'Superman: Earth One' turns Supes into an angsty, hoodie-wearing 21-year-old

earth-oneImage Credit: DC ComicsNew costumes on old superheroes are always fun, even though they’re always awful. Exhibit A: In the upcoming Superman: Earth One, Supes is portrayed as a modern 21-year-old. “Modern,” of course, means three things: Hoodie, hoodie, and hoodie! Nothing says “Emo-Superhero Angst” like the subtle, shadowy folds of a hooded jacket. Continuity: rebooted!

Ultimate Superman: Earth One is part of a limited series DC is rolling out that reimagines iconic superheroes as young crimefighters in the modern age. So Hoodie-Superman won’t stick around for very long. Too bad: on the Wall of Shame dedicated to Younger Versions of Superman, the Earth One look is still miles above Europop-Superboy. What do you think, PopWatchers? Do you dig the look? Or do you get migraines from youth-centric reboots of old superheroes?

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  • therealeverton

    That isn’t a costume it’s his clothes that he is wearing OVER his costumme. Never cared for Superman but JMS writing is usually a good thing so I’ll give it a go.

    Also new costumes are not always awful at all. Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, She-Hulk, Storm and numerous other have all benefitted greatly from costume improvemnenbts over the years.

    • Shiny

      Yep. In fact its not even a hoodie, it’s a parka (notice the quilting) over a cardigan and shirt. So to be fair it’s more of a J. Crew preppie Supe than an Emo one. I welcome anything that gets Supers out of their 1940’s strong man tights and underoos.

      • Brandon

        Seriously. I never realized that hoodies were images tied so close to angsty young-adults. Because hooded jackets are SO nouveau-adolescent.

        Darren is kind of an idiot.

      • Seddie Forever!!!!!!!!!

        Seriously, I mean Bill Bellicheck is known as the hoodie and he is in his 50s/60s, hoodies aren’t a youth statement

  • Dustin

    I’m waiting for Geoff Johns Batman:Earth One. OHH….good job EW on reporting on who’s actually writing this book, or that its not a reboot. Its non-cannon. You screw this stuff but every Glee scoop is on the mark. Weird.

    • GregR

      Because “Glee” is FAAAAABULOUS!!!

  • Erick

    The outfit is one of the least pain inducing things in this reboot. After reading my local stores advanced copy it was an easy decision to not buy…

  • arun

    If JMS is steering the ship, I’ll follow. Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, and Midnight Nation are all great, so I have no reason to doubt his Superman work.

    • Summer

      Yeah, but at the same time, he’s responsible for the frak-up that is Wonder Woman.

  • Francisco

    Didn’t DC just do a reboot several years ago? Wasn’t it Jim Lee’s Batman and Robin and a Frank Quietly Superman title? What happened to those?

    • Phil

      This is why i’m more of a Marvel boy at heart…after EVERY major company crossover (Final Crisis, Blackest Night) DC seems to either slaughter than resurrect their entire universe & a plethora of characters. As someone who only reads the major crossover collection its kind of annoying that they keep letting these writers wipe of their the entire histories and keep ‘re-booting’. Call it smart writing, but I think its god awful. Its easy to kill characters off…instead of actually writing intriguing stories keeping fans vested in characters!? This is also why DC can’t get their books into successful movies anymore like Marvel. Since they’ve rebooted their mythos so many times these past 2 decades, most writers tackling scripts for SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN (I love Ryan Reynolds)and of course the JUSTICE LEAGUE mess(I may be 50 by the time that materializes) no one would know what material to mine, even if they put on Dr. Fate’s helmet for direction! If DC continues to let writers keep wrecking cosmic havok on their characters and properties, they’ll never reach the SUPER star status Marvel has found at the box office.

      • Kritch

        This isn’t a reboot. This story takes place on Earth-1. Alternate reality in which our beloved characters’ stories are told in a modern setting. Research, son!

    • Michael Sacal

      DC has been rebooting Superman every two years, starting with Jeph Loeb’s Return to Krypton in 2000/2001, which was followed by Mark Waid’s Birthright, which was followed by Kurt Busiek’s Action Comics #850 and Geoff Johns’ Action Comics Annual #10, and, most recently, by Johns’ Secret Origin.

      Superman hasn’t had a stable reboot in a decade.

    • Neville6000

      All Star Superman was not a reboot, but a different story, more a homage than anything else-and, I’ll admit now, not a very realistic one. I like this story better now.

  • DJ

    Francisco is thinking of “All-Star Superman” (12-issue run by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly done to great reviews) and “All-Star Batman and Robin” (done by Frank Miller and Jim Lee to…less than stellar reviews).

    • Francisco

      Thanks DJ.

  • mikey

    If I recall, the Emo angle in Spiderman 3 was one of the big things that ruined the Spiderman movie franchise….of course I emphasize “ONE of the big things”.

  • Sid


    What a worthless article.

  • Franco

    Honestly, did this guy even read the book? He just junked credibility to make a couple of stupid remarks.

  • steve

    Frankly, I’m embarrassed for the writer here. He’s going to be an internet punchline in the comics community in a few minutes; people are already tweeting his stupidity.

    • Phil

      He works for EW, a subsidiary of Time Warner who also owns DC. He may look like a punchline to some of us with an actual intellect, but this is just free promotion for one of the company’s properties. Its another, in a VERY long line of EW’s journalistic sins over the last year. I still cry foul that they rushed their San Deigo Comic Con issue this summer with Ryan Reyonolds as Green Lantern (they hailed it as a coup for prining the first image) and yet never once in the ENTIRe issue did they cover any article or item on current comic books. The editors seriously need to hire writers with passion for things other than Gaga, Idol, Lost, Glee and all things Lohan.

  • Michael Sacal

    So far Earth One looks superior to Birthright, Secret Origin, and the other Slver Age/Bronze Age-derivative crap that DC published in the last decade.

    I’m not too keen on his already having a costume before he even needs it as seen in the most recent preview at AICN. It’s far too Silver Agey and makes no sense.

  • Jake

    The older, wiser Superman is a more interesting character to me. A character who HAS been around and working for many years, but is finding new problems in the same never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way. Straczynski’s current Superman story “Grounded” is a wonderful example of this. It asks, Can Superman connect with the common man? Are superpowers better used for earth-threatening crises, or for everyday hardships? Three issues in and I am fascinated. Anyone else reading it?

    • Neville6000

      I am, and so far, I love it! DC should keep JMS around to write more stories like this.

  • CylonBingo

    So if anyone, anywhere, at any age wears a hooded sweatshirt, they are emo? Genius. I love ignorance.

    • Neville6000

      People don’t know how to deal with change in the world, I guess.

  • Alan


  • Michelle

    Why would I want to read this when I can just watch Smallville on DVD? ;)

    • Jack

      It’s because Smallville is an even worse remaining of Superman.

      • Beau

        Smallville is the shizzle. And if you dont believe me, just ask the Marine Corps. I never gave it a thought because I thought it was WB dribble, but when I got to the fleet, no one wanted to go out on Tuesday nights. Weird I thought, weird it was, and what was it because….Smallville was on every Tuesday night. And here we are six years later, and the dang man still hasnt learned to fly, but I just keep on watching.

      • nunya

        Smallville = fail.

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