Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Episode 5

survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS Hi, guys. I’m going to ask for forgiveness in advance. Today’s blog is lacking a little bit but only because it was a really busy week for me and I just didn’t have time to sit down and allocate the time I normally do to sharing insight and finding new places to say the word “holllllla!” I will do my best to be back in strong force next week and thanks for understanding.


You knew the tribe switch was coming when Marty said: “It would take something extraordinary, off the charts and completely whacked out to destroy my plan.” Marty, did you forget what game you’re playing? This is Survivor. We invented the “twist.” The only thing you can count on with Survivor is to never count on anything.

You’re a little glad the switch happened because now maybe the challenges will get a bit more aggressive… and oh yeah, the Medallion of Poooowwwer is gone!

You shook your head in amazement when Tyrone started bossing his new tribemates around. Another unaware Survivor making a critical mistake.

You were annoyed when Marty and Jill started explaining the “protocol” at their old camp, hoping to influence the youngsters.

You yelled at your tv and jumped up and down in frustration when Naonka talked about how things have “changed’ between her and Alina, and that they are now tight.

You turned to the person you were watching with and said “What is he doing?” when Marty admitted to having the Immunity Idol.

You grew to like Brenda a little bit more when she gave a no holds barred lowdown on Marty’s idiotic move to reveal to the tribe that he had the idol.

You first laughed… and then after a moment, had a touch of sadness, followed by another fit of laughter when Naonka cried to her new best friend, Alina, about how tough it was to be out in the rain.

Initially, you wished Chase would have stayed quiet and not tried to talk Naonka into staying in the game. “Let her quit” you yelled at the screen.

Once you heard Chase’s story about his father, you forgot about Naonka and thought about your own dad and your family and those you love, and you liked Chase a little bit more afterward.

When Naonka said, “I’m not a quitter… I think I’m done” you jumped for joy and said, “Oh I hope she quits!”

You knew Tyrone was in trouble when the tribe said they wanted to kill the chicken and Tyrone said, “So we going with that?” But when he then followed it up with “I think we should keep it,” you knew he would get votes. But when he said “just be conscious of your neighbor” and then took the biggest piece of chicken, you knew he was done.

Thus far, this isn’t your favorite of all the blogs I’ve written.

Guys: From the Espada tribe, who do you find the most attractive? Alina? Yve? Naonka?
Women: Is it Benri? Chase? Dan?

The last question was pretty pathetic.

When Naonka shared her story of divorce, you had a moment of thinking “Hmm.. she does have a conscience. Maybe she’s not as bad as I thought.”

When Naonka said “there was not twenty-four hours in that day…it was like twenty-six, but it felt like forty-eight.” You laughed out loud, because that is a funny line.

The moment of the night was when Benri knocked over the bell at the voting booth after proclaiming “Benri’s here baby.” Instant classic.

You won’t really miss Tyrone. You’re glad Naonka is still around… and… you’re asking, “why didn’t you include Brenda in your “attractive” question?

Sorry so short, it was a busy week and now it’s late. I really do hope you are enjoying this season of Survivor!

Check out an an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode in the video player, followed by Dalton Ross’s pre-game interview with Tyrone. Below that, you’ll find the latest installment of the TV Insiders podcast where Dalton, along with Annie Barrett, Michael Ausiello, Michael Slezak, and Tim Stack, talk Survivor, Dancing With The Stars, Glee, and more. (Or click here to download TV Insiders to your MP3 player!) [RELATED: Read Dalton Ross’ ‘Survivor: Nicaragua recap: NaOnka’s Pity Party’]


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  • Ben

    So was it just me or was there a rooster in the basket of chickens, yet they clearly killed a hen.

    • Brandy

      Amazing Jeff didn’t mention that. Me and my boyfriend were amazed at the idiocy of killing a hen when a rooster was right there.

      • t.t

        brandy never say me and my boyfriend in these comment sections it has a negative connotation.
        oh and it was so stuipid first of all one of u is leaving that night so why waste a big of chicken on that person should’ve saved it till after tribal and it should’ve been the rooster that was killed

      • Lil Tuts

        Piss off!!! Stop spoiling people!!!

      • Luther


        Man I hate people who do that!

