EW Reunions: Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber talk 'Alias'

Four years after Jennifer Garner kicked her last enemy-of-the-state ass as Sydney Bristow on Alias, the actress and Victor Garber (who played her elusive father on the ABC series) got together for EW’s Reunions issue. In a New York City hotel room on a misty end-of-summer day, the duo posed for pictures with the kind of ease that only the closest friends share. Which is exactly what the former co-stars are. (Garber officiated at Garner’s wedding to Ben Affleck in 2005.) So did the shoot feel like an Alias reunion — or just two friends happily passing some time together? “Well, the fact that we’re in hair and makeup and kind of posey reminds me of the show because we haven’t worked together since then,” Garner told us. “But if it were Alias-y, I would be like this,” she said, crossing her arms Sydney Bristow style. “And you,” she continued, turning to Garber, “would have your hands straight down to the side.”

“I am like this!” Garber joked, striking a rigid, Jack Bristow stance. “We saw each other a couple of days ago. This is just, there are more people around taking pictures. Which is, you know —”

“Hilarious!” Garner interjected.

“Hilarious, yes,” Garber agreed. “We’ve had a good time. We generally have a good time.”

To see what else Garner and Garber had to say — including their thoughts on an Alias movie — check out the exclusive EW.com video below. And pick up Entertainment Weekly’s Reunions issue (on newsstands now) for interviews with the casts of Back to the Future, Will & Grace, Scream, Pretty in Pink, The West Wing, Married… With Children, and more.

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  • Liz

    This is the cutest video ever. These two are such great friends. I am glad that their friendship continued even though the show ended. Whenever I see tabloid picture of Victor Garber walking around with Jennifer Garner’s daughters, my heart melts for them. He’s going to end up being their really awesome adopted grandfather!

  • Brittany

    I enjoyed seeing Victor Garber pop up in The Town. It was a nice little reminder of the connection between these Garber, Garner, and Affleck (which, btw, sounds like a fun law firm name).


      *Garber, Garner, and Affleck (which, btw, sounds like a fun law firm name* if this was Facebook, I’d like that

      • California


  • melanie

    Miss seeing them together on my TV.

  • tracy bluth

    WHEN WILL VICTOR GARBER COME BACK TO GLEE?? They didn’t even have him SING when he was on!

    • meep


  • tracy bluth

    When is Victor Garber going to come back on Glee? They didn’t even have him sing when he was on!

    • tracy bluth

      Sorry for the double post…my computer hates me today.

  • B

    Loved seeing this video. How wonderful that they are such good friends.

  • xojmo

    Loved and miss this show. The two of them are the cutest. Enjoyed Victor on Eli Stone…another ABC show that I loved that got canceled!!!

  • Flip

    I was hoping we’d see the REST of the cast of Alias…

    • orville

      Yeah–at least Rifkin, Grunberg, and Weisman. Bradley Cooper would have been nice too!

      • lola

        you’re forgetting MICHAEL VARTAN!!

      • Janet

        Amen to that! And Carl Lumbly. What’s an Alias reunion without Vaughn, Sloan, Weiss, Marshall and I keep blanking on Lumbly’s character name. It’s WEIRD. At least Vaughn!!

      • Melody

        Carl Lumbly’s character was Marcus Dixon, I believe.

      • orville

        No, not forgetting Vartan, but considering that he and Garner didn’t exactly end well, the awkwardness of them in the same room together would kind of ruin the vibe of a reunion photo.

    • fiona

      Would be nice, but there’s no way the magazine could get the whole cast of every show, so probably they decided to “theme” some reunions. In this case, they chose two performers who have continued to be best friends ever since as the “hook,” which I think is lovely.

  • Jenn

    I love them together and separately. I love and miss Alias. Thanks for this reunion of sorts. :D

    • graeme

      Yeah, boy, I miss this show. Still my fav show ever.

  • Henry

    God, I miss them. An ‘Alias’ movie? Yes, please!

    • la

      I miss them, too, but I don’t want to see an Alias movie. Not to give much away, but certain characters (some that I think really made Alias for me) would not be appearing if this movie takes place after the series finale.

      • lee

        Yeah, it is kind of an odd ? to ask BOTH of them, considering…

        It would have to be retconned for like half of the characters to come back, wouldn’t it?

