. I hoped that it would become a success and survive for years and years. But at that time in my career, it was very early, I had had a lot of books canceled, just because of poor sales. So early on in the book I would move past storylines very quickly. I set up this love triangle and I resolved that story and moved along within the first [few] issues. But there’s a lot of story potential to mine there. One of the things that the TV show is able to do is to look at the comic book series with hindsight and go, “This would probably be something that we could explore more.” And that’s what we’re going to be doing. So we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Lori-Shane-Rick love triangle.

EW: I’m very familiar with your still ongoing comic series. So, how confident should I be that I know which characters are going to survive for a long time?
RK: Not. Confident. At all. One of the best aspects of the comic book series is, when you sit down to read an issue, you really have no idea what’s going to happen. Anybody could go at any moment. There’s really no sense of safety in the comic book at all. And I wanted to preserve that for the television show. If people on the show have ideas for different things to happen, I encourage that. I want people to be as surprised by the show as they are by the comic book series.

Check back next week, when Kirkman answers our questions about the second episode of The Walking Dead.

Did you watch the show last night? What did you think? And check out the latest TV Insiders podcast in the video below, featuring an interview with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and star Andrew Lincoln!

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  • Luanne

    I was very disappointed. My family got together to watch this. Needless to say, my children could not sleep that night. I am sick of these horrible shows which give my children nightmares. My son and daughter are 6 and 10 respectively, and based on the promos I thought they could handle it. The network is going to receive a very angry letter soon.

    • Yabby

      No one forced you to watch or own a tv hon. The world is not your babysitter. Get over it and have your children read a book (if they can read).

      • Carla

        Agreed, Yabby. Luanne actually must be a troll…who lets their kids stay up till 10pm to watch a show about zombies? My mother was pretty lax and loved horror films, but even she knew when to draw the line.

      • Luannne

        I just came back to see so many judgmental responses. I will have you know, my children only watched the first scene, and then the TV was off straight away. My daughter began crying and wet her bed during the night. I am just disturbed by the content on TV these days and I am going to do something about it. If no one here will support me, I will gladly tell me book club about this. I am sure they will want to act against such injustices.

      • Shotgun Samurai

        Agreed Carla, the show also had numerous warnings after commercial breaks specifically informing the viewer of the explicit nature of the program. And if you didn’t switch it off after the first two minutes then you are the worlds worst parent.

      • What

        Luanne, your response is even more dispiriting. You shouldn’t have let your children watch a zombie flick on CABLE after 10 pm!

        And your excuses are sad. Go ahead and tell your book club about it, but nothing is going to happen from it.

        I’m not judging you as a person at all, but in this particular instance, you seem out of touch.

      • tru

        yabby is so right. the shows awesome. yabby count have put it better

      • swo0op

        The next post we see from this mom is when she writes to complain that she thought Breaking Bad is awful because she thought it would get her kids interested in chemistry.

        Do some research before you let your kids watch anything! Even shows on broadcast TV at 7pm timeslots can be sketchy. As much as I love them, I would think twice before allowing a 6 and 10 year old to watch the Simpsons or Family Guy. Even Fox’s Glee is getting lambasted this year for being too un-kid-friendly with more adult themes and riskee songs/dances.

        AMC original programming, like FX, is very adult oriented. It makes no apologies – nor does it have to. Their shows are annual favorites at the award banquets.

        Here’s another idea…clear out your DVR’ed daytime soaps and Nancy Grace episodes, record a show and watch it yourself to make your own informed decision.

        Short of that, set the parental controls on your television then promptly forget the unlock code. You and your kids will be stuck on PBS and TV Land forever and we will not have to hear from you again.

    • Mary

      Come on, Luanne: this was a ZOMBIE show, starting at 10 p.m., and you let your young children watch it?? Didn’t the warnings before each gory scene clue you in that it might not be a show for kids?

      • lana

        don’t blame the network! what did you expect from a show about zombies? duh.

