Sarah Palin booed on 'Dancing with the Stars'? Lame.

If you don’t like Sarah Palin, don’t buy her book. Don’t become her Facebook friend. Don’t vote for her (should she ever run for office again). If you happen to find yourself in the same ballroom audience with her, and you find the notion of a front-row interview irritating, take the opportunity to use the restroom. Whisper something untoward in your friend’s ear. Stare with controlled exasperation at the back of Tom Bergeron’s head, like the woman sitting behind Palin in the audience. But booing Sarah Palin on live TV in front of her young daughter, with her other daughter waiting in the wings to perform for you, is ugly and enraging behavior (watch the video below). Not only does it backfire, by affording the woman an opportunity to wince with disdain and roll her eyes — it also makes you look small. Plus, you confused nice lady Jennifer Grey. (Read Annie Barrett’s full recap of last night’s Dancing With the Stars.)

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  • Nate

    Come on EW, she’s earned every boo she gets.

    • David

      I agree, Nate. She’s constantly in your face these days. It’s about time she gets the message: the majority of American DOESN’T want her.

      • Bob O’Brien

        Nate @ David rock!!!!

      • BlackIrish4094

        Agree with you both.

      • SLB

        Exactly! Now can Sarah and her no talent, nobody daughter please go away.

      • God

        The majority doesn’t want Obama either. Sigh.

      • Moderate

        Some of us are beginning to feel sorry for her b/c everyone is so mean to her. She has her opinions and you can disagree but civility (on both sides) and respect and mere common courtesy has flown the coop with this younger generation – under 50.

      • Steve

        I’d rather have her than the guy we’ve got

      • Michelle

        just because she’s a conservative republican she’s hated?
        What exactly has she done wrong? This stuff is ridiculous. Because of the media, conservatives take a beating. It’s not fair. Someone tell me exactly what she’s done wrong to be booed? Because she holds conservative ideas? People are so ridiculous.

      • SP

        No, Michelle. She is not hated because she is a conservative woman. I respect some conservative women like Kathleen Parker. I do not like Palin because she is a very far right conservative; I do not like Palin because she is a liar (“death panels”); I do not like Palin because she is was running for high office yet knew and probably still knows little about world history and politics….she is not very bright…..and that fact in and of itself doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that this woman could have been in a position to know the nuclear codes…she is a wannabe without much knowledge. I don’t like Palin because she comes across as a complainer, a whiner, someone who blames others instead of herself. She constantly blames the “media,” but being a “conservative,” why does she not take at least some responsibility for herself?

      • ns

        So she finally appeared outside the bubble of adoring audiences and Fox News, and got the message that most people don’t like her much. Better she learn that now instead of not until after she loses 50 states in 2012.

      • laura

        I adore Sarah Palin, and here in Los Angeles that’s not popular. She’s smart, good-looking, effervescent, and very down to earth. Lots of conservative women dig Palin and even women who are more to the center politically really like her… She’s sassy – and has not fallen into the trap of becomming a suave politician. The LEFT is scared to death of her! BOO!

      • Greg

        The audience was simply exercising the rights that she so fervently champions… She has to be used to this by now.

      • chris87654

        Laura, you’re speaking for yourself and no one else. Sarah is NOT very smart. No one is afraid of Sarah – we’re bored because she puts her ditzy self out there, then blames everyone for speaking the truth about her. Problem is her small sector of groupies – personally, I hope she does run for president (though I’d rather see a qualified opponent) so she’ll get trounced (as will O’Donnell) and maybe get her off the stage. BUT the point of this board, is she should stay away from unstaged events if she doesn’t want to find out what the majority thinks of her – she’s booed here, and she’d be booed in a general election (hmm, maybe she WAS testing the waters outside of staged events – if so, she got some valuable feedback).

      • Ed Masi

        Nice grammar David. Give her a break.

      • Hope

        You are free to dislike whomever you want, but I feel that booing in front of her young daughter probably wasn’t wise….I’m sure that daughter felt very uncomfortable. Bunch of high schoolers.

      • Karen

        Bad manners can’t be defended -

      • Ben

        Agreed. I would have booed as loud as I could. And then I would have kept booing while the interview was going on. If I was too far away I would have moved as close as I could to the microphones and booed even louder. And when her daughter was dancing I would have booed then too, just for spite. But then again, I don’t even watch this stupid show!

      • xGOPinNEOH

        I would agree that there is a time and a place, but they the Ultra Right fired the first shots, and people are tired of it. The whole goal from the Karl “Bush’s Brain” Rove, Cheney and the rest of the clan was to fuel as much discontent as possible so they’d be back in power as soon as possible. They have done everything they can to vilify our President yet, their lot pretty much let 9/11 happen, they say Obama’s not serious enough on national security, well I think we lost over 3000 people on one day and thousands more over the past 9 years that seems to say otherwise. Boo Sarah Boo, you’re idiotic comments only keep you in the spotlight, why not debate real americans who deal with real problems on that affect most American’s and not the top 3 percent also know as Bush’s base, he even said that in one of his speeches. the idea of the audiance booing the scores seems ill timed since any time I’ve watched the show they boo right when they critique and when they reveal their paddles not 30 seconds later. The timing makes sense with Palin because they kick the bright lights on her a few moments before going to that camera for that interview.

      • CS

        In response to SP’s comment on
        Tue 09/28/10 12:46 PM…

        It’s funny, you could replace “Palin” with “Obama” in the majority of your comment, and it makes complete sense.

      • jodipo

        I always think its funny when some right wing nutter goes on about how scared to DEATH liberals are of Sarah Palin. Guess what genius, we are revolted, disturbed, even sickened… but not frightened. In fact we are PRAYING that she gets your party nomination in 2012. So please, continue supporting her. I would like Obama to have another term and that is the surest way for it to happen. Now, as to the booing… I think that is in very poor taste.

      • JolieCat

        I refuse to watch DWTS until Baby Grizzly is GONE. They lost one loyal viewer by allowing the Palinette to hijack one of the best shows on TV for some PR spin for Mama. As for “what she did for Alaska” — uh, she QUiT. Couldn’t even serve out the term she was elected for. Yeah, make her president, America. See what you get.

