Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Episode 3

survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS“Sorry bout smushing the bananas.”
Naonka, Survivor: Nicaragua 2010

Okay I need to preface this blog by saying that I’m very frustrated at the moment and therefore may very well write things that I later regret. Which really means that I’ve already considered if I’ll regret the comments and have decided I don’t care if I do regret them, which means I really don’t/won’t regret them at all. I know what I’m writing it and my intention is clear.

The two big reasons for my frustration:

1. Naonka
2. Marty

Naonka wins out because my frustration with Naonka touches on humanity. I was so disturbed by what I saw and heard in this episode that I could barely write this blog.

My frustration with Marty is much less emotional. It’s based on his out of control arrogance and ego and is probably just me talking to myself. That’s usually how it goes, right? It’s not ever about the “other person”… it’s always about you. That’s what my shrink says anyway. Yes, I’ve already emailed her for an appointment.

Before we get to my frustration, let me share my sadness that Jimmy Johnson is gone.

I’m probably just star struck but I really enjoyed having him around. I think he had a big target on his back from day one. He’s just too popular, too successful and too financially well off to really have a shot at winning this game. But he was a true Survivor fan. He applied three times to be on the show and I am so happy he hung in there and ended up on the show. It was a real treat for all of us and I’m guessing a real treat for a lot of fans as well.

I stand by my earlier statements that in voting him out the older tribe voted out a proven leader and the truth is they don’t have anybody to take his place. It damn sure ain’t you, Marty. I know you are very successful in your normal life, but on Survivor, the only thing you’re capable of leading are the lambs to the slaughter. Your tribemates are the lambs and the game is the slaughter.

Marty doesn’t understand Survivor 1/10th as well as he thinks he does. Never has. I’m not saying Marty can’t or won’t make it to the end, lots of people make it to the end, never fully understanding the game they are playing. But the only way Marty wins is if he takes a jury full of his older tribemates with him and at the rate they are losing challenges, that seems unlikely. (I warned you I was in a mood.)

Here’s the latest proof that Marty is being driven solely by ego and not the amazing game play as he keeps professing:

Marty: (To Dan) “Can you imagine what your friends in Manhattan are gonna say when you say you blindsided Jimmy Johnson.”

Yeah, I think they’re gonna say you missed the forest for the trees. You were conspiring about who to vote out with the one guy you should have voted out! Dan is still in this game. Now that’s amazing game play.

Jill is also disappointing me. Maybe it’s just a theme today: Disappointment. Could it be that I am just disappointed in myself? Maybe. I’m having a good hair day, so it can’t be that. I just had a big breakfast, so it’s not low blood sugar. Who knows.

Anyway, Jill is disappointing me because Jill should be doing much better. Jill understands the game as well or better than anybody on her tribe but she is too weak to take over.

First she gave the idol to Marty and now she’s giving her vote to Marty. She says “whatever” but I don’t buy it. I don’t know what is going on but she’s much tougher and stronger than she is showing.

I had such high hopes for her being a leader. She should have the idol in her pocket, nobody should know about it and she and Jimmy Johnson should be leading this tribe. Did you see how much fun they were having when they were all fishing together? Jill what are you doing?

Instead you have Marty, Jiimmy T and Tyrone doing the leading. If this is your fantasy Survivor line up, you’re screwed.

Marty, Jimmy T, Tyrone, if you’re mad at me, go back and read the opening paragraph – it’s all about me. This has nothing to do with you. Nadathing.

By the way, Marty, the other people are playing the game. Just because they’re not playing the way you want them to doesn’t mean they’re not playing.

I will give Marty credit for sharing the idol. Normally I’d consider this a monumental mistake, but given the vibe on this tribe, I think he was smart. It makes him look like a bit of a decent guy and nobody on this tribe (except maybe Jane) is smart enough to figure out how to make it work for them…or against Marty anyway. He’s safe for the moment.

The Howler monkeys are everywhere in Nicaragua. They make a very loud “howl,” they sit up in the trees and throw sticks at you.

Jimmy Johnson wasn’t the only one howling back at the monkeys.

After challenges the crew would drive back through the jungle, along a long, winding, bumpy road and you could often hear the monkeys screaming. We’d often pull over just to listen and watch. Sure enough you find yourself trying to speak to them by howling back. Sometimes they responded and you felt like Jane Goodall.

Yes I know I keep calling him Jud. Sorry. I’m not living with him 24/7. I didn’t realize how strongly the nickname had attached to him. If he lasts longer I’ll figure it out. But, how can you not dig Fabio…at least a little bit. I love that he wants to be kept around for more than “just being funny.” It’s like the hot girl who says “there is more to me than just my looks.” There probably is, but nobody cares!

Fabio, keep being funny and stop over thinking it. Funny can get you a long way in life, just like being hot. Look at Sarah Silverman… hot and funny = major success.

“I’m as strong as any of the women.” Uh, no you’re not. I don’t think Dan could beat anybody, including the unnamed “moose” he referenced. Dan, you’re a really charming guy who I like quite a bit but I am amazed you passed our physical. But you did and there you are still in the game and two other people from your tribe are gone. Okay, Wendy was justified. Ah heck, maybe Jimmy J was too.

Okay let’s get to it – the thing that is really bothering me today. It’s you, Naonka. I am so torn over what I saw in last night’s episode.


Whew. That felt good. I feel better already.

Here’s my dilemma. Naonka’s argument is simple: “It’s a game. I should use anything to my advantage and I did. Tough beans that Kelly B has an artificial leg. Not my problem.” I can’t argue against that. She’s right. Technically.

But man, my gut turned when I saw the scene. Keep in mind I do not watch tape on location so I had no idea this had gone down and how physical it got between Naonka and Kelly B.

Had I known, I’m not sure if I could have contained myself the next time I saw Naonka. Okay that’s a lie. Of course I could have contained myself, but I certainly would have looked at Naonka a bit differently.

And then to offer an apology to the tribe for “smushing the bananas…” That was the line that hung in the air for me. She made a conscious decision to apologize for the bananas but no mention of Kelly B. (And for the record, those bananas are the equivalent of gold bars on Survivor. She ruined a big chunk of the reward they just won.)

Naonka: “I got hood. Not ghetto.” I don’t even know what that line means, but the inference is that she knows what she did was rough and that makes it even worse.

For me it just comes down to fairness in life. Yes, you can argue that Survivor is a game and anything goes and if you say that I will nod and agree with you. This is just my own point of view. For me, there is a “fairness in life” philosophy that would prohibit me from taking that kind of advantage from someone like Kelly B. I know Kelly can take care of herself but an artificial leg is not a real leg. It does not and cannot do every single thing a real leg can and when it comes to balance Kelly B is at a disadvantage.

