'Skins': See the NSFW trailer for MTV's adaptation (Exclusive)

MTV has been slowly expanding into scripted programming, as evidenced by last summer’s hit The Hard Times of R.J. Berger. This winter, the network will debut perhaps its most eagerly anticipated new series, Skins, an adaptation of the hit British series. Premiering Jan. 2011, Skins is a realistic look at life as a teenager and its hardships (think sex, drugs, eating disorders, parent issues, etc.). MTV enlisted the original series’ father-and-son creators, Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, to bring this provocative and controversial series to U.S. audiences. EW has the Exclusive First Look at the trailer for Skins, which will also play during tonight’s Jersey Shore season finale. WARNING: This trailer is for mature viewers.

For more sex, drugs and trampolines, go to Skins.TV and don’t forget to tune in this January on MTV.

What do you think of this new version of Skins, PopWatchers? Were you fans of the original? Will you watch this new take?

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  • Will


    • Rois, Ireland

      No no no no no no no no NOOO!!!! This is sooo bad. I’ll stick with the original. I wish they had Tony’s duvet covers though, they made that first scene ;) God it sucks so bad. The original didn’t seem like they were acting while this seems like 90210….meh!!!

      • Rois, Ireland

        Btw I couldn’t imagine another Tony or Cassie. :(

      • Rois, Ireland

        And Effy haha.

      • mary q contrary

        What……WTF? So they’re just literally recreating it? Not. Cool. Just air the originals. I was curious about this initially, especially because the original creators were brought on, but this is just shameful and lazy. Geez.

      • Angel R

        Agree. Stick to the original! Will watch only to compare…maybe

      • jordan

        i’m a big fan of the original uk series, and this looks like crap. i was pretty excited it was coming to the us, but they should have done an original story line with original characters… i honestly cannot believe how terrible this looks. PLEASE, mtv, realize this mistake–scrap what you have, start over. this could have been a hit for mtv.

      • jordan

        as for re-airing the actual original episodes, they would have to cut out waaay too much. in the age of netflix, the originals don’t need to be butchered and aired on american tv.

    • Jen Jen

      Meh is right. It took me awhile to accept the second lot after the original crew moved on. I seriously just watched that trailer and thought this was a high school project where they had to film a remake.

    • jasmine

      wasn’t dev patel in the original?

      • Jen Jen

        Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult (the kid from About a Boy and boy did he turn out nicely) OK that sounds wrong. He’s only 20. But he has these amazing eyes . . . I’ll stop now.
        The original cast did 2 seasons and then they all graduated so they replaced the entire cast (with the exception of Effy) with a new generation. The second generation wasn’t as strong as the first but it allowed totally different story lines.

    • Henry

      Dark doesn’t equal realistic. I know I’m in 20s, but unless being a teenager has changed THAT completely in the last few years Skins doesn’t look true to my experience.

      • Bethh

        I’m 16, Skins (the original UK version) is basically like 90% accurate to my life, or people I knows life. so yeaah.

    • Celia

      Exactly. Meh!
      I don’t understand WHY MTV is f**king with this show. The original is PERFECT! Just replay that one…don’t re-make it. I can already tell from the trailer that they’ve f**ked it up.

    • eire

      this is retarded they didnt even try to come up with a new story american douchebags

  • Briana

    I’ll stick with my UK version. This is the first episode, only Americanized.

    • M

      The first episode will be (mostly) identical to the UK version and then it will differ from the original series. It will be hard (almost) impossible trying not to compare these actors with the original, and that’s what makes it so weird. But I am excited, I have hopes it can be really good.

      • Shaun

        I totally agree about comparing the actors. And given how wrapped up you get in the characters in the original, I don’t see how the new kids could live up. It should have been a completely different script from the beginning. I don’t want to replace the original cast b/c I loved all of them, so won’t watch this.

      • triumph

        bored with this. appreciate the artistic attempt, but we’re tired of this genre – and it’s my generation. agree with @will: meh

    • Nemo

      Agreed. I adore the UK skins. The UK series works because it never feels like their acting. This version is forced and terrible.

    • JBD

      I think a large problem is that it’s not even Americanized. They took the exact same scenes and just put it in a different city. It doesn’t make sense to do that. It just seems like American actors trying to play British roles. Honestly, I thought they were going to create an American generation not redo the UK version. I’m horrified.