      • Luther

        lol, that didn’t work

      • Rich

        Best part:
        Na: “You’re not a G” when talking about Tyrone.
        Fast forward later on
        Na is crying about the Rain….OMFG…who’s not a “G”

      • Grandmaster

        Why would Naonka quit early when there are so many people left to bully? She cries for the same reason she screams: she needs attention. Yve, don’t just sit there, give her attention and win her over.
        Tell Alina she’s pretty, win her over. Tell Chase he’s smart, tell Benri he’s handsome, make them promises and try to win them over.
        Marty’s on the hunt right now, looking for his informant. Russell had Shambo, Parvati had Amanda, he’s got to find someone to tip him off so that he can use his idol to change the game. Jane was pretty quick to abandon him. Hopefully his analytical chess skills will be better than his social skills. It looks like Jill and Fabio are the pawns. Just don’t make the mistake of calling Sash a queen.

      • Rae

        Why would you read a follow-up blog to an episode if you haven’t seen it yet? The whole blog is a spoiler.

      • Luther

        the person was spoiling future episodes.

      • Probst4Ever

        Why would Naonka threaten to quit when there are so many people left to bully? She cries for the same reason she screams: she needs attention. Yve, don’t just sit there, give her attention and win her over. Tell Alina she’s pretty, win her over. Tell Chase he’s smart, tell Benry he’s handsome, make them promises and try to win them over.
        Marty’s on the hunt right now, looking for his informant. Russell had Shambo, Parvati had Amanda, he’s got to find someone to tip him off so that he can use his idol to change the game. Jane was pretty quick to abandon him. Hopefully his analytical chess skills will be better than his social skills. It looks like Jill and Fabio are the pawns. Just don’t make the mistake of calling Sash a queen.

      • bleh

        morons complaining about spoilers in a recap. U ppl sure are stupid

      • Wendy

        What? How are they spoiling future eps?

      • Luther

        the offending post is now deleted but it spelled out who was being eliminated for the next 5 or so episodes to come.

      • Blondie

        Brandy, you need the rooster to make the hens lay the eggs. So killing a hen was smarter than killing a rooster.

      • Dr. Zechariah Zenith

        Usually I hate the “old switcheroo” (reminding Jeff Probst even hating me in his blog way back in Gabon. I don’t know if Jeff forgave me)

        But this time around I am glad there was a switch. The old tribe were doomed in the start anyway, the switch simply screwed them more.

        Likable contestants are beginning to loom like Chase and Brenda.

        Hoping a final 2 between these two.

      • sashay

        I’m just amazed that the “me and my boyfriend” wasn’t followed by advertising some stupid website about older wealthy men dating cute young women. They really need report buttons in this chat site.

      • sashay

        No Blondie (way to live down to your name, you) you DON’T NEED a rooster to lay eggs, only to fertilize them if you want to breed baby chicks. Hens do just fine laying eggs without a male. (It’s strictly ovulation)

      • Wendy

        Brandy? Tell me, please, what good is a hen with no rooster? I read your question and had to laugh out loud. They kept a male and female so they could still have eggs! How could you not realize that lol

      • HigherC

        It is amazing how many people think they know that hens can’t lay eggs without roosters. Human females produce eggs without males; likewise hens produce eggs without males. But without the males you won’t have offspring. Unless the tribe wants little chicks, there’s no need for the rooster.

      • Janie

        OMG! I know! Why didn’t Jeff mention that? How freaking stupid are these people?

    • LynnMarie

      Dumbest move yet. I am surprised Jeff and Dalton did not comment on this. If you are that stupid to kill a hen over a rooster, the whole tribe should have been eliminated! How could eight people not realize this?


        I really don’t think any of them have a brain …

    • Al

      I think these people are stupid enough to think you need a rooster AND a hen for eggs.

      • Emily

        I was so distracted by the idiocy of killing that dang hen that I couldn’t even concentrate on the rest of the show. I just can’t believe that one person on that whole tribe didn’t know to kill the rooster? Morons. I was also hoping Jeff would address it.

      • Josie

        LOL that was my exact thought last night too.. “Do they think you need a hen and a rooster to get the eggs??”

      • jules

        UGH, killin’ the hen?!?
        Man, I was screamin at the tv over that, What a bunch of ding dongs!

      • Diane

        Dont you?

      • KarlHall

        Huh of course they would kill the hen!! Hello you need the rooster to fertilize the hen for EGGS… So killing one hen out of two isnt that bad!

      • KarlHall

        OK wait… I’m reading downward and I’m just learning that roosters arent needed for hens to lay eggs?