I really found it distasteful.

I will offer this, Naonka you should be writing for a television show. You would have to write alone, because nobody would last with you in the same room, but you spit out some of the most honest and compelling comments I’ve ever heard a person say. They’re not always pleasant but they are revealing of your character and that makes them on some level worth exploring.

Make no mistake, you are a villain. I don’t think anybody watching this season would disagree. Doesn’t mean you can’t get to the end, but I would bet my house and everything in my bank account you can’t win. Then again, I thought Sash would be first off. So what do I really know.

This is Survivor folks. Bringing together a cross-section of America. Forcing them to live together, while battling against each other. It can be a nasty game.

See ya Jimmy J. Hope to catch a game with you one day.

Check out the exclusive deleted scene below, and be sure to read Dalton Ross’ full episode recap.

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  • MCS

    Jeff, you’re right on the money as usual. NaOnka is just downright rude, but my word Marty is arrogant. It’s one of life’s great questions: is NaOnka as offensive as Marty is arrogant? Really. Marty has talked himself up so much I really hope he is voted off just so I can laugh.

    • Commercial interrupt

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      • Sam

        OMG, if she gets Fabio out of the show I’ll kill her. I had to rewind the “hermit crab” comment three times… Howled each time. Fabio needs to have his own show. It would be like Bill and Ted’s, except it’s Bill and Ted and Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High stuck on Lord of the Flies, the comedy edition. Too much fun that Fabio. I want to put a collar round him and call him my pet.

        Love you as always Jeff. xoxo

      • CP

        I agree – and there’s this website where people date other people… of different ages/sexes/religions/races/Survivor-season-preferences…

        I typically prefer the villains (RHatch, BRob, Russell) – but NaOnka is just EVIL-evil. Evil. I don’t like that. Evil gameplay is awesome. Evil real-life is awful.

      • Dr. Zechariah Zenith

        Even though I don’t know who to root for in this season.

        I am sure who I already despised.

        Naonka makes Omarosa looks like Mother Theresa.

        She has no class at all. 100% Villain for the next Survivor Heroes vs Villains 2.

        She is good for TV, but she makes herself look bad each time she said a word.

      • chrispy

        love this post

      • JTC98

        @CP – I couldn’t agree with you more. This is not just evil gameplay on her part, this comes across very much as who she is in everyday life. She is nothing but a bully and an offensive person. Marty is an arrogant idiot who clearly doesn’t understand how to play the game.

      • jenny

        Sam – I agree – I watched it (the hermit crab scene) a few times – so darn funny:)

      • madeleine

        lol! yes, it happens every single time

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      • UsualSuspects

        Thank you for mentioning that constant spammer…it drives me bonkers.

    • chad

      Thing I am most looking forward to this season:
      NaOnka’s reaction to being voted off
      I shouldn’t have to wait long…

      • Kim from Texas

        Did anyone laugh when she couldn’t find the Idol with the clues that she tried so hard to get?

      • Dr. Zechariah Zenith

        To the Survivor Producers

        Stop putting the clues on rewards

        To avoid:
        1. Danielle vs Amanda dilemma
        2. Naonka incident

        There is no rule on who actually owns it. So ok to push anybody around and this might get ugly in the future. (See how Naonka did it already against a cripple!)

        Why not put it during actual challenges? In this way, while everyone is busy they have their eyes for any clue.

      • Ashley

        Kim – I did.

        The people I was watching with all thought the same thing: she may have gotten the clue, but she’s too effing stupid to figure it out.

      • busto11

        me too!!! Or Fabio knocks her down and takes back his socks.

      • Anonymous

        Putting the clues in the reward doesnt work when they have to take the reward home with them. Especially putting it in the fruit basket! Everyone will see it and the surprise and suspense will be ruined! If you had put it in a plant then only one lucky person would get it, or if there is a location reward and you put it under a chair that’s ok. But putting it in the fruit was downright retarded!

      • musica1

        Please let Na be voted out next. I’ll enjoy the season much more without her. Fabio has to stay. I want to give him the million right now just for entertainment value.

      • ahach

        NaOnka actually quits, so you wont get to see her voted off….

      • Nixon

        Will you people please stop calling Kelly B a cripple!! It’s very disrespectful. She is equally a human being like the rest of us, she just has a disability. That’s it, simple!

      • Renee

        Naonka is a very disgusting and inhumane female. I hope the kids that she instructs do NOT watch her in Suvivor. She is NOT a role model for these kids. And she shouldn’t be allowed to instruct kids. She steals someone else’s socks and in her mind she isn’t wrong. She deliberately pushed the girl with an artificial leg knowing she would easily loose her balance; and Naonka thought she was the “better” person becaause she took unfair advantage.

      • Windy

        Lets hope we don’t have to wait.. but I didn’t like Russell either and he stuck around to the end..

      • StevePDX

        So can’t wait for ghetto gurl to be gone…

      • Eirodann

        Counting the minutes to NaOnka’s departure…it will be PRICELESS.

      • Pam Bulla

        What I couldn’t stop cringing about was that Kelly B. is being made to take NarcissistOnka’s crap…being shoved around, dehumanized, bullied, abused, ridiculed by this inhumane bully who, I am certain, will have a prison record soon. NaOnka has a major Karma issue coming her way and people need to stay as far away from her as possible, to not be under the sky of her fallout. She should have been kicked off the minute her physical aggression hurt another player, and Kelly is no weakling if she can take that crap from CrapOnka.

    • the real wendy

      This is the most unlikable group of survivors ever. Its like a train wreck I can’t turn away from… horrible, boring people. No one is compelling to me.

      • Q.H.

        Yeah, I’m with you on this one. Everyone is an idiot, an @$$, or a combination of the two. NaOnka is just trash. If she was a teacher where my kids are going to school, I’d have transferred them to another school by now.

      • Liz

        I agree, it’s like the producers loved that people hated Russell so much so they got together a group of equally horrible people and are hoping one of them beats Russell out of being the survivor I would most like to push into a volcano.

      • Dr. Zechariah Zenith

        Agree. No one to root for yet.

        It is like you would rather see people go than stay.

        Naonka should go home first. She hates Fabio because of his hair. She hates Kelly because she has one leg.

      • James Davis

        That’s not completely true. Jane on the older tribe & Fabio on the younger tribe are easily two good people to root for. I agree there are a ton of jerks but those two seem very much my cheering.

      • Paul

        Agreed. Now that Jimmy J. is gone, it will be like watching a demolition derby. Who cares about the winner…. just want to see wrecks and destruction.

      • Sandra

        Totally in agreement – I don’t know what really happened this season, it’s just not looking good at all!!!

