Eliot Spitzer's returns on CNN's 'Parker Spitzer': What did you think?

Parker-SpitzerImage Credit: CNNYou have to hand it to Eliot Spitzer. It’s only been two years since he got forced out of his job as Governor of New York because of a sex scandal involving a $1000 a night hooker named Ashley Dupre. Most politicians would still be laying low and avoiding TV cameras. But there he was today on CNN, cohosting in his own new cable talk show with syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker. Talk about hiding in plain sight.

Actually, judging by today’s first episode, Parker Spitzer doesn’t look like it’s going to be attracting too much attention. It’s an old-fashioned, dueling-heads chat show straight out of the Jane-you-ignorant-slut school of he says-she says journalism. Spitzer opened the show with a plea to Tim Geithner to resign as Secretary of the Treasury, the two hosts argued about Sarah Palin for a while, and then guests like Andrew Breitbart and Elizabeth Warren dropped by to discuss the tea party movement and the economy. No news was broken. Nobody asked Levi Johnston what newspapers he read. Nothing really happened at all, at least not anything interesting.

CNN is clearing building this show around the chemistry between Parker, a smooth-talking conservative blonde, and the liberal ex-governor also known as Client No. 9. And there is plenty of flirty cohost banter squeezed between the arguments and the jazzy Playboy After Dark-style theme music. But what Parker Spitzer really shows is just how far behind the curve CNN has fallen in the cable news universe. CNN is still clinging to the middle, presenting both sides of the argument, aiming for an audience straight down the middle with a format as old and outdated as Crossfire. That’s journalistically laudable, but it leaves Parker Spitzer with no clear point of view. And in today’s ideologically divided cable news universe, that’s not a place the audience seems to want to stay.

But disagree with us, PopWatchers! Call us an ignorant slut! Tell us why we’re wrong about Parker Spitzer. Or, of course, you’re welcome to second our emotions. Do as you will down in the comments!

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  • Carrie #2

    All I know is, Parker Spitzer is an AWFUL name for a TV show!

    • Mr. Holloway

      Agree…they could’ve at least added a “/” between the two names.

      “Parker Spitzer” sounds like a porn star.

      • TQB

        Honestly, I heard the title out of context and that was EXACTLY what I thought!

    • mark in nyc

      I was hoping it would be elliot spitzer and Glen Beck on a show…then they could call it Blowhard and Spitzer.

  • Adam

    Parker? I barley know her

    Spitzer? well you get it.

  • Red

    Honestly, I can’t imagine I’ll ever be facing an evening at home that looks so boring I’m tempted to tune in “client No. 9.” And Parker staked her claim to fame by trashing certain conservatives (and surprise! got a Pulitzer for it). Spirited liberal/conservative debate would still be worth watching on CNN or elsewhere, but I wouldn’t look to these two to provide it.

  • dan

    Wonderful! Bright and sprightly. Our sexual taboos cost us a great public servant in Spitzer.
    I hope he can have as much impact on television.

    • Hobbes

      This didn’t happen because he was into spanking he was breaking the law. When you are sworn into office you take an oath to uphold the law and the constitution of your state. He failed in upholding that oath. The people deserve better than public servants that won’t live up to their oaths and think they can live outside the law.

      • ree

        i totally agree and yet he was still rewarded with a t.v. show! what does that say about our society?

  • celine walker

    Great show – enjoyed every minute and look forward to more

  • helenwiells

    The clunky name of the show actually suggests a few things to me…one, that maybe they don’t have a strong Producer to lead them? or two, the name was a last minute compromise? or three, they flipped a coin and everybody lost.

  • Merilyn Jackson

    Gee, if CNN is going to fire a creep like Sanchez for possible anti-Semitic remarks, and then allow a slime like Spitzer to have an interview show, and if CNN is Jewish-run, then these are not the Jewish values I know. They cannot believe that viewers will not be insulted by this choice. Are there no decent people they can hire? Guess if Jeffrey Dahmer was alive or Phillip Garrido does time, they’d give them shows too? CNN is no better than FOX.

  • MCD

    Self righteousness does not become you! But thank God for people who never err!!!! I saw no point in going on about Elliot’s past. So Teapartyesque! Leave that to the tabloids. Some folks out here in cyberspace need to get their heads out of the gutter. Even if the individuals themselves are pure as the driven snow.

    I thought they were good and were insightful at times. I think they may even lift our intellectual levels. Time will tell.

    I think their chemistry will lend a certain charm to their banter. We saw that with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer. Besides, do they need to be in the same groove as all their predecessors in the many talks shows?

    I say GOOD LUCK to Elliot Spitzer and hope they do well – very well.

  • anita zwick

    Enjoyed the show and look forward to more shows….two very intelligent and well informed hosts.

  • chris

    When he’s released, will O.J. get a show, too? Since crime apparently pays these days. Can’t CNN find people who aren’t loathsome? They should be ashamed, but that ship sailed a long time ago.

    • Allison

      If you are comparing Eliot Spitzer with OJ Simpson, I am sorry for you that you cannot comprehend the absolute difference.

      • Dan

        Different color…..?

  • Colby

    It was like a really bad local morning talk show. I appreciate that they didn’t seem to be reading cue cards or teleprompters, but could they at least look into the camera instead of each other?

  • Allison

    I’m actually going to give it a try. Dont know if anyone else has seen Spitzer on Real Time with Bill Maher; but he is well informed and well spoken. It goes without saying that he’s a pig for cheating on his wife with a hooker, but the scandalous nature of who he is probably prompted many people to tune in. I’ll have to hurry and check it out in case CNN cancels it-I’ll agree with the article in that its true CNN’s programming is of another era-a better one in many ways where both sides are presented. (And, hopefully, the conservative side is made to look stupid). : )

  • sirfuller

    My only problem with the show is how the hosts agreed too much. That’s what made it blah. Get more argumentative! Also, the table was really small

  • brian

    What a shame CNN repaced a wholesome and yes, TRUTHFUL guy like Rick Sanchez (also, very good looking)) with an unethical person like Spitzer who should crawl in the hole after what he did to wifey (also, beedy eyed and balding-not exactly easy on the eyes) with another boring bleached blonde with a know it all attitude! CNN is going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!!!!!


    • Aaron Kammerman

      Well, Rick Sanchez was saying something negative about his company. A business that you work for usually doesn’t like it if you say something negative about it. And CNN was never planning on replacing Sanchez with Spitzer in the first place.

    • Nat

      Totally agree on the beedy eyes and bald head. He is hard on the eyes. Might as well bring Lou Dobbs back. What is CNN thinking????

    • Sandy

      Are you for real!!! He was like nails on a chalk-board! CNN lost us when Cambell Brown was forced away, she had class, that is why she is not there anymore! Spitzer and whats-her-name are a joke! Who is running CNN now, it has gone “south”!!!

  • brian

    What a shame that CNN replaced a classy, good looking man like Rick Sanchez with family values and tell the TRUTH about these corrupt networks who only want to put beady eyed and balding uglies lke Spitzer with no morals on TV with the usual bubble head blonde, Parker who is sooooo boring. Fox is surely going to win more viewers after Cnn’s latest manuevers. I will no longer watch the network along with my middle of the road friends who were hoping CNN would reflect the majority of Americans who hate Fox and now CNN!!!!!

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