'Lost' finale: Damon and Carlton are glad everyone (finally) loves it. Are you?

lost-the-end-toutImage Credit: Mario Perez/ABCDamon Lindelof and Cartlon Cuse are glad that you’re finally over hating the Lost finale. “Strangely, what happened over the last couple months, is that every single person loves it. It seems like that’s actually been a change,” Cuse said on the red carpet for the Spike Scream Awards over the weekend. (There was a big tribute to Lost during the ceremony, although it did not win best TV show.)

“The finale is like a relationship,” Lindelof said. “When it ends at first, you only remember why it ended. But as time goes on, you focus on why you were in it the first place. I think that is what is starting to happen now.”

Okay, I’ll accept that metaphor. The finale was indeed like the end of a relationship — one that had become baffling and unpredictable. “But we used to have so much fun!” I said, in the heat of a fight toward the end of things. And Lost said “I’m still having fun,” which struck me as very passive aggressive.

“I used to brag to my friends about what a special and unique show you were, how you held my interest and made my heart race, and surprised and delighted me for weeks,” I sighed.

“You said you liked CJ from West Wing, I gave you CJ from West Wing!” Lost said, throwing up his hands. “It’s like you change the rules every week.”

“No!” I said. “We were supposed to change the rules together! The crazy show and the crazy fan — it’s a classic,” I whimpered through my bitter, bitter tears.

“You can’t change me,” Lost insisted. “It’s not my fault you spent two seasons just seeing what you wanted to see. I never lied.”

A-sigh. I guess I’m over it? I mean, I know why we got together — it was really exciting there at the beginning — but I just can’t remember why we stuck it out for so long. Live and learn, I guess. Maybe this is why I’m having such a hard time trusting The Event….

What about you, PopWatchers? Have your feelings about the Lost finale changed? Are you over the bitter end to your love affair with the show? (Reporting by Nicholas E. White.)

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  • Slacker

    I always loved the finale. I just hated most of the season that preceded the finale. But the finale was awesome.

    • Daedbird

      Completely agree – The finale, even with some holes, had a great end. The previous two seasons, now those were an uneven mess. Really, ever since Locke grabbed the printout but never looked to see if Ben entered the numbers, the show was starting to sputter….

      • J

        Yeah, I think a lot of people have realized that it was the season that was subpar, not the finale itself. I still loved season 6, just not as much as say, season 4.

        The further I get from the finale (and the more times I watch it, which now stands at 4,) the more I love it, the more it makes me cry, and the more I feel it’s the only way the show could have ended.

      • mathew

        I agree. I loved the final episode (except for the excessive kissing scenes) but hated Season 6.

      • tom

        when was this? What episode and season? I can’t recall that scene.

      • R

        Whoa, no reason to bring season 5 into this. That season was hitting on all cylinders. I now tell people to who’ve never seen the show that it was only five seasons and ended in a cliff-hanger because they’ll be more satisfied with the show when it is over.

        I’m one who loved the season finale when I watched it, but as time has passed, I realize that I dislike the way the story ended more and more. My problem with the finale and season 6 as a whole was it felt like they changed the story at the last minute. Since season two, they had been gearing up to tell us a story about Ben vs. Charles, who was good and who was bad, who was trying to exploit the island and who was trying to protect it. I was looking forward to that story. In season five, when we got to see the Dharma past and see Charles as a younger man, it felt like were getting the back story in order to set up for a season 6 that would deliver all of this.

        Instead, they decided to go a different way. They decided to tell us a story about two immortals who have been living on the island for ages. They “wrapped up” long-running story lines with a word or a gunshot so they could focus on this new story. There was nothing wrong with the story they told. It just wasn’t the one they were building up to for five years.

        Also, the purgatory season six felt like a lot nothingness just so they could have the confusion of what happened when jughead went off. They didn’t want to make (or reveal) their decision whether or not “what ever happened, happened”, so they created this entire season-long b-side story to avoid it.

      • Nala

        Well said R! I agree!!!

      • MNM

        I totally agree with R. What is the deal with Widmore? What was his role in this story? Why did Sayid and Ben kill his people?

        There should have been more about Charles.

    • LibbyP

      Yes. I didn’t love the finale, but I didn’t hate it either. I held on, through the last two seasons, hoping for a big payoff and so the finale disappointed me. But I’m not sure what would have satisfied me, so maybe that’s ok.

      • JimC


    • Flip

      I hated it then, and I still hate it now. What a pathetic waste of my time. Whoopty do, they go to heaven. If the series were a jigsaw puzzle, they essentially framed an unfinished puzzle and put it on their wall.
      Never again will I watch a Cuse or Lindelof show.

