Is Heidi Klum getting meaner on 'Project Runway'?

project-runway-heidi-klumImage Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime TelevisionJimmy Kimmel last night presented guest Heidi Klum with incontrovertible evidence that she’s gotten, well, quite a bit blunter with contestants this season on Project Runway. In a video montage, Klum (while rotating through a stunning variety of highlights and bang styles) tells Runway hopefuls their work is “butt-ugly,” “like two bad dresses glued together,” like a “dirty old rug,” and “inspired by your grandmother … and it shows”:

Klum seemed a bit taken aback by this presentation of her brusqueness, but what do you think, PopWatchers? Has she gotten a little more Simon Cowell this season? And is that approach helping to make this season better than the last few?

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  • Diane

    This season’s contestants are such McNasty people that I want to see Heidi tell them off. Actually I’m at the point where I just watch PR for the runway and the judging–I can’t stand to see the designers behind the scenes.

    • You forgot Tim! That’s pretty much the only reason I watch, especially this awful season.

      • Amy

        Tim is fabulous! He has really been a great mentor to these designers. Think Heidi is trying to be the next Simon Cowell! Well, it IS her show.

      • calistoga

        Tim is just fantabulous!!! He most definitely is the glue that holds that show together. As many years as we’ve been watching Heidi, she has every right to show us different aspects of her character. Get real folks! She’s a business woman with a successful marriage and a house full of kids! She’s not trying to be the next Simon (and no one will ever be!), but it’s good to see her tell us how she really feels, and (like Bambi says) call out the nasty designers, the troublemakers.

      • steph

        I don’t think there’s a single person alive that doesn’t like Tim Gunn!

      • Diane

        I love Tim, but it isn’t worth watching the witches in order to catch his 5 minutes. I’d rather just watch his vlogs

      • wasabi

        Tim provides the human element, since Heidi, Michael and Nina seem to profoundly lack that.

    • Bambi

      I agree. I actually like how Heidi and Tim both have called out the “nasty” designers. The brunt of the nastiness has been Michael C. The other designers think so lowly of him because they think they are better than him. They have complained all season he can’t sew. Well if that is the truth then why does he get comment after comment about how well put together his outfits are? I have gotten so tired of the bitchyness of all the designers towards Michael C that I have grown to adore him and really hopes he wins it all! Then he can go and find that witchy bitch Ivy and say IN YOUR FACE BITCH!!!

      • sockigal

        If you watch the first half of the season Michael C. had some horrible things to say about the other designers also! He seemed to be just as nasty and caddy. Oh well, not many likable people this season. Rooting for Mondo! He is a treasure!

      • Alice

        Ignore sockigal’s displacement and projection of negative attitudes onto the victim of abuse. She is probably used to being a follower.

    • stevenjaba

      I love Mondo and Michael C – the others are awful but those two are great.

      • erin

        amen. mike c is such a nice dude, i don’t get why he is so targeted. i love that mondo took the time to get to know him, and now they are buds. such a cute bromance!

      • Amy

        MONDO FOR THE WIN!! Others are good, but he is something very special.

    • brandy

      I agree. I love seeing Heidi’s distaste for Gretchen.

      • Big Walt

        Gretchen winning the first two challenges was the worst thing that could have happened. Her head just grew to previously unimaginable sizes. She’s just so superior that I want to punch her in the face.

      • BruceMpls

        The way I see it, Heidi doesn’t like when Gretchen defends her designs and talks back to her as if Heidi’s should always have the final word on the subject. Personally, I don’t mind Gretchen’s ego, in that business you need one. Just look at Michael Kors: he acts like there is himself and then there is God, in that order.

      • Marie

        @BruceMpls: None of the judges like it when contestants defend their designs. They want the contestants to agree with what they say. If it’s something the judges don’t like, but the contestant still like it and continues to defend it, that’s when the criticisms stop and the claws come out. The judges need to learn to take some criticisms themselves.

    • RCB

      It’s true that Heidi got meaner this season. As one contestant puts it, Heidi does not make constructive criticisms. Heidi just ridicules of the designs.

  • What I find particularly funny is that she sits in increasingly snarky judgment of designers while wearing some of the most ridiculous clothes. Some of her outfits this season have been downright FUG.

    • Victoria

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! She dresses like a cheap hooker!!!

      • Sam

        And she harps about styling this season, but her bangs are AWFUL. She’s a beautiful woman, but that Tootie-from-Facts-of=Life bowl cut is doing her no favors.

      • Brenda Leigh

        She sure does Victoria. Her style is the shorter the better, who cares if its cute. Also, this is one of the worst seasons EVER!! Other than Mondo, I don’t see the talent. I long for the seasons with Korto, Teri Stevens (who got kicked off too soon in season 5) Austin, Santino..Michael Knight, Wendy Pepper, Kara Saun…ok, you get my drift. This season’s talent sucks rox.

      • Marie

        My favorite eye rolling moment with Heidi is when she comments on how short some dresses are and how it looks like hookerwear, while complimenting others that are as short and she herself wears dresses that short! Is that her way of telling viewers she’s really a hooker when the camera’s not rolling? And at the end of the day, she doesn’t know the first thing about constructive criticism. She probably upped her b!tch level so she’ll get more airtime compared to Michael K and Nina.

