Justin Bieber launches nail polish line: Fun? Or sign of the apocalypse?

Justin-Bieber-polishImage Credit: Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage.comSure, go ahead and complete that double-take, but you did read that headline correctly: This winter, Justin Bieber will launch his very own line of nail polishes, according to AOL’s Stylelist blog. The polishes will come via well-regarded brand Nicole for OPI and—shocker of all shockers—they’ll be both largely primary colors and filled with glitter! As far as we here at EW can tell, the polishes are intended for little girls, but little boys are welcome to try them, too. (In fact, we here at EW expressly encourage little boys to try them out.)

It may be hard to imagine, but this news gets better: The venture will play off his numerous hits, as the line is to be titled the One Less Lonely Girl collection (named after the song of the same name), with the colors similarly named, ranging from One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender) and Give Me The First Dance (silver) to Prized Possession Purple (grape) and Me + Blue (Dark Blue). Because of the ridiculousness of it all, it’s worth noting the final two colors: OMB! (bright red) and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter).

Is it possible that this news is just Bieber’s elaborate plan — as my colleague Clark Collis postulated last week — to laugh at us all when he launches his hosting gig on MTV’s revived Punk’d? We probably aren’t that lucky. This is real, folks—a teenage boy has launched a collection of nail polishes, solely to take financial advantage of his fanbase, which has a voracious appetite for anything emblazoned with his name. The line hits Wal-Mart come December—just in time for holiday shopping—and will spread like an infectious Bieber tune to Target and Sears by February.

PopWatchers, a few questions: Are you shocked by this news? Will you possibly purchase any of the One Less Lonely Girl collection for yourself or a tween that you know? Are you, like me, salivating at the possibility of spotting Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber sporting his signature polish? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Dave

    “In fact, we here at EW expressly encourage little boys to try them out.”
    Are you serious? Am I just so old-fashioned to think that nail polish is supposed to be for girls? WTF is happening to the world? Can Justin Bieber just go away already?

    • FromChicago

      Dave you and me both. This boys wearing nail polish is too “girlish”….I fear that the mannish man in America is disappearing.

      But we know how this deal went down. Someone approached Bieber about this stupid idea and his manager/or him said, Yeh….and he was paid $1Mil upfront to front the company. Not that he himself believes in the product, he’s getting his payday immediately.

      • matty

        Ok seriously, could your comments be any more sexist? Encouraging gender roles in this day and age is ridiculous. Why do you care if a guy wears nail polish? It doesn’t affect you in any way. Do you also think girls shouldn’t wear pants?

      • A

        Yeah, matty, encouraging boys to not wear makeup is so sexist! Why don’t guys just walk down the streets in a pair of heels and a sparkly top and a skirt? I know that’s what I’m teaching my son to do!

      • harem

        matty’s idea of fashion involves yoga pants, crocks, and a man-purse.

      • Kat

        I’m with matty – why is it more okay for girls to do stereotypically boyish things (short hair, pants, play with toy cars, whatever) than it is for boys to do stereotypically girlish things (play dress-up, wear nail polish, play with Barbies)? It’s stupid. I’m a woman, and I think nail polish and having long nails is utterly stupid – why is it supposed to be feminine to have extensions of dead keratin sticking out from your fingers like weak, totally breakable talons? And then why paint them as if they were the fingers of a discolored corpse? I’m exaggerating a bit here, and I don’t actually mind anyone wearing nail polish – it usually looks fine – but there’s certainly nothing feminine about it when you really think about it.

      • Elysia

        I’m also with Matty. Excellent point about pants on women (once considered equally “ridiculous”).

        But you know what’s *really* ridiculous? A line of nail polish by Justin Bieber. :-P

    • Luddite

      I think you are just “so old-fashioned.”

      • Dave

        Good one, Luddite.

    • Bolo

      yah makeing him leave. now you need to leave the earth justin bieber

      • justin bieber lover 1


    • DiMi

      Yup, you’re old fashioned. Wearing nail polish never hurt anybody, male or female. But boxing boys and girls into tiny, restrictive gender roles; punishing, humiliating, and bullying them for breaking the silliest gender rules – like boys can’t wear nail polish – leads to lifelong depression and suicide. Your attitude is much more socially and psychologically dangerous than a little bit of paint.

      • Vickie

        Silly, pure silly.

      • harem

        DiMi, you obviously never spent time out on the playground. The boys who DO wear nail polish will wind up in the theater club, or they will explore a glorious career in heroin addiction.

      • Adam

        Wearing nail polish never hurt anybody? Tell that to the 8 year old boy with nail polish who just got beat up on the playground.

    • Vickie

      Feminine hygene products are next.

      • harem

        Totally… Next thing you know, people like “DiMi” and “mattys” will be saying it’s sexist to suggest that boys shouldn’t use tampons.

    • katie

      I think the writer was just trying to be funny, calm down.