      • musica1

        Yeah, roosters aren’t needed at all for hens to lay eggs. Not sure whey they even gave them a rooster unless they wanted them to have one chicken to eat and two to lay eggs for them. But they killed and ate the wrong one.


      WOW – Worst blog ever Jeff

      • Exile Island

        Yeah, horribly weak

      • FM

        I pretty much believe, you’re the only person who’s thinking that. :|

      • D

        I agree. I disagreed with half of the statements in this blog. Instead of guessing our reactions, why not TELL us some interesting background?

      • Mimi

        You didn’t actually write this one, did you, Probst? This is worse than just phoning it in. If you can’t write any better than this week’s one, please don’t even bother writing one.

      • Big Dave

        He’s a reality show host, not a writer. Give him a break.

      • Paulio

        Sheesh. Probst apologized to his blog readers *in advance* for his lackluster post and you still capped on him for it. One day he won’t bother even phoning it in — he’ll just ask himself, “why should I bother?” Then you can rag him again for “worst blog ever”. Remember, there used to be no blog at all from Probst, just a recap from Dalton Ross on what we all already saw. Ah well why am I bothering; I’m just making myself sound like a Probst fanboy. Carry on peeps.

      • TheBestPlayerNot2Play

        Don’t blame Jeff for the lackluster blog. THERE IS NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT! THESE PEOPLE EITHER DO NOT HAVE BRAINS OR DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME. I’ve tried so many times to get on this show and they choose idiots and people that want to quit. What a shame!

    • Matt

      Please elaborate.


        Roosters don’t lay eggs. (You did know that right?) Still love you Matt.

      • sashay

        No! God no! Please don’t encourage him again…I honestly think he WOULD HAVE BEEN a worst competitor than Jimmy T – u know, the one that Sears unfairly chose over him!! gaaah

      • sashay

        Irene: I believe Matt was making fun of The Best Player Not 2 Play. Last time I checked out this blog, this guy kept posting about how unfair it was that he wasn’t chosen by Sears to play instead of Jimmy T…

    • myprettypony

      i thought you needed a rooster in order for the hens to lay eggs?

      • JRE

        Nope. If you want chicks you need a rooster to fertilize the eggs, but chicks are of no use people on Survivor.
        On a side note, with all the recent hub-bub over egg farming, did you see pics of the commercial egg barns? Hens can barely fit in the cages, there’s absolutely no room for a rooster there too.

    • Michael Tx

      The hen won’t lay eggs without a rooster around, will it?

      • Ben

        Yes, hens lay unfertilized eggs every day regardless of rooster presence.

      • Here & There

        Hens can lay eggs without a rooster. The rooster just fertilizes the egg.

      • mari

        roosters fertilize for chicks, still get eggs without rooster. It was classic stupidity. And why sit around and not fixt the shack so at least have one dry spot. these people are worthless. Sit around complain, hear otherss complain and then keep the whiner.

      • Bob Barker


      • BW

        Let me understand… got the hen, the chicken and the rooster. The rooster goes with the chicken. So who is having sex with the hen? But you see my point here………Where is Frank Costanza when you need him to explain to everybody????

      • Soap On A Rope

        I’m still confused. How does the rooster fertilize the egg with out cracking it.

      • D

        Sperm are super tiny, Soap.

      • Bevra

        The overwhelming majority of eggs you’ve ever seen in your life were laid by hens who have never seen a rooster in their lives. Human females “lay eggs” whether or not there are males around too, incidentally.

      • Soap On A Rope

        You just cain’t get this type of information by watching Big Brother or Amazing Race.

      • sashay

        The rooster (cock) fertilizes the egg while it’s still inside the hen, Soap.


        BW – Thanks for posting exactly what I was thinking! I had a LOL moment. Did so few of the millions who watched Seinfeld get the joke in that scene? You’re the man! (or woman)

    • Laura

      I’m a city girl and even I knew that they should have killed the rooster. What’s wrong with these people?

      • puppy dog

        Eggs don’t form a hard shell until a day or two before they are layed. Some hens, that aren’t fed properly will even lay soft shelled eggs once in a while. Since the egg is fertilized while inside the hen, the shell isn’t in any danger of cracking.

    • Irene

      About the hen – I posted about it on Dalton’s blog too. I cringed when they killed it, SO MANY people are so ignorant of agricultural knowledge today. It’s not the first time this has happened on Survivor either. There have been other seasons where they don’t seem to realize the rooster is the bonus meal!