    • Holmes

      Luanne, if I knew where you lived I would also be preparing an angry letter. 1. You cannot base a program on its promos. 2. You cannot seriously expect a show about zombies to be palateable to children under the age of 12. And most importantly, 3. Writing a letter to a network blame them for your own failings as a responsible parent is a waste of paper and ink and is only further evidence of your negligent parenting as you are unable to perceive your own mistake in ignoring pretty standard TV scheduling (after 10p.m. is adult-oriented programming, even on cable) and allowing your children to watch a program neither aimed at or produced for young children. You’re killing trees with your ignorance, woman!!!!

      • Nerdo

        (after 10p.m. is adult-oriented programming, *ESPECIALLY on cable)

      • Jen88

        Excellent points, Holmes!

    • Drew

      I’m more than a little surprised. Did you not see the advertising? Did you think this was going to be some kind of Disney version of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD? C’mon– if you had no idea what this was about, you didn’t do your homework. This was billed as an explicit show…and that it was on at 10pm should have been the biggest hint of all.

    • Mr DOc

      Yea you let a 6 & 10 year old watch a zombie movie, that clearly shown in the commercials, viewer discretion is advised do to its graphic and violent nature. So really it’s your fault letting them watch it, not the networks so doom on you.

    • Chroma

      I’m normally the last person to say this, but… AMC is not to blame here. YOU are. Did you conveniently ignore the very clear “This program contains material that may be unsuitable for some viewers” warning was posted at the beginning, or hte very clear “TV-M” rating? And what the hell were grade-schoolers doing up until 11:30 on a Sunday night?

      • Denise

        Well said Chroma.

      • Akim

        Les baillerg’Merci mille fois!!!!c’est vrai que c’est un monemt excitant mais en meame temps stressant car pour continuer ce travail en N&B pleinement le livre doit eatre un succe8s en librairie, ainsi mon e9diteur me soutiendra pour mon prochain travail

    • kimmy

      i’m 25 and that show freaked me out. why anyone would let their 6-10 yr olds watch ANYTHING that is shown in the 10pm time slot to begine with? not to mention a show about creepy ass zombies??

    • Kim

      Why would you think it’s appropriate for a 6 and 10 year-old to watch a show about zombies? It came on at 10 p.m. implying that children shouldn’t watch it, not to mentiont the disclaimers after every commercial break. Don’t send an angry letter to AMC becuase of a bad parenting decision on your part.

    • Jones

      It’s rated TV-MA. Dummy

      • Matt

        The pilot was TV-14, actually, for some weird reason. I’m not sure how they got away with that…

    • Kalbo

      @Luanne: Really? How about putting your kids to bed before watching this show? Seems to me this is parental FAIL on your part. What do you think you’re watching, iCarly or something? It says “The Walking Dead” on the title.

    • Really?

      Seriously? Didn’t you read the graphic warning before the show started? Maybe you should think about how a show called “The Walking Dead” might affect your children before watching it with them.

    • AKHeather

      Umm… it’s a Zombie show! come on, use some BRAINS! Of course they had issues with the show, that’s why it came on at 9/10pm!

    • Bob

      you’re a twit. please get your tubes tied.

      • Rosa


      • J.Woods

        Hahaha Bob LMAO!!!

    • Rhianna

      Wait, you let your kids WATCH this? This isn’t the Waltons! This is hardcore ZOMBIES. I took my kids on a Zombie Walk & they were fine but no way in holy hell I’d let ‘em watch this. It seems all those WARNINGS of extreme gore that they put on for stupid people were above your reading comprehension level. It isn’t AMC’s fault that some parents need their parenting licenses permanently revoked. I won’t even let my kids read the graphic novel! I mean really, late on a Sunday night with gore warnings & you think that’s kid appropriate & you want to fuss at the cable company for it? Hello!!!! Parent is responsible – or in your case Luanne, IRresponsible.

      • LA

        Hi Rhianna! I was also at Zombie Walk here in NJ! I brought my 10 year old also,as far as watching this, NO way would I ever let her, nor would she want to.

        I personally Loved it! ;) and will be tuning in next week!

    • Clobby

      You… decided to have a good old fashioned family film night and you figured a show called The Walking Dead would be a good choice for two kids? You’re right. That was a great idea and it’s totally AMC’s fault. Way to go, mom of the year.