      • Tim

        Tyrone is likable, and seems like a good team player. Right now I’m rooting for him.

      • Kelly

        I often like to see the villain get ahead a little bit. Makes the show interesting. If anyone remembers Susan Hawk from Survivor 1. The things she said to Kelly Wiglesworth were not nice…but compare that to what NaOnka has said and done to Kelly B…well need I say more.

      • chergui

        Being a person who would be on the “older” team, I’m disgusted with the older team in voting out JJ. In fact, other than Tyrone, I think that whole team should be voted off. Marty is an idiot for letting his ego get in the way so early in the game. They should have kept JJ until the very end just for his leadership abilities. Being a nurse practioner, Dr. Jill has got to go. What a whimp for an ER doc. I wouldn’t want her treating me if I had an emergency; what a lack of common sense. She’s an idiot for giving up the idol to Marty. And, he’s so stupid, he couldn’t even find the thing. Poor Dan is a physical mess. Doesn’t the team know that you keep your strongest physical people as long as you can so you can win challenges? Duh! The others on the “older” team are just a bunch of lemmings with no brains…keep following Marty over the cliff, you lemmings. As far as the younger team, I hope they aren’t representative of our younger general population. This younger group appears to be more predjudiced and bigotted than what I thought younger people are constantly touting about themselves. Thank goodness they got rid of the homophobe making generalizations without any real proof. Now we have a cruel, purported teacher, racist–NaOnka. If that person was my child’s PE teacher, my child would be out of that class. I wouldn’t want my child taught by anyone with her morals, social values, social justice, and anti-disability ideas. She is crude and rude. She far surpasses any of the villains on Survivor. In my opinion, so far, this season doesn’t have a worthy winner….maybe Tyrone….we’ll see???

      • Archangelowar

        Wholeheartedly agree. I have never been so disappointed with an entire group of contestants as I am this season. They, for the most part, are the most annoying, conceited, clueless bunch of people to ever play the game. Yes Fabio is funny. Yes I was a bit sad (but not surprised) to see J.J. voted off. Other than that…I vote we just reboot the entire season and start over with a bunch of replacement players.

      • Betty-Lou

        If NaOnka is really a teacher as it says each time under her name then I believe her school dept. should consider firing her for showing what an awful person she is! She is not a role model for anyone, never mind a child! Her bias’ are not just for television- this is a truly horrible person! She thinks she is funny? I find her comments disgusting! She makes ALL the other so called villians look good by comparison!!Marty is arrogant but he hasn’t said vile things about a disabled person- in this day and age there should be tolerance for all!!!This season so far is probably the worst and I have watched them all!!Hope it gets better!

    • CC Canada

      As I watched Marty in last nights episode I kept thinking if I were on his tribe I would be CONVINCED there’s no trusting him – something about his eyes – they are shifty and hiding a LOT – and not very well… and Jeff you were very spot on about Jill – honey it worked well for Sandra but get some POWER! She may be doing it strategically, another cook less in the kitchen, but time will tell if she has the power to run ahead of the pack. The women on the tribe best start talking together about how to survive through the men’s voting strategy because they are next on the chopping block…

      There is something about Jane i like – come on girl show us more!!!!

      • Ashley

        I agree about Jill, she is really disappointing so far. You can just tell that she’s intelligent and strong, and I guess we don’t know yet what her strategy is, but I just really want to see her step it up because I know she can!

        I also like Yve on that tribe.

      • Wha

        What is there to like about Yve? She has done nothing notable and I usually forget she’s there.

      • musica1

        Well, she’s playing Marty like a fiddle. She told him where the Idol was and practically insisted he find it. Then she told him to show it to the whole tribe and he did. I think she’s just a warrior using him as a shield at this point.

      • KatieN

        I think I will root for Jane. She’s a hard worker and seems really strong. Nothing that goes on seems to bother her. I think she could survive out there by herself! I can’t believe they all followed Marty in voting off Jimmy J. Dan can hardly stand up sometimes.

    • BruceMpls

      Jeff is not only right on but it’s refreshing to have a host of the show blog about what they really think. The majority of show host blogs come across as simply an extension of promoting the show and basically giving a recap (hope you are reading this Julie). One thing I will say about NatRatOnka is that the show is doing all they can to call her out as this season’s bitch. She had more one-on-one camera time last night than the rest of the contestants. They (CBS) are obviously setting us up for things to come.

      • Geri Calcut

        I have watched every Survivor show from the beginning but this season has the WORST players ever, dumb & rude. If NatRarOnka doesn’t get escorted off the island SOON I will not watch the rest of the season. She is an embarrassment to the human race.

      • stimpy

        okay I agree that Naonka is a total jerk but in regards to pushing Kelly over, I feel it was just part of the game. It was either fight for the clue or let Kelly get it because she wanted to be “polite”.
        Anyone would have fought for that clue and if they didn’t they would be idiots

    • Danielle

      Marty felt threatened by Jimmy and therefore wanted him gone. He didn’t care about the strength of the tribe. Who is going to step up now? Jimmy T? Yeah right.

      NaOnka is DISGUSTING. Yes, you don’t have to treat Kelly B special because she has an artificial limb, but you shouldn’t MISTREAT her either. And the preview for next week about wanting to throw the leg into the fire? Really? What has Kelly ever done to her? Someone needs to set that girl straight.

      • Todd

        Along those same lines, what did Fabio ever do to her? She hates him for absolutely no reason expect she doesn’t like how he looks. She must never have looked in a mirror, otherwise she would probably hate herself.

      • kathy riley

        If natratnonka does anything to Kellys leg and the producers don’t remove her I am done with survivor.

      • John

        Did anyone get the feeling that Jimmy Johnson couldn’t really play the game because he is a public figure. I mean, other players can lie and back-stab, but JJ can’t really afford to do that. It could affect his public persona after the game ended. I think that was a big disadvantage for him. I’m pretty sure it had to be running through his mind “How am I going to look if I do something underhanded or perceived as underhanded”. How else do you explain him not talking or conspiring with ANYONE. He had allies but choose not to align with any group or person. That was his downfall. Sorry to see him go because as a football fan (and big Cowboys fan) it was fun to get an insight into an NFL coaches motivational techniques.

      • Terri

        I agree 100% about Danielle’s post from 9/30 regarding Kelly B.& NaOnka. NaOnka is behavior was disgusting regarding the shoving incident and her comments regarding throwing her artifical leg in a fire. Not sure where in the world she is a teacher but I would certainly question her ethics and the “ghetto” talk is certainly not how I would think an educated person should be speaking.
        One of these days she will look back on this and be embarassed. At least I hope so.