      • Brynn

        ITA with jodipo. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Rachel


        You’re wrong. I am desperately afraid of Sarah Palin. I live in a country of wackadoos who re-elected Bush and think that Obama is a secret Muslim. I live in a country in which Glenn Beck is a best selling author. Darn right I’m afraid.


        I know the first thing I look for in a politician is effervescence.

      • Pam

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the booing was for Sarah. We all know that 90% of the people in the entertainment field are brainwashed liberals. It’s a sad period in our country’s history when a mother can’t enjoy her daughter’s talent without a bunch of morons turning it into a political bashing. Bristol is very graceful and quite talented and I hope she stays for a while.

      • Classy Lady

        Time & time again you liberals losers remind me WHY I became a Conservative. You have no class and are basically unable to think for yourself.As much as I disagree with Barack Obama I would NEVER BOO him or his wife in front of their children. This is the difference between liberal trolls and Conservative Americans. The liberal media has TOLD you to hate her and as good, obedient sheeple, you do as you’re told.You are totally UNABLE to think for yourself and form your own opinions.You must get your marching orders from the media and your favorite left wing politicians that you THINK care about you or anybody ELSE other than their political careers. I’d say “Shame on you”…. but unfortunately you are totally incapable of understanding what I just said. That is why you are a Liberal.

      • CB

        Wow David – you truly are an idiot!

      • TK


        “No, Michelle. She is not hated because she is a conservative woman. [but because . . .]”

        I agree AND because she is an opportunist and cares more about lining her pockets than really serving the public — quit her Governorship halfway through so she could sign a fat paycheck and is very loose with the truth.

      • steve


        A growing number in the US dont believe in you for that exact reason.

      • LL

        If they didnt want her why did they ask her daughter to be on the show??? she was in the audience just like any other parent would be to support their child politics should be left out of DWTS

      • @ Not so classy lady

        You could take everything you said about liberals and replace it with conservatives and it would still be true. You may not boo Obama but actual congressmen have, or did people forget? And that was at an actual political function, not some dippy TV show. You’re making blanket statements about an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. Does that mean you should be held accountable for everything other conservatives say and do. If you truly thought for yourself you wouldn’t be conservative OR liberal. You would just be you…an individual…and you’d see others as individuals as well instead of as labels. That’s what class is. Not fighting

      • myname

        Good to know!! She’s painful to watch.

      • Anne

        Sorry to inform you haters, but Sarah is MORE popular than ever. It’s just your wishful but incorrect thinking !!!

      • Ricky

        Then boo the media! There are many annoying and irritating people in the world, but not all get the attention she gets because the media doesn’t focus. Don’t boo, don’t give your opinion, that’s the key to making her irrelavent!

      • Brett

        Booing should have given way to mob trampling, then drawing and quartering. Tarring and feathering optional.

      • Brett

        @Anne – Sure, Sarah’s more popular now than ever. The easy girl in school was always popular, but no one wanted her because she was intelligent, it’s because she was easy. And so it is with Sarah.

    • Hard Act

      Most of the people who hate Palin have no clue about her. They just do what they are told to do to feel “smart” They may know about her mistakes, but not what she did for Alaska. And when they attack her rabbidly even related to a dance show its just makes them look small and petty. Good for EW for getting it right even when many fans are Palin Hating Lemmings.
      This is a woman who has had her children attack mercylessly.. proving that SOME on the left are rude, crude and uncivilized. ABC was wants the ratings and Palin kept it bad some others couldn’t

      • Chris

        What she did for Alaska?? You mean quit on them?

      • HoneyB

        I don’t approve of the booing – it’s tacky and rude – but let’s call a spade a spade… Ms. Palin makes underhanded jabs at her political enemies if we’re talking small and petty. She diseminates false information and fans the flames of ignorance in this country. Her daughter is on the show only because she got knocked up. Star? I think not.

      • Tina

        Let’s take the converse: Most people who like Palin have no clue about her and only think that they are smarter than those who don’t like her. The Palin Loving Lemings are obnoxious. And if you don’t want politics interfering with the “purity” of DWTS, don’t prominently push a politician on the show. Nobody else’s mommy showed up…

      • Morgan

        Tina–you totally nailed it! Thank you.

      • Erika

        What she’s done for Alaska? Oh you MUST mean continuously shoot down bills to protect endangered animals and also allow the continuous cruel ariel hunting of wolves. These little things that the majority of Alaskans DONT want.

      • ba’al

        The same woman who cut funding for special needs kids, same one who quit… can go on and on

      • CavemanRadio

        “What she did for Alaska”? She freakin’ quit halfway thru her 1st term because she couldn’t handle it…she is a quitter, plain and simple.

      • SP

        “Most people who hate her have no clue about her?” You’ve got to be kidding.
        We may be no experts on her, but we know plenty to know that she is a ditz. When she took office as mayor of Wasila, there was a budget surplus. When she left, there was a big deficit. She quit her position on that oil commission; she quit her position as governor.
        The reason she was so popular with Alaskans is that she bribed them with $2000+ checks as a result of a “tax” she put on the oil companies.
        You talk about her children being attacked “mercylessly (sic)”; that most definitely was wrong. However, one of her biggest supporters, glenn beck, has attacked Obama’s children, which is equally as disgusting. And that proves that some on the right are rude, crude, and uncivilized.
        Palin is a liar and a backstabber. She made up the term “Death panels,” which caused great fear and consternation, especially among the elderly.
        Palin is good for nothing except promoting herself, making money, and stirring up her base with provacative statements and lies. She is a “rude, crude, and uncivilized” woman.

      • @HoneyB

        If we’re speaking truthfully then, you must admit that Obama does the same thing. He declared war on a news station because they wouldn’t just rubber stamp his party line. How is that better than Palin?

      • SP

        Oh, and “do what they are told?”
        That’s funny because it’s the Palinbots and glenn beckites who only do what “they are told.”

      • Maria

        Tina…you said “Nobody else’s mommy showed up…” Actually Mark Ballas’ mom was sitting right next to Sarah Palin. So it would appear that someone else’s mommy did show up.

      • chris87654

        Uh, I think Sarah has no clue about herself – truly a legend in her own mind.