      • Kevin

        Maybe it will be like The Office – the first episode was identical to the British series and then they went on their own path. Then again, it could be like Coupling *shudder*

  • Simon

    Didn’t realise this was going to be an exact remake of our version. Now I think it’s unnecessary and stupid.

  • Jay5783

    Didn’t they do this in the late nineties – early 2000’s and it was called Undressed

    • lefty

      Okay so…what if somewhere down the line they have Sid make a guest appearance?? They ended with him in NYC :)

      • Angel R

        That is a really good idea. You should be a writer for the American version! :)

      • brononymous

        so what, down this line he can meet Stanley, have a heart to heart over a pint and find out they are THE SAME PERSON? Weak.

        This whole show seems like a write-off.

  • Will

    Okay…this is exactly the UK version, but with American actors. And they are horrible, if you want to watch the good version, buy a Netflix subscription, they are all on there…I may have given it a chance if it wasn’t line-for-line as the original. More MTV garbage, cancel it already.

    • Will E.

      Will E. is the second poster, sorry didn’t see the first Will

    • Judy

      Totally agree! The UK version was way better because it was Americanized. Americanizing Skins is like making True Blood kid-friendly. It won’t work.

  • Tha Phoenix

    I knew you Americans would screw this up. I just didn’t know it would be this bad.


    • OooLaLa

      Face it Americans are dumb. Look who we voted into office.

      • Diana

        Yeah, like we screwed up the Office…oh, wait. If you’re looking to expecting quality from MTV that’s representative of the best of the American TV industry, you’re looking in the wrong place.

      • Diana

        Typo: “If you’re expecting quality”

      • MAK2

        Oh you mean Bush?

  • Jeff C.

    Wow…so it’s literally a shot-for-shot remake of the original pilot. How inventive.

    • lefty

      Seriously…except they changed Sid to Stan. That’s cool I guess…? Couldn’t even come up with a better nickname for Michelle than Nips.

    • Chambers143

      No they just said the 1st episode will be cuz they were testing it for the piolt but then after the 1st like 2 it will go into different stories and stuff

  • Marrina

    Today, in unnecessary remakes, we bring you .. Skins! Argh. This is beyond terrible.

  • elena

    Why is the main guy’s name Tony again? Why is the plot EXACTLY the same?
    (I’m super-worried, but the first couple episodes of The Office were pretty much americanized copies of their british counterparts…so maybe it’ll turn good. But no one can match Hannah Murray for awesome Cassie-speak. I’m surprised they’re trying to…)

    • CH

      I completely agree about Hannah Murray. She was perfect as Cassie. Know one will ever live up to her.

      • CH

        Whoa, no*, my bad

      • Jeff C.

        Best actor on the show.

    • George

      Hannah Murray should have won a BAFTA for her work on the program.

  • A

    It works better with the british background. I dunno, it seems more genuine.

    • A.


  • ImStillToni

    I will admit I will check it out, but would be lying if I didn’t think this is a BIG mistake (a la Undressed). There is no other Tony IMO, but I find it hilarious the kids look just as scuzzy & dirty in this as in the UK version lmao. I’d rather wait for the Skins movie than see MTV tarnishing the rep of this brilliant series *sigh*

    • Steph

      agree, big mistake. this is just not going to be good; part of what made the UK version so likeable is because it was in England.

      Also, I’m fine w/ Mtv having mature programming, but I’m not ok when it airs marathons that run midday on weekends. Do they not understand that kids under the recommended age limit will watch this anyway? The ratings are such a joke.

    • lefty

      I was thinking the same thing…they look just as dirty. I guess they had to go for dirtier Americans or else it really would feel just like 90210 or something.

  • Colin

    this looks stupid

  • Em


  • Flip

    I hope, from the title, that we get to see A LOT of skin.

    • Becky

      Skins is slang for rolling papers.

      • Flip

        Are you kidding me? I’m extremely disappointed now. I thought it meant “skins” in a naked way.

  • AXL

    wow looks like some crappy parody of he real Skins..

    • A.


    • Violet

      Agreed. This looks terrible. Thanks for screwing up an amazing show, MTV.

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