      • Niix Starkyller

        I love the fact that you’re still protecting spoilers this long after the series ended. Tells me you’re preserving the surprises for people to whom you’re intended to give/show the series — which means I’m not the only whack job out there.

      • Niix Starkyller


    • I don’t see a movie happening . . .

      I liked Alias but I don’t think the audience was big enough to convince the suits to bank roll a film. From what I understand they were luck to get the seasons that they did.

  • Janet

    It is SO disappointing that this “reunion” consisted only of two people given that to me Alias was fantastic ENSEMBLE TV. At least some of the other cast were mentioned by Garner (which unfortunately didn’t make it into the printed article).

    • ele

      Agree, how can someone talk about a ¨reunion¨if the majority of the cast was not there….what about Michael Vartan´s Vaughn!!!!

  • Linsey

    Awww, they are so sweet with each other. Nice to see a true friendship that developed from work.

  • Carrie

    I love this. I recently started rewatching my “Alias” DVDs and fell in love with the show all over again. Jack was always my favorite character.

  • Gre

    Alias was a solid season and a half of TV. You can stop watching at the Super Bowl episode and be left pretty satisfied, in a “to be continued…NEVER” sort of way.

    • Amy

      Sad, but true. Although I extend it through to the season 3 premier, and then stop watching, because the cliffhanger ending of S2 was RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING! =)

    • Kiki

      100% true. It just got worse and worse, culminating in the ultimate fan and character betrayal of Jack’s death.

    • Edina

      100% FALSE. S3 was shaky, but season four and the first half of season five were pretty excellent. I didn’t care for the finale, though.

      • Janet

        To me, seasons 1 and 2 were not only the best Alias years but some of the best ever series TV. Season 3 was good in retrospect but so frustrating while it was going on – if JJ had stayed I think they would have resolved the prolonged agony for the audience of Vaughn and Syd being separated much sooner. I thought 4 and 5 were like a different universe. It just wasn’t the same, especially dragging in the newbies in Season 5 and Vaughn not being a regular – dagger in my heart! I dislike EW’s idea of an “Alias reunion” with just two people because, like seasons 4 and especially 5 it trashes the main appeal of the show.

    • Carrie

      I totally disagree. Season 2 in its entirety was fantastic. Season 3 was great, even though Lauren was pretty annoying. Seasons 4 & 5 were not as good, but the show never became bad TV. It was always well-written, well-acted and entertaining.

      • Janet

        These REPLY buttons have me totally confused. I meant to reply to this post with “blasphemy” to kill off Weiss. I agree with a lot of the other stuff you said though. But I love Weiss.

    • Fiona

      Season 1 and 2 was fudging awesome!!! Even Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino were huge fans of the show. Spielberg asked Garner to make a cameo in ‘Catch Me if You Can’ during season one and also had a featurette on the Alias series collection bonus dvd. Quentin, on the otherhand, guest-starred in several episodes including the thrilling two-part episodes ‘The Box’.

      Sadly, J.J. left after season 2 to work on Lost and season 3 spiraled out of control. Season 4 marked the start of self-contained episodes to capitalize on the Lost lead-in; which were so-so. Season 5 suffered due to JG’s pregnancy.

      Alias was great up to the midway point of the series. Once it was revealed Lauren was a baddie and Syd had a sister, the show jumped the shark. Only if they hadn’t abandoned Bradley Cooper’s character. He should had become a spy and they should just killed off Eric.

      • Fiona

        In addition, Lena Olin’s uncertain availability after season 2 also screwed up the storyline.

        S1 and S2 was a epic thrill-ride. First half of S3 was still very good. Last half of the series paled in comparison to the first half.

      • Janet

        Do you mean kill off WEISS? Blasphemy – one of my very favorite characters!

  • Alias ..Father and daughter

    Yes and how Victor said that Jen is sooo mothering to him and her
    daughters..It is nice that Victor
    made it into the trailer..They are
    a special friends Ben Jen Victor..
    Ron Rifkin is on Brother and Sisters and Patricia Wettig and
    her husband producer and director
    Ken Olin are also on Brothers and
    Sisters… Michael Vartan is on
    the tv show with Jada Pinkett Smith.It is funny when she said that he is like a grandfather to her..!!

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