    • Kathy

      Oh my goodness. NaOnka is a jerk of epic proportions. I hope she never has to endure any kind of disability….no, I hope she does some day and then can learn a little compassion. She’s too dumb to figure out the clue anyway. Marty will fail miserably as a leader because he thinks that being the leader means he’ll call the shots and I don’t think his tribe will go along with that. I hope the women of Espada band together.

      • Phrank Loyed

        I am not sure that Marty wants to be the leader. I think that he would rather let Jimmy T. place himself in that role so that he’ll take the heat as the older team falls appart.

      • chergui

        My experience: what goes around, comes around….maybe not today, but it will come back to her someday.

    • Dustin

      I’m sorry, but if I was in that show I would Burn NaOnkas Shoes and Cut off her hair with a Knife.

      Game or Not, you don’t push over cripples. It’s just wrong.

      • Dustin

        My comment was not supposed to
        Be posted here. What The Heck!?

    • Noemi Condra

      Naonka what an awful person. A PE Teacher that is not a good example to her students. Granted this is a game, she is not demonstrating a good sportmanship. She is greedy and a very negative player with bad attitude. I just hope her students don’t follow her road of negativity and reckless attitude.


        I’m sure she acts the same way with the kids .. nowadays with all the sick reality shows , like bad girls … that’s the way to act .. it’s alot easier to be a crud like Nakonka than to be a good person .. I’m sure she most likely is very popular at school … but she is going to find out pretty quick what the rest of the country thinks of her … she is a sorry peice of crap .. in my book …

    • CJ

      Jeff last night was the most disappointing episode of Survivor I have seen since you aired. I totally agree that all is fair in love and war in this game, however what Naonka did was just plain assault. I really thought that the network had a strict policy, that being, in the rules of Survivor the only thing that could get you kicked off besides the vote was INTENTIONALLY physically attacking another player. In twenty seasons I have not seen anything this cruel. I don’t think she qualifies as a villian, because all of the others have a pulse. I would feel this way if Kelly B. were handicapped or not. Point being she is, it makes it so much worse. This woman is a teacher??? Great role model for our youth of today. I believe in Karma Jeff and maybe just maybe next time Naonka enters the ocean she may want to be on the lookout for sharks.

    • toni burright

      OMG Naonka is an awful person.What if the shoe was on the other foot? Would she be able to handle it. NAUGHT!

    • mlb

      Naonka is a disgusting human being. I don’t think Kelly should have any special priveleges because she has a diability – she clearly proved in last week’s challenge that she can do anything, but Naonka is targeting her for the sole purpose of trying to prove that she has weaknesses. I hope she’s gone soon.

    • Jason

      Marty is not arrogant he plays like he is arrogant. He is actually an insecure person who was jealous of Jimmy J’s success and wished he had that success in his life. Marty, there is a reason Jimmy is successful and you just don’t have those qualities.

    • seattleellen

      I was so disappointed in Jill-just going along with Marty to vote off Jimmy J. If they’d wanted to blindside someone they should have voted off Marty – I cannot STAND HIM-he is so arrogant + he would not have found that idol if not for Jill.I hope she has something up her sleeve. Dan is useless and Jimmy T. has a friggin’ big mouth-get him out.
      And Nanoka is just a rhymes with with – get her out.I’m truly afraid this women will steal Kelly’s artificial leg and put it in the fire or out in the ocean.She is evil and there is no way she should have her PE teacher job waiting for her-who would want this person to be a role model to their children.
      And I for one cannot stand fabio, I’m afraid the man is going to set himself on fire -its’ like he’s never been around a campfire before. Get rid of him and that Brenda. So far on either team- I can’t think of a single person I like – perhaps the older gal that started the fire on her own, but she’s got to step it up.
      And maybe Jimmy J. wanted to go-since he made the comment about being the oldest & the weakest. He was probably hungry & wanted a hot shower.The older team is gonna fall apart with out him and somehow they’ve got to get Marty Out SOON!

      • seattleellen

        I meant to say Nanoka is a – rhymes with witch – she works me up something fierce. And I agree that Marty is hugely insecure – he covers it with his arrogance.
        They’d be smart to get him out soon – along with Dan & Jimmy T!
        And the other team should get Nanoka out -even if they don’t know how nasty she’s been towards Kelly & her artificial leg – for smushing the bananas. I admit I loved it-after all of that, she is such a dumb ass, no surprise that she couldn’t figure out the clues. Karma baby, just wait for it!

    • ruthie

      And one thing that hasn’t been mentioned is that Naonka is a teacher!!! If she was one of my kids teachers and I watched this display of lack of compassion (I’m not talking about special privileges) for not only Kelly but what seems for everyone I’d not only pull them out of her class but it would also make me wonder about the school administration that would hire someone like her… Wonder what’s wrong with our schools???

    • Tanner Davis

      Dang, I almost quit watching this season when he got voted out. I was once an Old people supporter but with Jimmy gone, and every other person destroying my high opinion of them in one fell swoop, I’m officially on the Young peoples side. The only person on the old peoples left that I like is Tyrone, but with Marty’s habit of ‘getting rid of threats’ he won’t last much longer ether.

    • mary

      Naonka is just a mean and nasty person! She has no respect for anyone.

    • Cindy

      I agree with everything you said. I have never been so frustrated with the show before. Naonka is a back stabing and cruel!!! She is nothing special that is for sure. I also can’t believe that the tribe didn’t vote her out on Oct. 13th. I have a question about Chase which nascar team is he from? I see that he has a hendricks hat on. I LOVE NASCAR and my driver is Jimmy Johnson.

  • Steven Wolff

    Good Morning Jeff – I have an idea for you that I think will be great for next Season of Surivor…. please hear me out and relay this if you like it…

    Next Season – When a tribe uses the Medallion of Power – Have 1 (or 2) fan favorite cast aways return on the show for that challenge.

    So lets say you pick “Boston Rob” (or Ozzy or Earl ) whomever…. Ask them if they want to make a cameo appearance and compete on the show.

    If they say Yes – then use them as the Tribe’s Medallion of Power “Advantage” and if that tribe wins – They get to keep (Name of fan favorite/former survivor) for a day… or two or until next tribal counsel.

    So when you start a challenge – and a tribe wants to use it, the audience at home will have NO IDEA that Rupert just came and gave them a big “strength” advantage (Or better yet, maybe a great stragey player like Sandra) or an “evil” player like Russel. Each challenge, have someone different come in and keep it a secret. :-)

    This will keep fans GLUED to their TV sets…. I PROMISE! (Save the best for last of course… like Rupert, Tom, Earl, Yao Man, etc.)

    There’s so many ways you can run with this…. Please think it over and write it down so you don’t forget.

    I’ll know your answer if I see it on next seasons SURVIVOR. :-D

    Steven Wolff
    Vancouver, Washington, USA.

