'DWTS' cast rumors update: And they're Hoff!

dwts-castImage Credit: Tina Gill/PR Photos; Joe Kohen/WireImage.com; Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; PRN/PR PhotosABC won’t officially confirm anything until the season 11 cast of Dancing With the Stars is announced during Monday’s episode of The Bachelor Pad, but that never stops the online ballroom rumor mill from going liiiiiiiiiiiiive! with announcements. Here are the rumored hoofers as of today: famous Alaskan teen mom Bristol Palin, eminently roastable meat hunk David Hasselhoff, Jersey Shore fixture The Situation, The Hills star Audrina Patridge, tasty after-dinner drink Brandy, hair model Michael Bolton, America’s mom Florence Henderson, ex-NBA star Rick Fox, dirrrrty Jennifer Grey, the up-for-anything comedienne Margaret Cho, and former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. This stable of sparkle-stallions is *rumored only*! You know I’m still holding out hope for David Cross. He could show up as Mrs. Featherbottom every other Tuesday! [E! Online]

Any of those names meet your Swarovski crystal standards for good reality TV, DANCMSTRs? Sound off — and sob if you need to — in the comments! I am here to yelp.

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  • NikkiB

    Ugh. What, no 90210 alum? C’mon.

    • Maria

      or even from buffy?!

      • Jersey Jeff

        or I love Lucy

      • Yeah!

        Yeah, where’s Xander?

    • Mothra

      FEATHER! BOTTOM! FEATHER! BOTTOM! Please great goddess of Mirrorballus… make it so!

  • Maria

    ok why isn’t it posting my comment about a certain teen mom that I don’t want on dwts!!

    • Mavis

      same with me!!!!!!

    • sara

      me three! They really need to rename this show “Dancing with the Fame Wh*res”!

      • strickens_girl

        So this!

      • AT

        I’m sorry… the reality “stars” really make me not want to watch this season. Kate was bad enough last time around. Bristol and The Situation? Give me a break. There’s plenty of other good shows on Monday to watch…

      • jam

        Amen to that! Since when does an unmarried teen mother qualify as a “star”. Might as well have her mother on there too.

      • Florina

        @sara: ITA!

      • KKG


    • Jim

      This girl made a terrible decision and now she gets paraded around the country on speaking engagements at schools (making more money than the teachers who work at said schools) and now she’s being pushed onto DWTS like she’s some sort of American icon. Hope she goes the first week.

      • LIVEITUP

        Just curious…what is the terrible decision that you speak of?

      • Diggity

        Getting knocked up at 17?

      • Gail

        Okay. So her mom may not meet your political tastes, but what has the girl done to make you dislike her so much?

      • jared4ever

        LIVEITUP…you’re wondering what horrible decision she made? Take your pick. She’s back together with Levi Johnston isn’t she? She chose to have a baby with him didn’t she? She pretended to be all celibate for a while too right? The does nothing but make bad decisions, she’s a joke.

      • Jim

        The terrible decision was not using protection. And I suppose my main problem isn’t with her, but those rallying around her as though she is a moral authority in America. She’s broken up with Levi for the second time (he impregnated someone else). I hope she goes home the first week so she can go to school or take care of her child.

      • LIVEITUP

        I think a relationship with that “Douche” Levi is obviously a mistake. I got “knocked up” at 17 myself and can’t imagine my daughter not being in my life. Most of us do dumb things as teens. Most of us have sex as a teenager. A lot of us think “it couldn’t happen to us”. I do wish she would get out of the spot light and raise that baby. I was just curious as to which mistake Jim was referring to. I agree that it was a terrible decision to not use protection, but I could never see my daughter as a mistake.

      • Jim

        My apologies. I didn’t mean the child was a mistake. Again, it’s definitely a mistake to not practice safe sex as a teenager, but it’s more of a mistake to act as though Bristol is some sort of role model. Casting her as a “star” on this show (which already uses the term very loosely) glorifies teen pregnancy. A better role model would use this time to be a mother.

      • LIVEITUP

        And to that Jim….I totally agree!
        Teen pregnancy shouldn’t be glorified! It’s not easy! I have a happy ending…but that isn’t the case most of the time!!

      • JKL

        She is a role model. She stood up and took responsibility. She has gotten a job, takes care of her child, and does everything possible to dig herself out of the hole. She didn’t dump her kid on someone else, she isn’t living off of us, she is working. Until you have been a teen mother, you have no idea what she has had to face. As for her going back to Levi, it’s to be expected. The one thing you want to give your child more than anything is a family. She is trying to do everything right by her child. You can’t blame her for Levi or Sarah. She deserves credit for her actions. Does that make her a star? NO! Of course not. It does make her a good mom and a survivor.

      • ROBERT


      • LIVEITUP

        JKL….I agree with your statement also!

    • candaceTX

      Just when you thought they couldnt go any lower than fame-hos Kate and Jake…they suprise you with this! Never watched the show… don’t plan to start.

    • Jen

      Might as well take stars out of the name of the show. The rumored person from Alaska isn’t even a has been. Sad to think that some would consider her a star. What barrel are they digging out of to fill the slots?

      • Dave

        Don’t we still have “truth in advertising” laws anymore? Has-beens, never-beens, wanna-bes, and reality-show dreck. Wow, am I underwhelmed!

    • Alex F

      But I wanna see Bristol’s puppies in some sexy dancewear.

  • Alethea

    Not really liking the rumor list. They need better guys.

