'The View' hosts to revisit Bill O'Reilly controversy on Monday

bill-oreilly-the-viewIf you were wondering whether the ladies of The View addressed on-air Friday yesterday’s “fiery debate” with Bill O’Reilly that caused Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to momentarily walk off the set (and Barbara Walters to scold them for it), we have the answer: They did not. As our commenters pointed out after I sat through the hour and muted the segment in which Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck watched a woman get a cortisone shot in an ingrown hair on the back of her leg, The View pretapes its Friday shows. Today’s was filmed before Thursday’s live O’Reilly interview. A rep for The View tells EW that the hosts “will weigh in” on the situation again on Monday.

For those of you not ready to let this debate go, read Ken Tucker’s take on how O’Reilly and Behar addressed the situation on their shows last night. (In short, Behar explained that, to her, O’Reilly saying “Muslims” attacked us on 9/11 and not “Muslim extremists” amounted to hate speech. He argued, “Did we say, in World War II, ‘We were attacked by “Japanese extremists”?’ […] No: We said we were attacked by ‘Japanese.’”) For those of you who do want to change the subject, let’s discuss Walters’ body language during today’s interview with her self-proclaimed “boyfriend,” In Treatment‘s Gabriel Byrne. Legs crossed, facing him… She really does love him!

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  • simon

    They should let it drop rather than discuss how silly and immature Behar and Goldberg looked walking off their own show. Libs on like it when you agree with them or they will take their toys and go home (and call you a racist).

    • brody

      Now, now. Let’s not generalize. I’ll resist the temptation that all conservatives behave like Sarah Palin or Elizabeth Hasselbeck if you’ll resist the temptation to judge all liberals by the behavior of these two silly old hens. (I mean, overreacting IS kind of the norm on that show, isn’t it?)

      • brutony

        You libs cant help but infuse the name of Sarah Palin into EVERY discussion, esp when you look as foolish as Whoop-di-do, and Blohard did yesterday! Unbelieveable!


      This is just like the time Joy walked off the showw when Rosie said Bush attacked us on 9/11.

      • Andrew

        Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. Joy never walked off the set during that heated exchange. Check the tape next time.

    • @Simon

      Unlike Bill O’Reilly who turns off the microphone when someone doesn’t agree with him. Childish behavior isn’t owned by any political party.

      BTW, Bill O’Reilly has proved himself to be a racist by his own words on his own show.

      • Greg

        Bill O’Reilly just didn’t say the politically correct way of saying it in the heat of an argument. Its ridiculous arguing with that stereotypical liberal behavior. There is so much ignorance in this field because we can’t ever talk about it without people calling each other names. Gee! Ignorant views exist on an issue that we don’t allow a full set of views be discussed? Who would figure!

      • JER

        Isn’t it pathetic how moronic liberals like @simon put “racist in to every damn thing they talk about. You are disgusting!!!

  • Jennifer Volcata

    It was previously recorded. Get your facts stright.

  • Pat

    The View pre-tapes their shows that air on Fridays. I believe they are taped on Wednesdays. So that is why it wasn’t discussed today.

  • TJ

    Very funny how EW posts an article about The View letting the controversy die… just so the controversy won’t die. Gotta squeeze every last page click and post out of this story.

    • davey

      …and you come on here, read the article and MUST comment on the stupidity of EW? Really?

      • J. Baker

        How was that a comment on the “stupidity” of EW? Seems like it was more a comment on the willingness of EW to do anything to get page clicks. Let’s face it, if EW cared about online readers, they would require posters to register first so there wouldn’t be countless spam postings about how to meet a one-legged interracial millionaire cougar.

  • VA Mom

    Hey Mandi – Perhaps you might want to get your facts straight before reporting non-news. The ladies of the View didn’t address the O’Reilly walk off today because their show is pre-taped on Fridays. The episode you watched today was filmed earlier this week.

    • Al

      …how about reading the article again….she covered that.

      • JB

        How about YOU reading the article again? This comment is one of the ones referred to IN the article.

  • cpod

    The Friday show is pre-taped so would not have been addressed.


      If you do your research, Fridays shows on The View are taped earlier in the week. They are not live. I’m sure the issue will be addressed on Monday’s episode.

      • RWL

        Um, yeah… that’s what the article says.

