'Big Brother' instant react: And the winner is...

big-brother-final-3Image Credit: Sonja Flemmings/CBS (2); Enzo: Cliff Lipson/CBSIf anyone deserves the loot from this season’s Big Brother, it’s us, PopWatchers. Alas, that’s not how things work, and in the end, it was [STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW]… HAYDEN who walked away from this season $500,000 richer. Maybe now he can afford a haircut!

Yes, Hayden Moss from Tempe, Ariz. scored the big prize in a 4-3 vote, with Enzo casting the deciding vote. Lane came in second, winning $50,000 (approx. 2083 containers of Muscle Milk), and Britney won America’s Choice, which comes with a hefty $25,000 prize.

Happy? Shocked? Breaking up with BB via Post-it because someone else deserved to win?


Also, be sure to return in the A.M. for more Big Brother, like Julie Chen’s last blog of the season, our final exit interview, and my TV Watch for full deets on the 2-hour finale. (UPDATE: See full Big Brother finale recap now!)

Until then, it’s all over, and we need to celebrate the only way that seems fitting: tequillllllllllla.

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  • melissa

    I’m surprised the vote was so close, but I’m glad Hayden won over the other two.

    • Devin Faraci

      What kind of morons watch this show?

      • labster

        What kind of moron goes onto an article for a show he obviously doesn’t watch to post about the supposed morons who watch it?

      • LOL

        No one cares about this crap.

      • eimee123

        ZING !!

      • Mike

        What kind of moron goes by Devin Farachi and not use an alias and if it is an alias what kind of retard uses it anyway??

      • coach mom

        we watch jerk that’s who, this is an incredible show, and i think you need to stay off blogging on this website if your not interested in the show, then mind yuour business

      • Go Figure

        Shallow Snob.

    • lori

      Exactly who i wanted to win. Hayden is handsome, funny, and a genuinely nice person and great guy.

      • Chris

        How do you know that? All we saw was the persona he wanted to show on tv. We have no idea what this guy is like outside of Big Brother.

  • Raw

    CONGRATS Hayden! I’m SOOO glad you won. You deserved it.

  • john

    im so glad britney won, she deserved it

    • jen

      Agreed! And the sight of Rachel’s b*tchface when Brit won was by far the best moment of the season.

      • getreal

        Yes it was! That was hilarious!

      • JolieCat

        Absolutely! I loved that Britney won and I loved the look on Rachel’s face lol. I think that crazy bitch thought SHE was going to win it (or maybe her man!)

      • Ben Dayoh

        It was also pretty awesome when Monet didn’t back down that Rachel was trash

      • sue

        Rachels face looked like that cause bit chney turned around and showed her look at the tape closer. She is one hateful piece of vileness.

      • lori

        She was trying SO HARD all night to keep her bitchiness under wraps, with the fake smiles and the laughing…but when Britney won, Rachel’s face turned into a mask of hatred. Her true self?

      • Tammie

        I saw that face also that Rachel made too. It was funny. I was so glad Brit won america’s choice. Did Rachel really think America voted for her? America Hated her (Rachel) She is a Skanky HO!

      • Chris

        That face made the whole season worth watching. If not for that moment I would have been very disappointmented in this season.

      • genagirl

        I’d taped this b/c of my job so I had to re-watch her expression about 3 times so I could LOL! Best moment ever on BB!

    • forrest

      I started out as a Britney hater early on when she was with Monet. All bitchin’, but once Monet left Britney was the comic relief and truthsayer for what we all really thought. America actually got it right for once and awarded the key entertainer of this Big Brother season. Congrats Britney.

    • arleeney

      Lol she deserved it for being the most vile and disgusting pos since Nat.

    • arleeney

      How did bit–face brit deserve it because of her disgusting vile trash talking

    • Tim (not Urban)

      Did you watch “Big Brother After Dark” on Showtime? I wonder if you would still have a positive opinion of Britney?

      • lori

        I would have voted for Matt to win it. I love how he has no regrets about his lie.

      • Traci

        I agree, Brittany was differnet on “After Dark” Whats up with her ALWAYS picking at her lips???

  • Rion

    Glad Hayden won…Lane is an idiot hillbilly and didn’t even deserve second place.
    Britney didn’t deserve America’s Choice because she was a c**t the entire game..would’ve preferred to see Rachel win.

    • Nia

      Rachel, how did you get on the boards so quick?!!! Go saadown!!!!!