    • Kathy

      Exactly what I was thinking. Two hens mean two eggs a day.

    • Dee

      Seriously -I could not believe NOT one of them knew that they needed to kill the rooster. Jane would have known!
      And I am disappointed neither Jeff nor Dalton discussed this as killing the rooster would have ended the debate in camp!!

      • KatieN

        That’s exactly what I thought-Jane would have known! When Jeff revealed the reward, it instantly showed her reaction. She is a great asset to have out there. She would have known what to do. Marty is an idiot revealing the idol, even if he thought someone else from his older tribe would tell the others. He thought it was a good idea in the old tribe, like sharing the clue with everyone!???

      • aloha girl

        Wasn’t Jane in the other camp? Marty lost the reward challenge.

      • sashay

        That’s why KatieN said that Jane WOULD HAVE known! Unfortunately, she was nowhere near the chickens.

      • KarlHall

        HOLY CRAP.

        I’m sorry, I’m a city kid, you mean hens can lay eggs without roosters.

        Damn, I just learned that. Like 5 seconds ago… ><

    • Tami

      Why did they not kill the rooster instead of a hen?!! STUPID people.

    • Dave

      The rooster must have convinced them that it was a smarter move to kill one of the hens, instead of him. The rooster has my vote for a million dollars.

      • Soap On A Rope

        If not the million dollars, at least the winner of fan favorite. That pays $100,000.00. That would buy a lot of chicken feed.

      • Heidi

        I agree with Dave – the rooster has my vote for the million!!

      • Arnie

        Too funny! Maybe the rooster had immunity and if not maybe he will find an idol too. You got my vote!

      • ladyvet

        Another vote for the rooster for the million bucks! – I’ll be laughing at this every time they show the chickens now.

      • Gabe

        Hahahaha! Yes! The rooster is the one survivor.

    • toomuchtv

      yes, they killed a hen. I couldn’t figure out why they did that either.

      • Elizabeth

        I am so mad that they give animals to these people on this show. they show no regard for their lives and to watch/know they killed a hen makes me sick. I do not like this part of Survivor and they would be better served to not piss people off (animal lovers) by doing this. It is so offensive.

      • HigherC

        Elizabeth: I don’t see the difference between the tribe killing the chicken and someone else doing it. Either way, if they are getting chicken to eat, it has to be killed by somebody.

      • JT

        Elizabeth, Civil society was created so people like you could survive.

    • Sara

      Yes, this SHOULD be considered a “stupid” move…but it’s Espada we’re talking about, so it’s just a move.

    • J-Dawg

      Agree killing a hen before a rooster was a stupid move, but even more stupid (stupider) was the TIMING.

      Why eat the chicken BEFORE voting out someone???? There would have been one less mouth to feed, which would have meant more chicken for the remaining tribe members. (Plus the voted-out tribe member gets to eat as much as he or she wants at Ponderosa.)

      Voting someone out with food in his or her stomach so that he or she can go to a smorgasbord is very dumb!

      • Soap On A Rope

        It’s too early in the game for Ponderosa. The early ones voted out go to Loosers Lodge. Then they are given a ticket home. Only members of the jury get to stay at Ponderosa.

      • Big Dave

        No, they don’t go home until the show has wrapped. (Otherwise, everyone would know in advance who made it to the jury.)

        Generally, pre-jury ousted contestants go on an expenses-paid tour of the country where they’re filming.

      • sashay

        I am pretty sure that they feed them at Losers Lodge.

      • musica1

        We said the same thing! Why feed a person who’s going to get a good meal in a few hours? Keep all the good food until after tribal council.

    • Beth

      You can’t get eggs without the rooster!

      • Eolra

        Just like women can’t have periods without men around….oh, no wait…YES THEY CAN.

      • Liz

        Thanks Eolra! I was totally going to say this exact same thing!

    • barrybri

      How long will it take Chase to figure out that roosters don’t lay eggs? ……………………………………………………………….

      Foghorn J. Leghorn …I say that boy just ain’t right,everyone knows eggs come from Easter bunnies which hide them from the hens under the roosters.When the roosters are distracted, standing up and stretching their necks out to crow, the hen steals the eggs out from under the rooster.Some roosters refuse to crow so hens resort to pecking them on the rear end to make them rise up off their eggs.This is where the term HENPECKED comes from.