      • Steve

        all you Lefty lemmings fallow the rest of the Lemming of the cliff…

      • Bob – Akron

        To SP: Nearly every negative you say about Palin applies equally to Obama. Palin talked about death panels – that’s what we have now with the scaled back Medicare benefits from Obama. Sarah (and the Tea Party) has moved the entire country to the “right” (Thankfully).

      • Rachel

        Tina – Other parents were there. Last week they spoke to Kyle Massey’s Mom and brother, and neither of those were the ratings draw that ABC intended Palin in the audience to be.

      • Adam Weibling

        Sarah has been hard on her daughter, the audience was not. They are reconciling for political reasons not because they are such a tight family. Oh and palin is terrible to todd as well, so stop this protect sarah’s family by being nice to her act, they probably don’t like her much either.

      • Greg

        I just need to point out that the Palin supporters here generally can’t spell. Not that all of the anti-Palinites can, but it’s just a fun little microcosmic confirmation of the fact that those who support Sarah Palin are statistically dumber than the rest of us.


      • Smashicus

        Tina, did you come up with all those preconceived notions on your own, or were you spoon-fed? Truly you lack the capability to process and analyze on your own. I am judging this by your previous statement.

      • HoneyB

        I think all politicians (and our nation) need to learn more civility. If one is going to be uncivil, at least be a wit.

    • reason

      I personally would not have booed, but with racially charged tea parties going on around the country, Fox news frequently and angerly bashing our President, and a neighbor of mine taking way too much time setting up his offensive Obama dummy on his front lawn, I understand why the booing occurred.

      • Moderate

        Bet then you become as bad as your neighbor. Don’t stoop to their level!!

      • Mary

        The Tea Parties are not racist! These are people who are tired of the out of control government spending. There were only a few accusations by two Congressmen who claimed they heard racists names being throwed around. That’s it. This may be true or it may not. There is no corresponding video to prove it.

        Fox News does not “angerly bash” our President. Their stories may lean right; however, they are in no way like the bashing that occured when President Bush was President.

        It’s wrong to continually bash our President, whether it’s President Obama or President Bush. Both sides need to learn how to respectfully disagree.

        P.S. Your neighbor needs to get a clue.

      • Kate

        hey reason, why not get that 1 MILLION Breitbart is offering GET PROOF OF “Tea Party Racism”
        That MILLION DOLLAR offer has been standing for 4 months, and yet NO ONE can offer any proof.
        I’ll take Reason tempered with FACT any day of the week.
        Neither a Palin supporter or an Obama supporter. I’m an Independent tired of the media war against “conservative” candidates in general.

      • reason

        I have not heard of this reward! Where do I collect?

      • dabbygag

        Tea Party = Racist SOBs. True Story

      • dean

        You gotta love the Tea Party! They promote a flag that was used to denounce Conservatism in the birth of our country. It would be like the United Negro College Fund waving a Confederate flag. They are FUNNY!

      • Brookfield

        So “you understand why the booing occurred”. However, your neighbor can’t express his opinion. How liberal of you.

      • Smashicus

        People who think the Tea Party is racist are either liars, fools, or racists themselves. It’s that simple.

      • Reson Prevails

        @Brookfield, Kate, et al: It’s hilarious how you think that’s NOT an intellectually dishonest position. The simple fact is that even if the booing had been directed solely at Palin (and as Tina points out, it wasn’t), it still wouldn’t be comparable to someone setting up Obama in effigy on his front lawn, a practice which is actually against HOA codes, and most municipal ordinances. Setting up false equivalencies is one of the many, many things that has the majority of this country disgusted with conservatives, and with the Tea Party in particular. Conservatives (and anyone else) deserve to be “bashed” by the media when they espouse irrational positions simply to play to the lowest, most base fears and insecurities of the working class. It’s repugnant.

        And comparing the well deserved scrutiny that Bush received — from everyone, not just the media — to the systematic hate-mongering and disinformation of Fox News with regards this administration is equally intellectually dishonest.

      • Real Reason

        Just because you say someone or some group is racist doesn’t make it so. Even if you say it over and over and over and over.

      • reason

        Brookfield, I never said he couldn’t, but behaviour like that has led to boos for Palin…putting words in my mouth/post, typical republican….and just because you say someone isn’t racist doesn’t make it so either, your point is moot

    • Tina

      Reading other sources, Palin was not booed… (Contrary to her belief, not everything is about her.) It’s far more likely that the boos can be attributed to the low scores awarded to Grey’s performance.

      Nice twist, though, a good deal of hyped-up outrage. Interesting how people play into Ms. Palin’s game of making herself out to be the perpetual ‘victim.’

      • Miner

        Why do you say it is “her” belief. An interview with a dancer ended as the host says, “What’s that booing?” The camera shot then shows Tom and Mrs. Palin. Why wouldn’t people think the audience was booing Palin?

      • dabbygag

        that’s EXACTLY what I thought. Hell, my wife and I were booing at that moment because of Jennifer’s low score. She deserved at least 9’s and didnt get it.

        Palin is NOT that serious.

      • Michael

        Tina, you are right, again. If Brooke Burke did not say “What are they booing?”, I would not have known that the public was booing anything at all. I could not see it from the segment that followed. Ms Palin is a self-centered, under-educated, hypocrite agitator

      • Louise

        Michael, what does your last sentence have to do with the rest of your statement?

      • Dee

        That was how I saw it. The judges raved over the performance, then gave it a 24. I figured the crowd booed over the scores, not Palin.

        If Bergeron had been sat next to the Bachelor guy and the crowd booed, would it have made the news? Nope.

        Please stop trying to stir up controversy. There’s a long standing tradition of fans booing for scores they didn’t like.

      • Pisces228

        I watched the show. Those boos were for the lower than expected score that Jennifer and Derek received for their jive. It happened twice last night, right after a couple received unexpectedly low scores. That Sarah’s little interview with Tom came right after was just conincidence. That audience is simply there for the entertainment, not to make a political statement. They loved Bristol, who would not have received the warm cheers from the audience if it was about politics. EW, you’re getting pathetically obvious in your attempts at manipulation!!!

