Katy Perry to guest star on 'The Simpsons'! Here's your exclusive first look...

Simpsons-Katy-PerryImage Credit: FoxIt looks like Katy Perry will get to sing with a puppet on TV after all. Although Sesame Street has decided that Perry’s “Hot N Cold” duet with Elmo is too hot for TV, The Simpsons is rolling out the yellow carpet for the pop star. EW.com has learned that Perry will guest in a Christmas-themed episode of the animated comedy—and in an unusual way: She appears as herself in a live-action segment that features Simpsons characters as puppets. “In the wake of Elmo’s terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry,” quipped series executive producer Al Jean in a statement to EW.com. Not only does the singer wind up leading Homer & co. in a rendition of “The 39 Days of Christmas,” she plays the unlikely role of… Moe’s girlfriend! Yes, from Elmo to Moe she goes. (And her sartorial choice—adorned with Simpsons characters, not visible in the photo above—probably wouldn’t have been Street-approved either: The PBS show announced on Sept. 23 that it wouldn’t air Perry’s performance after previewing it on YouTube and receiving complaints about her cleavage-revealing outfit. By the way, her Simpsons bit was shot in mid-September, prior to the fuss.) Perry, the musical guest on Saturday Night Live tonight, won’t be the only celebrity gracing this episode; Martha Stewart also pops up, but in cartoon form. “The Fight Before Christmas” airs Dec. 5 on Fox.

(Twitter: @dansnierson)

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  • John

    Katy Perry haters! Start your snarkiness…NOW!!!

    • etm

      OK! I don’t hate her, but her paint by numbers face annoys me.

      • Brianna

        I love her!!! Now here is the dream show for her…forget Sesame Street-Simpsons rocks!!!

      • jango

        I love her rack. That is all.

      • Can-do-attitude

        Her cans are all that matter, and I say, keep the milk a-flowin…

      • Em

        I love her, but I wish she wasn’t so boob-centric ALL THE TIME. I love her in spite of the look-at-me boob showcasing.

      • Joe Mamma

        EM don’t be be critical just because Katy is boobalicious! She’s also a talented signer with great material. She’s the complete package . . . and what a package!!

      • Tb

        I think they “yellowed” her up a bit, so she would match better with the characters.

    • qwoj

      It should be K-D Pair-y!

      • Redeye Dog

        …more like KY D Pair.

    • Chris

      Thats not nice to entice people to talk bad about anyone. Famous or not. Everyone who doggs her on here is just jellous of a talented and prety person with good values. Something most of you dont have at all!

      • amber busby

        thts so true

  • Matt

    Lord save us. I saw an interview with her recently, she can barely string a coherent sentence together. But she does have a nice rack I guess.

    • Nate

      Calling her rack nice is like calling the Mona Lisa a nice painting, both are masterpieces!

      • Brett

        No, it’s like calling a pair of flapjacks a nice rack. There are far better bustlines in pop music.

    • derek

      She is currently the hottest woman on the planet. So hot that she puts global warming to shame. Al Gore needs to do a documentary about her.

      • Why, Homer, Why?


  • Shannon

    Call me a Simpsons purist, but this sounds completely unorthodox.

    Yes, I know. Here we go again with the complaints.

    • Rich

      Eh, Katy Perry was about 2/3rds of the way to being a cartoon character anyway. As long as she doesn’t sing on the show, I’m fine!

      • roxanne


      • anibundel

        She doesn’t really sing, so much as chant over insidious earwormy hooks.

    • Jaymii

      They did that Halloween (I think) ep where Homer and Bart went 3D and Homer ended up in the real world.

      • Shannon

        True, but it was still animation. Using puppets seems lazy to me.
        They’ve always been a show that tries new things. And this is new. For them.
        As long as it’s not the whole episode, I guess it’s ok.

  • darclyte

    Now if only she will appear on Warren the Ape, she’ll have a trifecta of puppet tv.

  • Lisa Simpson

    I want a Mr. Burns puppet for Christmas! That way I can blame him for all the evil things that I do.

    • Jmaxx30

      Best laugh I’ve had all day … that’s brilliant.

    • Why, Homer, Why?


  • Miss Talk

    Marge’s voice will no longer be the most annoying thing of the show, at least for one episode.

    • Brianna

      In my opinion…Marge’s voice completes the show. Her voice goes great with the Simpsons homey everyday atmosphere.

    • Patrick

      I completely agree! I liked the Simpsons better when Marge just grunted her disgust. Oh…and Katy is fine.

  • Luke

    Why are her boobs always out? Not that it’s a bad thing but they’re always out.

    • jango

      If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em I guess. Having a nice set of boobs never hurt anybody in the “biz”.

    • Why, Homer, Why?

      That’s the way her parents raised her.

      • Mark

        Well actually, she had a very Christian upbringing, so I doubt they’d like her flaunting her breasts.

  • Jeremy

    Would have been cooler if Nancy Cartwright played Moe’s Live action girlfriend.

  • Iceis

    yesss!!! this is awesome

  • J.Bradley

    I’ve always wished they could do an experiment with live actors and do an episode as if The Simpsons were a standard three-camera sitcom. This comes close.

    • rox

      Is was done as live action for the opening credits. Youtube it.

      • darclyte

        That wasn’t made by The Simpsons people. It was made in the UK in 2006 as a promo for the series for Sky1 which is the network that airs it over there, and The Simpson’s people liked it so much that they once aired it as the official opening also in 2006.

  • BJohnson

    She’s perfect for the Simpsons. Can’t wait!

    • Why, Homer, Why?

      She’s much more Quagmire’s type.

      • Sir

        Best comment eva!

  • WTF

    The Simpsons is doing the flavor of the month. How the mighty have fallen.

    • MW

      They already did that last season with the “Tik Tok” openining.

      • MW


      • KBW

        Me and my husband Don like her and we think her chest looks just fine.

    • Tb

      The Simpsons has always done the “flavor of the month”. That’s what makes them funny and relevant.

  • john George

    what a stupid, retarded show! why anyone watches such trash tells me their as stupid as the writer and director! the show is stupid, idiotic and trashy! john george columbus ohio

    • Billy “first time on the internets” Bob

      I love how this guy signs his name and location on his internet ramblings, like he is calling in on some late night AM talk show to complain about the kids and the “trashy” shows they watch. I mean, the Simpsons, with the nudity, foul language, drug use, and general lack of “bless-me-Jesus-ness” is the definition of trashy, and a show that we should ban and censor. Lord have mercy. Billy Bob, Jesus H. Christinatti, Flyover Country

      • Mark

        John is rude. And if I have my way, Billy Bob won’t get his.

    • Larry Mike

      Hey john, if you call someone stupid, you should probably not make any stupid spelling errors in your post. Otherwise, you just look like an idiot.

      • Patrick

        so true. “their” “they’re”.
        rant rant

  • dee123

    How is Perry flavor of the month? she’s been around a few years now.

    • u

      2 years isn’t a few years, and Kim Kardashian has been around longer, so what’s your point?

  • fred

    She’s hot I wish I was Bart……..

    • amber

      why bart?

      • Why, Homer, Why?

        His voice sounds the same.

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