      • Ian

        I’m sure they’re devastated.

      • AK

        I always hated it because it betrayed what they made this show out to be for six seasons. Carlton and Cuse can think whatever they want about that finale, but they need to stop pretending like I’m somehow wrong about my feelings and one day I’ll see the light. In fact, their ever more self-congratulatory attitude just makes me hate it more.

      • nda

        AMEN!!! Hated it then, still hate it.

      • Wickeddoll

        It was a cheap, hackneyed copout.

      • Rob

        So write a better ending, and post it for us all to judge.

      • Dgently

        @Rob: These type of comments are begimning to irk me. Imagine my expressing dismay that a building in the city where I live has collapsed. Would your response be…Could YOU build a better one? Uh, no. But it’s also not my damn job.

      • Jason S.

        Cuse and Lindelof proved that they only know how to set up mysteries and have no idea how to pay them off.

        I guess an argument could be made that the show is like life and part of the point is there are some mysteries in life that will never be solved or answered. But the Sideways universe being a Purgatory was lame, lame, lame. It’s like ok lets start something in the sixth season that has never been hinted at before in the previous seasons and wpn’t it be cute and clever if we totally throw the saudience off by making them believe that the plane crash never happened. Dishonest and stupid.

      • kgb

        It is funny how everyone that posts about unfinished mysteries never bothers to list a single one. In some way or form, almost every single question that was posed was answered, if you watched and listened and did not just tune in between the commercials on American Id(i)ol(t).

      • dmbfan

        @ kgb, who wrote “It is funny how everyone that posts about unfinished mysteries never bothers to list a single one. In some way or form, almost every single question that was posed was answered, if you watched and listened and did not just tune in between the commercials on American Id(i)ol(t).”
        I could provide a list, but here is just one: Why would the Dharma Initiative, a 20th century scientific research group, provide the hatch crew with a count down clock that, if not reset within the timeframe allowed, would display hieroglyphics?
        I enjoyed LOST so much over the years and am not sorry for the time spent watching it, but I honestly cannot say I was satisfied with how many questions were left unanswered.

    • Lance

      I agree Flip. Are all these people brainwashed? How do they not understand that that they were lied to? Cuse and Lindelof never had an ending and made it up as they went along. They are terrible, terrible people!

      • Debbie

        Dude, tone it down a notch. You’re being a bit dramatic.

      • Iain

        Dude, tone it up a notch. You are underselling it. I was promised, for six years, that the show was going somewhere. That the clues would lead to something. It didn’t. I was kicked, in the nuts, for two hours, and now people tell me.. I should have loved it? No. Just, No.

      • blondie

        I couldn’t agree more!
        It was a complete waste of my time after all that I invested in the show.

      • Ian

        If you guys are this worked up about a show that took up about 42 minutes of your life once a week, 6 months out of the year, for 6 years, than kill yourselves. Seriously, go do it now. Maybe you should stick to Jersey Shore. They won’t give you any mysteries that you’ll have to actually think a bit to solve yourself. Though, judging from your posts, maybe they will present a few narratives that will fly over your head. Maybe Snooki can serve up the answers for you on a platter, and spoon-feed them to you.

      • Michael

        blondie: If you invested 4,830 minutes of your life over the course of six years all in the name of a finale episode that would offer up a list of beside-the-point “answers,” you need to re-evaluate your life or at least the reasons you absorb entertainment. But of course, that’s not why you watched Lost. You watched it because week in, week out, it was a good show. Waste of time? What else, exactly, would you have been doing? Watching Criminal Minds?

      • Tyla

        Oy. The themes of the show were established IN THE FIRST SEASON. Faith/Science, Fate/Freewill, Love/Hate, redemption, spirituality, community, family, forgiveness. This all carried through to the end. The show came down on the side of faith, because really, nothing is irrefutable, and even scientific pursuits require a leap of faith sometimes. I loved the finale. I still get profoundly emmotional watching it. To each their own.

      • mccoy

        @tyla – That’s exactly my problem with the finale. I’m a science guy, not a faith fan. I guessed from the first episode the show was probably going to skew to the faith angle but kept hoping for something more. Still, it was well acted and interesting.

      • ger

        What is your definition of “invested”? Is it “sitting on your butt for an hour a week”?

    • Ashley G.

      I have always loved the finale, but I also have loved everything about losts final season. Every show has its ups and downs but I would say I loved 99% of the series.