      • rac

        Heidi has a fab body but is too old for some of the stuff she wears–and that is just a fact–you can still dress sexy but look a bit more age appropriate

    • brandy

      Yes. My personal favorite was the soccer mom hair put with the multi-colored, polka-dotted clown dress.

      • Not Moby

        I also recently pointed out her soccer mom hair to someone. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    • KC

      I know. Some of her outfits have been so ugly.

  • Elizabeth

    I agree w/Diane. Its all about being a character on television for some of these contestants, not about the competition. Be an a-hole on Survivor or something, but when your work is what is being judged, incidents like Ivy accusing Michael C of cheating and turning people against her was only a ploy for a couple more minutes of TV time.

  • Tarc

    She’s never strayed far from her broom 9and I’m guessing that she was closer tha never this season because she was afrid Ivy or Gretchen might steal it). And as others have noted, she has NO taste in clothing, and when she dresses herslef, constantly chooses things she herself would describe as “the taste level is not there”.

  • Owen

    I don’t think Heidi has a real mean bone in her body.

    • Hannah

      I think Jay McCarroll would disagree with that.

      • steph

        what happened between Heidi & Jay? It’s been so long that I forget, or maybe I never knew.

  • kaydevo

    Heidi is indeed unnecessarily harsh (and so is Michael Kors), regardless of the less-than-fantastic designers this season (except for you, Mondo!). Her own clothing is often downright ugly or insanely too short (vulgar!) and her “active wear line was boring. Perhaps she and Kors are just frustrated with how much the show has deteriorated. But there’s a big difference between constructive criticism and nastiness.

    • Caljit

      ITA, kaydevo! I often wonder if there just isn’t enough design talent left out there for them to assemble a competent cast, as in the early seasons. Do the judges think it is cute or entertaining to make nasty, obnoxious comments rather than insightful critiques? Heidi is the worst offender because much of the time she is clearly the least qualified of any of the judges to be commenting in the first place (the only exception being when they have ditzy starlets judging like Kristin Bell).

      • bethmania

        I think what looks like lack of talent is actually lack of time. Earlier seasons had many more 2-day challenges; now they are almost always 1-day challenges. Obviously, the results are not going to be as good if the designers don’t have as much time.

  • Dinana

    This cast is worse than nice or mean, they’re “fake nice” to each other… duplicitous…nice to each other in person and nasty behind their backs.

  • rere

    Totally agree with Diane. I was soooo glad they got rid of Ivy.Talk about poison!And Gretchen?
    Puhleese!I look forward to all the judges not just Heidi to knock her off of her pedestal. Mondo is weird too but there’s something about him that’s kind of endearing.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing Heidi’s outfits…

  • confidential

    The beginning of PR’s problems are the less than talented contestants this year, then the production being more catty to fill the additional ½ hour and then Heidi just ripping into them like a vulture. I would say the designers this year range from group A) should have never made it to the show group B) should have been cut in the initial 2 episodes and Group C) good because everyone else sucks.

  • mr. rally mcbeal

    im very happy that mel gibson is on another film project. since the passion of the christ and Hamlet, next to the eyecatching debut of Mad max and yes??@ The Thunderdome w Tina turner I love him and a brilliant human being. rally mcbeal from fresno californa rather be in New york LOl @!

  • hunt4

    I’m sorry but are some of you people clueless about the real fashion industry? There is no such thing as constructive criticism there.
    These people NEED to hear the cold hard truth when their designs suck suck suck because they’ll be thrown to the wolves in the real world.
    Heidi, Nina, Michael and the guest judges are fairly tame compared to what these designers would get out in the actual fashion industry.

    • Pete

      I agree. I don’t think Heidi is mean. I love how she puts Gretchen in her place. Her and Ivy thought they were the Queen bees, well they sure got put off their throne! Even Tim called Gretchen out. WTG Tim!!!

    • kaydevo

      True about the fashion industry being cutthroat, but this is first and foremost a TV SHOW, not the real world (ha-ha) of the fashion biz. And since the judges repeatedly harp on whether or not the contestants have heeded their advice, then the judges should definitely be doling out “constructive criticism.” They sometimes do (Tim Gunn always seems to), but as a viewer I find nasty criticism unappealing and not entertaining to watch — and it is after all, nothing more than entertainment.

    • Lydia

      This may be a case of the judges DO give constructive criticism, but helpful comments, not from Tim Gunn, aren’t as entertaining as snark.


    yeah, she’s been vicious. i find that ironic when she dresses in shirts and calls them dresses.
    and kors is a BITCH!!! i’ll never forget how cruel he was to jonathan last season. there’s a difference between constructive criticism and cruelty.

  • Anne

    The episode where she was the client was the real corker! Heidi’s Evil Twin, Mean Heidi, came out and snarled all over the place. She lost a lot of points in my mind that night.

  • Jethro

    Heidi has gotten more harsher in her words more than mean. She has always been critical especially saying comments like, I hate it or it’s ugly!

    Thats an opinion, not being critical. The show needs to go back to Thursdays at 10 pm for one hour. 90 minutes has done nothing for the show!

  • TPK

    Her saying “I think it is butt ugly” is still one of the best things I’ve ever heard her say.

    • Zazazing

      I liked when she said….”what is the word? Hodgy-podgy?”

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