'Dancing With the Stars': Eliminated contestant is...

Don’t click through if you don’t want to know! After an hour full of waiting, more waiting, Bruno Tonioli clapping enthusiastically for Michael Bolton’s last-minute guest performance, and waiting, the couple eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Week 3 is….[bum-bum…bum-bum]…coming up, after the break!

Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel. Read EW.com’s post-show interview!

Thank you to Margaret for coining my new favorite nickname for DWTS: “The Gayest Thing That Ever Happened.”

Come back later for my results show recap; in the meantime, peruse EW.com’s finest heap of sparkly ridiculata…Your Hidden Gems of Week 3!

Update: Elimination recap: Waste the Rainbow

DON’T MISS: Embedded below, listen to the first edition of EW.com’s TV Insiders podcast. Dalton Ross, Michael Slezak, Michael Ausiello (who also gives his picks for best and worst new show of the new season), Jeff “Doc” Jensen, and yours truly break down the week in television—including our picks for DWTS frontrunners—and present it to you in an easily digestible audio format. Or click here to download TV Insiders to your MP3 player!

[AUDIO http://www.ew.com/ew/static/podcast/2010/10/EW_TV_Insiders_10_01_10.mp3%5D

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  • Karl

    Well, that’s it. Don’t see any more reason to watch this show.

    • pylgrym

      Fine. I’ll take your place. Dumb dancing is not political platform.

      • Katja

        I didn’t think celebrating gayness was a political platform. I thought it was just being happy about who you are. Also, there are few things I love more in this world than rainbow-colored anything! So I hope she does a bit of this dance again at the finale, just for the awesome rainbow outfit.

      • Jo

        “I’ll take your place.” Does that mean you weren’t watching before? If not, then you don’t know how to structure an English sentence.

      • LMAO

        Jo- I just laughed out loud (LOL) so hard I almost wet myself. Your comment is spot on!!!

        To all the idiotic morons who post messages. If you’re (not your) going to make rude and offensive comments, at least make sure you come correct. When you don’t, the dumb ignorant person you really are shines through (not threw).

      • Jo

        LMAO, thank you!!

    • Jo

      How was she fake? Those were genuine tears at the end. Saddest elimination in years! And she IS bisexual after all. Her politics were HER politics.

    • Jesse

      Ugh. I’m so damn tired of people saying whatever they want on message boards and not having common courtesy. Whether she’s fake or not, that is irrelevant to her weight, and calling her “cow” is just rude and classless.

    • Karl

      Those tears were real! Didn’t you hear how she said she wanted to be a dancer when she was younger? She really DID enjoy this, you could tell.

      And I don’t think making us cry for her was her purpose. In fact, with all the jokes she cracked about DWTS i think she was out to make America LAUGH. Bye Margaret…

    • Karl

      P.S. I was really loving this season of DWTS (up till now, that is) because of how jokey and light-hearted it had become. Putting a comedienne on the show was a good idea, ABC.

    • Donna Hooker

      I am so glad!!

    • carolae

      She’s not even a comedian let alone a dancer! She does nothing more than ‘slapstick’ comedy and not even good at that.

    • blaaaake!

      carolae, your homophobic bias is showing through.
      It shows how little you know about Margaret, she’s been a stand-up comedianne for YEARS and has never relied on slapstick… now I know a lot about you, I know you’re a homophobic, bigoted idiot who lashes out at anyone that is different from you

  • MTK

    There was a reason to watch this? Who knew.

    • LOL

      LOL! Amen.

  • jpnorton

    Kudos to Michael Bolton for jumping at the last minute to perform on DWTS! I love that song and you did a wonderful job with it.

  • sam

    Wonderful to see Michael Bolton sing. And Bristol should have been the one going home. Her dancing is terrible. She dances slower than Florence, a woman in her seventies.

    • Jo

      That’s absolutely right! Especially when you compare her to Florence. Her and The Situation have to BOTH be the next ones out!

      • Ana

        Leave the Situation alone he’s improving every week and that is what this show i about, I’m actually surprised Bristol is still there after all fans vote too. who are her fans. THe situation has many! Chill JO!

      • Jo

        Look, I have nothing against Situation OR Bristol personally, even though they’ve made themselves easy targets. I refuse to harbor the resentment toward them I had for Kate Gosselin, based on her ugly personality, even though in hindsight at least she had eight little monsters (don’t read that literally) to justify her attitude. Regardless, *someone* has to go every week. I didn’t like losing Margaret, and I think Florence is working hard too. So excuse me, Ana, but may I suggest who you think should go next? Jennifer Grey because there’s no room for improvement? It’s not like I’m picking on Rick Fox in week 3. He’s overrated too, but he’s good and he’s trying. But I agree, I can at least see why Situation would have more fans than Bristol. It’s a tossup between them though.

      • Sue

        Ana, there are many, many people who never heard of The Situation. I don’t believe he’s as popular as you think.

      • michael

        You are 100% right, why is Bristol still on, she is horrible. Someone so young should not be that stiff!

    • Carla

      I hope Bristol and The Situation hang around long enough to hook up. Bristol will get knocked up again, ensuring her mother will NEVER be president!!

      • Lynda

        That’s one of the most stupid comments I’ve seen. She’s a classy kid.

        I’ve got your number Carla. You would rather Obama was president than Palin? What does that have to do with her daughter though? I hope your kids are never attacked like you attacked someone elses. Go away. Please.

      • Rebecca

        Wow, Carla. What a comment.

