This week's cover: Justin Timberlake and the stars of 'The Social Network'


Two great covers this week — one featuring uber-entertainer Justin Timberlake, and one featuring Timberlake alongside his Social Network costars Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. No matter which you receive, you’ll get exclusive news about both the pop star (who plays real-life entrepreneur Sean Parker) and a movie that’s already a frontrunner for a Best Picture at next year’s Academy Awards.

In a frank interview, Timberlake talks about coping with the pressures of the music industry and his choice to focus on his movie career for the time being:

EW: Are there people you work with who are telling you that you should put another record out sooner rather than later?
Timberlake: …Does a painter make a painting because he has to make it by December 21st? No, he doesn’t. It happens when it pours out of him. That’s how music is for me….
Do you think it’s dangerous to wait so long? Christina Aguilera waited four years between albums, and her fans don’t seem to care about her right now.
If you’re asking me, no. I never stop making music. I don’t know what else to tell you, except that I just don’t know [in] what capacity I want to be involved anymore.
That sounds very final.
Timberlake: No. All I’m saying is, in very simple terms, I’ll know when I know. And until I know, I don’t know.

In the meantime, Timberlake was as dedicated to making The Social Network as his costars, all of whom invested themselves deeply in their roles. Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, admits that during filming, he sometimes felt like everyone was ganging up on him. “I had the unique job on set of being the only one to defend my character,” says the 27 year-old actor. “Even though he does some things that hurt other characters, I could only view him as sympathetic. I developed a great affection for him.”

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) had misgivings about turning the real-life Zuckerberg into a big-screen antihero. But ultimately, he knew the story was just too good to pass up. “It’s not my job to help [Mark’s] image,” he says. “I’m not his press rep or his rabbi.” Still, Sorkin has no ill will toward the Facebook CEO. In fact, he’d love to take him out for a drink. “I know Mark’s got to have an Aaron Sorkin dartboard someplace. So I feel bad,” he sighs. “I — I wanna buy him a beer.”

For more on Timberlake and the making of The Social Network, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Oct. 1. You can watch part 1 of Dave Karger’s video chat with the stars and Sorkin below.

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  • Karate Pants

    Great covers, can’t wait to see the movie! Will I get the one where JT’s wearing a watch, or the one where he’s not? OMG, those arm veins…

    • Freddie

      I do not understand the appeal of Andrew Garfield – he is not handsome at all, fairly plain looking in fact – Nathan Kress would have been better in this role – better looking

      • Tori

        Really? The 17 year old kid from iCarly? I don’t see it. And Andrew Garfield is fine!

      • K

        Who cares who is “more attractive”? Is that #1 casting criteria now? Andrew I personally find really cute in a unique way, but again, if he’s a good, dynamic actor, what’s wrong with this casting?

      • Freddie

        @K – I am not commenting on the acting ability of Garfield, merely that I don’t understand what women see in him – he is lanky, got that long neck and quite honestly looks a little dorky.

      • @Freddie

        Definitely NOT the “sexiest geeks alive”. Pretty much just Timberlake, the other two are completely unattractive.

      • J

        I think you’re missing the point when they say “sexiest geeks alive.” “Sexy” doesn’t necessarily always mean good looks–it can also mean having talent, good looks, wit, and charm.

    • blondy

      they are airbrushed dummy

    • Jason

      anyone else think the movie was nowhere near as good as the critics said it would be? I guess I would have bought into it more if I had a Facebook or Myspace, but I never did. I give this movie a big “eh”.

  • UGH

    Timberlake doesn’t really deserve a solo cover for this movie.

    • Ranelle

      Agreed. I don’t get it.

    • Nate

      What’s not to get? He is more famous than the other actors. He will sell magazines. And he has received critical praise for his part in the movie. I’m not surprised at all by this choice. Films have also focused on the more well known actor or actress when marketing a film.

  • nodnarb

    So Jesse Eisenberg is such a nobody he can’t carry a cover alone? How predictable.

    • um

      it’s about selling magazines so actually you are right. at this point, he’s a nobody. in a month or two, not so much.

      • nodnarb

        Totally agree, it’s all about selling magazines. Which is why I stopped subscribing to this one two years ago.

      • um

        awesome, good for you. coming to the website and posting doesn’t generate any revenue for them either.

      • Molly

        And yet, here you are.

      • nodnarb

        Visiting the website doesn’t cost me anything, Molly. What’s your point?

      • UGH

        I’m with nodnard.

      • Nate

        Um is correct. Entertainment is a business. Timberlake sells magazine covers. It may not be fair but once the other actors gain recognition then they will get a chance for their own covers. Complaining about it is not gonna change anything.

      • nodnarb

        Nate, do you work for EW? My complaints aren’t related to fairness… I question their cover choices because Entertainment Weekly used to break stars BEFORE they were big. They used to be the trend setter. Now it seems they’re more like trend followers.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Obviously, we all know why Timberlake got the solo cover.

        You say that “once the other actors gain recognition then they will get a chance for their own covers” and you’re absolutely right. However, I would argue that one way for someone like Eisenberg to gain recognition would be, oh I don’t know, appearing alone on the cover of “Entertainment Weekly” when he’s the lead in one of the season’s most anticipated movies. For better or worse, giving Timerlake the solo cover for this movie is a People magazine move.

        I echo nodnarb’s disappointment.

      • Nate

        @nodnarb: No, I don’t work for EW. I just saw a lot of folk here questioning the cover choices and attempted to point out why they most likely made those choices. :)
        Also, it is the job of the actors’ publicist to help them out in the media and not EW. I wish the mag was still into being the “trend setter” but it seems like being trend followers makes them more money.