    • not Jeff

      A Cameo??? Dude, that’s stupid

    • JRE

      So these people who are to do cameos sit out in the jungle just waiting for a team to play the medallion? You do realize that these challenges are taking place halfway around the world, right?

      • MikeP

        “So these people who are to do cameos sit out in the jungle just waiting for a team to play the medallion?” Hahaha yeah there’s absolutely no practicality thought out in this idea whatsoever, not to mention it’s a boring idea. Enough of the has-beens, let’s move forward.

        Lame idea!

    • TorontoTom

      We have seen ENOUGH of people like Rupert, Boston Rob, James, Amanda, Parvati, etc, etc.
      Bad idea…

      • Scottitude

        Ummmm, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit more of Amanda & Parvati. Not necessarily on Survivor, mind you, just more. Wink-wink nudge-nudge

      • Chris

        Parvati, sure. She was great. But Amanda? You would basically get the same view that you get looking at any number of CBS’s censor blurs. And this year there are about twice as many!

      • ahach

        Well, Rob and Russell are back next season, so you better get over it quick…

      • Becky

        Totally agree, we have seen enough of the repeats. Except for Jeff of course!! (love him:)) Make way for new villians and heros!!

      • joe

        ahach, what are you trying to stir up? Naonka quits? Russell and Rob are back next season?

        I smell a troll who is trying to act like a spoiler. Get a life!

      • bamagal0846

        same here–move on and leave these people behind

      • Steilacoom Danny

        There’s always room for more of Amanda and Parvati!

    • gizmodiansky

      Sorry dude. Nice try, but that is a horrible idea. My guess is having a “fan favourite” would be more of a disadvantage than an advantage. Teams need to work together to win challenges not be distracted by some random “celebrity” joining their tribe for the day. Besides, I like getting to know the new people every season. I, as an audience member would be distracted by the return of a “fan favourite”.

    • KD

      I like your idea. :) (Just to balance out all the negativity!)

      • Eirodann

        Your idea made me smile. I don’t think it’s practical, but can you imagine if it were like a grab bag, you don’t know which all-star you get…on a puzzle challenge, you play the MOD and get RUPERT! I love Rupert, but that would be riotous!

    • Melonie

      Ya, be sure and write that one down Jeff so you don’t forget……….buhahahahaha

  • Linda

    So here is the bigger issue for me-
    This woman is a gym teacher? They let her near children??? Wow, not my children!

    • BW

      I agree. A teacher is supposed to show compassion and be unbiased and fair. That woman doesn’t have a compassionate bone in her body. Her attitude is truly ugly.

      • captain obvious

        I half expected her neck to snap and her head fall to the side the way she was moving it around like that. what a clown.

    • Teacher

      As an educator myself, I was horrified at the idea of that sorry piece of work being with children. However, PE Teacher isn’t quite accurate. On her Facebook, she lists her employer as YMCA and her job as personal trainer / PE teacher.

      Her degree in Communications showed itself. There are times that you can’t tell she’s from the hood, like when they were sitting at the beach talking about their alliance of five. But put her in front of the camera, and she is alllll about the hood.

      Jeff, I’m with you. It will be hard to look at her the same. How are you going to NOT smack her at the finale?

      • Sara

        Wow….a YMCA employed her. Her personality doesn’t seem to fit in with the inspirational creeds I see on the walls of my Y.

      • dally

        I think you are right on, Sara, with using the past tense. I don’t think the YMCA will be employing her after that episode aired.

      • KD

        Oh PLEASE don’t let her make it to the finale. Imagine what she’ll have to say as a jury member? *SHUDDERS*

      • Danielle

        I’ve watched every second of Survivor although I almost quit watching when they started feeding them so much that Katie actually gained weight out there! Gone are the good old Outback and Africa days (sigh). But I have never been prompted to comment until I saw NaOnka listed as a PE Teacher. I was thinking the parents should be up in arms and be protesting at the school to get her fired. I wouldn’t want my kids learning leadership and team play from her and that is what PE is about. Better she is a personal trainer although I can’t imagine what the YMCA was thinking!!

    • Tina

      I can’t agree w/you more! What parent in their right mind would want their child being in her presence’s? I am disgusted by her and to hear what she said for next wk she would burn Kelly’s leg in the fire. R U KIDDING me what a nasty vile person Naonka is! That is not game play that is who she is in life and maybe she needs to do some soul searching! Her principal needs to take a look at her behavior too! I don’t wish ill on her but children shouldn’t be exposed to that type of behavior as you are a role model 24/7, game or no game!

      • KC

        The scary thing is, I don’t think she’d have a problem actually doing it – putting her leg in the fire.

    • jodie

      A better question…how do you go back to teaching after putting yourself on display the way Naonka has? What will life be like for her outside of the game when it’s all said and done?

      • Marci

        Lets hope her employer is watching and fires her first thing. She wants to give people grief? Let what goes around come around for her.

      • Cameo

        I’m with you Marci. If I were her employer – she would no longer have a job to return to. Teaching job or otherwise.

      • onooka hater

        I’d like to see her lose her job too. But realistically, if the boss and the parents of the children are black she won’t. Blacks will stand together even if it’s a detriment to their own children. That’s why their neighborhoods and schools are failing, they’re not allowed to have an opinion that goes against the script, or they’re called Uncle Toms and ostracized.

      • Morgan

        Onooka Hater – Your racist description of this as a trait shared by all black people is just as ignorant and disgusting as Na-Onka’s disrespect for the disabled. Gety a life you racist loser. Disgusting people come in all colors, look at yourself if there’s any doubt.

      • Stephen

        @onooka hater: How ignorant are you? Decent people stick with decent people. I am black and I was screaming at the TV just like everyone else. How about actually KNOW a Black person before making such a stupid statement.

      • Eirodann

        @onooka hater. OMG, why would you lump ALL black people together like that? Good people are good people regardless of color, I think ALL the good people are united in their TV screaming every time that evil woman opens her mouth!

    • busto11

      I’m a teacher and Obnoxious nanonka is an insult to our profession.

      • snowdogsurvivor

        Naonka is not only a disgrace to her profession but more so as a human in general! The way she treats Fabio & the handicapped girl is inexcusable. Pure hate for people with no reason. Don’t even try to pull the race card on this one – what a sorry excuse for a existence she is. That said…why can’t Survivor cast more black women like Cirie – someone with a bit of class, dignity and compassion? There have been other black women that were interesting and enjoyable to watch on Survivor that played the game well. Last year there was another getto trash bimbo (can’t recall her name) but even as nasty as that one was, can’t hold a candle to this piece of puke this season. Naonka seems to think she is entitled – which from what I’ve seen many getto trash ketchup sandwich eating sorry excuse for a human act. It’s hard to watch someone so internally gross. Pure evil yes, but if they ever do another Heroes vs Villains or ANY OTHER type of cast where former cast members are asked to come back on the show – this low life POS should be banned. Even Russell would not have resorted to her deplorable actions. She needs to crawl under a rock and stay there for good. YUCK!