    • Phil

      Agreed. The sixth season squandered all the previous five seasons and really let all the LOST fans down. It was terribly frustrating that they were lying to us the whole time. Sixth season proved they had no idea what they were doing. However, the finale was a great piece (besides the fact that it wasn’t fulfilling in the least).

      • theduck

        Phil, please don’t presume to speak for “all…LOST fans”. I enjoyed all six seasons and liked the way it ended. Did it answer all the questions? No, but they ended it in a way that I found satisfying, and I’m OK with the idea that there’s something about the Island that was unique, and if I don’t understand it all, well, it gives me things to think about.

      • J

        I think what people need to come to terms with is that television is different from movies and books. It’s more organic. Sure, they could have sat down and planned out six intricate seasons, but it would have left no room for the story to grow. No room to respond to things the fans loved, like the Sawyer/Juliet ‘ship or Desmond’s awesomeness.

      • Michael

        J – don’t forget the entire character of Ben. Michael Emerson was originally hired for three episodes. … People wishing that the script for the finale had been thought through before the pilot aired live in a fantasy land.

      • teresa

        You certainly don’t speak for me. I loved Lost from the beginning to the end. From Jack laying among the bamboo in the jungle from the plane crash to him killing Smokey and ending up back in the bamboo.
        It hurts to type Jack and Smokey, words I haven’t thought about in a while. Lost was a once in a life time show. I miss it.

      • Kevin


        Originally “Henry Gale” was just going to be some random Other and there was going to be another actor that would play the Ben role. After Emerson’s great performance, they decided to just combine the two characters. That type of minor change happens even with the most laid out stories like Harry Potter.

    • wino

      agree, the finale episode was beautiful. however, the season as a whole was a wasted opportunity to tie up the series. not in a perfect bow, but just enough to give a proper send off to all the characters. way too much time spent to establish the after life world.

      • Jenn

        Well said. To me it felt like a novel where the story was tied up in the last two pages rather than the last chapter or two.

      • jcs

        I think this is a good way to put it. I accept the finale and enjoyed season 6 but I do think they missed a few opportunities to make the season better, and spent too much time on the sideways world.

    • Person Who Talks

      And to all the haters out there: What can be deeper than the notion that we will be with the ones we love after our death? I’m not trying to endorse any certain religion or anything, but our society has become so cynical in saying that only scientific explanations and cynicism in regards to human nature are “intelligent” whereas we call something profound and emotionally touching “fluff”. Frickin’ Mad Men…

      • Kathleen

        Yes, it’s a deep and wonderful notion, that we’ll be with the ones we love after our deaths. But how? In what form? sitting around a Christian church, saying, oh, hi, howareya anyway? Nice to see you, etc.? No – I think if the show had clarified in some way that this is just one sort of vision of what it would be like, and it could be just about any concept you could come up with . . . also, Jack was never recognized as the greatness of the human spirit, as he should have been.

    • dcet30

      You are so, so very, very right. The more I think about season 6 the more I intensely dislike it. It just betrayed everything that the show stood for. I think the minute that Jacob and MIB sat on the beach at the end of season 5 is when it all went down hill. My total disdain for season 6 does not kill my love for the show; all shows have been seasons I just happened to not like the last season of Lost. As for LindCuse-they should quit while they are ahead.

  • Katja

    Uh oh…this is a sensitive topic! I, for one, spent two days deeply pondering the finale and reflecting on the series in its entirety…and came out of my thoughts with great love and respect for that finale. It wasn’t everything I thought I wanted, but I decided that in the end, 99% of it was stuff I could really get behind (the 1% being the Sayid/Shannon connection). I really liked the Sideways-limbo thing once it was revealed. I kind of love that they went where they wanted to go and said “screw the haters” and I love how it made me cry like a baby at least 5 times because I loved those characters so effing much. I never thought Lost lied to me. I always had fun with it, minus the Nikki/Paulo dalliance. I don’t remember it as a bitter ending at all, because I knew the ending was coming and I was prepared for it…and our relationship will live on in my DVDs and the Dharma pumpkin I’m carving this year.

    • Madd

      I 100% agree.

    • Dav

      Right there with ya Katja!

    • TQB

      well said. The finale was deeply moving and took a couple of viewings and some time to really process, but extremely satisfying.

    • Dave

      Agreed, Katja! Although I wasn’t as upset about the Sayid/Shannon thing as a lot of other people were. I don’t know, maybe I kinda missed her and was just glad to see her again.

      • Anna

        I agree with all of you. (Although Shannon & Sayid never bothered me) Don’t care what the haters think. I think at this point the people who loved the finale and the people who hated it need to agree to disagree because I am sick of hearing this argument.Can’t put into words how moving the finale was.I loved the finale on May 23 and always will.

