Prince Poppycock dominates on 'America's Got Talent'

Prince-PoppycockLast night’s America’s Got Talent featured 12 of the semifinal acts. Well, technically it did. But what really happened was Prince Poppycock stole the show completely, with his biggest, best performance yet. Sure, his previous opera bits have been fun and all, but “Bohemian Rhapsody” brought his costumed act to a new level of outlandishness. (Not to mention mass appeal.) Piers called him “crackers,” Sharon called him the “male Lady Gaga,” and Howie said “this is your night.” Awww. Champers for everyone indeed!

Otherwise, it was a night of relatively weak performances. Future Funk is cute and all, but how much of them can you really watch? (That goes double for Christina and Ali.) Kite guy? Magician guy? Eh. Team Poppycock, PopWatchers! Are you with me?

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  • katie

    i have never been a big poppycock fan. i think he did ok last night. loved michael grimm, anna and patryk, and taylor mathews. voted for all them. i don’t know if another singer should win but if there is i hope that it’s grimm

    • Stormy

      A travesty that should not be allowed. No one should screw with Freddie Mercury’s signature piece.

      • Mandy

        Yeah right – but this guy knocked it out of the park!!!

      • dc

        If he had done it with one iota less talent, creativity, chutzpah and aplomb it indeed would have been a travisty.

        as it happened, Poppycock HONORED the memory of Freddie. Besides, nobody hardly thinks of Freddie Mercury anymore when they hear that song…the think “Wayne’s World”. Now, we will all think POPPYCOCK!

        Loved this cat from the 1st show…glad to see he is stepping it up!!

      • Shuler

        Poppycock is so overrated. I don’t get what is so great about him? He walked around in a wig with glitter shooting around him and dropped vases. Yawn!

      • momatella

        Oh get over it–what could be a better homage? I am positive Freddy would have been one of the first to celebrate it!

      • Jethrine

        Oh, Puhleeze, who are you? Some kind of pseudo-purist?

      • jak

        Tell that to all the IDOL contestants.

      • zzz

        oh please… mercury would have approved.

      • Helium

        Not only would freddy have approved he would have hit that!!

      • jed

        Stormy, get over yourself.
        Helium, you’re such a pathetic loser.

      • Cloud

        Over all it was a great performance. You can sit there and talk about Freddie Mercury all you want but that is not what this is about. Prince Poppycock has the perfect character for this and is able to impress the audiance and that is what is being looked for. He keeps it interesting and original.
        I watched this for the first time and so did not have any favorites but upon watching this with a friend i have to say his was overall the most impressive.

      • bigbob

        thought he did a great job that even Freddy would be proud of and give him a standing O… great job prince even if you don’t win this we will be seeing you elsewhere I’m sure of it

    • Joseph

      If you voted for Taylor Matthews and think Poppycock’s performance was “okay,” your credibility is completely gone. It seems you like the looks and story of a person more than the acts. I’m a Michael Grimm fan, but I don’t think you deserve to be considering you know nothing about talent.

    • kealoha

      i am a huge fan of prince poppycock.and i would absolutely
      want to see his show in las vegas

      • Victoria

        Oh yes! I Will pay anything to go see him in Vegas, he is a Performer and Entertainer, and of course so talented.

    • Stormy

      @dc Not true. Wayne’s World used original Queen recording. Not the same thing at all.

      • jed

        to Stormy and other Wayne’s World afficionados…WHO CARES????!!!

    • cheryl baker

      I couldnt agree more.i love grimm, poppycock wasnt to bad. he did put on a good show.

    • Eric

      Well i think Poppy cock is great and fab! Can’t wait to see more of him. Love the george washington look.

  • austinrob

    Team Poppycock 4 sure.
    Those little boys from Future Funk looked mean-spirited to me – more Future Punks…lol. They were just so-so. The other kid dancing team were much more polished & all around better dancers than the 2 little boys.
    Michael Grimm also did well.