      • MikeP

        Naonka should not only be delisted from her profession, but she should be in jail or thrown out of the country. Seriously, inhumanity is not a crime if it’s committed against an inhumane person…let her rot.

      • MikeP

        ..and completely agree, there are plenty of well measured intelligent black people that would be an asset to this show. Naonka and that other piece of trash from Samoa, what’s with the stereotypical attitude? Get rid of the trash. The men are well represented though, i’m rooting for Tyrone!

    • Lisa

      I’d be surprised if she still had a job after this. That’s what I always think when I see people’s occupations on this show. If I was Nay’s principle and watched her on this show her butt would be canned so fast. Yes, it’s a game but you’re still a human. I don’t feel like Kelly B has at all used her artificial leg as a way to earn points or sympathy so why Nay is constantly on her and talking about breaking her artificial leg and stuff is just appalling.

      • Jay

        Naonka is a bully. End of story.

      • KC

        Bully is right – and notice she only targets those she thinks she can do it and get away with it. She stole Fabio’s socks – why no one else’s? Her venom toward the girl who has one leg – why? She thinks she sees weakness in them. Fight for the clue – fine. The venom she did it with is the issue.

    • Navigator

      Amen to that!
      The only thing more pathetic than her behavior is the fact that some dumbass school district hired her to teach kids.
      Think she’ll still have a job after the parents see the crap she’s pullin’?

    • 40Something Fan

      Totally agree. Naonka is an UGLY person—on the insid—where it counts for everything. I would never let her be a coach/teacher for my children!!! I won’t be surprised if I hear that her teacher/coach career is over after this.

    • SJ

      there was a teacher who made it on the news recently with video footage of beating down a child. she could very well be a teacher in the public school system, a horrible one, who takes no responsibility for her actions.

      I was also thinking if that shove over for the clue happened to her, she would be screaming harrassment and begging Jeff to kick that person off the show. Instead Kelly quitely takes care of herself in reaction. Props to her.

      Nao, you are not winning $1 million. You will end up on Celebrity Apprentice, slumming it with other D rated “celebs.”

  • Karen Hallion

    NaOnka seems to take a great deal of pleasure in being particularly cruel and disdainful of Kelly….says a lot about her character. If she was treating Kelly like any other player that would be one thing, but she seems to go out of her way to abuse her. Distasteful is putting it mildly.

    • Rock Golf

      I wouldn’t want to be a handicapped kid in her gym class.
      “Oh, you have no arms? Too damn bad. Now climb the rope!”

      • CP

        “Climb the rope, while I push you around and then tell everyone in America that you’re a faker, loser, etc.”

      • Pete

        That is terrible. I mean a teacher who is like that should be fired.

      • sue

        That was beyond hysterical. This woman is a very angry person. This is not Russell Hantz “evil.” This is pure evil. Want her off NOW!!!

      • Did You Climb In From Space

        Naonka will have a handy excuse, just like Holly. “Oh, Survivor is so hard on your psyche, it brings out the worst” ect ect. ( except she’ll say it in Ghetto/ Hoodspeak). In reality, it brings out the true character.
        Nay is the stereotypical Bobble Head Bitch.. with her head bobbin and her hands going and her mouth spewing rubbish.
        Good Karma people, like Probst, are wondering how there can be such D-Bags justifying their D-Bag ness.
        ps. In case anyone cares, I’m hopin for Fabio and Yve to go thru. Bummbed re: JJ. Dumb move.

      • Navigator

        HA! Good one!

    • Al

      She seems to have an issue with the physically handicapped and less intelligent. What does that say for her as a teacher? I really hope that she is asked to leave when she returns to her school. Even if she does not overtly treat her kids like she is behaving, Survivor brings out the true in people. Mean-spirited and nasty are her true colors. She might be able to keep a better lid on it at school, but I’ll bet she is the least favorite teacher for those with a physical or mental disability.

      • Renee

        I think it says that she is short on intelligence.

      • Jackette

        Heaven forbid that you are a kid named Fabio with an artificial limb. She will hate you the minute you walk in the door and then knock you over at some point.

    • starbbycat

      NaOnka will blame this all on the editing – just watch!

    • starbbycat

      She will blame it on either the editing or racism – just watch!

      • Pete

        I vote Naonka Worst Survivor Ever!!!

    • Nay’s Student

      Hey people, you are talking about my great teacher!

      • Mark E.

        Do yourself a favor… find another role model.

      • puppy dog


      • Jenc

        …says the “student” at 10:18 am on a Thursday…

      • Pam Bulla

        How is that for you and your classmates? Does she bully weaker students in class? Does she show respect to anyone or demand it from you without showing any at all to you in return? Just wondering. God keep you safe.

      • “old maid”My A–

        In all my years, this is probably the nastiest trick as yet. Russell was a jerk yes, but never did I see him pull this sort of trick. The young lady did fine. She didnt carry on and act like the nac onka did. It will come back on her tonight. To the young student who blogged about her being a good teacher ????????????? She does need to be put in her place,I”D BE HAPPY To take care of her for an hour! Enough of her vote her out tonight!

  • KC

    Dumb move getting rid of JJ. Why did they ALL vote for him? They need a strong, cohesive team. Look how he talked (forgot her name – shoe stealing, clam tossing lady) back from the crazy. Calmly.
    Now you’ve got Jimmy T and Marty who will now go at each other like Lord of the Flies. They are doomed.

    • not Jeff

      I totally agree…without JJ’s leadership and encouragement, the old tribe is going to get wiped out

    • BrandonK

      I couldn’t believe that the crazy shoe lady slipped under the radar so fast…last week she would have been gone for sure. This week nobody even mentioned her name!

    • SeanInTX

      Absolutely – it seems like contestants don’t watch the show before coming in. Rule #1 – keep your team strong until the merge. Rule #2 – eliminate threats in your own team AFTER you’ve eliminated the other team.

  • Mojo

    I hope that be-atch Natonka gets hit by a bus and loses her leg, an arm, and her eye sight. Then I’d laugh at her :)

    • Django

      Stay classy, Mojo…

      • Mojo

        Hey, fight class with class. She’s got absolutely none, so why should any be shown towards her? She’s either a) trying on purpose to be over the top rude to make a name for herself, or 2) a classless narcissistic little pig. Either way, karma has a way of working it’s way into peoples’ lives, and it’ll find her sooner rather than later.

