'Glee' controversy will not die -- at least on GQ.com

The controversial Glee photo shoot for the November cover of GQ has done wonders for at least one of the parties involved — GQ.com, which received 33 million page views during the photos’ first week on the site, Mediaweek reports. According to the trade, GQ.com will soon post behind-the-scenes video of the shoot to keep the hits coming. “It’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving,” said VP and publisher Peter King Hunsinger.

Now we’ve stated that we found the photos a bit offensive not because they’re too racyGQ is a magazine for grown men and the actors are adults — but because they go against the spirit of the show. You also, obviously, can’t exactly fault someone for taking advantage of a proven traffic booster in today’s media climate. (Though we would like to know if that footage was edited differently post-controversy. One of the actresses joking about how skimpily she’s dressed may not play as well now as originally expected.) But the online success of the photos does raise an interesting question: Is it as easy for parents to control what their young Gleeks are exposed to online as it is for them to stop the purchase of the magazine? Did any parents out there actually block GQ.com after news of the photos spread?

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  • Yoyo

    Let it die. This was last week. Would people know or care there were new “behind the scenes photos” if you didn’t report it?

    • The Jackal

      EW miss an opportunity to post something Glee related, are you kidding me? Never.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Looking forward to seeing how they plan to get the requisite five articles between today and tomorrow night given that the show is in reruns this week. Should be fun!

      • Miss Talk

        Amen to this.
        Let’s see how many comments we will have here in 12 hours.
        Kudos to GQ for milking on that “controversy”. Sex sells. Always did. Always will.

    • babs

      GQ had 33 million hits just because of that photo shoot. EW wants the same with their site. Everyone wants a piece of Glee. It’s THAT popular. GO Cory, Lea and Dianna!

  • Reality

    There was one problem with the images. They were set in a School looking location with High-school clothing.
    The Actors have careers and are adults. But placing actors who play teenagers in a high school situation in clothes meant to titillate was just in poor taste, because the teenage illusion was a key part of the intended titillation

    • The Jackal

      Unlike the RHPS episode they just had with scantily clad men playing teenagers in a high school on TV.

      • Alia

        Of course. That was totally different… right?

      • Amanda

        Exactly. Or the many episodes that talked about sexual subjects that are very inappropriate for young kids. I really do not see why so many people are offended, thinking that this is a show that’s appropriate to sit down and watch with young kids. From the very beginning, this show has been very sexual. So I don’t see why the photo shoot is such a big deal in light of what’s actually discussed and portrayed on the show. Maybe all the happy music confuses people into thinking it’s a family show?

    • viddingwithkyle

      Yeah because the naughty school girl image has NEVER been done before.

      • Northernmom

        lol, of course not!

  • nodnarb

    I know it’s Monday, but I can’t wait for this week’s controversy. Doesn’t anyone want to talk about Christine O’Donell’s bush?

    • Mr. Holloway

      I don’t know that I’m ready for that jelly on a Monday

      Although, it seems like we’ve mostly moved past the “Dilemma” issue, so we gotta talk about SOMETHING.

  • whatevs

    The fact is that parents don’t stop their kids from doing anything. Yeah, parents are supposed to be responsible and not let them buy the magazine or whatever, but that’s just not the reality of what’s happening. If kids want to see the pictures, they’re going to in some way. That’s it.

    • stickittotheman

      Too true – none of this would be news or a worry if some parents actually did their job.

      Having said that, GQ is totally milking this debate. And, so is EW. Yawn to both of them.

  • Me

    aparently It wont die at EW.Com either.

    • Tank Girl

      Of course not. It’s GLEE!!!!!

  • Mr. Holloway

    Looking forward to this video:

    “Lea…could you raise your left knee a bit? We need to block Corey’s massive erection. Good job!”

    • nodnarb

      Haha! I might have been a bit hasty… maybe there is something new to add to this controversy. BTW, is it just me, or does he look really high in that pic?

      • Haley

        If he’s not high with those gorgeous girls flanking him, then he’s made of uhmmm stone.

  • kate

    While I’m really sick of hearing about this, the author does raise a good point I hadn’t thought of. GQ, the actors, etc all defended the pictures since what were kids doing with the magazine anyway which seemed reasonable. I completely forgot about the fact that kids don’t need access to the magazine when they have the internet. All they have to do is go to GQ.com to see the photos or for that matter any of the other websites that reposted them.