      • patriciak

        Tina, Watch the clip. The judges were not booed when they gave their scores; in fact, they were cheered. The boos came after a gap in time, so not related to the scores, so what could it be. Ahh, we see the camera go to Sarah Palin. Watch the clip.

      • Andre

        Tom Bergeron addressed this on Jimmy Kimmel later last night and said that the audience was booing the judge’s scores for Jennifer Grey, having given her great feedback, not lower-than-expected marks.

        We can build a controversy everywhere if we want to. I would expect EW’s story to mention the Bergeron interview and try to report fact rather than conjecture.

      • rainbow rouge

        It seems like maybe the audience was booing the score, idk. People clapped for Sarah when the camera came back to her and Tom. It just didn’t seem like they were booing her, the whole thing seemed a little weird.

      • Sam

        Tina, I fully agree with your assessment. Though I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin’s, and honestly have never watched (and have no interest in watching) DWTS, I watched this clip because I was interested in seeing what the commotion was about. When the booing occurs, there is no indication that it is in any way related to Palin’s presence. Presumably, she was seated in the audience for some time prior to her interview, and yet the only booing that is heard is directly after the total score for Jennifer Grey and her partner was announced. The booing even ceased prior to the cut away to the interview with Palin, and the crowd surrounding her even cheered when she was introduced. Seems like quite a bit of smoke with no real fire.

    • Rock Golf

      I’m sure she’ll find some way to claim the boos were aimed at her Down’s Syndrome kid or similar deflection.

      She’s lived in a Tea Party cocoon for the past year or so. If she were willing to actually debate rather than preach to the converted, she wouldn’t be deserving of the boos. But using her kids as a boo-proof shield. Shame on her!

      • Greg

        Well said!

      • Chappel

        You betcha (wink).

    • waya

      Yeah, she would never miss an opportunity to get her face on TV, even if she has to upstage her own daughter! Her appearance on DWTS was way outta line. I would have boo’ed too!

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Hey you’re right! Her daughter is on DWTS it is completely out of line for her to go to the ballroom and support her child. After all, NONE of the other families of the stars show up to support them! Supporting one’s family, completely out of line!

      • jen

        thank you for saying that. We had an interview with families last week. Why didn’t anyone boo Kyle Massey’s brother & mom or David Hasselhoff’s daughters when they had a mike put in her face. If she had been talking politics that would be different, however all i heard was her commending her daughter (who she has every right to be supportive of) and the other dancers for all of their hard work. Everything has to go to politics, and this wasn’t about politics, it was about a mother supporting her daughter. If you want to be angry or frustrated for her showing up blame the producers who decided that she needed an interview.

      • Dee

        Nerwen, the other families weren’t sat in the first row, and they weren’t plastered on the screen for random reaction shots. They were only shown after their child/family member performed.

        Palin was on screen at least 4 times last night, all but 1 of them before her kid even performed.

      • Pisces228

        I’m so with you, Nerwen. And ABC couldn’t possibly be HOPING to have her in the audience to boost ratings, could they? I doubt she came in there demanding to be put on camera. It was the people behind the cameras who kept flashing Sarah, not Sarah jumping up and down trying to catch their eye. Be real, people! The media is just trying to manipulate the situation!

      • jodipo

        sure Nerwin, and ALL of the give interviews… oh wait. Yeah, holes in your argument, just like your hero Palins political ones. Of course, if your learning from a half wit nobody can expect you to be a genius so its ok

      • sunnygrrle

        As I posted elsewhere on this site, I re-iterate…as a proud and loving mother, she should absolutely be entitled to sit in the audience and watch her daughter every week if she so chooses without being tastelessly booed…I also believe if she were a thoughful and unselfish mother, who is fully aware of her polarizing effect, she would have done so quietly, by politely declining an on-camera interview.

      • UsualSuspects

        Most especially since this is the same Sarah Palin that rails against Hollywood but allows her daughter (probably pushed her into it) go on a national TV show broadcast live from Hollywood. I feel sorry for her kid but you can not say that the judges and the audience have been anything but kind to Bristol (who doesn’t seem to have as much talent as the gushing judges suggest to my eye). Let’s also remember this is not the first time DWTS courted controversy and pandered to the GOP. Anyone remember Season 9 contestant, Tom DeLay? Don’t remember who he is? DeLay is the former House Majority Leader, serving from 2002 until his resignation from the leadership in 2005 following his indictment on conspiracy charges. ABC is a major corporation and it’s clear they are quite comfortable with the GOP.

    • TraveLynn

      Typical liberals. Booing is immature and rude. Sarah Palin is for smaller government; one that doesn’t run your life and take all of your money. Unfortunately, liberals like to be told what to do and have everyone think like them, so they don’t get it and believe people like Sarah to be a threat to their immature and selfish lifestyles.

      • Pete

        It’s amazing how such a stupid and vapid woman can have defenders. But oh that’s right. Being intelligent is something to sneer at nowadays, isn’t it?

      • ApolloGenX

        Smaller government? You are joking, right?

        She wants government in the bedroom determining who can sleep with and marry whom. She wants a social nanny state that manages your private affairs, but lets corporations go wild.

        NOT CONSERVATIVE. I’m all for small government. This person is not.

      • rekcuz

        If Sarah Palin was for smaller government, then why did she spend all of Alaska’s surplus during office? Educate yourself on real facts instead listening to the hand fed propaganda of Fox News.

      • dntbstpd1

        Yeah, they want smaller govt and less govt interference with their lives UNLESS they can get a law passed to ban gay marriage once and for all, THEN they are all about big government, lol.

        They are only for small govt when it suits them, otherwise they want big government to ban the things they don’t agree with.

      • chris87654

        If directed at Sarah, I’m sure there moderates booing too – the nation is not divided into conservatives and liberals. Don’t forget that few like Sarah except extreme rightwingers.

      • Smashicus

        rekcuz, please do tell us where you get your inscrutable facts. Surely, you must have some inside connections?

      • howard stern

        She sure is for small GOV she’s a Pro-Life fanatic against legalizing DRUGS against legalizing EUTHANASIA against legalizing PROSTITTUTION she sure is for small GOV.

    • Anno

      There is a time and place for everything. Booing a Mom who is there cheering on her daughter is ridiculous.