    • Lena

      OMG my step dad said that they were Future punks too.

      • Jethrine

        what are you and your step-dad – PRESENT DAY RACISTS?

      • MOVIEgeek

        The future funk kids are annoying more than cute now. They were being disrespectful and arrogant after their performance and couldn’t take criticism at all.

        Kite boy should have made it!!

      • real

        They were spoiled little poseurs

      • @austinrob and Lena

        Are you guys a couple because you’re a match made in H*ll. You’re already writing a kid’s future based on a PERFORMANCE? You must be some kinds of stupid vicious head cases. THE KID’S 5 YEARS OLD!!!!!!

      • franchita

        Is for you,simple ignore this coments,people don’t like other simple because are ignorant,some people have talent,them that coments,are talent for a dirte people mouth,close your mint,and don’t answer this guy,I love opera,and many people love songs with a bad works,they thinking are the best good songs,there thinking in trash,you has to see and reserve your opinion,good look PRINCE”

    • petal

      How could anyone think those adorable sweet natured boys are mean looking? How bizarre.

      • austinrob

        Not everyone is going to agree. The fact that you didn’t see what I saw I find bizarre. Does not make me right or you right – its just my opinion.
        Have a nice day, petal (bizarre user name…lol. JK)

      • @austinrob

        You spew your ignorant crapola and then say “have a nice day?” Shove it up your b*tt.

    • Jethrine


      • austinrob

        You have no idea how wrong & far off you are….none whatsoever.

      • Heather

        Having an opinion means your racist? Wow, what has this world come to!

        Well.. guess what I don’t like the color green, does that mean I hate all frogs? how about grass?

      • @ heather

        You are an idiot. And so is everyone else who doen’t get jethrine’s sarcasm.

      • @austinrob

        You have no idea how stupid you are…none whatsoever.

      • @heather

        no,fool – writing a 5 year old’s future based on some performance gimmick he’s doing on stage is just plain MORONIC and ill-informed – Also, just because you think stupid thoughts doesn’t mean it has to come out from your alleged brain onto a blog

    • Cathy

      Prince Poppycock is a strange character indeed, but that boy can sing! Take away his clothes and makeup and he is still an amazing opera singer.

      • @cathy

        Sorry to interrupt your FANTASY, dear – But…take away his clothes and makeup AND HE DOES NOT HAVE AN ACT. He’s just another mediocre singer. You are no judge of opera singers because someone gave you a video of the Three Tenors.

    • MissVampireDiaries

      First Chris Brown, now Future Funk. You’re on roll against black people!

      • barbie

        don’t forget FANTASIA

      • jethrine

        don’t forget how poor Tiger Woods has been demonized

  • lee

    How can you not love Prince Poppycock? He gave his voting phone number in ROMAN NUMERALS!!!! :D

    • Chloe

      I was also glad they showed what he actually looks like!! Nice looking and so talented, it’s scary. With a Vegas production team behind him – this guy will be unstoppable – and pull in the crowds!!!!

      • cookiemac

        My wife kind of said the same thing last night. Can you imagine what kind of show he could put on with a big vegas budget.

      • Bev

        I totally agree with you Chloe & cookiemac…..Prince Poppycock has the total package for a venue in Vegas. Viva la Poppycock!

  • topfan

    I believe the author of this article is forgetting a very important performer named MICHAEL GRIMM!!!!

    • Big Dave

      He’s the kind of guy who keeps winning AGT, but he is definitely NOT a Vegas act. Prince Poppycock is.

      • jak

        I ABSOLUTELY agree, Big Dave

      • saintcroix

        MICHAEL GRIMM!!!! is already a Vegas act… He wants to make it in the Other music world. Personally I like his style ( sort of a Joe Cocker -ish, bluesy-Pop singer. Definitely has a voice. On the other hand, I am seriously tired of the “sad story” his and other acts put out. we all have problems in life.
        the comments here are only our opinions.

