TV Insiders podcast: EW experts weigh in on 'DWTS' controversy, annoying 'Survivor' contestants, and the future of 'The Event'


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Who’s the dancer to beat on Dancing with the Stars? Who’s the more annoying Survivor: Nicaragua contestant: NaOnka or Jimmy T.? And is The Event the next Lost (a long running sci-fi hit) or FlashForward (promising start followed by a steady slide into mediocrity)? These questions and more will be tackled in the first edition of’s TV Insiders podcast. Michael Slezak, Annie Barrett, Michael Ausiello (who also gives his picks for best and worst new show), Jeff “Doc” Jensen, and yours truly break down the week in television and present it to you in an easily digestible audio format. (Translation: You don’t have to look at our ugly faces!) Just click on the play button below to sit in on our round table discussion, and if you have a question you’d like us to answer/discuss on next week’s episode, send it via Twitter to @EWDaltonRoss. So without further ado, enjoy the first episode of the TV Insiders!


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  • Al

    I actually like your ugly faces! It’s not the same without the facial expressions. :(

    • EJ

      I agree

      • Randi

        Cannot WAIT for Idolatry, Slezak.

    • Katja

      And that is why I will ALWAYS be up for another season of Realite! Plus the Jason Averett (I hope I got his name right) additions are always fun. :)

      • Anne

        I like that this one talks about non-reality shows though! But I do kind of miss the facial expressions. How about a vodcast?

    • H

      Absolutely agree! I miss Survivor Talk, too, Dalton!

    • Geezer

      Facial expressions are important. Bring on the vodcast!
      But Dalton,
      Last week I admired your knowledge of women when you warned not to give your bus seat to a female unless you were absolutely certain she was pregnant. Don’t ever mistake fetus for fat – that’s smart and true.
      And then this week, you include Annie Barrett in your list of “ugly faces”. That’s low, dude.
      Do better.

  • Al


    • ks

      They havn’t told us since Ronin came out :)

  • PV

    can you put it on iTunes pleeeeeeease.

    • Seanti

      I second the iTunes request…. audio or even video podcast!

  • Andy G.

    Only 10 minutes? What a podcast tease, you guys can easily spend a half hour to an hour talking about TV every week, right?

  • AK

    I wanna Annie Barrett’s face!

    • AK

      Oops, ‘see’ her face. That’s not awkward…

    • Katja

      You can see it on Showbiz Tonight! I was on the CNN home page and there was a link to a video about Michael Bolton being kind of whiny, and Annie was one of the people they interviewed!

  • V

    Comparing to LOST is silly, even HEROES.
    It looks like FlashForward 2.0.

  • tvgirl48

    SO thrilled to hear you back on a podcast, Ausiello! But agree that it needs to be longer. There are plenty of great shows to talk about.

  • blah

    I knew people would complain about Jennifer having an “unfair” advantage the moment she was cast on DWTS… why can’t they just stick to washed up celebs instead of washed up celebs who starred in cheesy movies that featured dancing?

  • Matt2

    Big fan of Kurt Warner, he’s one of my all-time favorite NFL QBs next to Brett Favre, but no way he wins the title. There are too many great dancers this season, especially now that Michael Bolton has gone home.

  • klw

    Jenifer Gray got to dance with Patrick Swayze who was a talented dancer and she’s got an awesome partner. I dont think she has an unfair advantage because there have been previous stars that had a dance background but no one was complaining about them. I would chop all this up to sore losers. If I was a betting girl then I’d have my money on her making it all the way to the finals

    • Bibi

      You must not be paying attention. People have been complaining very loudly about ringers. JG went to a private school and studied acting and dance. How is that not an advantage.

    • chistosa

      She has had dance training like many of the previous contestants but she is also 50 years old and a 2 time cancer survivor. So I think that any “advantage” from early years has been trumped by her age and health history. I think it is amazing that she is performing as well as she is and it is nothing short of inspirational.

      • Zach

        It hasn’t been “trumped,” but it’s like Donny Osmond – it makes her definitely not the biggest ringer ever.

      • zoot

        I like Jennifer, but she won’t get my votes because I CAN”T STAND Derek

  • mimi

    I do hope Jennifer makes it to the finals and wins. The next one to go is Brandy, she is making me ill. Her attitude toward her partner is inexcusable…. what a diva, she thinks she is really hot stuff, but boy is she wrong…

    • Dave

      Brandy does have a bit of an ego. Even before the season started, I predicted that her ego may cause her to get lippy when faced with criticism, which could cause her to lose support. And it seems like that is happening. But at the same time, her partner Maks is a diva himself.

    • Chappel

      Brandy is one of those celebs where the more I hear her talk, the less I like her.

      • jones

        Agreed. Especially when the talk is in a baby talk voice.

      • ugly nikki

        i missed the baby voice

    • orville

      I don’t think she’s going to be as good or as popular as the show had hoped she’d be. I have a feeling she’s going to go sooner rather than later. The one I think is going to be a surprise finalist is Audrina Patridge. She’s a lot better than anyone had expected. And she has a lot of potential to grow–especially with Tony as a partner. He’s one of the best teachers among the pros.

      • Chappel

        She certainly has a great attitude and seems willing to learn and do what it takes to win.

    • Hypnogal

      I don’t know anything about Brandy’s ego, because I don’t know her, but I DO know that she’s not the first partner of Max’s to think he’s an A-hole. Maybe it’s not her being a Diva; it’s him being a jerk.

      • Sam

        Nah, Maks has had enough strong partners who did great with him.
        I wouldn’t exactly call Mel B. “easy to get along with” yet they made a phantastic team and Maks obviously adored her.
        And nobody in their right minds would call Erin Andrews or Laila Ali (daughter of Muhammad Ali and a pro boxer herself) “weak”…
        None of them would just overlook Maks being a jerk yet they never complained so I guess they either found a way to deal with Maks and make it work or maybe Maks isn’t as much of a jerk as you believe him to be…
        So maybe it IS Brandy?
        I have to say I liked her before but the more I get to see of her and her attitude the more I dislike the woman.
        And hell, that baby talk voice of hers is like nails on a chalk board!

  • WhiteLady

    Me likes! I can listen to this with my e-mail in front of me and pretend like I’m working even is someone looks over my shoulder to see the screen!
    Altough I’d rather it was longer and talking about more shows!
    Thanks guys, good job. Looking forward to the next one.

  • SillyNess


    • Riz


  • DirtyKash

    Dalton Ross is sexxxy

  • Elizabeth

    Vid- e -o
    Vid- e- o
    Vid -e – o

    • fg


    • Matthew

      No thanks – I need more podcasts to add to my subscriptions. Can’t stand video podcasts. Requires too much of my attention.

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