'Arrested Development' movie: David Cross says story is 'great,' but no script yet

david-crossImage Credit: Justin Stephens/FoxIs David Cross just toying with Arrested Development fans’ emotions now? Rumors of a movie based on the beloved sitcom have circulated, died, and resurfaced all over again too many times to count since the show went off the air in 2006. As recently as this April, Cross (a.k.a. Tobias Fünke) was swatting down those hopes, saying, “It’s just not going to happen.” At the recent Megamind premiere in L.A., though, Cross was singing a very different tune.

First he gave a sarcastic joke answer to the inevitable AD-movie question. “We shot it secretly on location in the Maldives,” deadpanned Cross. “It’s actually been done for about two years now.”

Ha, ha, ha. But wait! Cross added that he really has discussed possible plans for the movie with co-star Will Arnett and creator Mitchell Hurwitz (who are now working together on Fox’s Running Wilde). “I have not seen a script,” Cross added. “I know the story they’ve got in mind, and it is great. I think it is [a] perfect continuance of the Bluths, although I cannot say anything. I know the outline is done.” According to Cross, it’s just a matter of Hurwitz finding enough time in between Running Wilde duties to get this thing written. “I am definitely looking forward to it whenever, if ever, it happens,” he concluded.

That’s a lot more encouraging than the last time we heard from him on this. So here we go again: Are you still looking forward to an Arrested Development movie? Would this even be a good idea after all this time? And what do you hope is in that mysterious plot outline? —Reporting by Carrie Bell

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  • Sandy

    I HATED the characters Tobias and GOB. both were ANNOYING characters who made me want to pull my hair out. I love Buster though. I could watch him all day!

    • Sarah

      I am the complete opposite. I LOVED GOB and Tobias but didn’t like Buster all that much.

      • Sandy

        How can you not love Buster? He IS the show for me. The scene where his hand gets cut off in the magic show with GOB, priceless!

      • Sarah

        He had some funny scenes, I won’t deny you that but GOB and Tobias were just funnier characters.

      • Just Me

        I agree. Buster was only funny in small doses and when he was in scenes with Jessica Walker

        Is this a TV movie or a big screen production.

        I would watch if it only if it was a TV movie or something. I LOVED AD but it has been gone for a while and I have moved on.

      • scroo yoo

        yeah,after Buster had his hand cut off he was all right(ha)

        I liked GOB and Tobias too,they were supposed to be annoying characters,thats why they were so great.cant wait for the movie

      • will

        Everyone in that show was hilarious.

    • Buddymoore

      I don’t know how anyone could hate Tobias after he was Mrs. Featherbottom and crashed through that coffee table.

      • Sandy

        you got me! That was HILARIOUS! I think I replayed that scene 50 times.

      • Steven

        The best moment in AD!

      • DF

        He’s also a word-class analrapist

      • maebe

        we shan’t be telling your mother about this, shan’t we?

      • Jeff C.

        Whenever I watch this episode I have to replay that scene like a dozen times.

      • Justin

        His name was Mrs Fingerbottom, from Blackstool.

    • Mothra

      George Michael and Maeby’s wedding… ring tone! Seriously! Either she’s getting married and he tries to break it up, or vice versa. That’s got to be part of whatever they come up with…

    • Madd

      My dog is named Gobias, so obviously I disagree.

    • Kristen

      How can you ‘hate’ any character on Arrested. Sigh.

    • Josh


    • JOE

      WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU>??!?!?!?!


    • Bert

      Youre not a true fan.

  • Sean

    Wow Sandy, I feel you’re in the supreme minority on that feeling. As dramatic as it sounds, I almost feel like I can’t get excited about this again cause it seems to unlikely at this point.
    But I still have hope!

    • Sandy

      I probably am in the minority. My reasons for hating Tobias, I admit are very superficial. He is just hideous, and watching him moan and do nothing week after week REALLY annoyed me. As for GOB, he also did nothing and was very stupid. In general, stupid and lazy characters annoy me to the point where I get angry and frustrated. It’s a problem I have that I need to get over lol

      • J Walter Weatherman

        and THAT’S why you don’t complain about Gob and Tobias

    • DF

      You would be moaning too if your transplant was rejecting the host.