    • Pete

      If you do, she might push you too.

      • Mojo

        The only thing that dumb pig will be pushing is a broom at McDonald’s since she’ll never be able to work her way up to “would you like fries with that” status.

  • caryn

    Disliking Marty is certainly not a reflection on Jeff’s or anybody else’s own arrogance or ego. He is jealous and seems humorless. He’s just not fun to watch. Not sure if I can ever forgive him for orchestrating Jimmy J’s ousting.

    • davey

      Marty is my favorite on the older tribe (next to Jane ofcourse). Jimmy J was just taking up space – what did he do for his tribe that was so special? Oh right….nothing! He tried to “coach” his tribe yet they kept on losing. It was the right decision for EVERYONE to vote him off. Thank God!

      • meliot

        @davey -Jane said she wanted to keep Jimmy J because he was their fisherman. He also did things around camp, was a positive influence, and kept morale up. And your comment about “they kept on losing” is a little silly at this point as this is only the third challenge and they won 1 out of 3. I am not saying that later on they will not continue to loose, but you are premature in your statement.

        I agree with Jeff that Marty’s ego is getting in the way of this tribe, and it will be his fault when they go into the merge with a minority. Marty and Jimmy T are going to butt heads for the power position in the tribe, and if I have to hear Jimmy J say one more time “listen to me” I am going to scream! He’s like a little kid going “mommy, mommy, look at me” 50 times a day.

        I like Tyrone. I was disgusted with Jimmy T making all those comments in the background while Tyrone was trying to land the sandbags, it was distracting and disrespectful, and obviously did not help the situation at all. Listening to Tyrone on his cameos, he definitely has Marty’s and Jimmy T’s number. I am anxious to see who Tyrone forms an alliance with. Hopefully he makes the right choice.

        At this point I don’t know who is worthy of the $1 million.

        Re: the younger tribe – NayOnka – karma baby, karma.

      • Cindy

        Marty is an egotistical pig…and apparently so are you. Good Call.

  • KH

    As always, great blog Jeff.

    When is Survivor going to have a celebrity edition? I’d bet that there are quite a few celebs who are like Jimmy Johnson. Let them play for charity. I know I’d watch.

    • Lisa

      I love this idea!!

      • Arlie

        Oo oo… me too!

    • Pan

      I would watch this only if they include Elisabeth Hasselback. I would love to see her back on Survivor.

      • sherry

        I would rather she went to Siberia (and stayed there!).

      • sherry

        I would rather she went to Siberia (and stayed there!). She is a Stoopid woman…

      • debramc7

        Elizabeth Hasselbeck)?? I’ll bet she laughs all the way to the bank and I’d sure watch her on The View if the others weren’t on it. THEY are stupid – especially Joy Bewhore.

      • gizmodiansky

        The problem is they would only be able to get D-list celebs. And then you’ve just got a bunch of out of work actors auditioning for parts. It would lame.

    • Kat

      That is such a great idea, there has got to be enough celebrities that would do this. That would be great to watch

      • Pam Bulla

        What would be even more fun than that is having a Survivor with only people with disabilities on the show. War veterans with artificial limbs, cancer survivors, those fighting MS, diabetes, blindness and representatives of other disabilities. Except for one Villain, and the Villain is NaOnka. :)

    • Ashley

      Hell no.

      I hate this idea. It ruins good reality TV shows once they start having celebrity editions. Survivor should have regular people that we can relate to, not ANOTHER game for celebrities.

      Although I should note that I didn’t mind Jimmy J’s presence this season.

      • Daina


      • thirdparty

        I think that a celebrity edition for Survivor would be the show’s “jumping the shark” moment.

    • Lisa

      Brilliant idea!

    • Teresa

      I remember that Rosie O’Donnell used to joke that the celebrity edition of Survivor would be making everyone go without their personal assistants.

      Seriously, though, there already is a celebrity version of Survivor. It’s called “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.”

      And it’s lame.

    • kayk

      My husband and I would LOVE to see Jeff Probst be a Survivor contestant, if they could get a guest host to take his place that season! How cool would THAT be!

      • RainbowKiteKanada

        I agree that watching Jeff play Survivor would be tops. The only problem is, you wouldn’t actually get to see him play. He’d have a bigger target on his back than Jimmy Johnson.

      • SJ

        If Probst could stay one night with each camp during the season, with some kind of reward challenge tied into it, something like that, it would be interesting. But not for a whole season.

    • KC

      Love this idea too but who would actually go on? Don’t want to see a Survivor edition of Love Boat (hmm, showing my age here…) :)

    • kathy

      thats the best idea anyone has come up with yet.

    • connie roe

      would love to see celeb show for charity

    • Rudez

      Urg.. please no!!! South Africa had a celebrity version! It was the most useless, boring thing I’ve ever seen! It was absolutely awful…

      You know what they should do, Survivor International, with contestants from around the world, each representing their country!!! The ratings for survivor would increase ten-fold, and I’d finally be able to apply!!!

  • Holly

    Naoaka is never going to figure out the immunity clue anyway! i dont know why she had to act in that manner! she is abusive and she will end up damaging the tribe enough she will be voted off. and yes, mojo, Karma will get her in the long run!

    i love fabio!

    • BW

      That is so true. After beating up Kelly B. for the clue, she had absolutely NO clue in deciphering it. There is no way she will figure out where the idol is on her own.

      • Snsetblaze

        But she did show it to someone who might – Brenda.

      • Al

        If I were Brenda, I would look at the clue, memorize it, tell NaOonka I can’t figure it out, figure it out and take the immunity idol.

      • bk

        Karma will get her for sure – my jaw dropped at how she acted it was insane! As for Jimmy J being voted off – that team is going to implode – too many chiefs wannabees

      • Marci

        @Al – I hope Brenda thinks like you!

      • Hold On

        Al, that’s exactly what I said, too.

    • Rosie

      Speaking of the immunity clue, what happened to the one that Kelly B and Alina found? Is it not important to them or are the editors focusing on other issues? Next episode should be interesting.

  • sockigal

    Jeff- Thanks for another honest post. Wow, who picked these people? Did the producers say, “this season we are going to pick the worst examples of human beings ever. Forget about Russell types, we will go one step past Russell and pick people who are mean and unlikable. That will make great TV.” You know that these type of people are out there. Those people who are just cruel and ugly inside. Very unpleasant to watch! I told my kids as we were watching “now this is a example of how not to act, ever!” Not many to like this year. Maybe Fabio and Kelly B. Hope we are being set up to see some huge downfall of Naonka.

    • Jennifer

      This cast is not very likable. I am not sure I be able to watch this season. Not many people to root for and too many not showing their personality on the show or just plain nasty personalities. Bummer after such a great season last time.