      • Ioanna

        Grow up.

    • daniel

      How did you Rachel get to a computer so fast to post this? Still a lunatic I see.

    • getreal

      well, America voted (supposedly). This show always seems fixed, more than any other reality show (well, except for Dancing with the D-Listers)

    • lori

      Rachel , YOURE CRAZY! GO TO SLEEP!!

  • caryn

    Glad Hayden won. He seems like a nice guy who will sincerely appreciate the money.

    • Nobody

      No he doesn’t. He’ll have every penny partied away within 6 months.

      • Chris

        And we all know who will have their hands in his pockets. The squinty eyed one.

  • da

    I’m also surprised the vote was so close. I thought the finale was fun; great to see everyone reacting to all the surprises. I’m glad Ragan and Britney came away with money as well. Did anyone catch the look Rachel gave Britney after Britney won the favorite player money – priceless!!

    • Shannon

      I saw that and roared with laughter!

    • Melissa

      Are you kidding? Rag Doll and Bit-Face Brit were the most veil people in the house. Either way this season was boring, sucked and overall blew a big fat…

  • jmcg

    I’m glad Hayden won, I thought he played the best game and deserved it. I am thoroughly disgusted Bratney won America’s Choice. I guess she can put that money to use to repair the damage from the fire.

    • Ioanna

      I wonder when the voting closed. Britney might have received sympathy votes b/c of her house.

      • jmcg

        I think the voting closed b4 the news broke on the fire. I think she benefitted from too many choices for voters.

      • FH14

        The voting closed Monday at Midnight and the fire occurred this morning.

      • Ryan

        Britney benefited from being comic relief – she was truthful, real, hilarious, and (in my opinion) relatively awesome. Most interesting cast member by far.

      • arleeney

        I think she got sympathy votes for the brigade reveal and CBS didnt show non live feeders the real piece of work she is

  • Andy

    hayden deserved the win. the vote should never have been that close.

    • JolieCat

      Whew. That was too close for comfort. Once again, Brenchel could have totally screwed this game. Their two votes and Britney’s one for Lane made it waaaaay closer than it should have been. So glad Haydn won!

      • kahuna

        For Brendon and Rachel to vote for the “best social game” when it was never part of their game play was nothing but sour grapes from when Hayden put them on the block.

  • socks

    i’m so glad hayden won. he is a very genuine person and he was the best competitor. he really deserved the money.

  • Rich

    Ragan should have stayed & won! Screw this show,i’m done!

  • Dalla

    I don’t know, I got a kick out of Enzo. I wouldn’t have minded if he had won. I’m glad Britney got some money. I liked her and thought she played a good game. I’m glad Ragan got some money out of it too. All-in-all it was a silly season. Not as good as other BB’s in the past. Oh well, I was the idiot that watched it.

  • audyofile

    monet: bitter, are we? so much for let bygones be bygones. man that after party is gonna be awkward!

    • Ioanna

      I agree!

    • Jo

      at least she was honest and didn’t back down. though Rachel did take the high road and sounded honest.

    • Sam

      I’m with Jo. I like that Monet stood her ground. I wish she had been a little more emphatic about it, but I respect it. If that’s the way she felt she should have stood by it.

      • Ben Dayoh

        I just like Monet :)

  • audyofile

    britney? nice girl, but America, what were u thinking?!?! if anyone deserved to win America’s choice, it shoulda been Enzo, the architect of the “Brigade” i dare ya to disagree!

    • Ben Dayoh

      Dare me 2 disagree – Enzo albeit was hilarious, but he is from Jersey. Remember what Conan O’brien said about Jersey, it’s a dump

      – Ben dayoh out

    • Mary

      Someone who was the “architect” of the lamest alliance in BB history “deserved” to win? Uh…no. One thought does not $25,000 make.

    • marco

      Matt was the architect of the Brigade. Enzo came up with the name and nick names. You really think Enzo would have come up with it?

    • Traci

      I think Enzo deserved the $25,000. Brittany got sympathy votes

  • steven

    Did anyone notice Enzo mess up when it was his time to vote? He left Lane’s key out of the bag, laying on the table while he put Hayden’s key in the box. Hilarious guy, but definitely not the brightest crayon in the box!

    • Ioanna

      I preferred Enzo too.

    • Evil Will

      Yes, the other half noticed it right away.

  • TC

    Loved Everything. I love Britney and Rachel. And both of their expressions relating to each other were unforgettable!!!!!

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