    I agree with others though that the real problem was that the shoot went against the show was about. Instead of finding smart and creative ways to showcase these young actors, the magazine went for the default of stripping down to young girls. I’m sick of the message to girls that the way to get attention is to be trampy and wear as little as possible. (Here’s looking at you Taylor Momsen). It would be nice to show you can be pretty, smart and talented and not have to strip to get noticed!

    • The Jackal

      What kid would go to GQ.com

      • Gleek

        Especially when they find all the GLEE pictures here!

      • Mr. Holloway

        A kids who wants the best new clothes in America and where to find them.

      • Mr. Holloway


      • Mike

        If a kid goes online and the worst thing he sees is at GQ.com I’d say it’s a win for the parents.

  • Gleek

    GLEE actors can do no wrong. They are all amazing and perfect. So what if they are now internet soft-p*rn stars. Everything about GLEE is perfect and should be covered nonstop by EW.

    • The Jackal

      You mean it isn’t?

      • Gleek

        Well, there is that Randy Quaid post that seems to have nothing to do with GLEE. Seriously, why bother with that?

  • Alia

    Well, it’s not gonna die if you keep resurrecting it, EW.

    • erin

      It’s Glee-related so EW will report.

      It’s been a nice few days without this site plastered with Glee, but as Tuesday is almost here it’s once again time for EW.com to turn into GleEW.com.

      • Alia

        Seriously. The totally gleekification of my entertainment website of choice is ruining my appreciation for both the show AND the website.

  • jt

    It’s not like they’re naked in the pics? Why is everyone so uptight over this? Seriously? Any kid can walk into a grocery and pick up a Cosmo mag or a Maxim and find more controversial stuff. Glee isn’t for children. It’s for high school kids and older. Trust me, they’re not shocked or scarred by the GQ pics.

    • Zakry

      Thank you JT! I want the writer of this article to tell me how it goes “against the spirit of the show.” I’ll give you 15 examples of how it does no such thing.

      Does the writer even watch the show???

  • PJ

    It won’t die because EW won’t quit talking about it. The only time I hear about this is when I come to EW.com.

  • Dave

    I think the headline was supposed to read, “‘Glee’ controversy will not die — at least not on EW.com.”

    • Jake


  • therealeverton

    I must be missing something, haven’t they done more than that in the show, with shots leading up to characters having sex, the Britney tributes and many of the other “routines”, Eve’s school for example? Girls making out and and other stuff that parents usually moan about? ~Also aren’t these characters all meant to be over 16? I know you have a higher age of consent in the US (here in the UK it’s 16) but they’re hardly just out of nursery.

    • Zakry

      Hello! You’re exactly right.

  • DC

    My only thought was how utterly desperate this makes Lea Michele appear. Did she really think she needed to pose like this in a national magazine to boost her career? The other actress maintained some degree of dignity. Lea, not so much.

    • viddingwithkyle

      She didn’t choose her own wardrobe. They chose it for her.

      • Dave

        Yes, because it’s impossible to say, “I don’t want to wear that.”

      • kim

        Not impossible but for a young star to go against a photographer might not be great. Lea already gets crap for everything if she had been trouble a shoot for GQ that wouldn’t have gone over well. Even Dianna said she was not comfortable but did it anyway.

    • T

      Lea is doing what the Photographer is telling her to do, she did not pose like that one her own.

      • Lio

        You’re kidding right?

      • lets move on

        Nah Lea got suggestions from the photographer and then did what was asked. Still not big deal they were told to be over the top that is what she did. She isn’t being desperate she just went for it. The take dozens of shots and of course they chose the racier ones.

    • PLease

      She doesn’t look desperate she looks like she just decide to go for it. They take toes of shots and she got in to it so what? Not desperate just comfortable with her own sexuality and does not treat sex as a taboo. More power to you Lea.

  • viddingwithkyle

    How many kids watch Glee? It’s an over-sexed show filled with innuendo and candid discussion. I wouldn’t say it went against the spirit of the show at all. Did anyone see the Rocky Horror episode?

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