    • Bob

      You Luane, are an idiot. I mean, really? You didnt think the BLATENT warning at the beginning of “graphic violence” was just a joke? You are an idiot and a horrible parent

      • RobQ

        I can’t believe you all fell for an obvious troll. You’re not going to last even 5 minutes when the real zombie invasion comes.

      • Bob

        mughhhhhhh, ughhhhh….


      • J.Woods


      • Luann is fake

        “my Book Club?”… dead giveaway!
        Lol for the troll!

    • Cynthia Short

      Evidently, no adult in your family ever learned to read well. There were warnings on content after each commercial break. Even if you didn’t read the warnings, after the first 10 minutes you should have changed the channel and not allowed your kids to watch. It isn’t the network’s fault lady, it’s yours…

    • myprettypony

      you really must be an idiot or this post is a joke. why would your 6 and 10 year olds be up at 10 pm on a school night? and based on the promos, it’s about human eating ZOMBIES! also, how many warnings did AMC post before and during the show that the program was graphic and intense. i really do hope that this post is a joke, and if it isn’t, i am sad that you have kids.

    • judge reinhold

      you make me sick! your children probably have trouble sleeping at night because they have such an idiot for a “mom” ***”I blame you TV, for me bein’ such a sh*t parent”

    • Sarah

      The show is called “The Walking Dead”. What in the world did you expect it to be about? Kittens?

      • Golightly

        whoa whoa- you mean it wasn’t about kittens??? I bet your gonna say they DON’T break into song the next episode.

    • danielle

      Is this a joke? My 10 and 12 year olds were begging to watch and I said “H E double hockey sticks NO!” I DVRed it and watched it first… they will not be watching it, but it was excellent for adults!

      • e

        I think you nailed it. It’s a joke by someone who wanted to see how riled up he/she could get everyone. Mission accomplished.

    • splinx001

      Congratulations, 12 out of 12 people think you’re a f***ing moron. That’s something we can all be proud of.

    • Jeff Jensen

      Yeah, I hate to be mean to you, Luanne, but I don’t think AMC failed your family here–I think YOU did. (Unless you’re joking. Please be joking.)

    • John

      There is no way Luanne’s post is real. I think someone is goofing around.

    • ObvUsername

      Really, Luanne? AMC is going to get an angry letter because YOU let your kids watch a zombie HORROR movie aired LATE at night? I think AMC should write an angry letter to you for dipping the IQ of their viewer base…

    • nichole

      @Luanne .. can i write you a very angry letter about what a bad parent you are? it was OBVIOUSLY not intended for children. do you let them watch dexter too? there’s a baby on it..i’m sure that makes it family friendly right?
      P.S. please keep your children away from sharp things, poison, wild animals and yourself as these are all also bad for them.

    • May

      Had you not thought of letting them watch a Scooby Doo movie instead? That’s a lot more child friendly. As for us grown-ups, I felt it was an awesome zombie show, especially for a tv series. Can’t wait to see the next episode.

    • Russ Burlingame

      You’re one of these desperate lunatics that thinks because they have kids, the whole world should be baby-proofed, aren’t you? Between the rating, the graphic content warning, the title, the ads and the cold open, there’s no reason in the world you should have had your kids in front of the TV…and even if you stumbled in two minutes through and managed to miss EVERYTHING else, you should have changed the channel pretty quickly when you saw the first five minutes.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Given the high amount of recent, moronic comments on these boards that exist solely to rile people up…don’t we think that there’s a better than average chance that she’s messing with us?

    • JenC

      Seriously? A 6 and 10 year old? I think you’re making this up.

    • Rosa

      That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You let your kids stay up late on Halloween and watch a zombie movie and you’re suprised that they were scared? What’s really scary is that people aren’t screened for competance before being allowed to breed.

    • Vivi

      There were parental warnings of what was to come and there have been multiple articles all month advertising the first five minutes to be the most frightening five minutes of television, that being said, WHY would you let your children watch this? That’s poor judgment on your part.

    • Ann Wagers

      It had a warning comment at the beginning of the show. I watched 7pm because I have HD east settings but come on in what universe would you think zombies are children appropriate. I like AMC original shows but none of them are appropriate for children.