      • Laura

        Totally agree. If Hillary showed up to watch Chelsea, I wouldn’t boo her, even though I disagree with Hillary on almost every subject.

      • Dee

        The crowd booed the scores for Jennifer Grey, not at Ms. Palin. If you watch older seasons, there’s a history of crowds voicing disapproval for scores they consider too low.

        If they had been booing Ms. Palin, it would have happened every time she was panned to for a reaction shot during the broadcast.

      • Brett

        They could have ended the booing very quickly. Just have a steel spike spring forward from the back of Palin’s seat through her mid-section. I’ll bet that booing would have stopped then.

    • john kiel

      People who would boo someone at a venue like this in front of her young daughter and her other daughter who was about to perform are classless thugs as far as I’m concerned! Shame on such hypocrits!

      • Bil Wood

        It is spelled “hypocrites” and that would be the pot calling the kettle black….

    • Pete

      I agree. What is her daughter’s claim to fame to be on this show anyway? Her mother. You can’t use celebrity when it suits you, but then expect the kid glove treatment when people express displeasure. Palin showed up to get her face on network tv. If she only wants cheers, then she should stick to appearing on Fox news.

      • Maria

        actually she showed up to support her daughter. what’s the crime in that? btw….i am a conservative but not a fan of sarah palins.

      • Classy Lady

        Bristol Palin was ASKED to be on the show by the PRODUCERS….

    • Nia

      If a member of the Senate or House can shout out during the Commander in Chief’s speech, surely a reality show audience can boo whomever they please. That’s like asking sports fans not to boo. Who cares about her young daughter being there. It is what it is!!!!

      • beb


      • Ray


      • R

        Of course, that member was demonized by the press. Can’t have it both ways.

      • howard stern

        That’s a good point if it’s OK to boooo Prez OBAMA while giving the state of the UNION whast’s the big deal! I know i would never boo her like they did or like they did in the Hockey game where she was heavely boooooed even though i don’t agree on anything with her and would never vote for her.

    • zack

      I didn’t even hear the boo’s. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOUDER!

      • Diane

        No kidding Zack. I totally agree with you.

    • Scotty “K”

      While I definitely agree with you — EW really needs to keep out of this debate — just report the stories!

    • Peter Benoit

      You are all NUTS! I saw the show. There was NO booing. So most of you people don’t know what you are talking about. I’ll be most of you just read this blog and never saw the show. BTW: Her daughter is talented and can dance.

      • Pisces228

        There was SOME booing, but it was about low dancing scores. Nothing political about it. And I totally agree: Bristol is talented. I’m enjoying watching her become a better dancer each week. She carries herself as a young lady should. Lovely.

    • Beverly

      It’s unfortunate how nasty the USA has become. No respect, courtesy, or tact. A bunch of self-loathing, do nothing protesters. Is it any wonder the murder/suicides have escalated to an alarming level.

      • Smashicus

        It’s true. It is starting to seem more like a fight between the rabid fans of opposing sports teams than a civil debate. No right, no wrong, just mindless hatred.

      • purplehazelv

        I agree! Don’t these people spewing pure hatred know that the other side says EXACTLY the same thing about them? Dumb, illiterate, evil, blah blah… what happened to civility? It’s debatable whether or not Palin was being booed at, but if people in the audience were booing at her they need to save it for another time. This is about dancing – not politics. If you have a problem with a dancer & their family, don’t be in the audience.

      • allie

        Agreed. I hate politics and how people treat each other because of them. Just because you disagree with someone, that doesn’t mean you have to call them uneducated or evil! It’s a shame if Palin WAS booed; I don’t agree with her politics at all, but she’s a mother supporting her daughter.

    • Jose Sanchez

      Dancing with the stars is a horrible enough show on its own adding Sarah Palin makes it the worst.

    • Allen

      Palin politicized the whole thing by making it a “photo-op” situation. She should have just sat there and watched her daughter. But she needed/wanted the attention drawn to her and got what she deserved. DWTS is at much at fault as Palin, they should have left well enough alone.

      • Pisces228

        I doubt Palin was there seeking attention. She was there to support her daughter. She doesn’t need or want to steal Bristol spotlight. She simply is a mother who loves her daughter and wants to cheer her on. Your statement is so poorly thought out as to be ridiculous.

    • Natasha

      Totally agree.

    • LOL

      She’s worthless and shameless. She earned her boos.

    • Sarah O

      I don’t think DWTS can hold itself up as the utmost forum of class. Not when the “celebrities” include a would-be politician’s daughter whose only claim to fame is that she got pregnant while out of wedlock while still in high school.

    • jill

      No respect or courtesy, or tact. Not a place for boo’s

    • JoeBob

      She only appears on Fox or at functions full of rabidly ignorant fans. her daughters appearance flushed her into the open for a brief moment. I applaud the boo birds for seizing the moment and letting her know there is a significant majority of real Americans that despise her and her phony caustic brand of shyster politics. Thanks a lot McCain.

    • Get Real

      Not only has she earned every boo, but she has put herself square in the political headlights, and our national process depends on our freedom to boo her, protest her, call her out. If she has put herself in this position, to be the target of political commentary (which she has), and she doesn’t want it affecting her children (her children that she has actively made part of her political legend?)? Then don’t go on a freaking commerical television show and TROT THEM OUT. I am shocked and disgusted that this is’s editorial point of view. I always thought you guys came at entertainment reporting with your smarts and your wits in the right place.

    • M&M

      Palin was definately booed…and Piper has heard it before…remember the hockey game where she throws out the first puck?
      Sarah isn’t there to support her daughter, Bristol. She’s there to get her own face in front of the camera. It’s probably driving her crazy that she’s not the one up on stage.

    • youarenotthemajority

      . . .do not speak as if you are the majority of America. . .have respect and stay sober in your mind

    • American Grandmother

      chris87654….You are wrong that no one agrees with Laura. I am a 53 year old America who served in the Air Force, is a strong Christian and love my country very much. I think that is shows poor taste and lack of class to “boo” Sarah. It just makes people like me — the LARGE baby boomer group — like her more.

      • Joanie

        I’m a baby boomer too and I can’t stand Palin.