      • Liz

        @ Anna, I won’t argue that the finale wasn’t moving, it was, and if it was a random episode in the middle of season 3 I wouldn’t have minded but the producers made promises to the viewers that things would be answered! They were not. None of the questions were answered. It was just religious juju.

      • Linney17

        I’ve been watching the entire series again and it has made all the difference. I liked the finale a lot but now that I’m watching the show without all the interruptions (thanks again, ABC), so many more things make sense that I could never seem to pull together when it was so spaced out. Also, I don’t think the producers made the promise that things would be answered. They said some things would be answered. I think the whole point of the show was that some things can’t be answered. I wouldn’t call them moving on to another place-be it heaven or not-religious juju (whatever that is). I’d call it a decent wrap-up to a show that obviously played outside the realm of what we know for sure.

    • Haruhi85

      I agree with you Katja and ur pumpkin will be awesome.

    • steve

      how could they say ‘screw the haters’ in making the decision on how to conclude the show when there weren’t haters until after it concluded?

      let’s not make it out to be something it wasn’t.

      • Katja

        Well, I thought there were a lot of unhappy ex-fans even by season 5. The show used to be very broadly popular in Season 1, then it went full-on geek with time-traveling stuff and crazy magical mystery stuff and lost some of its audience (like my dad). And beyond the people who thought it was getting “too weird”, there were a ton of people who didn’t like season 6, even before the finale. So the Lost writers knew all of this, they knew that their audience had shrunk somewhat and that their finale was not going to satisfy the “I WANT EXPLICIT ANSWERS” people or the people who wanted some great science-based explanation for the Sideways world…but they did it their way anyway and I liked that. That’s what I meant above.

    • iggy

      ITA! I was a bit let down at the very end of the The End, but after spending time thinking about it, I respect how they ended it the way they wanted (they boldly went where not many other shows have gone before). I also teared up MANY times during the finale. A great ending to a fantastic show.

    • Arya

      Echo that!

    • Bren

      I made peace with the Sayid/Shannon thing even though I preferred the Sayid/Nadia story. He never felt good enough for Nadia and therefore never felt he truly deserved her. On the island, Sayid and Shannon each found someone who could accept all that they had done and been in the past. Shannon offered him redemption that he never got with Nadia because of their past.

      I really enjoyed the show and I’m glad they took the chances with storytelling that they did. To be honest, I’d rather watch something reach for more (even if they don’t always nail it) than play it safe week after week with predictable storytelling.

      • Kate

        Absolutely! Take a risk! Give me a good journey even if the destination may not suit everyone (although it suited me!)

        I thought the ending was bold and risky, and for that, I salute Damon and Carlton. And most things *were* answered, you just had to pay attention, instead of expecting everything being spelled out.

      • Adam

        Bren, that is an interesting thought about the Sayid/Shannon connection. I didn’t mind it when it happened, but I was still left wondering, “what about Nadia?” And I think your reasoning makes sense. Thanks for sharing that.

      • jj

        Yes, you have expressed it well – Shannon offered Sayid redemption. He in return offered her non-judgmental love and acceptance.

    • Tyla

      Amen. Except I’m one of the few people who actually preferred Sayid/Shannon to Sayid/Nadia. I was really hoping Ben would die a painful but heroic death in the finale, and none of the characters who survived the island save Hurley were sentimental favorites of mine. The Sideways made it all…okay. I don’t know. It’s not the ending, it’s the journey, and what you take with you, you know? I swear I’m not usually so schmoopy, but Damon and Carlton and their stupid show, they got to me, man.

    • Person Who Talks

      I agree with Katja!!!! And quite honestly, I’m actually happy that they didn’t answer everything explicitly, they let us figure out things for ourselves. Why do you people need a scientific explanation for everything? I’m glad they still left the island with a sense of mystery and wonder holding true to the mood of the entire show. Being angry about the unanswered questions most people complain about (why was Walt special? how can the water heal people?) is like finishing Harry Potter and saying, “Well that was dumb, they never answered how the f*ck wizards are able to do magic?” LOST ended just like life: we will never know the answers to everything. But in the end, as long as we are with the ones we love, what else matters?

    • Person Who Talks

      In a way, the end of LOST was very similar to life. Because in the end, I’m not going to care whether or not I have all the answers, all that matters is whether or not we’re with the ones we love.

  • Mr. Holloway

    “Every single person loves it”? My sarcasm meter must be malfunctioning because Cuse HAS to be saying this facetiously, no?

