Teresa Giudice, Danielle Staub react to 'South Park' episode, look to 'SNL' next

south-park-1409-jerseyOn South Park, no one is safe from ridicule, and considering the ridiculous behaviors from the casts of Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the Garden State reality stars seem long overdue for the Comedy Central treatment (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). New Jersey’s most famous inhabitants were the subject of last night’s “It’s a Jersey Thing,” in which animated versions of the smush-loving, table-flipping gang moved to South Park, Colo. Jersey Shore‘s Snooki was seen as a snorting, crawling Pickle Monster, while Real Housewives‘ Teresa Giudice was a loud, foul-mouthed mother, whose husband Joe’s rippling biceps blinded his fellow dinner guests … so basically, they weren’t too far from their actual selves. All in all, the reality stars couldn’t be happier (a spoof is better than silence, no?) — or so some of them tell EW.

Former cast member Danielle Staub, who’s been portrayed as the villain of the series, got a laugh from the depiction of her former castmates. “I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t just me being made fun of for a change,” Staub tells EW. “You realize you’re something else when you’re being made into a cartoon. It’s pretty funny.” Giudice, for her part, released a statement to EW saying she is “honored to be mocked by them,” yet considers herself lucky by default. “Poor Snooki though! I got off easy compared to her!”

Speaking of Snooki, the Jersey Shore cast took to their Twitter pages to respond to the episode:

Snooki: “Snooki want smoosh smoosh. Im going to have nightmares tonight lmao!!! we’ve officially made it.”
: “On the plane and just watched #SouthParkJerseyShore …All i have to say is OMFG AMAZING…my face was on southpark, im good now.”
The Situation
: “Southpark Situation! Hilarious! Situationnation GTL”

Even RHONJ star Caroline Manzo, who revealed that she regularly shaves her face — it’s an exfoliant, people! — was a good sport about her lathered up, cartoon self. “Watching South Park, LOL, how crazy is that? PS…. I Love New Jersey, and yes, IT’S A JERSEY THING…. :o)”

Will New Jersey ever go out of style? “Not as long as I’m living and breathing,” Staub says. Was last night’s South Park the ultimate Jersey spoof? Snooki and The Situation have already been mocked on Saturday Night Live, but the Housewives left the door open for any future skits they may inspire. “I’m just waiting to be on SNL, The Simpsons, and Sesame Street, and my life will be complete,” Giudice says. And despite her tendency to press charges and file lawsuits, don’t rule out Danielle’s willingness to make fun of herself. “I think I might need to have something done on just me, on Saturday Night Live,” she says. “I could play me and the rest of the characters could be played by the cast of SNL [laughs].” Your move, Lorne Michaels.

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  • aleksa

    At least they took it in good humor, I’ll give them that.

    • daaaannnngggg

      Honestly I think the Jersey Shore people get such a bad rap, but honestly I just look at them and say good for them. They totally seem like a group of people that you would like to meet and more power to them for whatever fame they get.

      • giiiiiiiirrrrrrllllll

        Maybe they’re a group of people that YOU would like to meet, but I certainly wouldn’t want to even be in the same room as them.

      • CT

        I would!!They’re the only people I know I could actually laugh at (not with) and not feel bad about it. Normally other people’s struggles and misfortunes are no laughing matter, but these people are something else.

      • Spencer

        Why in the world would you want to be in the same room with these rich stuck up people and watch them party and fight….

        By the way their better than you because their from “Jersey”

      • Seriously?

        Hey Spencer! It’s “they’re.”

      • Fireflystare221

        @Spencer: NO THEY ARE NOT FROM NJ. 2 of them are from NJ. The rest just vacation there. I’m so sick of the rest of the country looking down on my state because these morons go on TV and act like a bunch of jerks. Very few people in NJ are like Teresa (UGHHH) or Snookie.

    • The Truth

      Actually the episode covered Jersey types liking this. Shelia stated when you make fun or and degrade them, they think you like them. The article proved that clip.

  • LOL

    This South Park episode was an instant classic.

  • Jay

    I’m actually really surprised that Snookie took it so well. In the middle of my gut-busting laughter I turned to my wife and said “Thats just wrong… Snookie is gonna be pissed”

    Glad to hear she took it in stride

    • Jay

      “That THING is famous?!?… WHY?”

      “I… DONT…. KNOW”

  • Bad episode.

    • Eric

      Good Episode

      • Kevin

        Great episode.

        “We got him!”

    • College student 69

      Thats because you lack a sense of humor.

      • Trey Parker

        How can anyone in america watch this episode and not feel pissed. I am a huge fan of southpark and I cant see how they can bleep mohammed but allow terrorists to kill people from Jersey again. Did everyone forget how many people from Jersey died? Matt Stone and Trey Parker lost their touch, and are going for the cheapest laugh now, way to be real American men.

      • swingandamiss

        If you did not catch the humor from the whole Iraqi intervention then you truly should not be watching South Park.

  • Jake

    Matt and Trey have gone on record to say they think it’s hilarious when the idiot celebrities they parody say, “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Something to the effect of, “You people really are as stupid as we make you look if you think we’re trying to flatter you.”

    • Lisa Simpson

      Yeah, I was wondering what happened to these people’s sense of shame. They’re being held up to ridicule, and they’re lapping it up like it’s praise.

    • true

      yeah, though I think they also often comment in their words how it’s rarely about them personally but more about the nature of celebrity, why certain people are famous and the fascination of the public with celebrities. (except barbara streisand, they really hate her.)

