Jon Stewart voted most influential man

Jon-StewartImage Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/Comedy Central Record 20867981Jon Stewart was voted the “most influential man” in a recent poll, topping Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Kanye West, who rounded out the top five. Stephen Colbert clocked in at number 11, Conan O’Brien at 12, Matt Weiner at 20, and Barack Obama came in 21st.

O…kay. I mean, I love Jon Stewart, and if this means more dudes are going to try to be politically aware, actively hilarious, and aggressively intelligent, then yay. I for one would like to see more of this influence, please!

But of course, this list isn’t really about influence: It’s about buzz. (And pageviews.) Is JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater an American hero? Of course. Is he influential? Well, only in the sense that we were all influenced to read stories about him. Everyone loves Drew “Breesus” Brees, but would he be so high on this list if he wasn’t wearing a Super Bowl ring? Probably not.

Who do you think is the most influential man, PopWatchers?

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  • mark in nyc

    None of these people influence me. The men in my life do, my father, brother, nephew…..the people on this list entertain me and that is all.

    • mark hater

      God you’re stupid. “mah fambly’s tha best. mah paw and mah uncle Chester is tha only ones that influence me, not some city-slicker jew or Hollyweird lib’ral” Mark, you’re a true inbred clannish hillbilly, no matter what city you live in.

      • Kat

        Inbred hillbillies are the only people who find influence in strong family members around them? Grow up, man. Mark has a point; Jon, and many of the others on the list, are entertainers in some way, and we don’t even know them personally. We just know whatever personas they cultivate. I *love* Jon Stewart, but I would think you were kind of a moron if you let him influence you more than the people around you who you actually know and respect.

    • koko

      Says something about low the great USA has fallen when the national clown rises to the top of “influence”, wisdom, national voice and representative! Shut up, let him be a clown. It ruins the fun as well if he is to be taken as a “power” figure. Let’s find a real leader who doesn’t make jokes for a living and has a stake in mocking everything for the sake of his own coolness and ratings.

    • kyle

      You have no idea what your talking about. Jay z is now one of the most clean rappers out there. The only reason why he used to sell drugs was because he had no other way of making money to support himself or family. Since then he has straightened his life out part of the reason why beyonce is with him because he is probably a genuinely nice person

  • Craig

    Please….do tell me more about internet polls. Those seem really scientific and accurate in every way.

  • TV/Movie Fan

    The President of the USA, Barack Obama,is still the most influential person on the planet Earth. I like Jon Stewart, but, this poll is the type of thing that he makes fun of on his show.

    • Mindy

      I’d kind of love to see Jon Stewart make fun of this poll on his show. I am sure Stephen Colbert could do a terrific segment on it. Stewart is indeed influential along with being entertaining. But, not the most influential. That is silly.

  • Sheldon

    This sort of thing is a huge indicator of what is wrong with our society. Jon Stewart, are your f**king kidding me?

  • @Sheldon

    “Sheldon”? Are you someone’s pet turtle, or did your parents hate you? Anyway, sorry Glen Beck didn’t make the list, but with intelligent and reasonable worshippers like you at his feet, I’m sure he’ll make it next year!

    • Sheldon


      Thanks for making my point!

      Stewart viewers remind me of the sort of people who would laugh at you if you fell down.

      • @Sheldon

        And Glen Beck fans would not laugh -as long as you’re a straight white conservative christian with a good job and health insurance.

      • Kat

        Jon Stewart’s viewers are a lot more intelligent than they usually get credit for. There are plenty of statistics showing that they’re actually very highly educated. Unfortunately, they also tend to be younger, which (I assume) means they’re more immature and will assume that anyone who thinks a comedian (however sharp and smart and politically aware he may be) should not be considered the most influential man…is automatically a Glenn Beck lemming and someone to mock. It’s just posturing to seem cool; they’ll grow out of it in a couple years, Sheldon. :)

  • Bkwurm1

    Well at first I scoffed, but if the majority of people in their teens and twenties are getting their hard news from Stewart, then perhaps the poll is justified. If what he says and reports on is used to shape very large section of the populations opinions, then yes, he is very influencial. Not to mention that in politics going on his show now has become not only a norm, but a need. Makes more sense the more I think about it.

  • Sheldon

    Why do idiots like @Sheldon ASSume that if you don’t like Stewart, you are automatically a Glenn Beck fan (and a straight white conservative christian with a good job and health insurance)?

  • Joe

    Jon Stewart, Kanye West, please… influence how? I hope Stewart laughs this off, his ego is already out of control and this list is not scientific and not accurate.

  • Julie

    Given the state of our country right now, the fact the he was voted most influencial explains a lot. Hope he will now take some responsibility for the sorry state that we are in, along with all those that he supports.

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