    • NikkiB

      Rick Fox and Kurt Warner might look pretty good out on the floor. Otherwise, I agree they need some other guys.

  • Andie

    Why the hell are they announcing it on the Bachelor Pad if they ain’t going to cast Ali and or Roberto?

    • John M.

      I would guess primarily to have people find out who the cast will be when most will be home from work. Dancing IS on the same network as Bimbo/Himbo Pad, of course.

    • well lah tee dah


      Yes, I am screaming because I am sick and tired of it. This show is completely losing me as a very faithful watcher since the beginning. Kate & Jake were TOO much last season. Could not stand to watch either of them and I will not be able to stomach the no stars if this list turns out to be somewhat accurate.

  • keith

    The situation?? This guy is really milking his 15 minutes of fame, but it would make for some interesting quotes like GTL and DTF.

    • Ceballos

      Are you kidding me?

      With all the rampant spray tanning on DWTS, he’d fit right in.

      (I say pair him with Edyta and create the orangest duo in DWTS history!)

      • Maria

        i agree. i’m kinda excited about him being on dwts! its gonna be funny!

      • Lisa

        @Ceballs….I’m laughing to hard to type

    • Celimene

      Hey, he knows his 15 minutes are ticking away. Better make the most of it while he can.

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    I can see Bristol from my house!

    • Eli


      • candaceTX

        BRILLIANT X 2

    • Florina

      LOL!! Best yet!

    • getreal

      so you mean Tina Fey is on?????

  • Randi

    I was already on the fence about watching DWTS this season with all of the other shows I watch on Mondays, and if these are the real cast members, I am officially on the “not a snowball’s chance in hell” side of the fence.

    • Fridge

      That’s where I’m at right now. There is no one on this rumored list that I even remotely like, let alone vote for. Looks like it might just be Annie’s recaps for me this season.

  • otis

    Not a great cast. Who’s the token ringer?

    • Stevex

      Thank you, otis, for making the Understatement of the Year. I have been a fan of DWTS since the jump, but Tom Bergeron is going to have to do some HEAVY lifting to make this season watchable at all.

    • Potato Bug

      Jennifer Grey would be the ringer.
      I’d pay good money (well, not really) for David Cross (or any _Arrested Development_ alums). Still wanting _Firefly_ alums, or musicians Sheryl Crow or Nelly Furtado.

      • David Cross

        Chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot piiiiiiiiie

      • nuffsaid

        I agree…. Definitely Jennifer (“Nobody puts Baby in the corner”) Gray…..

      • JH

        @David Cross – LMAO!!! I LOVE that! I say that all the time and no one knows what the hell I’m talking about. I never watched Arrested Development (I know, I know. Sorry.) so that is actually my absolute favorite David Cross moment. Oh crap, now I gotta get a job. LOL!

      • Imisskristi

        Hi, Po! I rank B Randy to go far, too.

    • Maria

      i would say brandi

      • Spongey

        Ha! Ha! Brandy has two left feet. Girl cannot move!

      • candaceTX

        have you ever SEEN Brandy dance? She dances like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey (which ain’t sayin much…)

    • ugly nikki

      Brandy, because she has rhythm

    • Sarah D

      Jennifer Grey anybody? Trained dancer ya’ll. Even though she’s fifty, she’s still fit.

    • LoveVioletFlame

      Would have to be Jennifer Grey – daughter of Joel, co-star with Patrick Swazye in the film Dirty (subtle hint) Dancing.

  • JN

    I want to see the living train wreck that is Kirstie Alley.

    • Buzz

      don’t schientilogiests have a no dancing rule?

      • Lisa

        Buzz…oh know you ditttint

  • Art

    So, just to be clear, Bristol said that LEVI is too busy chasing fame?

    • Maria

      well to be fair to bristol they did approach her. not the other way around. believe me i don’t want her on dwts. i have nothing against her, but she is not a star. not even a reality tv star. but they did approach her. if the rumor is true. i’m still hoping its not.

      • Larry

        She could have said no, not interested in chasing fame. If Hustler asked her to pose, would she feel obligated to take advantage of that paycheck too?

    • Shiny

      I might tune in the first time to see what “title” the announcer guy uses as she sweeps down the staircase on Tony’s arm. “Unwed mom, Bristol P!!” just sounds a little odd…

      • Potato Bug

        “Daughter of half-governor of Alaska”

  • jaime

    if diiirty jennifer grey is cast, i can already hear all the complaints about how she has “prior dance experience”.

    • nuffsaid

      … and rightfully so! She was only in one of the most popular “DANCING” movies EVER!

      • wakeforce

        Dance has changed a little since the 50s when Dancing was set.

  • JD

    ABC needs to consider changing the name of this show. Dancing with the “Stars” has become a bit of an overstatement. Either that, or the term “star” has become meaningless.

  • talkin’

    if this is it, I am so gone.

  • Captain Communist

    and Bristol is a star how?

    • Maria

      that’s my problem with her being cast if the rumor is true. nothing against her personally cause i don’t know her, but she is not a star. of course that tends to be why some people get cast on this show.

    • D

      She got Pregnant while her mom was preaching family morals

  • Josie

    I think we need less people that are desperate to extend their fame and more that are entertaining, charismatic, and fun

    • Maureen


      • LoveVioletFlame

        So agree! There’s a ton of talk show host/hostesses and they’ve been entertaining as heck: Mario, Neecey Nash…heh, how bout Elizabeth “loose morals” Hasselbeck? Or network cross-over Craig Ferguson?

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