    • Erinn

      I wouldn’t have even noticed if Brooke hadn’t said something about booing in the ballroom.

    • Gary Vincent

      Palin should not be in that audience in the first place. She’s there for publicity not her daughter, and she gets it at the expense of her daughter! Some mother…….!

    • Adam Weibling

      Sarah has been hard on her daughter, the audience was not. They are reconciling for political reasons not because they are such a tight family. Oh and palin is terrible to todd as well, so stop this protect sarah’s family by being nice to her act, they probably don’t like her much either. Also, (unfortunately) the woman is an important political and public figure, people should have strong opinions, they are not picking on her…

    • Holly Smith

      I just don’t know y every1 keeps slamming her! Unless u know some1 personally and know they;’re a bad person, how can people hate on others who have said nothing bad about them? Can’t we all just get along? Freedom of speech…yes! But if u got 2 say something, make it great!

      • Trevor T

        The only people that support her are morons that type like this.

    • Trevor T

      She’s trash, and deserves much worse than being booed.

    • Juneau

      I agree. If I had been there, I would’ve boo’d her, too. She’s as bad as a faux celeb from a reality show with her desperate attempts at fame. Showing up on stupid TV shows is the main reason no one takes her seriously. That and QUITTING her job as Gov. of AK. She has no shame and no integrity and I can’t understand why anyone likes her. It’s like wanting someone from Jersey Shore to be your political leader.

    • LeeLee

      Here’s my thing. How about keeping politics out of entertainment shows by not including polarizing, hot button political figures out of entertainment shows?

    • Reason Prevails

      Hey, Karen, you might want to get with your colleague Lynette, who just schooled you in front of the entire country, and on your own website, to boot.

    • egould

      Sarah Palin is NOT an elected public official and was not serving in a public service capacity when she was booed. She and her daughters put themselves in public profile positions and if they can’t take the heat, then they shouldn’t be there.

    • Al O

      Agree. She is a media attention seeker who never passes on an opportunity to get face time on camera to further pormote her uber conservative political agenda, or fake wholesome family values. I don’t watch the show, but it’s my understanding that Jennifer Grey and her partner recieved the highest scores of the night. Why then would the audience boo the judges. Some of the comments posted here suggest that Sarah as merely there to support her daughter. Well I ask you why was she then sitting in the front row in plain view of the cameras and ready to interact with the host. If was there for support only, and wanted to remain anonymous, she would have sat somewhere else and told the producers not to bother her. She has an agenda people! If she can’t deal with the boos, or other criticism, then get out of the spotlight and stop plying politition!! Shame on EW and ABC for trying to coddle her. I do give props to Sarah for not making a big deal out of this with the media. You roll with the punches baby!

    • 37ft2in

      She’s a dangerous person who’s damaged this country with lies and deception. Booing is the least she deserves.

    • Cowboy

      More than that, who’s the stud behind her?? :)

    • Bubbagump

      Booing Sarah Palin was rude and inappropriate. She wasn’t there for a political statement, she was there to support her daughter. Apparently, some of you are totally ignorant of decent public behavior.

    • AJ


    • jjjjjoni

      it strikes me that even politicians have families and interests that extend beyond politics. the forum to boo Sarah Palin is NOT dancing with the stars. It smacks of bad taste and small-mindedness, particularly in view that her daughter was there.

      Bristol dances well, and was hired by the producers of “Dancing With the Stars”. She is trying her best, and is a separate person from her mother. She didn’t run for office. She simply had her 15 minutes of fame, as have others before her. Give the poor kid a break. She comes across as a sincere, trying hard young woman.

      I’m from Canada, however, i do follow American politics. It’s too bad that the entertainment industry and politics become interchangeable in that country.

    • etm

      Sarah Palin shooting wolves from a helicopter. LAME

    • Nic

      So if you don’t agree with someone’s politics, civility goes out the window? I hope comments on this thread are not representative of the people of this country.

    • bazel

      Rude is rude… I’m sure that you wouldn’t be so glib if it was you. You know, not everyone agrees with you either… so how would you act and be in her shoes (with your politics)? It doesn’t take that much effort to be kind.

    • Joan Sinclair

      I also agree, Nate. Sarah Palin is so annoying. She should stay home.

  • lettergirl

    i am SHOCKED by this very nice article. i agree, love her or hate her, but don’t diss her in front of her kid. there is a time and a place for everything and that was not it.

    • Chris

      really? the time and the place for her is not a primetime reality television show. she’s the one who wants to be in everyone’s living rooms, she’s the one who wants to trot her kids out and use them as props. she’s opened the door, now she gets to take whatever blows in through it.

      and, furthermore, the idea that in the world of 24 hour news cycles and republican-backed news channels we should act as if palin’s appearence (or bristol’s for that matter) on DWTS is apolitical is just ludicrous. we’re talking about people who have drastic, destructive visions of a homogeneous and capitalist-driven america — boo until you’re blue in the face!

    • mac

      Maybe she should keep her kids out of the public eye in the business she is in, maybe “Dancing…” is not the right place for her to be interviewed. Maybe a serious politician should stick to politics and not pop culture.

      • Sarah

        YES, mac, exactly. If Sarah Palin feels the need to inject herself (and her kids) into public life all the time, then she deserves the reaction of said public. I don’t watch DWTS, but if I did, it would be to see a Sarah Palin interview.

      • Sarah

        Rather, it would NOT be to see a Sarah Palin interview.

      • I And Love and You

        @mac….come on. A serious politician?!? Barack Obama went on late-night talk shows, the first sitting President to do so. No politician, Republican or Democrat is heading towards Pop Culture today—it’s where the majority of the people that don’t vote are.

      • lettergirl

        wow. she was not there as a politician, but as a mom supporting her KID. you are kidding me with the ‘politicians need to stay out of pop culture’, right? they are all involved in it (magazines, talk shows, etc). there is a time and a place for it and that wasn’t it. i’m tired of her being everywhere all the time, but there is a time a place and that wasn’t it.

      • Dave

        Sarah Palin is always everywhere as a politician. She has created this character for herself. If she wanted it to be about her daughter, she would have stayed home. She is taking advantage of free air time from ABC to keep her product in front of America. Actually, Sarah Palin and her family are the political version of the Kardashians.