    • Deana

      Yeah, Paris Hilton did the same thing, saying she was flattered. I think Matt and Trey said, about that, something like, Then she really is that stupid.

    • Gasbandit

      Well, another saying goes, the only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about…

  • UncleWalty

    what a bunch of muff cabbage

  • Whatever

    This episode was so funny. Still, I think they all reacted a little bit too well. Particularly Snooki, because the parody was really mean-spirited (like I said ; so funny) and I doubt I would have been haapy about it.

  • ?????

    Of course they took it “in stride”. You can’t shame these people. They have no dignity. It’s publicity, adding to their coffers.

    • jim

      it’s a Jersey thing

  • Call Al Quaeda

    I’m serious. where are you Osama Bin Laden?

  • S.A.C

    I loved this episode because it simultaneously made fun of all those jersey fools who have a warped sense of who they are, and the media who made them who they think they are. It was not only funny, but smart as hell.

  • BenG

    Wow, the Jersey d-bags really don’t get it haha Awesome episode.

  • Trey Parker

    Oh yea, if anyone ever went to New Jersey youd realize how all of you are pathetic laid pack vaginas. Fuck New Jersey? Who is better? The rainbow state of california? HAHAHAHA

    • Justin

      They wouldn’t make it in Jersey–our taxes are far too high. After all, we DO have the highest standard of living in the nation and the highest number of millionaire households. Notice how in one scene, the people from Jersey are being thrown into a Mercedes. ;)

      • Atsushi

        It is suitable, hoewevr you do still have a slight risk of messing up the jesrey in same way or form. A skate may cut/rip or someone’s tape from their stick may mark it up, etc. I wouldn’t wear it, so you don’t potentially injure it and so it stays fresh for when you want to wear it out and about. Most jerseys now have them if not all do have the small holes for light weight and for ventillation.

  • Matt Stone

    Were not like those jersey shore fools, we live to the fullest instead of staying in the shadows like the rest of this country. Besides why is Jersey Shore making so much money? Because the rest of the country is pathetic enough to watch them party it up while they sit on their couches and eat doritos. If anyone can do what theyre doing, get out and do it you pathetic wastes of life.

    • swingandamiss

      Why in the world would anyone WANT to do what they are doing?? What they are doing is nothing to be proud of. Acting as if they are still in high school at their age? We need to start showing respect for people who are doing…well…respectable things for this country, instead of being brainwashed by a bunch of idiots being idiots.

  • Comedy Central

    They bleep the “PROPHET MOHAMMED” but can reenact one of the most horrid events in our countries history, n if you don’t think it was a big deal, why don’t we rip on pearl harbor, and that was nothing compared to this. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are PATHETIC.

    • vic

      they did, haven’t you ever heard the pearl harbor sucked song in Team America?

      • Mike

        there was also anearly episode of south park called Chinpokomon. where the boys were brainwashed into trying to bomb pearl harbor

    • Mike

      for the record, it was Comedy Central the bleeped Mohammed, not Trey and Matt.

    • Geronimo Jackson

      They actually did rip on Pearl Harbor. If I recal it was the whale episode and howabout whales were actually responsible for the bombing.

    • SurprisedAtTheStupidity

      If the Japanese can come to terms with America’s cowardly act of dropping an A-bomb on an entirely civilian population, I think you can pull your heads from your asses long enough to chuckle, 10 years after you lost a meagre 3000 people. Loss of life sucks, but let’s not forget who are the kings of oppression and killing the innocent – us, America.

      • Paris Hilton

        You are a blithering idiot, Surprised. Japan started the war with “cowardly” attack, then the U.S. eventually responded with enough force to end the war. A land invasion of Japan would have cost 100x more lives than the A-bomb. And don’t forget, the Japanese were too stupid to surrender after the first A-bomb dropped. We gave them a few days to submit, but then did nothing. Blammo, A-bomb number two. Next day–surrender. The Japanese got what they deserved for allying with the Nazis and dragging us into a Pacific war. Surprised, how are you such and idiot?

      • Dave

        Wow how are you such a f*cking idiot the reason they didn’t surrender after the first bomb is because it wiped out their communications so nobody knew what was happening you stupid f*ck and the lose of life would have been more drastic on military personnel but instead we killed thousands of innocent people I’m an American and the thought of what we did that day should be nothing but shameful.

      • ehsfb2001

        Dave, you are a moron. Japanese civilian casualties in a land invasion where a large percentage of the fighting would have taken place in urban areas would have been 10x the deaths in the A bomb attacks. And are you so stupid you believe they had no way to relay the news of an A bomb drop in 2 days?

    • Richard

      Um, they did kill Bin Laden at the end of the episode, unlike what’s happened in the real world.

  • Comedy Central

    Why has no one made a big deal out of this? The episode about Jersey Shore etc was spot on, but why bring in Bin Laden, and make it seem ok by shooting him at the end? Is it ok just because its southpark? I think comedy central is to reliant on southpark to even admit to caring, greedy scumbags.

    • Lisa Simpson

      In addition to making brutal fun of the Jersey reality idiots, the show was also a satire on opportunistic foreign policy, turning to an enemy or someone with dubious motives to achieve a goal. The second half of the show was, in many ways, a parody of our support of the Taliban against the Soviet Union during its invasion of the Taliban, but with the little tweak at the end that the mess would be easy to clean up.

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