'Oprah': 10 Facial Expressions of Near-Terror Before Free Trip to Australia Announcement

For today’s premiere of her 25th and final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah filled the studio with 300 special people she called “the ultimates” — viewers so loyal they’ve written her letters (on paper!), organized regular restaurant meet-ups just to talk about her, and forced their children to re-watch her birthday episode from 2004 (also featuring today’s “favorite guest,” John Travolta) over and over again. Would they get a car? No! Hilariously, one group of women who’d driven cross-country to attend what they thought would be the season’s second show ended up on today’s show because Oprah’s team transformed a loading dock into a make-believe parking garage so that the women would think they’d arrived at their hotel (Harpo Resort and Casino, West Loop branch?) when really they were just rollin’ right on into the studio! (Obviously they were freaking out and it was adorable, but the best part was that the first thing one of them said was that it would have been nice to “shower and get dressed.”) No free cars for them! Oprah also surprised super-fan Crystal Brooks with a video message in her elementary school classroom, announcing “A car is waiting for you outside…” Her face lit up knowingly, but then Opes continued, “…to bring you to the airport and come to our season premiere.” No car for her either! BUT THEN…

Everyone! In! The audience! Got something BETTER than a car! They got an eight-day, seven-night trip with Oprah to Australia! “WE’RE GOING TO AUSTRALIA! YOU AND YOU AND YOU ARE GOING TO AUSTRALIA! WE ARE GOING TO AUSTRALIA! CUE THE PILOT!” And then get this: John Travolta popped out. He’s the pilot! And then the floor startlingly snapped in half to reveal Jon Hamm’s private swimming pool underneath and then that flooded into the ether to reveal a giant tarmac, and the entire group lifted off from Earth in a special television-studio plane courtesy of the all-new airline Oprah Air! No, not really. But the part about Australia is true. G’day mate!

10 Anticipatory Looks of Near-Terror Before Free Trip to Australia Announcement



No! We’re not too busy! I have nothing going on!

Will I even like this?

She better not say St. Barth’s — I’ve been there like a thousand times!

Rock me slowly as I set a pick!

But will I have time to go to my loved one’s funeral first?


I can’t take it any longer!

All aboard!

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  • Lemon

    I didn’t watch this, and now I don’t have to. Thanks for the laugh, Annie! I’m wiping tears from my eyes, and not in honor of Oprah’s last season…

  • Aaron

    This is the best PopWatch post ever.

  • Meg

    Best. Article. Ever. You must do more of these!

  • Kristina

    This sickens me. Instead of helping those who really need the money, she gives out trips to Australia. I’m sure the chick with the huge rock could have purchased her own ticket “down under.” *shakes head* What a crock.

    • Jim

      I understand what you’re saying. But it’s not necessary to only give to the poorest among us. Oprah has done a lot of good things for a lot of people. I’m sure at some point in her final year, she’ll be helping out those who fit into your category of deserving.

    • Casey

      So she’s never ever allowed to do something nice for everyday people? She’s donated millions and helped countless people less fortunate for years What a crock indeed Kristina.

    • Karen Vanderveen

      Oprah has done and given so much to the needy, why can’t she do something nice for the heck of it?I’m excited that we get to show how beautiful my country is, and you all get to see as well.Godbless you Oprah

    • Tia

      Even with 300 people and all, and airfare and hotel, I bet it didn’t cost her much, because Australian Travel and Qantas probably chipped in a lot for the free advertising. Just a comment, not positive or negative.

      • MCS

        The Australian government DID chip in a lot of it.

      • Tara

        The Australian government and NSW tourism is paying millions to get her here.
        Hopefully it’s worth it.

      • harry

        yeah it’s true I’m from Australia and tourism Australia agreed to sponsor the whole thing. Seems perfectly logical to me.

    • reality check for the bitter

      everything has been donated. she is the bridge for creating opportunity.

    • GrandmaSylvia

      Kristina…what have you done lately for the poor..or rich for that matter? So only poor people deserve to be rewarded? Ophra is so wonderful and has helped soooo many people. We will really miss her show. She is my hero.

      • Betts

        Who are you to question Kristina or whoever, she has a right to her opinion. The fact that you consider helping charity as a “reward” speaks volumes. If she’s your hero, get a reality check, big time.

  • Melissa

    You are too funny, Annie.

  • Alice

    This post just made. my. day.

  • Janice Second


  • Casey

    The funniest part were the tears many displayed as she first came on stage. All Hail Queen Oprah! :)

  • drooler

    this is gold. thanks for the belly laugh!

  • tanya

    so instead of using her money for things that can help people, she uses it to fly her audience, a bunch of strangers to Australia. pathetic

    • Samantha

      What rock have you been living under? Just a question…do you ever buy/do nice things for the people that love and support you? How is this any different? I’m not even a fan of oprah’s but she does do a lot of good for the less fortunate in the world–I’m guessing a heck of a lot more than you do or even are financially able to do. So give the lady a break!

      • Krystal

        she’s not paying for any of it. Australian Taxpayers are. Its to showcase tourism in Aus. Seriously some people are so ignorant.

  • nodnarb

    Coincidentally, those are the exact same faces John Travolta makes when Falcon Studios announces its latest DVD releases.

    • Fatima

      YES! Best comment I have ever read, I swear.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Popwatch had been sorely missing its gay porn correspondent…welcome back!

      • nodnarb

        I just got back from two weeks in Europe. What did I miss?

    • Heather


  • Griffin

    That was hilarious but I hope John Travolta has a co-pilot.

  • Marcus

    The title of this article definitely made me click on it. It was funny to watch it today but even funnier to look at the still photos (especially when you get down to the lady in the plaid shirt).

  • Snarf

    Do they have to bring them back?

    • Alice

      Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • Esther

    Why not South Africa? After all the world cup was hosted there.

    • ?

      Why not Australia? After all, the Olympics were hosted there.

      Why not Canada? After all, the G8 Summit was hosted there.

      Why not my backyard? After all, that’s where my killer Labor Day BBQ was held.

      • Alia

        OBVIOUSLY she should fly them all to ?’s backyard for a historical renactment of the legendary Labor Day BBQ. Duh.

      • Lorraine Murray

        Nothing like a good Labor Day BBQ. It’s microcosm of politics full frontal. Good food and refreshments, much bonhomie & maybe a punchup.

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