    If not, let me introuce you to Mr. and Mrs. “Lost Wasted Six Years of My Life.”

    (BTW, I loved the finale at the time, and still do.)

    • Kerri

      You must be talking about my husband and me. We DO feel like we lost so much time on this show once the finale ruined it all for us. We don’t even TALK about this show any more. It’s like it never happened. Very disappointed.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Well, I didn’t want to say “Mr. and Mrs. Kerri” because I didn’t want to call you out by name, but thanks for stepping up. :)

      • bruno

        that better be doused with sarcasm cuse.
        i made up my own finale in my head, a good one.

      • Zampano

        Kerri, my wife and I are with you on this. The only time we mention that huge waste of time are when we see articles about shows that are ‘trying to be the next Lost’, and we just shake our heads and wonder why anyone would strive to emulate something that proved to be so sloppy and poorly executed. I have actually apologized to everyone to whom I recommended Lost, including the ones who never bothered to watch it anyway.

      • Person Who Talks

        Lets hear it bruno

      • Dgently

        @Bruno and Person – This could actually be a fun, creative exercise. But how far back could we go? By that I mean…do we have to stick with canon until the final episode? Or could we start tweaking things, say, three episodes before that?

      • Person Who Talks

        @Dgently: I’d say its pretty fair to be able to start your own storyline right before Across the Sea, as that is where most people began to have a problem with the show (myself not included of course; I personally loved the finale, but I recognize that a lot of people didn’t)…

    • liz

      Totally agree with you. It was nice that they all ended up together in death…BUT..what the hell? was there any resolution to anything at all..one detail? anythign? NO. Cuse is doing what politicians do…they make claims as if they are fact, hoping that the public buys it.

      • Adam

        There was resolution in the Island story. There was a very definitive ending.

      • Arya

        How can you say there wasn’t resolution when Jack finally realized everything happened for a reason and then proceeded to save the island? WTF?

    • Merry Bear

      I’m with you; the last 10 minutes ruined the entire experience for me–can’t even enjoy the journey now, and won’t watch again. Maybe Cuse is surrounded by sycophants? There were enough of us out there a few months ago, and I can’t imagine I am the only one still singing this song.

      • Merry Bear

        Sorry–this was supposed to be @ Kerry–

      • econruth

        I agree Merry Bear. Loved the journey as it happened, but can’t enjoy it now, knowing how it ended.

  • Tupelo

    The finale has grown on me a bit. Overall though the series is one of may favorite of all time, no matter how show ended.

  • E-Dawg

    I was not a big fan of the entire last season. The finale was emotionally satisfying for a moment but was ultimately fluff. It didn’t really wrap up the show, in my opinion. It just completely ignored all of the mysteries leading up to it and said “and everybody lived happily ever after in the After-Life. La la. The End. Yea.”

    • Kerri

      YES! And all of their interviews saying all questions would be answered. Not really, no. What a letdown.

      • Chelsea

        What interviews were YOU reading? They said, countless times, in interviews on this very site even, that they were NOT focused on answering questions. Not every question was going to be answered. They were very upfront and honest about that, not only throughout season 6, but throughout the entirety of the show. Check your facts. They NEVER said all questions would be answered. Not ONCE.

      • Carrie

        I agree with Chelsea. In fact, early on, like first or second season I believe, I recall them saying they weren’t even sure if they were going to explain The Numbers.

      • Erinn

        I think it would be a let down to answer all of the questions. I like the fact that I am still thinking about the show. I can still have theories and debate them with other fans. If all of the questions were answered, then why bother? The best part was trying to figure out something about Lost. I still get to do this now that it is over!

      • Mr. Holloway

        Chelsea & Carrie-

        Even beyond what you two are saying: if you watched (and enjoyed) “Lost” with any sort of regularity, why would you and how could you possibly think that the people behind the show would wrap EVERYTHING up with a nice, neat bow?

      • Dgently

        @Mr. Holloway: I think that was their job. I don’t understand why Lost writers would bring up mysteries that they had no intention of solving. In semi-vulgar vernacular, I think their mouths wrote checks that their butts couldn’t cover.

      • VickiH

        They said, numerous times, that answers would be given if it was important to the Losties themselves. And they did that. There is no way they could satisfy everyone. I thought it was fantastic, but then I was always in love with the characters, the mythology was fun, but ultimately was not what kept me coming back every week. But I also know there are others who were mainly fans of the mythology and I can see where they may not happy with how they resolved the show.

      • Casey

        @VickiH – I’m on the same page as you. The mythology was interesting for sure, but I was never really hooked by it. But I can definitely see why you’d be pissed off if you were one of the mythology junkies.