      • Susan

        I agree the cast is not too likable. I truly enjoyed Jimmy J. Personality and humor. Now that he is gone, I have lost interest. Marty’s ego completely controls him.

    • Lauren

      I agree. I believe even Russell would know not to push Kelly B. down just because of the reaction for others. NaOnka just doesn’t care and probably just got herself voted out.

      • SJ

        Russell would convince someone else to do his dirty work and laugh from the sidelines.
        OMG his burned hat was a funny moment :)

    • Lea

      This cast is not likeable but I will still watch.

      I hope that NaOnoka is being set up for a huge crash and burn. She is absolutely despicable, a worthless human being, and it’s not editing.

      In a way this shows why most tribes go for the easy vote outs at the beginning. If Kelly B, Alina and Shannon had tried to get NaOnka out then they probably would have succeeded with whatever his name is that has the hots for Brenda. But because they stupidly chose Brenda instead they screwed themselves.

  • JC

    NaOnka is nasty. Every single comment she has is in regards to KB’s fake leg. She can’t get over it. Its beginning to look like prejudice.

    And I honestly think it boils down to jealousy. She’s seen KB perform, and I think she’s worried that KB can perform at a higher level than her. So she’s sub-consciously putting her down at every turn in attempt to build herself up. Yuk. She is a despicable human being, and I usually root for villains

    • Ohkimmyone

      Naonka is simply an angry and defensive person and just may be wanting to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame. If she behaves like that in her work environment I would be surprised! From what I understand of Russells real world persona is that he is a nice person, has a beautiful wife and children, and works hard for a living. On the other hand, Naonka’s body language (more than her words) bespeaks of anger and someone who needs to act and put on a facade. At least Russell was Russell, but Naonka is someone else and is scary. Russell I could live with but Naonka I wouldn’t want to reside in the same city with.

  • Stephanie

    I immensely dislike NaOnka and and Marty, and Jimmy T…and basically everyone but Jane and, most especially, Jud- Jud. I never would have thought I’d actually root for him, but geez, he’s so likable. Fabio FTW! The rest suck.

    • Pan

      Jud surprised me yesterday. To hear he had an actual strategy other than exist impressed me.

  • Tracy

    Jeff, you never fail to disappoint! If you hadn’t seen anything wrong with what NaOnka said or did, I would have had to be angry with you for a few days ;o) She is a vile person. As a teacher, I have to say that I’m absolutely disgusted. She’s a horrible role model for the students that she teaches. I hope her district takes a good, long look at her. In a time when teachers are being criticized and blamed for students’ performances – this is just what our profession needs: NaOnka. Thanks for that. As always, I love reading your weekly blog, Jeff!

    • tifmck

      Huh, how did Jeff disappoint you?

  • Kim

    I wish Jimmy J. hadn’t gone. I still can’t get why they didn’t vote off Dan. Everybody knows he has trouble doing anything and how could they not think he was the weakest player. I can’t wait to see Marty fail at leading the tribe. He’s not a team player.
    Naoaka is a cruel person and she always says somthing about Kelly B. and her leg. I thought Russell was a villian, but Naoaka is the cruelist person I’ve seen play this game.

    • Haley

      I agree. Keeping Jimmy j around for a wjile longer would have helped their tribe and then they could have voted him off much later. He is one person who is a loyal Survivor watcher and has wanted to be on the show for a while now. They should have kept him.

      • davey

        How would keeping Jimmy J have helped them? Noone is actually answering that question. What did Jimmy J do that was so special? Nothing!

      • Marci

        Jimmy J treated everyone with respect – he encouraged and kept morale up. He never pointed fingers or expressed anger when they lost. His caring and wisdom was huge, and those people are going to feel that loss in a big way real soon. Marty is an insecure, negative minded, snake. He will NEVER be half the man JJ is – even if he manages to win this contest.

      • Hold On

        He also talked Holly back down off her ledge. While it might be debatable whether or not she should actually be playing, the fact is that it is NEVER a good thing for a tribe when somebody quits. Jimmy J. did Espada a favor with that one. We saw him encouraging team members and boosting morale many times over. And although we only got glimpses of it, it also seemed to me that he was doing a pretty good job with the assessment of challenges and doing the pre-challenge strategizing — just what you would expect from a coach of his caliber. So… yeah. That’s how he helped them.

      • Michael Tx

        What Jimmy J did was inspire others (not that they won)and was the heart of the team. He was likable, and was great for the viewers. Dan is so hobbled that he can barely move. What has HE done for the tribe? What has Marty, for that matter?

      • KatieN

        Jimmy J kept morale up, and seemed to do what he does best-be a coach. He was their leader, making sure everyone had assignments for challenges and keeping things organized. The majority of them respected him in this role, probably because of his encouraging, kind attitude. I don’t see any of the others gaining respect, or boosting morale nearly as well as he did.

        I would much rather see a villain like Russell play than the disgusting Naonka. He played psychologically, and played very well, while she obviously lacks the intelligence to do so, so resorts to talking ghetto or hood and knocking down people with missing limbs. You can watch the trash Naonka is playing anywhere. As soon as she unrolled the clue, I laughed. There’s no way she’ll figure that out on her own.

      • Chris

        I agree that they should of kept Jimmy J. around a bit longer. Morale plays a huge role in this game and once you start to lose it, you’ll find your self going back to back tribal councils and go into the merge as the minority. I can sort of understand Marty’s logic but it was too early to be thinking it. I can see Marty and Jimmy T butting heads and the older tribe going into a downward spiral fast.
        Dan is going to hold the team back if he doesn’t start to step up and get better. I really think that the older tribe is now going to be in trouble now that JJ is gone but only might be saved if the younger tribe starts in-fighting.

        As for the younger tribe, there’s potential there but the bad apple’s need to be cut from the tree.

  • Cheryl

    I was very disappointed that Jimmy Johnson was eliminated. He was a sweetheart! I only knew he was a coach but not even of who he was coach for. I knew he was famous and rich. I expected arrogance. He was a living doll. The tribe was idiotic for voting him off. I can’t tolerate NaOnka and her bitterness. I hope they have enough sense to get rid of her soon –blind side her before she gets on the jury. There are really no people this season that I want to win… I know it’s over and they are waiting for the results, but it is just darn too bad that you can’t throw the season into the fires and call do over.

    • Hannah

      Ditto to everthing you said Cheryl.

    • Lori

      Ditto to Cheryl. I was really chearing for the older tribe, but can’t stand them now – so petty and arrogant. I hope they get creamed. But, the younger isn’t much better. Such great potential, but seems like the worst coming out in everyone very quickly.

      • Anne

        she is the most disgusting person in the world.

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