    • Joyce Hendricks

      I hope that Micheal Grimm comes through as I really think he has a great voice and could go far in the recording world.

  • topfan

    any other thoughts?

    • darclyte

      Michael Grimm, Poppycock, Anna & Patryck should be locks. Taylor, Antonio, and Arc Attack should be fighting over the final 2 spots. The rest either weren’t very good, or were exposed as overrated.

      • kivadiva

        yes, i agree.

  • Kacey

    I fast forwarded through the majority of the two hours, but watched Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock….my two favorites in the competition. I can see myself seeing Michael Grimm on a stage in a grimy blues bar and loving it, but Poppycock is definitely made for the big stage. Fabulous.

    • Mea

      Does anyone besides me think that Prince Poppycock [without makeup] resembles Weird Al Yankovic? He is certainly as creative as Weird Al.

      • Simone

        No. Weird Al is really ugly. Talented as hell, but you can’t compare his hideousness with Prince Poppycock or John’s beauty.

      • Rumplestiltskin

        Mea is right. i watched Weird Al’s Star Wars parody on YouTube, because he’s not wearing any disguises on that one. He looks very similar to Prince Poppycock without his makeup. They could be brothers.

  • Marci

    I don’t think so, he’s just another ok singer.

    • Marci

      This comment was meant to be a response to Topfan about M. Grimm, not Poppycock – love Poppycock!

  • Noreen LaVallo

    Totally love Prince Poppycock and I also love Michael Grim…you can’t compare them though. I hope they both go through.

  • Richard from Halifax

    Grimm was fantastic, but Poppycock was a cut above. I was very disappointed with Sperry — worst so-called ‘illusion’ / magic trick ever. The others underperformed as well for this stage of the competition.

    • Don

      What I had no idea how he did that trick. I mean the man cut Nick’s arm off and then signed it. How in the world did that happen?

      And that Robot was HOT…

      • momatella

        I liked his first performance–never have seen that. But the arm did look like badly-cast plastic! He needs the attention to detail that P. Poppycock has–then he’d be great!

  • jaghla

    poppycock is a real showman
    Grimm, Stevie Ray-WannaBe

    • marge

      totally disagree – PC is a flash in the pan. Grimm is the only act last night I would pay to see.

      • RickyDoLuv24

        My sentiments exactly!

    • Mea

      I’d say Michael Grimm is more of a cross between Michael Bolton and Ray Charles. Love him and can see him in Nashville and hitting it big.

      • twitchytail

        I can also see Grimm in Nashville. But I can see Poppycock in VEGAS.

    • Annia

      Ok, so you think others such as Jonny Lang, Muddy Waters, & BB King are Stevie Ray Vaughn wannnabes? Just because they play really awesome electric guitars? Oh, and don’t forget Carlos Santana. Michael is awesome being himself. He has more stage presence than you could ever imagine. AGT has time restriction for each act, therefore, he couldn’t be more himself, you know, more relax & give the audience and the viewers something extra as he usually do on his shows. Check out all his performances on Youtube, and I’m not talking about the ones from AGT and you will see how good he really is. I like Price Poppycock, too, but yet, I’m afraid he will just have shows in Vegas, where, Michael Grimm will take his band on tour everywhere & finding more audiences who are willing to pay to see him.

      • Gilded Unicorn

        I like Michael Grimm too but sorry, he does not have more stage presence nor more talent than Prince Poppycock. Are you kidding me??? His voice and vocal range alone can’t hold a candle to PP. As far as sheer showmanship, just compare their last two performances on AGT – Grimm just sang with his mellow bluesy voice and it was nice. Poppycock BLEW THE ROOF OFF with his performance of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody! He was a 90 second Rock Opera all by himself. Uh, and 90 seconds is all they have to bring their goods before the American voting audience and all of the performers know that. So using the excuse of AGT’s time restriction does not wash.