      • Tyla

        Most of the quesitons are answered though. They just don’t spell it out for you, but there’s enough there for you to draw your own conclusions, good ones. Which is how life works, really.

      • Esther Greenwood

        @Dgently: Life is full of mysteries that will never be solved. To assume that the writers would solve all of the show’s mysteries is to assume that all of life’s mysteries CAN be solved. Coincidence versus fate will NEVER be solved, unless you believe that your God (whichever God that may be) is going to provide you with that answer when you die. I find the the fact that they don’t solve all of their mysteries analogous to real life.

      • ltmcdies

        actually the interviews I heard went along the lines of “if the answer mattered to the characters..”
        at the end of the day..none of us were characters.

    • Ames

      I understand completely when people say the finale was “emotionally satisfying.” The problem for me is, the only character I felt an emotional connection to was Sayid. After the episode “He’s Our You” I really was dissapointed in the direction Sayid’s character went. So even though the last season had some good eps (like Ab Eterno) my emotions were not involved in any way, so the entire finally was basically lost on me.

      That’s the nicest way I can put it.

      • E-Dawg

        Yes, I agree. Sayid was my favorite charater from the beginning and I was very disapppointed in the entire last season for him. It was very difficult for me to not feel betrayed by the show.

      • Mr. Holloway

        “That’s the nicest way I can put it.”

        That’s one of the very best ways I’ve seen it put! Where I get annoyoed is when people act shocked that the show didn’t answer all their questions and/or act like Cuse and Lindelof owe them money.

      • Jacob

        If the only character you had en emotional investment in was Sayid, then you never had any business watching LOST in the first place. Fool.

      • Abby

        Haa. Sayid was like the only main character I DIDN’T really have a connection with. I tried to care, but…I just couldn’t

      • wino

        agree, i felt they sacrificed Sayid, Sun and Jin….even Sawyer for the purpose of wrapping up Jack’s emotional and spiritual evolution. look im a Jack girl, but i can admit it was a shame that the remainer of the cast took a backseat to his story arc. And it was not for the best.

      • ltmcdies

        Jack was the show’s main character…it was ultimately his story. And what are the writers supposed now…take polls and write their stories to suit the results.
        “Oh Sayid has this many fans …. so don’t kill him ” or “most people want this kind of ending so we better write it that way”
        really….that’s what we want as viewers?

  • MLL

    I loved the last episode while I watching it, but the more I think about it these months later, the more I feel cheated. Every single television show could have had that ending where everyone eventually dies and ends up trotting off to the afterlife together. That could have been the finale to Taxi, or MASH or Cheers or any number of ensemble shows. But what happened to the remaining characters in the Here and Now was never shown. There was no closure to the loose ends. What happened to the Losties who made it off the island finally? What happened to Ben and Hurley on the Island? How did Desmond get home? No answers – just a Post Script: “eventually everyone dies, meets up, and goes off to heaven together.” Loved the show, but that ending still leaves a bad aftertaste.

    • Brad

      let go dude

      • wino

        umm, brad perhaps you missed that this article and comment section is about our feelings of the show. move on if you dont want to engage but dont be a spiteful troll.

    • Kerri

      I agree completely. There were almost MORE questions than answers after the ending. It was a completely trite ending.

      • Katja

        I thought the questions that were raised/not answered by the finale were mostly ones that viewers could puzzle out for themselves. I kind of liked that the show didn’t spell everything out for me and that I had to think on it for a while before I realized what the answers probably were. I’ve never watched a show that did that (but I don’t usually watch a whole lot of TV anyways) so I actually enjoyed the answer-it-for-yourself stuff.

    • Dave

      “But what happened to the remaining characters in the Here and Now was never shown.”
      But why does it need to be shown if it is all implied? Jack dies. Some of them (Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Miles, Richard, Lapidus) got off the Island. We can assume Claire was reunited with Aaron and was able to be happy. Kate loved Jack and was always missing him, as evidenced by her “I’ve missed you so much” to him in Sideways. The rest of them who got off the Island, it’s harder to say how their lives would have gone, especially Richard. Hurley and Ben stayed on the Island, and it’s safe to say things ran smoothly, evidenced by their exchange in Sideways about Ben being a good #2 and Hurley being a great #1. As for Desmond, it was pretty evident that Hurley would make sure he got home to Penny. Why do we need to see every detail of all of this? I like that we can think ourselves about what those scenes would have been like. Everything I’ve just listed is what I like to think of as the end of the show. The whole Sideways/afterlife thing, for me, was important because it reinforced how special and meaningful their time on the Island was.