    • jason

      you are a terrible parent luanne you need to learn how to show kids shows they can watch such as cartoon network before ten….but dont be an idiot and let them watch zombie shows that come on after what should be thier bedtime you freaking idiot of a parent

      • Tess

        So excited I found this airtcle as it made things much quicker!

    • psb1962

      huy luanne..zombies are not cute little bunnies..they are undead cannibals..were you really expecting tame when there was an advisary fo pete’s sake you idiot!!!

    • strickens_girl

      It was on at 10pm and you let a child stay up to watch it? Moron.

    • Dave

      Hi Luanne,

      If the trailer, warnings after each commercial, time of airing and myriad graphic images on the AMC Website didn’t convince you that this wasn’t exactly an “ideal” program for children – somewhere during the first five minutes, when a child zombie is shot point-blank through the skull, it should have signaled to any respectable parent that it was time to send your children to bed with a reassuring, “This isn’t real, and mommy is very, very sorry for putting you all through this.”

    • Evitman

      It is called “The Walking Dead”. Exactly when did you think letting a 6 and 10 year old watch it was a good idea?

    • pr

      are you kidding me, its called the walking dead, airing on Halloween, what did you think would happen? don’t blame AMC it was your idiot idea to let a 6 and 10 year old stay up that late on a school night to watch a horror show.

    • DUH

      What did you think a zombie show was going to be about, a bunch of kids sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin!!!! This was a great show.

    • Really?!

      I am not one to criticize another parent, but this is in NO WAY the fault of AMC. Did you not watch a single trailer? Did you not think that tv after 10pm might be sketchy for a 6yr old kid? Even Nick-At-Night has ‘adult oriented’ comedy at night. Don’t write a letter to AMC…your fault.

    • Paul

      OK Luanne, if you’re letting 6 & 10 year old children watching a show about zombies, I don’t think the blame is on the network. Take some parenting classes why don’t you.

    • jgamez

      What is wrong with you? Have you ever watched anything with zombies? Zombies are not “family-friendly” flesh eating versions of full-house. The network doesn’t need your angry letter for your stupidity in letting your kids watch a mature show. Some of us like that there is some non-kiddie programing on t.v.

    • Jamie

      Oh Shut up ! AMC gave you plenty of warnings before the show aired that there was graphic content. It’s not their fault that you ignored them. The fact your children couldn’t sleep is a result of your own ignorance, not a TV show !

    • anon.

      are you kidding me?! What kind of an idiot are you? the title alone should have clued you in that this show is not kid friendly. I bet you’re the type of person to set your children down in front of Family Guy for half an hour and then bitch to everyone you know about how Seth MacFarlane exposed your poor children to 30 minutes of filth and profanity. try taking some responsibility yourself for a change.

    • wino

      troll alert

    • DJ

      What kind of idiot has their young kids watching a Zombie show and then pisses and moans about them not being able to sleep?? The show came on here (east coast) at 10. Not sure if that is the same but in my time zone, that is well past the parental time . What a jerk you are! please post a copy of your letter. I need a good laugh after this…lol

    • Ddriz

      You sat down to watch a zombie show rated as TV-14 and you were surprised to find out it was gory and scary? I previewed this first for my kids (14 and 17) and am not sure if I am going to let them watch it. I do agree it should have been rated TV-MA.

    • Mike

      Luane have you recently suffered head trauma? Who in their right mind would think for a second that this show was suitable for a 6 and 10 year old? ever preview warned of the content and they had numerous warning before and during the show. What eklse can they do except perhaps buy you a book on parenting. Its a zombie show for cripes sake, zombies eat humans and get shot in the face. Some people… /facepalm

    • Zombito

      Ohh Luanne… when will you learn. The mistakes you make as a parent can come an haunt you when you are old. Remember your kids get to choose your nursing home. Any hoo… signing a petition to take this show of the air will only make matters worse. Maybe you thought it was a Tea Party rally or you couldn’t find the control to change the Chanel cause you sat on it. But get over it…go to the piggly wiggly buy yourself a tub of Ice Cream and get ready for next Sunday night… you know you want to watch it.