      • naynay

        How can you not boo someone who begs for attention and wants to be taken seriously, but uses Twitter to communicate like a friggin’ 12-year-old? Act like a child, and the people who receive you will behave like children as well and it will be deserved. I wouldn’t doubt if Bristol were one of the voices ‘booing!’

      • Hobbes

        The way President Obama did when he went on “The View” and answered questions abouy Snooki.

      • Teresaslyblue

        Right on, Mac. She can’t have it both ways.

      • Bergie

        THE ONLY REASON Bristol is on the show is ABC wants to capitalize on the Ms. Palin phenomenom. Love her….hate her….it doesn’t matter to ABC. Either way, you are ALL lemmings because you will WATCH HER. Brilliant move by ABC. Look at all the comments after a silly episode of a “DANCING WITH THE “C”-LEVEL HOLLYWOOD STARS”. No one is talking about Mrs. Brady or The Situation. It’s all Palin….all the time. And both sides of the political spectrum are in on it. And ABC is laughing all the way to the bank. Score it ABC 1, Public Lemmings 0. And that’s a final score, folks.

      • Mike

        Maybe you should allgetover yourselves. Leave a mom be a mom. Interesting that we as a country spend so much time being divided over the stupidest things. This is why nothing gets accomplished on either side ofthe political aisle. Because we love to hate.

      • LMO

        I object to you thinking Tom Bergeron asking her what she thought of the contestants so far is an interview. I agree, politicians should stick to politics, but to call what happened last night an interview is absurd.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Her “kid” is not a child, she’s a young woman. If we were talking about an 8 year old, maybe I can sympathize. But do you really think Bristol is unaware that a large percentage of the country can’t stand her crazy, fake, divisive mother? If she didn’t know, she knows now and didn’t even have to ask somebody.

      • Jogirl

        If you look at the picture, Sarah’s young daughter sitting right next to her is the “kid” the article was referring to. They said Bristol was in the wings waiting to perform.

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Jogirl, I did miss that detail. I can see that upsetting he rchild but (and again I’m guessing) that SP does have an idea how much she is unliked and that this (the booing) was at least a possibilty considering how polarizing and she is and she should have made the decision not to bring her younger daughter or support Bristol from home.

    • Art

      I know! Don’t diss her in front of her props. I mean kids. Whichever one she pulls out for whatever audience she is at… The special needs prop, the military prop, the “teen advocate” prop, or the catch-all “little girl” shield that was next to her last night.

    • laura

      Sarah and her bbf Gleen Beck have made fun of the Obama girls … geee where is the outrage for that?

      • Fred

        Can you provide proof of that? Cause I bet you can’t … cause it doesn’t exist.

      • Pisces228

        Agreed, Fred. I have NEVER heard of Palin or Beck saying anything negative about the Obama kids. And you know if they had, it would be ALL OVER the left-wing media. So Laura, stop spewing a bunch of BS and stick to the facts!

      • Sam

        For those who doubt that Glenn Beck has attacked the Obamas’ daughters, check this out:

        audio from Beck’s radio show, complete with his later (and rather insincere) apology.

    • Say What?

      There’s hardly a time Sarah Palin doesn’t have one of her kids with her so the opportunities to boo are limited. I don’t feel bad for SP, just her kids. Sarah’s got to know that if she’s spouting out hateful, spiteful things all the time, don’t be surprised if what goes around comes around.

    • Scott

      It needs to be done. “It takes a village to raise a child.”

      If we don’t show her children that she is not a positive role model, who will?

  • Clara

    Excellent! She is pure evil, I have no sympathy for her.

    • Doris

      Define “evil.”

      • Bob O’Brien

        Look up “pure evil” in Webster’s and Sarah’s picture is there.

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Bob O’Brien. In my dictionary she’s under pure stupid too, she really is appearing everywhere nowadays.

      • Rock Golf

        Stupid! Evil! Quit arguing!

        You could be both right.

    • viddingwithkyle

      Evil? Stupid, yes but if you find her evil you need to check your definition.

    • Bubbagump

      Takes one to know one?

  • Here & There

    I would cheer for Sarah Palin. However, if Obama or Pelosi were to visit the set, I would most certainly boo.

    • Pisces228


  • AJAY

    Geez…people are petty. The passionate hate she recieves is incredible.

    • Bob

      Passionate hate breeds passionate hate.

    • Hey Now!!!!!

      I agree. What has she done to deserve all this intense hate? Did Sarah drive her car into a lake and leave her passenger to die? Was Sarah a former member of the KKK who filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1965? Did Sarah cheat of her husband with an Intern? NO!!!! But yet people act like she is the Devil. I just don’t get it.

      • 37ft2in

        What has she done? What hasn’t she done? Almost every word out of her mouth is a lie. Death panels? Lies. Statements about her record? Lies. Huge percentage of her book? Lies. And when she’s not outwardly lying, she’s totally misrepresenting herself or showing no understanding whatsoever of how this country works. She’s also a quitter and uses her children as props while tearing down other families. Shall I go on?

    • Brad

      Agreed. You’d think these liberals would be…you know…liberal. She should have “liberty” to speak what she believes, right? Or are liberals slaves to dogma, as they claim conservatives are?

      • Maria

        liberals believe you should think the wasy do. constitutional rights mean nothing to them. if you don’t believe they same way they do, then you are evil and stupid. liberals say their party is accepting of everyone. but that is only true if you believe the same way they do.

      • Pisces228

        An island of common sense within a sea of absurdity. Thank you for this thread! Sarah was respectful last night and deserves respect in return. She did not say anything of a political nature. She was just there to be a mom. Go Bristol!!!

  • mary

    It could be the scores that Jennifer and Derrick receieved or Sarah Palin.

    • Sue

      I thought they were booing because of the low scores that Jennifer and Derek received. Although they got the highest scores of the night, I think they deserved higher, and I believe that is why the audience was booing.

    • Zo

      That’s what I thought it was– the scores for Jen and Derek.

      • LP

        I totally thought the booing was for Jennifer and Derek’s scores! The audience thought they should get higher than three 8s.