    • Jaaamie

      OMG! Right after Jeff clearly said, “two hens and a rooster” I thought, “Those dumb-dumbs are gonna kill a hen.”

    • Russ

      Roosters actually help encourage hens to lay eggs. Without a rooster around, a hen will lay less eggs. Now if they are not laying any at all, yeah, kill the rooster!

      • Russ

        Oh, hey, other Russ. Sup?

      • Jiffy

        Not true, Russ. No rooster needed for the laying of eggs.

      • Ky

        Russ we have 4 hens, NO roosters and we get 4 eggs every day. Yep 4 eggs every single roosters needed

    • paula

      Ha…I know….what were they thinking!!!!!!!!!! Not about eggs that’s for sure!!!!

    • pattistarz

      For hens to produce eggs there has to be a rooster.

      • sophie-h

        Wrong. Hens lay unfertilized eggs (the kind you buy at the grocery store) without a rooster present. Roosters are only needed if you want a fertilized egg and these people did not have the time to breed chickens.

      • sashay

        There are plenty of people that raise chickens in the city for their eggs. Usually bylaws prohibit roosters prob. for noise reasons. Doesn’t seem to affect their output…probably feed and lack of stress are more important factors in increased egg production.

      • Tapati

        Just like we women ovulate even when we aren’t with a man, hens lay eggs regardless of whether there is someone to fertilize them or not. :)

    • weezilgirl

      There was a rooster. I left the room while they killed the hen. They would keep the rooster who absolutely has no purpose that they would experience and kill a hen who might lay eggs….I think Survivor needs to give up on the “game of chicken”.

    • Tapati

      I couldn’t believed they killed the hen either. I could only guess that either they don’t know the difference and think all chickens lay eggs or they believe that a hen will lay eggs only if a rooster is present. (Not so, of course.) Even if they didn’t know the difference between roosters and hens, they’d been told they had two hens and one rooster so I should think they could figure out which was which.

      Perhaps kids in school should be taught more about the animals most of us eat so they don’t grow up to do stupid things like kill a hen instead of a rooster.

    • hopfroggyhop

      I couldn’t believe that! How could NONE of them know?! I thought for sure when Tyrone said something about “cutting down on egg production” that it would kick in, at least to someone that the rooster has nothing to do with egg production and they shld kill that one, JEFF why didn’t you mention that?! did u notice? Didn’t chase say he lives on a farm or grew up on a farm… even if you don’t have chickens, I just thought everyone knew that! lol

  • darclyte

    Hi Jeff! Thanks so very much for blogging Survivor. Also, thanks for hosting Stern Superfan Round Table last week, I only wished that they had promoted it at all as I only caught the tail end of it. One question that still hasn’t been answered, why is Nicaraqua using the Borneo theme? Is it because Season 20 was kind of like a special marker so this 21st season is like a restart and so the first season’s theme was used in homage? I would have liked to have heard a little Nicaraquan flare to the theme, but it’s ok, it’s not like a big deal…just curious. Thanks again for continuing to do this blog each season! And just how dumb is it to vote out Jimmy J, Jimmy T, and Tyrone over a guy who can’t walk (and a contestant who wanted to quit) when winning challenges is ultimately more important than who gets on your nerves more? I get why Jimmy J and Jimmy T were voted out, but Tyrone? Seriously?

  • Renny

    Nope, this was not my favorite blog of yours. As to enjoying this season, not so much yet …. right now, I have to say I am hanging around based solely on how much I’ve loved the show in the past…this season’s contestants just aren’t clicking for me and I still don’t know half their names. Hoping it gets better.

    • dh



        agrre – No insight or effort put into this one. I love Jeff’s Blogs, so this was very disapointing.

      • Sue

        Agree on the blog. Not a fav. And like Renny I am hanging in there because I am such a fan but not real attached to anyone or whooed yet by any playing. Would like to be stuck with Alina though and her positive attitude.

      • GretasMommy

        Same for me. I’m having trouble finding one of them to root for. They aren’t a very likable group and there isn’t even a good bad guy. Marty is just an azz and Nay is SO ugly inside – she’s beyond being a good bad guy. Booooo

    • Russ

      I agree. Tyrone was my favorite so this episode was a really big disappointment, and a very stupid move on the part of Espada.