    • Michella

      What about this show made you think it was a good idea to keep our kids awake and watch it? Was it the fact that it was called “The Walking Dead” or the numerous warnings? FFS they are 6 and 10 what were they even doing up that late on a Sunday?

    • mike

      why would you ever let your kids watch that? dont you do some research on what tv programs are about? the series is awesome for adults. maybe if you ever took your kids to buy a spiderman comic at a comic store you would have seen this best selling comic series on the shelf. your angry letter will be mocked by everyone everywhere. go sue fox for selling simpson t shirts in child sizes you idiot

      • Medriano

        Quelle satisfaction tu dois renstseir apre8s avoir re9alise9 ce magnifique travail, fe9licitations Tre8s ge9ome9trique la photo du muse9e Masse9na, entre le volume des palmiers, le porche arrondie et le toit tre8s rectiligne Un peu trop carre9e pour moi mais toujours cette lumie8re que j’affectionne

    • Stefanie

      Go away, troll.

    • CHRIS

      ARE YOU FOR REAL????

    • mary

      You are kidding right. Seeing the promos, it’s obvious that the show is violent and it even said “viewer discretion is advised” at the beginning…it comes on at 10:00 at night…most children should be in bed at that time.

    • Bribot

      I had to write a letter myself to Sirius. I had Howard Stern on in the car with my 4 & 7 year old daughters and next thing I knew a couple lesbian strippers were sitting on the sybian while Will the farter blasted ass gas at them. Then High Pitch Eric crapped in a bucket, I was disgusted. My girls can’t sleep anymore.

      P.s. Rick Grimes for president.

      • George


    • matt

      seriously you let your 6 and 10 year old watch a show about zombies on at 10 on AMC. Its called do your homework jackalope and only blame yourself for your bad decisions. That ios mind boggling that you thought it was a family friendly show.

    • Ruth

      Then why allow your children to watch it?

    • Carol

      Seriously? You “let your kids stay up to watch” a zombie show on cable but are angry that it’s violent and graphic?? Take a pill. You’re obviously clueless. This show is a brilliant representation of what is great about the zombie genre…it is totally character driven, the zombies are just the vehicle that propels the drama and YOU need to tune it over to iCarly on Nickelodeon and leave the adult dramas to the adults. [shakes head in rueful disdain]

    • J.Woods

      What?????!!!!!! Lady you cannot be serious. Most of the people have already made all the points you can make so I will make mine. I think that some people should have to take a test and pass it before they reproduce. GEEZ!!!!!!

    • ryanahearn1218

      it is a show about the dead rising and eating people. what part of that promo sounded ok for a 6 and 10 year old? you must not have looked very hard at this. it was always promoted as an adult oriented drama/HORROR series. for your childrens’ sake, do a little research before you blame the people who did nothing but warn you this was not a show for kids…

    • erika

      Why on earth would you let your children watch a show called the walking dead-what did you think it was about? Zombies who pick flowers?

    • Slimer

      Sounds like your kids are in control of the Tv.

    • BG

      I cannot believe so many of you actually fell for that post.

      • Chubby

        So true. Honesty and eevrything recognized.

    • Brandy

      How about you take responsibility for your faulty parenting and not blame television shows and channels for your poor descisions?

    • sal

      Common now, its a zombie flick, there is going to be blood, guts and violence,Common Sense, its not Disney.

    • Stu

      Parenting skills…EPIC FAIL.

    • George


    • Kat

      Anyone familiar with the comic book series would realize that this probably isn’t something you should let your, young, impressionable children stay up and watch.

      Anyone -watching- the show should have seen the warnings before the show started…before it came back from commercial, etc. And anyone who -did- let their kids watch this should have known what they were in for after the very first scene.

      I think its disgusting that instead of assuming responsibility as a parent and simply turning the TV off, you blame the individuals who made it. The individuals who aired the show late on a sunday night, when most 6 year olds would be in bed for school. The individuals who warned audiences in several ways that it would display graphic content.

      Take responsibility for your OWN decisions instead of trying to pin it on the circumstance.

    • its your fault

      why would you let your children watch this kind of show? YOU should know that this is a show that is NOT for kids.