    • Katja

      That is exactly what I thought the booing was for. The judges completely gushed over their dance, and then gave them 8s. Right after the numbers were given, the booing started, so I thought that’s what it was about, and I was worried Jennifer was coming across as obnoxious by playing innocent and asking what the booing was about. But Palin is certainly…controversial…enough that the booing was likely about her. Not very mature of people to boo her, though (and I am someone who loathes Palin for what she became – a poorly prepared joke – instead of what she could have become – the first female vice president).

      • cr

        Honestly, she was always a poorly prepared joke, but an excellent grifter.

        Sarah and her family do what they do, which is get publicity.

        But ABC should have realized that booing was a possibility. Didn’t it occur to them that she’s not really as popular as the DC based media thinks she is?

  • couchgrouch

    idiots get booed. that’s reality.

    • Brad


      • dntbstpd1

        @Brad boo
        @CouchGrouch yay!

  • Alexis

    Her kid’s gonna find out sooner or later what kind of leader/politician her mother is. It’s mortifying for her, I’m sure, but that’s what you get for being a shameless famewh**e.

  • D’s Advocate

    Why didn’t Kate G. get booed last season?

    • whatevs

      A lot more people who warrant booing don’t get it. It’s simply because she’s conservative.

      • 37ft2in

        She’s not a conservative. She’s way past conservative into “unstable”

  • Howard

    Nicely put. It was a pathetic moment.

  • Joseph T

    I am not sure if the boo was for her or the scores of the team? It seems they were for her and I would hope people have a bit more class.

    • Jon

      You have too much faith in mankind. People are classless. To be honest, however your political view is on a politician, express it during elections time. Not during a special event where their daughter is performing and when she is in the audience not bothering anybody.

  • ally

    If Chelsea Clinton was on DWTS, and either of her parents were there, I’d boo, so I have no issue with others booing SP.

    • Ally

      And just to clarify, my booing would go like this: “Boo, prosperity! Boo, improving economy! Boo, government surplus and efficiently run military campaigns!”

      • reason


      • mscisluv

        I love you!

      • Holly

        “efficiently run military campaigns”? Are you joking with that?

      • Not Holly

        Maybe you should read about all of the actual military action that took place under Clinton, and realize that Wesley Clark became the first U.S. General not to lose a troop in combat (Kosovo). Of course, most Americans forget that Kosovo and Somalia even happened, as they were too busy worrying about Monica.

    • waya

      Rush Limbaugh used to call Chelsea Clinton the “White House Dog” repeatedly during the Clinton years, and she was mid-teens. Talk about awful behavior!

      • Michael Tx

        It’s okay though, he is a rebpublican and drug addict, so it MUST have been true

      • Michael Tx

        How about Republican……..stupid fingers

      • patikle

        That comment has been proven false many, many times. find something correct to make your point.

      • Karen

        bad behavior does not negate bad behavior

      • howard stern

        So true as typical Rigth-Wingers they love to dish it but can’t take it. And that Right-Winger who interrupted Prez OBAMA on his state of the union address while speaking to the American People.

      • sbwm

        That’s just a falsehood with no basis in facts.

      • @ Karen

        No but it negates the argument that all liberals are classless and all conservatives are polite…but most liberals and conservatives ARE hypocrites. Bad behavior is only bad if you disagree with the politics of the person…but if you agree with them, either it’s justified or it didn’t happen. Conservative and liberal politicians do a fabulous job of furthering their own agendas while the American people bicker amongst each other. How about we just stick liberal and conservative stickers on everyone so people know whether to hold doors open or stick their feet out.

  • Dana

    Tom said on last night’s Jimmie Kimmel they were booing Jennifer and Derek’s score not Sarah and that’s what I thought too. People in the ballroom aren’t that petty.

    • Kate Maver

      google “sarahpalinisaphoney” and go to the blog. It tells the story from someone who is there. they were booing Sarah.

      • Pisces228

        So Tom Bergeron, the HOST of the show, was not in the audience and therefore doesn’t know what happened?!?!?!? Kate, your post is idiotic.

    • Classy Lady


      • joe public

        “bull”….not a term a real classy lady would use in public or private…the truth Always comes out and class has nothing to do with money or environment you grow-up in…like true beauty it comes from within.

  • Dean

    Was there booing? I didn’t hear booing on that video. If there was, it was barely audible.

    • Dee

      I didn’t hear it either.

      • lettergirl

        i didn’t hear it either…

    • janie

      I watched the show and there WAS booing, and it was immediately before the Palin “guest commentator” stunt, well after the other couple received their scores. They even asked the host what is that booing for? because they aren’t in the same room.

      • Chloe

        Jennifer and Derek did NOT receive their scores yet!!!! Brooke and Jennifer both commented on the booing and it was BEFORE they received their scores!!! Geez – you people sure have small attention spans.

    • Shawn

      I agree. I couldn’t even here it. Lame for EW to even cry about it.

  • Alex

    Caribou Barbie deserves all the BOOs she got and more. She’s an ignorant, hypocritical, homophobic twit. And she’s a bad mother too, parading her children for political gain. GO AWAY Sarah!

    • Lana

      I love Sarah Palin! People just like to hate on her because she is attractive and wears nice clothes.

      • Michael

        You must be really clueless, people don’t like her because shes a lying, self-centered bigot.

      • Tee

        I thought that was why people liked her.

      • Liza

        Really because I thought I hated her for that Drill Baby Drill chant she had going during the 2008 elections. She also tried to remove Beluga Whales off the endangered species list just so they could drill off Cook Inlet in Alaska. I also disapprove of her aerial hunting for Wolves and Polar Bears. And by the way whatever became of that Bridge to Nowhere? That woman is both evil and an idiot. If it was her that the audience was booing last night then good for them, she deserves every boo she gets. I don’t see what the big deal is with the booing at her anyways. The judges have to put up with it all the time, she was only booed for one night.

      • Poor Sweet Lana

        She’s attractive? Really? Must be slim picking in your part of the world.

      • Brett

        Oh, come on, “Poor Sweet Lana.” Palin may be an idiot, but she’s at least a good looking one. She’s no beauty pageant contestant, but she’s easier on the eyes than you’re giving her credit for being.

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