      • Thea-T

        Actually, it was a couple of stupid moves on Tyrones’ part. 1. He was too bosy with the new folks 2. he was hypocrital about the chicken; not wanting to kill it, saying “be aware of your neighbor”, then taking the biggest piece and eating it to the bone! Sorry, I liked him too till then. Naonka irrates the sh….t out of me, but Tyrone really pulled a bone-headed move. He put HIMSELF out of the game.

    • Bored

      Jeff, I hope this season starts getting better soon. Sign me BORED.

    • sashay

      Like many fans and posters, I think Survivor is making a big mistake focusing solely on the objectionable players. Do Marty and Nay have to get the majority of confessionals and TV time? Most of us want to see more of the players that we don’t know very well, such as Yve and Sash. I’d like to know more about Jill too. Is she passive or just a very effective puppet master? The two villains Survivor is focusing on don’t seem to be very intelligent or even interesting. I hope you glean some insight from looking over these responses and have a little talk with the editing crew.

  • Oana

    To tell you the truth I knew the switch was coming from last week preview. Nice show.


      Can we just call you Eagle Eye Oana? Great catch.

      • Standupgal


  • dh

    tell the truth: no need to kill animals for the show..give the cast a bag of oranges or a watermelon.

    • MCS

      Are you a vegetarian? Unless you are, there is no difference between them killing them on an island on tv, than them being killed in an abbatoir so it really shouldnt bother you. The chickens would be eaten anyway.

    • Desmo

      How ignorant.

    • Carl

      Here’s some truth for you: You are a moron

    • DanelleFL

      Fruit has no protein.

      • Elizabeth

        Who cares if fruit has no protein. To sacrifice those poor innocent animals makes me want to vomit.

        yes, I am a vegetarian and have been since childhood. KNowing those poor creatures were killed makes me reconsider watching the rest of this season. It’s terribly mean.

      • MCS

        Elizabeth, I’m also vegetarian, and have been my whole life. But I’m also a pragmatist, and I know there is no difference between them killing animals on Survivor and killing them in a factory. And Survivor has been doing this for years, remember when they killed the cow?

      • captain obvious

        Yah maybe you should stop watching all shows who dont promote a vegan life. By the way- have you seen Al Gore lately- Im pretty sure he’s NOT vegan… and he invented the internets! so there!

      • sashay

        Well one difference: these people are obviously very inexperienced with livestock. I doubt that the hen was killed quickly or humanely. Unlike previous seasons, where the chicken was decapitated or had its neck wrung by someone knowledgable, these people didn’t have a clue what they were doing. It looked like they repeatedly smashed the chicken into the ground to kill it. I think that’s why we didn’t see a shot of it, and why the other survivors were grimacing. I’m not a vegetarian myself, but this show could easily put me on that path…

      • puppy dog

        MCS, they never killed a cow on Survivor. They only opened a vien with an arrow to extract a bottle of blood for the challenge. The cow was fine after the proceedure. On season 2 (Australia), however, Michael Skupin did kill a pig.

    • Soap On A Rope

      The bag of oranges sounds like a good possibility, but a watermelon, come on. I can just hear people crying racial insensitivity when Tyrone was given his portion.

  • Rebecca

    No, it wasn’t just you. And did you notice that it was eaten before a tribal council, instead of waiting until afterwards (preferably a couple hours before a challenge) when there was one less mouth the feed?

    Jeff, I don’t know how Tyrone was pre-merge as the editing seems to show him being low-key, but I’ll miss him because he had some of the best facial expressions. And he wasn’t a bully who is also a cry-baby.

    • Carl

      I’m pretty sure that was just editing, and the chicken situation took place the day after they brought them back to camp

      • D

        No. They clearly said “Let’s eat a chicken before Tribal Council”.

  • Mike L

    Tell me after all these seasons of survivor, WHY would anyone accept the role of leader (Tyrone). In almost all cases the “Leaders” get voted off because they have singled themsleves out. There’s always people who don’t seem to get that simple fact. STAY WITH THE HERD MAN.

    The MOP was definately not the smartest idea so I’m glad to see that gone. Good job on Marty, that was classic with the switch.

    Also Nay said the divorce was her fault, hmmm are we ALL thinking that the husband just couldn’t take her anymore like the rest of us?

    • Al

      She probably found out her husband had some physical disability and she made his life a living h ell.

