'Transformers: The Dark of the Moon': Can you come up with a better subtitle?

transformers-2-reviewWhat is your favorite sequel subtitle? The Wrath of Khan? Dead Man’s Chest? Or perhaps you share my belief that every film title would be better if “Tokyo Drift” were amended onto the end? (Star Wars: Tokyo Drift. Citizen Kane: Tokyo Drift. The Proposal: Tokyo Drift.) Whatever your preference, this news concerns us all: According to The Wrap, the current title for the upcoming Transformers threequel is Transformers: The Dark of the Moon, which is either a brilliant reference to Pink Floyd or an indication that no one involved with the making of Transformers 3 has ever heard of Pink Floyd. Either way, what a title!

Paramount wouldn’t confirm the finalized title for the movie at this time. But maybe that’s just because they’re still knocking around some ideas? PopWatchers, isn’t it our duty to help out our pals at Transformers HQ? Below are some possible subtitles:

Transformers: Robots In Disguise (Duh.)

Transformers: Generation 3

Transformers 3: The Matrix of Leadership Reloaded

Transformers: Money Never Sleeps

Transformers: The He-Man Megan-Haters Club

Transformers: IMAXimum Overdrive!!!

Transformers: Cybertron Legacy

Transformers: Decepticontrarrevolucion

T3: Rise of the Machines

Transformers: Re-Revenge of the Rising Fallen Who Fell

PopWatchers, can you come up with better subtitles? Do you like The Dark of the Moon?

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  • thedecade

    Transformers 3: This time its personal.

    • tJhooKer

      Transformers 3: Dangling robot testicles

      • Yo Yo

        Transformers 3: The Search for Spock

      • James D

        Transformers 3: Legend of Drunken Robot

      • Tank Girl

        Transformers 3: Another pointless sequel

      • Nippy

        Transformers 3: Robots and actors who act like robots

      • UGH


      • UGH


      • UGH


      • UGH


      • UGH


      • Blue Silver

        Transformers 3: In Visible Silence….and on a serious note, Transformers Legacy!

    • Rutiger

      As always with a third movie, The correct answer is Transformers 3: Die Darkman Die.

      • Mr. Holloway


      • Teddy

        lmao. Best. One. Ever. I thought I was the only one who even referenced that movie.



      • Tom

        Transformers 3: The New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals. Obviously.

      • trashytvlover

        Transformers 3:D

    • cal

      ok…I laughed outloud…a lot

    • DD

      The powers that be in Hollywod have chosen a director for their next Superman movie: Geek icon (and bankable mastermind) Zack Snyder .

      It’s almost enough to make us excited that Warner Bros. is planning a reboot and not a sequel. Hey, $200 million and Brandon Routh ’s credible Christopher Reeve

      impersonation wasn’t enough for Superman Returns . Snyder (who made 300 and

      Watchmen ) beat out the likes of Darren Aronofsky , Ben Affleck , Matt Reeves and Tony Scott

      to helm the Christopher Nolan -produced effort, which will be fast-tracked to start production next year. That’s because the studio may lose the copyright to the character if they don’t make it by 2011, the Hollywood Reporter says. They also report that this version will bring back General Zod, thanks to the David Goyer script in the works. That’s cool and all, but there’s nothing that Goyer can write that will top Terence Stamp shouting “ KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!” in Richard Donner ’s Superman II .

      • TJ

        Um, thanks?

    • Richard Salter

      Transformers: De-Meganized

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Tyler Perry Presents: Transformers 3: Tyler in Disguise

      • trashytvlover


    • Michael Martinello

      Transformers: Poop

    • Changing Times

      Umm Pink Floyd is “Dark SIDE of the Moon”
      Have no idea why this is a Pink Floyd reference in authors mind

      • Emily

        We all know it’s Dark Side of the Moon. But it’s close enough :D

      • Jason

        Coulda been worse. They could have gone with Toys in the Attic.

    • Rush

      Transformers 3: Electric Boogalie

    • Rush

      Transformers 3: Optimus Prime and the obligatory canted crane shot.

    • Rush

      Transformers 3: Because Michael Bay has balls bigger than Devastator

  • angelsrc79

    Transformers 3: The Rise of the Prime (Number)

  • Brian

    “Transformers: Wait, what? Oh, yeah, no, I was just…from before.”

    • luis

      I dont get it? lol

  • My Go-To Name….

    Transformers 3: Electric Boogaloo

    • PeteJaxon

      Transformers 3: Simpsons Christmas Boogie

    • J.P.

      No, that’s always (insert title) 2: Electric Boogaloo. Gotta have the rhyme.

  • Yoyo

    Why should the title be any better than the movie itself will be?

  • Butthead

    Transformers 3: More Of The Same!

  • Jason

    Transformers 3: SVU

    • tracy bluth

      Transformers 3: Los Angeles

    • Mr. Holloway

      Transformers 3: Trial by Jury.

    • Jack

      Transformers 3: Criminal Intent

    • Dave

      Transformers 3: UK

      • Tracksimius

        Transformers – Till All Are One.

      • Blue Silver

        Transformers 3: Robots with Glee :)

      • Adrian

        Transformers 3 : Target 2011 (based on simon furmans 2006) ;)

  • Bill

    Transformers 3: To Catch a Predator

    • Ted

      Transformers 3: To Catch a Predacon

      • Michael Okoreeh


      • jordan

        that was a success.
        you guys should make a movie called bill and ted’s excellent adventure… oh wait

      • BMan


  • Jim

    Transformers 3: At least it doesn’t have JAR JAR BINKS in it!

  • SJ

    Transformers: Overkill

  • tracy bluth

    “Transformers: Director’s Cut” (hey, it made Blade Runner a billion times more awesome!). Or, more likely, “Transformers: Like 1&2, Except with Not-Megan-Fox, Who Kind of Looks Like a Man”

    • Mr. Holloway

      “Transformers 3: Redux”

  • HuffStuff

    If the idea was to use a Pink Floyd album title, it should have picked one of the crappy ones. Although, “Transformers: Atom Heart Mother” actually sounds badass.

    • tracy bluth

      Yeah, I really hate seeing “Transformers 3″ and “Pink Floyd” in the same sentence. I also hate that I just typed them in the same sentence.

      • Welliott

        Hey, I really liked Atom Heart Mother!

        Anyway, if you were really going to use anything Pink Floyd in relation to a Transformers film (assuming you’d already sold your soul to the devil and given up ever being loved by any rational human beings), you would call it:

        Transformers 3: Welcome to the Machine.

      • Brad

        Pink Floyd has put a lot more into their career than some over paid actors on the set of some high budget film. I don’t even think they belong in the same sentence. I thought the first TF’s were ok but screw them now.

    • Adrian

      I really doubt however that Bay is trying to draw reference to PF. But none the less it has created a stir among the web and got people interested ready for next summer :D marketing

  • Joe

    Transformers 3: Craptastrophy

    • tandcakery

      Loving that word!

  • Matt

    Transformers 3: With a different hot chick this time
    Transformers 3: NoPlotimus Prime
    Transformers 3: Suckers will see anything

    • Molly

      HAHA the second one in my favorite. nice!!!

  • Bill

    Transformers 3: Ultra Magnus p.i.

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