  • Whoopi Fan

    Hey Mandi – Perhaps you might want to get your facts straight before reporting non-news. The ladies of the View didn’t address the O’Reilly walk off today because their show is pre-taped on Fridays. The episode you watched today was filmed earlier this week.

  • bubba

    The only thing more disgusting than O’ is Behar. The voice, the face, the odor…can you imagine being trapped in an elevator with her? Is she really a woman or an experiment gone wrong? Must quit writing, I’m getting sick just thinking about her.

  • meryl

    If you do your research, Fridays shows on The View are taped earlier in the week. They are not live. I’m sure the issue will be addressed on Monday’s episode.

  • Adam

    The View girls don’t work on Fridays. They pre-record the shows. You would think EW would know this…..

  • dara8

    It was previously recorded..it’s showed that at the beginning..you should do some research before poting an article.

  • Mike

    I agree with what O’Reilly said. Did you ever see the videos of the middle Eastern people dancing in the streets after 9/11, those were not only Muslim extremists, those were regular Muslims who have a hatred for our freedom, country and people. They see us an infidels that should be killed according to their Koran. Wake up America!!!!

    • Gordon

      Do some research. The video that was shown was NOT filmed on, or around, 9/11. It was filmed during a festival and had NOTHING to do with America. Question everything, verify everything.

      • Always Right

        I have a question: Was Friday’s show pre-recorded?…..Funny they didn’t mention Thursday’s show today.

      • JER

        Gordon, you are stupid! I saw numerous news programs the evening of 9/11. They were showing the reaction of muslim countries after they learned of what MUSLIMS did to this country…AND they were dancing in the streets. They were joyful over the attacks because of our support of Isreal. Get your facts straight moron!

    • Anna

      Do some research. Did Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan think the Americans should be killed?
      I want answers from you guys who believe that all muslims should be treated the same.

    • Native

      love Bill O and how he gets under the liberals/demo’s skin. yup, it was telecast how the non extremist muslims were celebrating. heck, anytime one of their folks kills an american they celebrate, they have no respect for human life!

      • April

        Out of all the commentators on Fox News O’Reilly is the only one I can watch.

        However, him saying all Muslims…is the same as saying when Blacks do this and when Hispanics do that.

        Lemme guess, you think all Italians are exactly like the Jersey Shore kids?

    • Charlene

      Very sadly, too true! Anyone who reads the Koran can find that their goal is to convert everyone to the Islamic faith, and if those “infidels” will not, the Muslims are to eradicate them. Doesn’t sound so peace-loving of a faith to me. Christianity doesn’t dictate the death of a non-believer; that occurs on the final Judgment Day and our soul’s fate is left to GOD to decide, not by the hand of a human.

  • brody

    So let me get this straight… Do they pretape the Friday show?

    • Tim

      Like around the world we are talking about Christian Extremists?? No, we are talking about MUSLIMS. England is now a Muslim Country…a bloodless victory for them…Their Mosques outnumber the Catholic churches and they have more children. And yes, they are radicals, just read the Koran. When you show them the hate in their book, they always say it is a bad translation.

      • low

        I don’t think you actually talk to too many Muslims Tim.

    • james

      @April. not to defend O’Reily, but can you give an example of when he said “All Muslims…” I’m just asking because he seems smart enough to not say “ALL Muslims do this, or ALL Muslims do that”. Please quote him and include the show, date and time please.

    • meliot


      • meliot

        sorry, that HAHA was meant for Brody’s comment. No James.

  • Dan

    Was the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City attacked by Christian (extremists)?

    • Always Right

      No, you dummy! The Ok City bombing wasn’t fueled by religious extremism, 9/11 was. It was Anti Gov’t hatred that sparked those homegrown extremists.

      • tank

        No. Mcveigh was a christian right exremist. Something you might know if you picked up a book or newspaper no and then instead of getting your news from FoKKKnews.

      • james

        Actually what “sparked” his hatred was the murdering of the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas. That is why he struck back at the feds on the anniversary of Waco. If you don’t feel that they were murdered please watch the documentary titled “Waco, rules of engagement”, I think you will be surprised at the government/media cover up and propaganda that was spewed.

  • NY choice!

    Whoopie and Joy…. Nice job bringing a spoon to a sword fight! 50 or less IQ between the both of them!

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