      • Lucy

        OMG!!! too funny! man, I was hoping she’d quit…

      • D

        Now THAT is funny!

      • old john

        As soon as she saw his third leg was shorter than the other two, it was all over.

      • Standupgal

        OMG Old John, too funny

      • paula

        LOL…good one!!!!!!!

    • FM

      Hehe yeahh..

    • Susiesmith

      Naoko teaches phys ed? Is she around young people, children? What venom she has inside and lets it rip into anyone. Then this week turns into a pitiful soul. How scary – split personality?? Can anyone say “Verbal Abuse’?

      • Arnie

        She wears a tracksuit to work and she hates the Glee club too!

    • KC

      I’m thinking her husband is watching the show and saying to his friends “SEE WHAT I MEAN?”

      • anthony

        Bravo well said

  • mdsurvivorfan

    Sorry Jeff, we’re not glad that Naonka is still around. I don’t like loudmouthed whiners in real life so I certainly don’t like watching them on TV. Not enough good people, not enough people to root for and not enough good looking women = bad casting.

    • mari

      and she changes tribes and we are to forget that she was a beotch the whole time before. Still the same person just a different place and wet. I thought she was gonna melt like the wicked witch of the west by all the whining. Stick a sock in it. Should have been voted off.

      • ac

        Stick Fabio’s socks in it.

    • jenkay

      I’m glad she’s there only because she wanted to leave! She needs to suffer more for her vile mouth!

    • Thea-T

      I second that! There is no one yet that I am rooting for.

  • MCS

    Chases story did make me like him that little bit more. Marty is still just…Marty. So arrogant, but really has no clue. Like Russell.

    • D

      Marty reminds me of Richard Hatch more than anyone. He doesn’t do much of Russell’s shenanigans.

  • Daniel

    You want the truth Jeff? You can’t handle the truth!

    Now, I’ll go through each one and tell the truth. This may annoy a number of readers… oh well. (I’m hoping it provides a few laughs… just a few)

    1. I knew the tribe switch was coming after watching advertisements before the show aired.

    2. Yes, that makes me glad.

    3. I didn’t shake my head, my jaw dropped though.

    4. Yes, that did annoy me

    5. I did not yell and/or jump.

    6. I was not watching with anyone else.

    7. I didn’t grow to like Brenda more, I don’t get why people like her so much. Maybe it’s just me (it probably is just me)

    8. Yes, I laughed and I laughed again. I lacked this “sadness” you speak of.

    9. I missed Chase’s speech as I went to the bathroom at that time

    10. see above (I really needed to go)

    11. I did think to myself “I hope she quits”

    12. yes, I knew Tyrone was in trouble

    13. Not favourite, but definitely a different and creative approach

    14. Hard to split Alina and Yve, might give it to the former but not by much.

    15. Yes, it was

    16. yes, I did for a moment think NaOnka was human

    17. I did laugh. a lot. it is funny.

    18. Benry knocking the bell over is only just trumped by the girls almost drowning at the conclusion of the immunity challenge

    19. Tyrone will be missed for this Tribal expressions. and no I am not asking why Brenda was excluded from the attractive question because the question was posed as the members of the new Espada. Brenda is not on Espada. I am smarter than that.

    20. I am dissapointed you didn’t try and round this off with 21 TELL THE TRUTH lines to correspond with the 21st season of Survivor.

    21. I have been enjoying this season and I an hoping many others are as well.

    • Dusen

      I’m pretty sure Jeff Probst is too busy to actually read the replies here. Especially ones that long. Borrring.

      • dougp

        Phffft. It’s a better post than most.

      • Rachel

        Yes boring… I want to hear more about why they didn’t kill the rooster. That conversation was riveting.

    • Beth

      I liked this post, it was a little bit funny and I am happy to have a break from the hen/rooster discussion. Well done :)

    • Ky

      You thought oh yeah she’s human? I thought OMG sooo not suprised she’s divorced in her 20’s. What a shocker..not. Neither am I suprised she had no support from friends on the outside if that’s how she treats people. You reap what you sow.

  • AB

    I can’t stand it….From the start I hated the ” old vs young ” theme ! And saw it as a one sided setup making the show thus far – BORING – and so predictable….As far as Wednesdays go…a true fan will follow you wherever. I can live with Wednesdays but I was seriously ( after following each and every Survivor over the years ) thinking of giving it up…I think you must have come to the realisation that thus far, this survivor has been boring and probably due to the fact that youth vs age in those conditions would be so predictable !..Thanks for changing it up, now maybe I can get into this year’s show.

