Tim Gunn takes down his latest 'Project Runway' vlog. Is he becoming too mouthy for his own good?

tim-gunnImage Credit: Mike Yarish/LifetimeFor Project Runway fans, there are few things better than Tim Gunn’s Facebook vlogs, in which he offers his colorful, impassioned take on each episode. Gunn’s always frank, but lately, his vlogs have been filled with outright rants. That makes them all the more delectable for viewers, but for certain Runway execs, not so much. Apparently, his latest video diary was so juicy it ruffled some producers’ feathers before disappearing from the Tim Gunn Facebook page altogether. “There was a hurtful reaction to a couple of things I said, and that really concerned me,” Gunn told the New York Post yesterday. “That was never my intention. I thought, ‘Let me just take this down.’ Lifetime had nothing to do with it. I did it completely on my own.”

In the offending 12-minute video (which is embedded below, thanks to Viddler), the dapper mentor rails against the last episode’s disorganized, disjointed challenge, which started off as design-a-Jackie-Kennedy-costume-for-Katie-Holmes-in-her-Kennedy-family-TV-miniseries, then changed so many times throughout the course of the taping that a frustrated Gunn felt he had no choice but to intervene on the runway during judging. He calls out certain producers by name, deems the episode “a complete mess,” and finishes it off by stating that the judges need straitjackets. Zing!

This latest outburst comes on the heels of Gunn’s recent public slams of Taylor Momsen and the Salahis, whom he called “sociopaths” during an appearance on Access Hollywood to promote his book. Personally, I’m enjoying Gunn’s verbal eruptions (especially the one against those loathsome Salahis). So to answer the question in the headline of this item: No, no, and no. I say, keep speaking your mind, Tim and I’ll keep loving you for it.

What about you? What do you think of Mr. Gunn’s recent tirades?

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  • Maeve

    i adore Tim. can’t wait to see his next vlog, no matter what he has to say.

    • cccloc

      He’s honest. He’s like the new Mr. Black.

    • Trinity

      Love Love Love Tim Gunn! He really helps the designers and cares about them. He is honest and makes the show fantastic!!

  • Katja

    I can’t get enough of Tim these days. The man is just speaking the god’s honest truth, and I can’t fault him for that (and it doesn’t hurt that the god’s honest truth happens to be delectably juicy). Maybe if this show had been better run and better thought-out, he wouldn’t have had to call these people out. It sounds like TPTB are just getting lazy and not caring, and I was already annoyed that the contestants no longer get 2 days for challenges (and thus the ability to create more interesting fashion) because it’s cheaper to just shoot one-day challenges. Keep the righteous wrath coming, Tim. Nothing’s going to change for the better if someone doesn’t raise a little hell.

    • Katja

      And really, I think the man is allowed to rant a little bit, because this is at least the second time this season he has been left behind and not told where to go to introduce the challenge. How could they not inform him that they were no longer meeting at the dance studio? And that the challenge had gone right back to Jackie Kennedy (Onassis!)? It’s just really disrespectful of Tim, who more than anyone (including Heidi) is the ultimate face of Project Runway.

      • Liz

        Hear Hear!

    • Jassmeen

      Hello,I would like to request/suggest that you ctaree a blog button to share, so that my friends and I can put it on our blogs to share your wonderful ministry with the world! If you do, would you mind contacting me, so that I could publish it on my blog? Thank you!

  • Tookie

    Tim is god!

    • Caroline


    • strickens_girl


  • nodnarb

    Katie Holmes WHA?! Was that even in the episode, or was I just three-quarters of the way through my box wine and blacking out?

    • Fatima

      Sounds like they got rid of it for good reason. Not only does that mean they’d be making period clothes and have to remove their own quirks to make it appropriate for the movie, but they weren’t even planning on telling them until halfway through which is INSANITY.

  • JS

    You can see the removed video here.


    • Sue

      Unfortunately, no you can’t – it’s apparently classified as private, & even though I signed up on viddler, it won’t allow me access.

  • Fatima

    Thank GOD for Tim’s blogs this season. I’ve gotten the sense from the entire season that he’s annoyed by a lot of what’s going on and it seems to be justified. The challenge last week just did not make sense. They were asking too many things that were somehow too confining and too vague at the same time. And I LOVE hearing that he’s frustrated with the judges who seem to have no sense of adventure or vision this year. I don’t hate a lot of celebrities but Heidi Klum makes my blood boil and I think Tim Gunn sorta feels the same way. And even though Tim has gotten more assertive this year with his opinions, he’s always nice to the contestants. I can’t imagine he was down for Heidi and Michael’s school yard bullying last week either.

    • Ames

      The essential problem with last week’s challenge is that Jackie O was a trend setter. She was ahead of others. Therefore the judges cannot possibly say what she would wear today. Now hearing that the challenge was even more screwed up than what was actually shown is sad. No wonder the designers are so confused.

    • Diane

      The whole season is just off this year

  • Eternal Clementine

    Tim Gunn can do no wrong!

    • Shannon

      Absolutely right!

  • Karen

    LOVE!!!!!! Keep it coming Tim.

  • Dort

    Love his honesty. Wish there were more people in the industry with his gumption. Tim just keep telling it like it is.

  • LS

    PR needs Tim to be a judge, and to keep the producers out. GO TIM!

  • J-Dawg

    Tim Gunn FTW!!!!!

  • DancerInDC

    Tim needs to jump off this sinking ship fast. He’s got a brain, but the producers don’t have a single one between them. The show will be nothing without him, but maybe it’s time.

  • Kylie

    Gunn is such a loser. Can’t stand the guy.

    • rmb


    • TJ

      Gunn is a loser? What are you, a fool? Someone is a loser because they work themselves up to the top of their profession from an upper-middle-class childhood, have a perfect vocabulary, have the sense to say what needs to be said, etc…
      Poor Kylie, not liking someone is fine… even if you’re the one loosing out, but don’t call someone a looser if you don’t know what it is you’re talking about.

  • Kenya

    I love Tim and this is what the show needs is a continued truthful from the heart Vlog…..too bad he is being censored…..

  • Kath

    Love Tim–he is honest and real-let him talk and stop censoring him you bad producers

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