    • Vera Morris

      Why would you think a show that comes on at 10pm would be suitable for children. It is about zombies. Don’t blame programming for not doing your research as a parent. There is an advisory warning at the beginning of the episode.

    • ****

      Your family “got together” to watch a show called “Walking Dead”? Are you satanists? Do you have midnight family picnics inside mausoleums and sneak your kids into morgues for sight-seeing trips? No wonder your kid pissed herself, she’s got a loon for a mother.

    • leigh

      Wow, Luanne, you’re a real genius aren’t you? Your kids are SIX and TEN and you SERIOUSLY thought that a cable tv show about ZOMBIES that is aired after 10pm MIGHT have been OK for your kids? Wow.
      You know, it’s people like you who ruin things for the rest of us b/c now you’re going to run off and make a big stink about graphic television shows and the “danger” they pose to our “impressionable” children when really the only danger here is your own stupidity and inability to properly interpret the ratings system.

    • Lisa Tarvin

      My girls are 13 and 15 so I felt it ok for them to watch as they like scifi. If they were any younger I wouldn’t have let them. The previews made it pretty obvious it was not for younger viewers.

    • mario

      the show is called THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!! u should get a angry letter for letting your little kids watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

    • Thorn

      You let your 6 year old stay up until 10 for a 2 hour show? Yeah that is healthy, and really good parenting. Add to that the fact you allowed a child to watch subject matter that was promised to be adult in nature throughout without pre-screening it and I have to immediately dismiss you as a negligent parent.

      Your children have more to worry about than a zombie show on AMC.

    • John

      Obvious troll is obvious. I read your post and wet my bed.

    • Bill

      Luann, if you haven’t guessed, everyone here thinks you’re a bad mother for letting your young kids watch this despite the warning about its content.
      Please tell your book club about this show. Also, please read the warnings next time and heed them.

      • Thayna

        hors-cadres,C’est vrai que c’e9tait un gros travail avec un inmestissevent d’e9nergie e9norme je commencerai e0 me de9tendre dans quelques semaines car mon planning avec tous les e9ve8nements autour de la sortie du livre se termineront vers le 15 de9cembre.

    • Bubba


      Way to go on misleading the masses. You got them all worked up over nothing. I have been laughing at these responses!!! Great Job!! YOU ALL HAVE BEEN HAD!!!

    • Tara

      You are kidding right? Your kids are 6 and 10. You let them stay up to watch a 10pm show on a Sunday night called “The Walking Dead” which is very obviously about ZOMBIES, on a channel that is not ABC, NBC, or CBS. Now you are going to send an angry letter to the company? This is joke isn’t it? You should be sending a letter to yourself or to Children’s Services to notify them of your absolutely terrible judgement and parenting skills.
      Seriously, you have no one to blame but yourself.
      Dummy up.

    • CBnelly

      Kids are not adults. So, they should not watch adult programming. You should pay attention to the ratings. It is no ones fault but your own. By the way you must not read too many books to be running off to tell “me book club” about this one. Your kids should be in their bed at 10:00 and you should be reading them one of those there books from your book club. Oh, but not a romance novel or horror novel.. just in case you thought it might be OK.

    • Mark D

      what are your kids doing up at 10pm on a Sunday night? Shouldn’t they be in bed getting some much needed rest for their next busy day at school?

    • wayne

      Is this a real post? I mean its a show called the Walking Dead, about zombies eating people. Its 10 pm at night, on a Sunday, why weren’t your kids in bed for school the next day? Its nice to see America allowing the PEOPLE to choose what they want to see and not censoring us all because of the sensitive people like you who are about as brain dead as one of those zombies. You dont like it dont watch it. I hate just about 80% of what is on tv, starting with cable news networks, I dont watch them. easy as that.

    • Debby

      ok…so what your saying is that you didn’t see commercials for this show? you didn’t think it through that PERHAPS this may not be sutible for your children? What the hell did you think the Walking dead would be about? honsetly…your comment on this amazing series and tv show disappoints me. Who in their right mind sits down with their young children at 10 pm to watch the walking dead without knowing about the zombies…ZOMBIES=VIOLENCE…that’s how it goes.