      • Sara

        car je crois que personne ne de9tient la ve9rite9 dit mdt.Bien sfbr que si qu’on la connaeet la ve9rite9 en matie8re d’environnement: je vous cite queeluqs mots-clefs, qui sont les e9le9ments non exhaustifs de cette ve9rite9: – de9croissance raisonnable- rejet du consume9risme- priorite9 e0 l’e9cologie profonde qui ne privile9gie pas l’homme au de9triment des autres eatres vivants- priorite9 e0 la biodiversite9- rejet des modes et tendances- redistribution des gains issus de la spe9culation boursie8re- retour e0 une agriculture et un e9levage raisonne9e-etc, etc, Le pb. c’est que cette ve9rite9 n’est pas accepte9e par la majorite9 de nos concitoyens qui pre9fe8rent fuir la re9alite9, et trouver refuge dans le panem et circenses !

  • Bluman

    I just blue myself.

    • Q

      There’s got to be a better way to say that.

  • whatevs

    I’m sure he’ll have plenty of time after Running Wilde gets cancelled.

    • Roekest

      HA! That’s what I thought.

    • Rooney

      haha SNAP.
      that show was very disappointing. I SO wanted it to be good but it’s terrible…

  • Murray

    “According to Cross, it’s just a matter of Hurwitz finding enough time in between Running Wilde duties to get this thing written.”
    That shouldn’t be an issue for long.

    • Skyler

      Shank: Yeah. Concerts are worse than movies ’cause they cost 10X as much and, ralley why go if not to listen to the band? I was at a BNL concert last year and there was a group behind me (2 older ladies possibly sisters and 3 younger gals maybe their daughters/nieces) and they talked, all 5 of them, loud loud loud, throughout the opening band’s performance. Which was a shame, ’cause they were good for an opener. When BNL started, and they still kept yapping, I politely asked them if they could keep it down during the performance. To their credit, they did.Which didn’t help any about the 4 college kids next to me who wouldn’t ever sit down, thus making it a requirement for me to stand to see. And when I sat well, let’s just say that the one right next to me had eaten something that didn’t agree. Oh, well.

  • Bob

    yea that show has been falling in ratings constantly, that show will be done by this or next month

    • NeighborFan

      Would like to see them spin off the neighbor’s character into his own show…he’s really the only enjoyable part of Running Wilde.

  • you

    all 5 fans of the show will be thrilled.

    • Sandy

      actually we lost Bob last week, now only 4 left :(

  • Jack

    Delay Delay Delay, last I heard they were ready to shoot that they were wating on Cera, now we find out there isn’t even a script. You know what I’m a bit sick of it at this point. I don’t want to hear about it again until there is a trailer out with footage of the film.

  • Mr. Holloway

    Although I’m one of the people who always rolls his eyes when the AD movie is mentioned (I have it coming out the same weekend as the “Veronica Mars” movie), this is the first encouraging news I’ve seen on the matter in a while

    Obviously, Cross could be pulling our collective leg, but if there’s really an outline and all that’s standing in the way is Hurwitz being too busy with “Running Wilde” to write it, then I think we’re in good shape.

  • Flip

    They’ve had over FOUR YEARS to write a script. WTF?
    Maybe they should have concentrated on that instead of the Running Wilde fiasco.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Can’t shake the feeling that even when “Running Wilde” is canceled, freeing Hurwitz up…there’ll be new excuse as to why there won’t be a movie.

      • Ashlee

        The monraogm bowl is not in fact a monraogm bowl just a white bowl {from pier one} with a sticker on it. I used to have it on my kitchen shelves for display and pulled it out for the popcorn. Cute, yes?

    • Judge

      Four years to write an AD movie script? COME ON!

  • snapthejap

    Sadly, Hurwitz will have time to write a script, as Fox is about 3 days away from pulling the plug on RUNNING WILDE. too smart of a show in a weird lineup, and it gets NO advertising.

  • zimzyma

    Please please please give me an AD movie! It will never live up to the hype, just as Serenity didn’t, but the fan base has grown since it has been off the air, and they need closure.

    • Lazlo

      Are you kidding??? Serentiy was a wonderful film & loyal to those that followed the short lived series.

  • Brigette

    MAKE THE MOVIE ALREADY. That’s all I have to say.

    • Hadia

      bebe mike May 30, 2011 Amazingly, sa PhilippineBeaches.org ko pa natisod tong blog entry na to, but it’s all worth the time radieng this. Thanks for the inspiration, I’m so looking forward to beyond 6 mos. of mine and my bebe mark’s relationship (we’re celebrating our monthsary today, hehe) keep loving and God bless you Yoshke and your partner =)

  • Joshua G

    I loved the show. We got closure with the final episode. I can’t imagine this movie making much money. I think it’s time to let it go.

  • Vince from NYC

    I’m still on board if it ever comes out.. They better get it done before Michael Cera hits 30 though..

    • brittany

      he’ll still look the same

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