    • Mike L

      Yes Thank God it was switched up. After Jimmy J was booted the oldies had no chance. I had hoped JJ would make the oldies competitive and make it fun but it just turned out to be a bunch of egotistical morons. The oldies have no power now, they will either get voted of one by one or the youngens will turn stupid and turn on each other in true survivor fashion!!

    • dougp

      I don’t think the creators could have predicted how effectively the older tribe would repeatedly screw themselves over. With the MoP in the game they should have made a better showing.

    • musica1

      Part of the problem this season was the “old” people they picked. Think of some of the great people 40 and older that have been on survivor. Tom Weston, who won his season, Yau-man, who rocked at challenges, and Bob who made the amazing fake idols come to min. But to represent “old” people, they got a bunch of stupid, broken down 40+ people. They did not represent us 40+ people very well.

  • rac

    To tell the truth–I still can’t stand NA and had hoped she left her immunity idol at the old camp and was voted out 7–1, she did not come across human, only whiny and stupid with her 26 hour comment. Please tell me she is not really a teacher.

    • dougp

      She’s not. She’s a personal trainer at a Y.

  • Leslie

    TELL THE TRUTH – You grew to like Brenda a little bit more when she gave a no holds barred lowdown on Marty’s idiotic move to reveal to the tribe that he had the idol. NO – I REALLY DIDN’T GROW TO LIKE BRENDA AT ALL – SHE’S A STUCK UP B*TCH.

    TELL THE TRUTH -When Naonka shared her story of divorce, you had a moment of thinking “Hmm.. she does have a conscience. Maybe she’s not as bad as I thought.” – NO – I THOUGHT SHE WAS A WINY BABY TRYING FOR SYMPATHY.

    TELL THE TRUTH – When Naonka said “there was not twenty-four hours in that day…it was like twenty-six, but it felt like forty-eight.” You laughed out loud, because that is a funny line. NO I WAS THINKING – WTF??? SHE’S A TEACHER????

    • myprettypony

      I think she was saying that the day felt really long.

    • Cindy

      Couldn’t agree with you more!!

    • D

      I agree with you, especially on the first two.

    • dougp

      As I said above, Naonka is not a teacher. She’s a personal trainer at a Y. At least according to her own Facebook page. But that is a kind of teacher I guess but not what most think of when they hear ‘PE teacher.’

  • Pappy

    Tell the truth:
    Why didn’t you ask if anyone had an immunity idol at tribal?

    Tell the truth:
    You didn’t put Brenda in the most attractive question because she is a slam dunk top 3 hottest survivor ever. Big fan…big fan…

    • DMJ

      I wondered why he didn’t ask about the immunity idol either! He always does.

      • D

        Apparently Probst already answered this in a previous season. He doesn’t ask unless he is told by the producers that everyone knows there is an immunity idol in play. However the person that has it can still play it.

    • D

      Pappy-you are sadly mistaken.

      • puppy dog

        Well, either you are mistaken or the producers failed to keep Probst apprised of the situation. The fact is, everyone DOES know there’s a hii in play. Marty has made it perfectly clear to all, that he has one. You did watch the episode, didn’t you?

      • sashay

        Puppy dog, thats immaterial since Marty’s team DID NOT go to TC, it was Espada that went and we don’t know if Nay has told anyone else that she has it. Only Chase knows for sure because Brenda told him confidentially. I’m pretty sure Nat still has it on her person, but it is possible that she left it in camp before the switch.

      • puppy dog

        sashay, it is NOT immaterial. If Jeff is being told by the producers what is taking place at camp he would know that people in both tribes know about the hii. Marty told his own tribe he had it, and then told the new tribe he had it. The producers KNOW everyone is aware that a hii is in play. So either the procedure isn’t to keep Jeff in the know, or they dropped the ball.

  • Matt

    So not only is Naonka mean and dumb, but she’s also a baby with no backbone. What a gem.


      Hi Matt.

    • wizard62

      Really…one minute she’s saying she’s “Hood not Ghetto” and the next she’s crying and talking about quitting the show. What a loser!

    • the man

      So not only is Naonka mean and dumb, but she’s also a baby with no backbone. What a gem.

      somewhere she has a mother who is very proud of her wonderful daughter………..LOL

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