    • Debby

      tell your book club that they should read the Comics. No one will support you because this is a horrible accusation. Zombies are not appropriate for young children.

  • MelindaB

    I watched it, and enjoyed it, and I am not a horror-gore movie watcher at all. In fact, I watched it twice because I was busy the first time and missed parts of it. So I climbed into bed–alone, because my husband is out of town–and watched it with no distractions. Then I watched a few episodes of The Nanny to “clear my palate” before I went to sleep. :-)

  • karrin

    i love dis move this move was on off the best on amc last night i love this and i thank you lettten use whach it and thak you havae a good day yor fan karrin…

    • scowdich


  • Jim Wethington

    Way to go Robert.. Very Proud.

    • Julissa

      Frlnaky I think that’s absolutely good stuff.

    • Arry

      Geez, that’s unbeleivalbe. Kudos and such.

      • Gabriela

        Ton commentaire laisse9 sur la ab Tour d’ivoire bb m’a pirmes de de9couvrir ton blog.Tes photos conjuguent le flou et la pre9cision pour mieux e9voquer les ambiances. Le noir et blanc sculptent avec bonheur les paysages urbains.Je vais donc acque9rir rapidement ab La Lumie8re de Paris bb.

  • Rich

    I’ve read the first 60 issues of the comic series (and just bought the sixth hardcover collection), so I watched hopeful that the episode would be alright. After seeing it, I’m very impressed and eager to watch the rest of the series. Glad to have an excellent replacement for MAD MEN on my Sunday schedule.

  • Nicotine

    I watched the show last night and I was completely stricken by it. I can’t wait ’til next Sunday so I can watch the next episode. The best thing about it is that unlike a lot of shows I watch that were adapted from books or comics (True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, etc.), I’ve never read any of the comics for this show. Now, I can be completely surprised!!!

  • Standard Def

    So why is AMC not in HD? Disappointing.

    • Drew

      It is– we have it on channel 218 on Comcast in Northern Virginia.

    • Really?

      Dish Net has AMC in HD.

      • Rich B

        AT&T U-Verse doesn’t have it in HD either which was really disappointing. BUt it will be one of the very few shows I will still watch in standard definition, then I’ll probably buy the Blu Ray later :)

      • Raine

        Time Warner has AMC in HD, also.

      • Lalaine

        Furrealz? That’s maverluosly good to know.

    • Dave

      Frank Darabont says in an Onion AV interview that they didn’t use HD cameras for a lot of reasons, but chose 16 mm film instead. He liked the “grain” it gives the look, and compared it to record albums vs CDs. It just gives a different feel. I personally thought it looked great.

    • Ann Wagers

      It’s HD in California

  • Caroline

    Luanne…so the whole TV 14 rating that kept popping up after the commercial break didn’t give you any indication this might not be age appropriate for a 6 and 10 year old? Just a thought, but I would pause and reflect on your decision to allow such young children to watch this program before you put pen to paper for your angry letter.

  • David Stroud

    I am a true horror movie fan and was I delighted to finally see a series that stays true to the stories line and push the envelope. Fantastic Job, I cant wait for next week.

    • David Stroud

      Standard DEF I agree it would of been a rage to see it in HD.

      • J.Woods

        I agree as well. HD may let you notice latex in the costumes and take away from how real you may think it is.

  • duzt

    I enjoyed it, although I thought it was a bit too slow or not gory enough as they set up the back-story. In future episodes ‘m hoping for material that will really freak Luanne’s kids out…if she’s silly enough to let them keep watching… *eye roll*

    • Luanne

      trust. If I have my way, this show will no longer be on television. It is a DISGRACE that people should have to suffer from such disturbing images. We Americans need to stand against violence and terrorism! is anyone interested in signing a petition?

      • Jen

        OH, I hope Luanne is someone joking around and not serious… But sadly, I think she’s real…

      • Dave

        Ha ha you’re just yanking our chains, right? No one is this stupid.

      • Rebecca

        Maybe we should just call DFACS and have them take your kids, because you’re a lousy parent. Your children should have been in bed and definitely NOT watching this show. I have an 11 and 3 year old. No way in the world would I let them watch this. Epic FAIL on your part.