      • Vince from NYC

        I’d like to think Miles took teh diamonds and shared some. Kate still had the Oceanic settlement money and they all lived well until the end. Or maybe the plane crashed and they all died.. Those are the two I’m debating between.

    • JFWilder

      I’m right there with ya, dude. I feel totally cheated, and the more those two boobs Cuse and Lindelof show themselves, the more I despise them and the show’s ending. They are totally in denial that a large number of us are mad at them, and they are in denial that they f*d it up royally. They are in a “La La” land (not just literally in L.A.) where everything is all happy shiney so they can go out and round up funding for their next fiasco that none of us who are pissed will ever watch.

      • econruth

        Completely agree JF.

    • Buster Cretin

      ding ding ding ding! Exactly! I was very satisfied with the end at the moment, but weeks later I started to see what a horrible piece of writing the entire show ends up being. There are just way too many loose threads. And quite frankly, way too many things that just don’t make sense.

      Upon thinking about it more though, I feel really cheated. The sideways storyline was there to play with our emotions. Is there some place or some time where all could be right? The reveal that they are all dead is not emotionally satisfying. We were faked out, and for that, I totally feel cheated.

      And another thing… thinking about the Sideways world, about who is there and how old they are, who isn’t there, it just feels like a bit fat cheat.


      • Tuzo

        A lot of good points made here. I’m not a fan of the ending but the real thing is how the entire Sideways world was an artificial writers construct that, in “The End”, didn’t really matter. I think the idea was fatally flawed from the outset. It took the focus away from the real story and placed it in a kind of fantasy world. This detracted from the drama playing out on the island because at the time we couldn’t know what was “real”. What were the stakes and did they matter? e.g. maybe what happens on the island doesn’t really matter because of this sideways world. So, yes the ending was a disappointment and yes the final season was a bit of letdown and yes this was still a great show. Maybe the show reflected the characters too much: interesting people with complex stories that, once all was said and done, are still extremely flawed.

    • Arya

      Your perspective is a paradox. You want to know what happens but you don’t accept that eventually, everyone dies. That is what happens, in reality, in this show, and theoretically, in every show.

      As for what happened to the characters who got off the island (and the ones who stayed) after Jack died… use your imagination and wait for the movie or spinoff. I’m sure there will be one within a few years.

    • Tyla

      But Taxi, MASH and Cheers weren’t a philosophical exploration at their core. Lost was. Even the title, come on. That’s why this ending fits this show.

  • E-Dawg

    And I STILL want someone to explain to me why they turned Sayid into a zombie…

    • K

      “Why” in what way? Do you mean what made him come back to life? (Mysterious temple water.) Do you mean why was it necessary to the story? (To show the mysterious temple water had changed, meaning the island was in trouble.)

      • wino

        they could’ve done that without sacrificing Sayid’s storyline. it felt like a waste to his character to spend much of the season in zombie state. completely BS. they just didnt have much to write for him, so they put him on the backburner until he could blow himself up. lame

      • Bren

        Just my theory…but when Sayid told Hurley he thought he was going to go to ‘Hell’ when he died because of everything he had done, he gave up. When he was “brought back” he joined Locke’s team because he really didn’t think he could change what he had already done and he was already condemned. Then, after talking to Desmond he changed his mind again and ultimately made the sacrifice on the sub. I loved tortured Sayid and wasn’t crazy about zombie Sayid, but Naveen Andrews did an awesome job at both making me feel sorry for him and creeping me out.

      • jules

        One of the overarching themes of this show was redemption. The whole purpose of the Sayid / Zombie storyline was that he was ultimately redeemed when he sacrificed himself on the sub to save his friends. As for the finale, I loved it then and I still love it now. In fact, I’m currently re-watching the series with my husband, who has never seen it, and the show makes much more sense now and I can totally see how they had a roadmap (notice I didn’t say that the entire series was planned out from start to finish) of the show from the very beginning.

  • Peter

    The finale and I have decided to remain just good friends. I was open to bringing another storyline into the relationship, but that afterlife just complicated what was fine on its own.

  • suze

    I have seen the ending 3 times and have cried the whole way thru 3 times. Immediately after the first time I hated it but that’s because all of my lost friends died. They killed them all. I was pissed. Now I love the ending. It wasn’t the happy ending I was hoping for but it was a happy ending. I think for a lot of us it was like a death and there was a grieving process for the show and characters. Looking at The End now it really is a beautiful ending to a terrific show.