      • nodnarb

        I hear ya. Gone are the days of a bleeding-edge magazine industry.

    • Karate Pants

      Though I do love the sexy geeks theme, it seems that JT showed up for a shoot and the other two had to be photoshopped in. I mean, he’s crouching at their waist level. The group pic is kinda sloppy, could have been cooler.

      • nodnarb

        It’s because JT was so busy waiting for his next album to “pour out of him.” I genuinely like JT, but that is probably the most pretentious thing I’ve ever heard him say… especially given that his songs are about as deep as a dimple on a golf ball. (I’m grumpy this morning!)

      • Karate Pants

        Time to tap a fresh box of Franzia, crabby. I think if you throw fruit in it, you could call it a breakfast sangria. ;)
        But yeah, it seemed odd for him to be so cool and aloof about his music, it rubbed me the wrong way too.

      • nodnarb

        Target actually sells box sangria. And it comes in juice box sizes so no one knows you’re drinking the liquors. It’s like they made it just for me!

      • Mr. Holloway

        The group pic IS sloppy. (I’m mostly wondering what Andrew Garfield is looking at.)

        I have to say, I AM enjoying the names above each actor (and the way it identifies Garfield as Patti Lupone).

      • candacecolemanbrown

        duh… it looks to me like JT is sitting on a bar stool (in both covers) and the other two are standing on either side of him. i am not saying that there is not a chance he wasnt photoshopped into the pic.. but he is not crouching… he is sitting vs them standing.

      • nodnarb

        Hahahaha! OMG, you are so right, Monsieur Holloway. Jon Stewart is looking much younger. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves when movie posters put Tom Cruise’s name over Cameron Diaz’s pic and vice-versa.

      • Karate Pants

        Aaaand I’m off to Target for juice boxes of Sangria. Oh happy day!

      • MurMaz

        EW has gotten very sloppy with the photoshopping. I don’t like it.

  • Shane

    Disappointed that Armie isn’t included on any of the covers. He is definitely the hottest of the bunch!

  • Mike

    Oh puke, a Justin Timberlake cover. I hope I get the one with all 3.

  • Dave

    So the star of the movie, Jesse Eisenberg, doesn’t get his own cover? And Justin Timberlake not only gets his own cover, but is put front and center for the group shot?

    • Stephanie

      I was suprised, too. Justin’s role compared to the other two pictured is very minor, yet he is the one getting the most publicity. I saw The Social Network at an early screening, and it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time… Why use the star power of Justin Timberlake as a crutch to promote the film when it is definately strong enough to stand on its own?

      • Nate

        Because even incredibly good films can bomb at the box office. Marketing a film involves getting as many people to the theater as possible and that means employing the star power of your actors.

  • Eli

    Wow. Justin Timberlake AND the guys from the social network. So…I didn’t know this movie was about him. Guess I have to make different movie choices now.

  • Sadie

    I love both covers! But I kind of want that solo Timberlake cover where I can see all that arm.

    • Karate Pants

      Strangely his left arm looks SO different…much less muscular…

    • Mr. Holloway

      To me, the solo Timberlake cover kinda looks like he’s trying to keep himself from turning into the Hulk.

      • auds

        Agreed, thank God I didn’t get the solo cover!! I’d have thrown it out!! Andrew Garfield & Jesse Eisenberg are SOOO much more interesting (and better looking) than JT!!

  • jon gosselin

    talk about a photoshop on jesse eisenbergs face. he must have some bad zits to be that gleaming.

  • ksu2000grad

    I love when decisions like these are so easy for me to make – I won’t see this movie or purchase this magazine because of the association with Justin Timberlake.

  • BHM1304

    If this is “Must See” than I need no further proof that cinema is dead. Its a FICTIONAL movie about a web site for douchebags for Christsakes. An f’n web site. Entertainment only aims below the brain now.

    • Kathryn

      Dude, chill out. It’s less about a website than about the people who make a website, and it’s received great reviews.

  • Macaroni

    I don’t understand the appeal of Justin Timberlake. That guy is a girl. Can’t sing, arrogant and he’s ugly.

    • Karate Pants

      So apparently it’s fashionable to rip on Justin Timberlake now? Why? I can’t believe people sincerely doubt his talent.

      • nodnarb

        I thought it was odd that all these haters rushed in at the same time. WTF? Did Justin Bieber tweet a link to this article?

      • Karate Pants

        Really, when did this happen? Egotistical, sure – but worthy of much praise. The miles I’ve run with FutureSex/LoveSounds and the tears I’ve shed watching “D!ck in a Box” alone earned him a lifetime pass in my book.

      • u

        @ Karate:

        Loads of people hate Justin Timberlake, simply for the fact that he used to front a boy band, and therefore they believe him to be completely devoid of talent. And then there’s people who have never quite forgiven him for not taking responsibility for Boobgate, a.k.a. the 2004 Superbowl halftime show incident. They’re insulted that Justin could ever be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jackson, so they call him “Timberfake”.

      • nodnarb

        See, I thought everyone called him “Trousersnake.”

  • sally

    Justin Timberlake is so full of himself.

  • Charlie

    Justin’s flexing like crazy..
    Wow, you’re cool and strong….omg…NOT

  • mickey

    “Uber-entertainer”? Oh, please. Justin Timberlake is average in EVERY way. I’m surprised the other two guys could fit on the cover with Timberlame’s MASSIVE ego. Thanks for contributing to his megalomania by giving him a solo cover.

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