      • Joy

        Troll – go away.

      • ries

        luanne, i can clearly see your nuts. i kid, but this person is obviously not serious.

      • Silverback

        Sadly, think Luanne is serious and deranged. Or seriously deranged. Her poor children..I do agree that Zombies in airports should be profiled and searched along with the grannys… a license should be required to be a parent for some and obviously now to watch TV. There is no cure for stupid!!!!!

      • Josh

        Luanne, are you Tipper Gore?

      • Khraven

        I would like to sign a petition to have the Kardashians, Tori and Dean and anything with Bret Micheals in it BANNED from tv. My wife watches these reality tv shows and I have been scarred for life having been exposed to them. Brent Michaels showing his daughter that road side grave terrified me.

      • J.Woods

        I would sign a petition to take Teen Mom off of the air. It is taking perfectly good future potential strippers and turning them in to public jackasses.

      • J.Woods

        I am afraid that Luanne is going to turn into a Zombie and eat her children. Let’s sign a petition to get DSS to get involved here.

      • Nikki

        Don’t take my Walking Dead away from me you idiot!

      • Paddywhackery

        Sorry, Luanne- you had me suspicious of you just being a Troll, but when you brought up the petition, you overplayed your hand and confirmed it. Go back under your bridge, the grown ups are talking.

      • Thorn

        Okay this is an obvious troll.

        I am done with you, the book club was a dead give away but now the terrorism bit cemented it for me.

        Fly away little troll. Fly fly fly… fly fly fly.

    • Phish

      TWD is about more than gore. It is a study of the effects this situation has on the characters’ humanity. How will a zombie world change their views on humanity, their own humanity? What will they become? If your looking for gore go watching freaking Saw. TWD is not just horror, its intelligent entertainment. I can’t believe we are becoming a society of pornographic gore seekers…

  • David Stroud

    Duzt this is not a pre-teen show for sure, but I feel that it started out just right to set up the plot.

  • Kim

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially like how the human side of the characters is being shown despite the zombie apocalypse. Normally it’s just don’t get bit but here you get to see the struggle they’re facing, like the husband who couldn’t shoot his wife. Great stuff!

    • Marc

      You hit it right on the head. The Walking Dead is really about people living, not people dying. I was actually a little taken back by how prominent the zombies are in the pilot. I know that sounds like an absurd thing to say, but the black and white comics obviously don’t convey the same visceral effect of the live action zombies, (but the artwork is still AMAZING). Still though the comics never tried to just go for the cheap scare. I mean what’s scarier: a zombie, or watching your kid starve to death? a zombie, or not not knowing if you can trust that guy with a gun alone with your kid? Well, the Walking Dead makes your realize they’re all pretty friggin terrifying.

      • Richard

        You’re right on the money Marc…when Kirkman started writing the book, one of the things he was interested in exploring was how the survivors would fare in the long run. Most Zombie films deal with the immediate aftermath…Not Walking Dead! Kirkmans (brilliant) book has consistently been setting the bar EXTREMELY high, not just for comics, but for storytelling in general. Kudos to Mr. Darabont and AMC for sticking to the source material, and giving me and many other right-minded Americans a new favorite show!

      • Slimer

        i haven’t watched this yet, and I have never read the comics, but that description sounds a little like Jericho (which I loved). Fair comparison?

  • kimmy

    as gross as it was, i am definitely interested enough to keep watching. i’m really curious as to how/if Rick finds his wife and kid and about that group of people shown living in the woods. definitely more interesting than Brothers and Sisters!

  • David Stroud

    Kim, You hit on spot. Human emotion is always cut from the movies, the struggle from the human aspect of things will carry this series all the way through.

  • MeLissa

    I loved the show, actually creeped me out and it’s been a while since any show or movie has done that. But anyone that lets their children watch this show should be eaten by zombies or at least be punched in the face. the show is NOT meant for child and anyone that let their child watch it should expect that their children wouldn’t be able to sleep. Then again some people out there have the brain function of a zombie. loved the show

    • Carla

      I agree Melissa. This show was phenomenal, and genuinely scary!

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