      • Kat

        I think that might actually increase Palin’s popularity in some circles.

      • michael

        LOL!! best laugh I have had all morning! keep em coming!

      • blaaaake!


        spreading her legs and getting KNOCKED UP in her teens is being classy?! LMAO!

      • Vince from NYC

        HAHAH.. Can you imagine the Sitch getting her in the smush room, bragging about getting it in then having a yellow cab come pick her up..LOL

    • Tyla

      By wonderful, surely you meant tragic, as in it’s tragic what he did to that song.

  • FlippyO

    By the way, you anti-gay folks, Margaret Cho is married…to a man.

  • sil

    nooooo.. louie!!

  • FlippyO

    Oh, and she isn’t fat either. Sadly for her, her face is genetically fat and there’s nothing she can do about it. However, her body isn’t fat.

    • Jo

      She’s cute!

    • Mellissa

      It may be culteral also. One of my good friends is Korean just like Margret, and looks just like her (even she says they look alike). They have the same round face. I happen to think they’re both good looking women.

    • Karl

      She has such awesome legs!! Did no one see them during the Jive? And for those who think it’s a political platform, why don’t you take a look at what the Palins are putting on our screens every week. Methinks a liberal woman should be there just to counter Bristol Palin.

      • Jo

        I don’t see how or why pride has to be construed as political. I know Margaret said it after the dance, and was pushing it perhaps to her own detriment (if only because it came off slightly forced to be spoken under the wire). But so? Tell me what is political about being proud of who you are. There were more politics in the actual dance in Louis’s Story Week dance with Niecy last season (granted, far superior) and when Steve Guttenberg had to dance with Jonathan Roberts!

  • Jo

    Wow, did you know that Margaret once said, “I think [Palin] is the worst thing to happen to America since 9/11″? Wonder if there was any friction on the set. It’s a shame Bristol had to outlast her.

    • Pete

      I thought the show was for amatures to learn to dance with professional dancers. I do not want to see ‘agendas’ on shirt sleves, or hear ‘political or social’ positions. I just want to watch good dancing, PERIOD!

      • Marc

        As far as I know, Margaret Cho only made one comment that could be loosely translated as an ‘agenda’ by some wild stretch of the imagination.

        Funny how you didn’t mention Bristol Palin, who mentions her platform for teen abstinence every week, and her package includes clips of her speaking, and also face time for her wannabe President mother. And Bristol usually gets generous scores for dancing like a cadaver week after week, just to make sure she sticks around.

        If there is an agenda presented on this show, it’s the Palin agenda.

      • Jo

        Cadaver! Thank you. But really, I couldn’t care less about the show covering either one’s agenda. As far as I’m concerned, they’re both very well-intentioned (though Bristol could be seen as hypocritical, exploiting her Situation, and supporting too narrow a cause instead of raising awareness about birth control–but I won’t get into any of that here.) Bristol should go because she’s not good – and she isn’t! – not because she’s a Palin. Not that being a failed candidate’s offspring should make her famous. But she’s not quite as irritating a celebrity as Kate Gosselin, who also sucked dancing regardless of her controversial celebrity status.

      • Sandy

        Me too! Thanks, Pete.

    • Frank

      Let me guess Marc! I suppose you believe that AlQaeda had nothing to do with 9/11. I’m not a Sarah Palin supporter by any means, but attacking her daughter is pretty low classless. This is why most people like you are marginalized by the average person. Let me guess, your probably gay! Stop being a hater and watch the show forwhat it is, entertainment. It isn’t a politicalshow. Trust me, there’s a lot more liberals on the show than conservatives. Do me a favor Marc, go copulate your boy friends!

      • ger

        Go copulate your boy friends is my new life motto. Thanks, Frank!

      • alan of montreal

        Frank and ger, if you think mocking Bristol makes Marc classless, than you posting homophobic remarks makes you even more so.

      • ^

        These two watch Dancing With the Stars and read Entertainment Weekly… and they call other people gay?

      • michael

        I agree Frank lets not attack the people, lets evaluate their dancing, that is what the show is about. Having said that, Bristol, and the situation both need to go, horrible horrible dancers and not a lot of improvement week over week.

  • naynay

    :( Louie and Margaret, loved them both.

  • paul

    Margaret Cho is the BEST!

  • stan

    Would like to see Corky and Shirley Ballas perform again as guests. They were the best. I remember them, but Len Goodman-don’t remember him

  • Richard

    I’m sorry to see Cho go, itshould have been the Situation, what a joke!

  • Don

    Marc, maybe you would rather see Obama on DWTS in a few seasons, he should have some free time on his hands by then.

    • alan of montreal

      and your country will be in utter economic, social and political chaos because of whoever takes over.

      • makeji

        Obama has already made a pretty good mess of it. Personally I would prefer a President who can pay for all the goodies he’s offering instead of sending us deeper into debt with China.

    • Lynda

      LOL, you’re right Don! He will have some time on his hands but I’m sure he’ll find a way to make more money. He’s saving plenty putting his MIL in the White House. Gotta love it! Politics aside. Bruno is ruining the show being rude and flamboyant. We know he’s gay, who really cares about the sexuality of the dancers or the judges? Carrie Ann and Len rock!

  • BD

    I’ll miss her, she was fun! There are some great performances this season, though. I’m enjoying it a lot.

  • MWeyer

    Well, she did give one of the all-time Mario reactions to her week 1 number: “WHAT the HELL was THAT?!”

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