    • jgilmer

      They didnt “kill them all” Jacks father said in the last moments of the show that ‘everyone dies,some sooner or some later” what was important was the time they spent together on the island.

      • Suze

        Thanks for stating the obvious. I meant Darlton killed them all by way of the flash sideways and that was not the end I remotely expected. Did you bother to read the rest of my comment?

  • Sarah

    Margaret, your “breakup” conversation with “Lost” was hilarious!!

  • jaq

    All I feel is ambivalence. Yes, I enjoyed the show all the way through the end, but I felt the ending was a huge and blaring deuce ex machina that was a little too easy. It was a little too neat for a show that is famous for so many plot twists and time warps. Sure, I’m bitter about some things, mostly involving that dastardly love rectangle between kate, jack, sawyer, and juliet, but it is what it is. However, I loved the show for it’s ability to challenge its audience and not dumb things down for others. Sci fi and fantasy shows are worth watching and Lost brought that center stage. I just wish more people would be accepting and open minded to watch other shows with great backstory, characters, and mystery (ie supernatural and battlestar galactica) to see how wonderful they are rather than the serialized mediocrity which is popular today.

  • AH

    The finale created a world in which people may be forgiven for grevious sins if their friends love them enough (I’m looking at you Sayyid). This is not a theology I can get behind.

    • AH

      That’s grievous.

    • K

      I thought it was more of a good old-fashioned repentance/redemption thing. Sayid sacrificed himself for them. I can get behind rewarding a change of heart.

      • AH

        Yes. But he killed and tortured many MANY people AND even in the sideways world, his answer is always violence. Compare that to Michael, who only killed to save his son, and is now in purgatory on the island because the writers don’t like the actor.

      • K

        Well yeah, I always thought what they did to Michael was unfair compared to the others. But in Sayid’s case, I didn’t think he had to save as many people as he killed (numbers aren’t an issue for me) – just have a change of heart. He repented his life as a torturer and helped everyone on the island for a while. Then he got “infected”, went bad, but then sacrificed himself to save the others. I’m cool with Sayid. Michael, on the other hand, I was always pretty much cool with. How can you not understand a father’s need to save his son? I know he went a little crazy and killed two innocent people, but come on, the dude came back to save his friends and (like Sayid) ended up sacrificing himself. So I was pretty disappointed that he became one of the Voices instead of moving on, but maybe he can’t move on until Walt does, and Walt wasn’t in Jack’s Sideways life. So I can deal, but yeah I wasn’t thrilled with the Michael stuff.

    • JFWilder

      They wanted to buy the $$$ of the religious right to fund their next project. That and the dumbing down made sure even the stupid people who never watched could feel good about tuning in to such schmaltz.

      • Nicole

        That is just a ridiculous comment.

  • Jesse

    During the airing my wife looked at me just after the church scene with a disappointed look as I was holding back tears. Just worked out that way, but at the time it felt really powerful and metaphorical – we don’t figure everything out, but hope that at the end of our lives we can look back proudly. And have someone there to keep us warm.

  • abgroove

    What a freakin’ waste of time. They were dead the whole time?!?! WTF

    • Yo

      I hope you’re joking

    • Jax

      Actually, they WEREN’T dead the whole time. But, if you didn’t get that, then it’s no use trying to explain it to you.

      • Miranda

        No kidding Jax! If abgroove missed the point that they weren’t all dead then an explanation would go in one ear and out the other! I absolutely loved the finale. I loved the flash forwards, backwards, and sideways. Following the trail where they lead us was more than half the fun. I didn’t need it all wrapped up with everything explained and that would have been a disappointment if they’d done it. Some things are best left to the imagination and if you were a true Lostie, you’ve got an imagination!

  • Mark

    Odd little piece there, your post. Don’t think it worked.

    Loved the Lost finale, then and now.

    • JFWilder

      Hated then, hate more now. I just wish I had an extra shoe to throw at those two during an interview.

      • Silly B


    • Frank McLean

      Lost’s plotting has been a train wreck for the last 4 seasons. The thing that really grates for me, is that NONE of the writers paid any attention to the various sites fans set up to discuss possibilities and whatnot. It’s like there was all this effort to help keep everything tight and (internally to the story) logical. There were resources available, for free, that would show how everything was linking up and ARGH!! But no, every frickin’ season, more ‘mysterious’ BS turned up. The US lost a NUCLEAR *&^!@#*&^ BOMB on the island, which apparently they found easily enough, and only sent a handful of guys to setup and… ARGHHH!! Oh boy. You could just go on all day. Shameful. Also addictive, unfortunately. No, we were had, big time, and it didn’t have to happen that way.

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