  • Sam

    I don’t believe this…. “One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender) and Give Me The First Dance (silver) to Prized Possession Purple (grape) and Me + Blue (Dark Blue). Because of the ridiculousness of it all, it’s worth noting the final two colors: OMB! (bright red) and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter).” this is just too sad to even be funny…. well… okay it still made me laugh…

  • lefty

    I…can’t…wait? :)

  • Vikki Sixx

    It’s no Electric Youth.

    • amanda

      LMAO!!! I’m still mad at my mom for not buying me that purfume in the 80’s!

      • kim

        That was the best perfume ever!!

      • amj

        Yes, it was! I had some.

  • Natz

    totally straight.

  • tiana

    wow i luv the colors n so getting them all. gonna hv the best looking nails of a 23yr old. haha

  • Adam

    Is it 2012 yet?

  • Shannon

    One Less Linely Glitter???
    Man, that’s the worst of the worst.

    Well, I guess girls’ nails gotta be in tip-top shape when they aim them straight at the Biebs as they charge at him.

    Uh, this is ridiculous. But, why stop there?
    Where’s the full-fledged Justin Bieber make-up line?
    Heck, why not cash in on the jail-bound cougers and team up with Lancome?!
    How about an entire kiosk at Sephora??!
    Horrifying. Just horrifying.

    • Shannon


  • James

    Next thing you know, he’s going to come out with his own line of tampons.

    • Ktct

      Will they have glitter?

      • Shannon

        They’d better!

      • Amanda

        Hahahahaha that made my day, Ktct.

    • Shannon

      For himself or for his fans?
      Oh hahaha…..
      I don’t know, a lot of his fans are still rather young.
      But, yes. This is the next likely step.
      Now, what to call them….?

    • addy

      HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I am a die hard bieber fan but thats hilarious:)

    • Paloma


    • Nerwen Aldarion

      And boys are welcome to try them!

  • Tye-Grr

    I just threw up all over my moniter and keyboard. EW, I expect you to fully reimburse me, and the Biebs can as well. Then he can just go away. Forever.

  • Danny B

    As preposterous as this sounds, as stupid as you think it is, as true or false it may be, this is actually a very, very, very smart idea. It’s somewhat of an isolated market and hasn’t been done before (like 500 million perfume lines, clothing lines etc that other celebs are doing) so on a business level, this is such a smart idea. Beiber will make millions on top of the millions he already has with this idea

    • Pan

      Plus a bottle of nail polish is WAY cheaper than a bottle of perfume so parents will be more likely to buy for the kiddos. I think this is brilliant, Good for the biebs.

    • EssBee

      I agree. It’s a very smart financial decision.

    • uhhh

      it would be okay for a celebrity with not that bad or that much reputation to do it. but because of the type of reputation he has its not very smart to do so at this time.

    • Ingrid

      I agree with Danny B…You guys are missing the bottom line in this venture. I really don’t think Justin gives a flying frootloop about nail polish or who wears it. He had an opportunity to make millions and he took it. There are numerous lines out there that have been created and endorsed by males. Max Factor for one. His grandsons later created the line SMASHBOX. I think boys that are partial to wearing cosmetics whether it be in the GOTH fashion or otherwise would do so regardless. Fads come and go and this is no different. Celebrities make millions in endorsements all the time. He saw his chance and took it. Which one of us here wouldn’t do the same?. And when you think about it, considering his age and average age of his fan base, a cosmetic product aimed at pre-teems and marketed inexpensively to the masses would certainly promise to yield the biggest profit return. People don’t need permission or encouragement via new products or fads to cross the perverbial gender line or challenge social conventions. There are those who will always push the envelope regardless of who markets what or who’s name is on shelves this year.

  • amanda

    Beiber himself is the first sign of the Apocalypse. I gotta start going to church…..

    • MsDaisy

      I was about to post the same thing.

  • A

    Tanner Stransky, you fail at life for thinking this is fun and cute. Be honest, are you actually a 12-year-old girl?

    • harem

      Nothing is as sad as witnessing the result of a lost sense of humor, “A.” And using the word, “fail?” Who’s the 12-year-old girl here?

      • Abrie

        Haha! Ya’ll crack me up.

        This just makes Bieber look even more gay, the fact that he’s presenting his own nail polish..
        Come on now, really?


      • Dbander721

        Could that be anymore true? Llz

  • MCS

    April Fools Day? In October?

  • Lisa Connelly

    What’s the big deal about guys with nail polish? It wouldn’t turn my head. My Fiance would probably laugh if I did it. Gender roles are so strictly enforced that I feel many nations remain in the dark ages.

    • Luddite


    • u

      Sorry, but unless you’re Freddie Mercury or Ozzy Osbourne or basically any other guy who kicks so much ass you make Chuck Norris look uncool, you as a man CANNOT rock nail polish. You just won’t look cool with it, I’m sorry about that.

      • LOL

        Now that’s funny!

      • Scarlett

        U, I have seen many normal guys who wear nail polish and look good with it. And the article has nothing to do with Justin Beiber WEARING nail polish. His fans range from 5 years old to about 10 years old, the perfect age for glittery nail polish in his name. I don’t understand why people keep calling him a girl in disguise because he put out a product line geared toward his fan base. It was smart and people should give him credit for it.

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