No one's cell phone looks like that, 'Dexter'!

Dexter-phone-textThis season of Dexter has been amazing so far, and last night’s episode was definitely a high-water mark in the show’s “omg omg omg omg” moments. (The guy! Was running! Aaaaah!) But I have one pet peeve about this show, and it is this: Why do Dexter’s text messages look like Jeopardy clues?

Dexter is using what I think is a Nokia N8M — fancy schmancy! So why do his text messages look like that? Do any phones center-justify texts? Does any phone actually look like this? Aaaargh! No! No one’s texts look like that. Anywhere. In the world. Ever. That’s Doogie Howser’s diary, not a text message.

PopWatchers, I know you have eagle eyes for these kinds of nit-picky mistakes. What shows have you spotted recently that don’t seem to know what text messages look like?

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  • Flip

    This season has been far from amazing. The only truly good episode (so far) was the premiere.

    • Hen

      You are a fool. Last night’s episode was brilliantly written, your bias shouldn’t blind you to this extreme. Truthfully, the premiere was rather bland, and felt bogged down in baggage from the previous season.

      Maybe you are just too attached to last season, go ahead, go and rewatch it, we won’t miss you.

    • Vnova to Hen

      Actually, Hen, you’re the fool – make that, Jerk, and Flip is right on.

  • Alec

    This has been bugging me forever! I’m glad you finally put a name to what it looks like: “Jeopardy clues.”

  • Mr. Holloway

    Excellent call on this. Noticed this earlier this year, and all I could do was imagine that all the books Dexter owns must be large-type.

  • MCS

    This is my pet hate. You see this happen on so many shows and movies and no one’s phone looks like that! Why not just have it how they are, it’s not like the text would be illegible.

  • tvgirl48

    I’ve noticed this on a lot of shows but mainly Dexter. Yes, they add in the screen later, but doesn’t everyone know what a phone’s screen should look like? Are they just not allowed to replicate the format or something? (And I agree that Dexter has been great. I think when a show has been that good for so long, ppl are extra critical when it isn’t at the very top of its game. See: Lost, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls)

  • topazbean

    They should follow the Sherlock example, which doesn’t bother to show the phones, because it’s a wasted shot. They float the words by the characters as they look at their phones so we can see their reactions instead of just an expressionless picture of a text message.

    • Ali

      YES. Exactly what I was thinking.


    This has been driving me crazy for the past 5 seasons. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone in my hatred for Dexters cell phone.

  • StuJersey

    Its a story telling device. They need to use a larger clearer font. If they didn’t, they would either have to hold the shot longer or you would be mad that you would have to pause to read it. BTW can’t wait for Peter Weller to be utilized. He was the best part of 24.

    • Trish

      Finally, someone that gets it! Thank you StuJersey.

  • Conor O’Brien

    i think the FX guys dont want it too look like any particular phone company or phone manufacture, so they are making it generic and thats the best they can come up with, maybe they are making it big text for us to able to read it (well the over 40s!). I think I have seen bad text on other shows, aiming to the lowest common denominator, hey even Susan Delvino in Desperate Housewives has/uses a web-cam, dont all laptops have them built in now-a-days??, so I think they are covering the least technical minded viewer, perhaps?

    • MCS

      Dexter has used a Nokia for years. And it’s not like they try to keep that fact hidden. Or the endless promotion of Jose Cuervo Tequila

      • drew

        i spent all weekend drinking cuervo silver because detective sergeant angel batista loves it so much

      • Just Jules

        No relation. lol

  • lefty

    I don’t watch Dexter…but I still just fell in love with this article.

  • johnnykagewins

    Looks like that cell phone was issued by the Dharma Initiative! Quick, text the numbers to Walt!!!!

  • Brian

    Let’s remember that not everyone is watching the show on a 50″ LCD. If you’re watching on a smaller screen (which could be as small as an iPhone), the text must still be legible. Try looking at your cell phone screen from 5′ away, and you’ll get the idea.

  • Kelly

    I have another pet peeve for Dexter: The Florida license plates on the cars are on the front and the rear of the cars. As everyone who lives in Florida knows, there is only a license plate for the rear end of the car.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I moved away from Florida a year ago, but the last time I got plates, I got two (but that was the first time I did).

      • Anony

        No, you didn’t. Florida only uses a back plate (and I’ve lived there for 40 years)

      • airwar1966


        Florida does NOT have 2 license plates, only one. In fact, there are 20 states with only rear plates and Florida dropped their front plate back in the 1970’s.

    • Just Jules

      Also in the season 4 ep where Dex kidnapped trinity in the bank garage, there were 2 diff front plates on Dex’s SUV. (I believe one while driving and clipping the other cars mirror and the usual plate when he lulled up and parked at the bank.

      • airwar1966


        Yes, that is another mistake, along with the fact that Florida does not have a front plate.

    • airwar1966

      Hi Kelly,

      You are correct and you would think that someone in the production of Dexter would have known that!!!

  • brandy

    Posts like this are why I love this site. THANK YOU. (And same goes for goofy TV computer operating systems and instant messaging!)

  • Madd

    Thank you thank you thank you! This bothers us every single week!

    • Trish

      It’s called a tv show, it’s not realty..if that’s what you want to watch then don’t watch this show.

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