        As far as being marketable, Prince Poppycock is BY FAR the most marketable act over Grimm. The possibilities are endless for him. He can not only do Vegas, but Broadway and any big stage in the USA and Europe. Europe WILL be clamoring for Poppycock! He is right up their alley. Grimm will do well after AGT and will be booked all over the USA but the world is going to be Poppycock’s oyster!

  • Changes

    Last nights show had a lot of people that didn’t step up. I fear we will have lots of better perforemers who don’tget in next week.
    Dan’s magic failed big time…
    I got tired of Piers Buzzing everyone and praising the kid dancers. as a dad a 12 year old in a Bustier flashing her shorts still creeped me out. They will be a great act when they grow into the adult style.
    Popycock was more show than showing of his great voice.. but it was one of the best of the night. I liked Grimm my wife didn’t

    • Long Balls

      I’ll say it again: Howie was right. Seeing kids doing seductive dancing, even if the dance is performed as it is supposed to, is creepy.

      • rainy

        How do you think the professionals from Dancing with the Stars got their talents? Those kids are fantastic.

      • AMO

        How is their dancing so seductive? I don’t understand this. They are extremely talented and do to the dances accurately. They are fully clothed and aren’t doing any “Dirty Dancing”. Whatevs, I also loved Poppycock and Grimm. I hope those 3 at least go through – all the rest…meh.

      • darclyte

        I didn’t find Anna’s performance to be “creepy” this week. Last week was with her shaking her chest and everything. Last night it was more just a dance with less “sexy” flourishes built in. She would have been wise to not wear a bustier, but I didn’t even notice until the very end when she was talking to Nick. They are awesome.

      • @LongB*lls

        You’re blogging here with that disgusting name which makes us think that you’re an 80-yr. old dirty ol’ man — and you have the B*lls to call these kids creepy? The only CREEP here is YOU.

    • AnnR

      Heard on the news this morning that Piers work visa had not been renewed by the US. HA, serves him right for liking some of these drivel acts .
      America don’t got much talent.
      Only Prince P rocked. Enough of the kite flyer and the wall climbers and the woman singer and the rapping kids.

      • Vivian

        it’s not that his visa wasn’t renewed. it’s that he needs a new one cuz he’s replacing Larry King and needs more allowable working hrs. he has 3 more yrs on AGT dude.

        anyways, Poppycock is MEANT to be in vegas. he would just be so perfect. he has to win.

    • Pat

      I like Piers comments and buzzing. He is the only one of the judges that will say what he is thinking without sugar coating it. 9 times out of 10 I agree with him. But I hate to say it but I did like Chips Cooney for the first two rounds when Piers did not like him. However Chip fell flat at the end like Piers predicted.

      • jethrine

        get over chips, Pat – he’s history – and you are weird – he belongs to the show: America’s Got Losers

  • carebear0173

    Go Prince Poppycock!!! I used 8 of my 10 votes on him. Voted for Michael Grimm with the other 2 votes. I will be so disappointed if either of them don’t make it… I hope PP wins the whole thing! He has been my fav since the first audition :)

    • satori03

      I am with you. I used all of my votes for Poppycock though. I am a fan forever
      PRINCE..i am one of your Poppies!

  • Dinp Kadu

    Grimm is a retread hack. A poor man’s poor man.

    • iRoll

      So sayeth a d-bag’s d-bag.

    • Ali

      Obviously you wouldn’t know talent if it smacked you in the face. Mike Grimm is an awesome talent as is Prince Poppiecock. Just try to sing like either of them.

  • Raydan in DC

    Prince PoppyCock
    Michael Grimm
    Patryk and the girl
    Restivo and his act

    too bad Ascendence didn’t get appreciated better. What they tried to do was speed up and add on to their act…good effort, but perhaps there is no Vegas market for it?

    • George

      What no VEGAS MARKET for Ascendance, have you EVER SEEN a Cirque show??? They are the epitome of what Cirque does.

      • momatella

        And that is where they need to be–IN a Cirque show, as a featured part. They could never compete with Cirque by themselves, and probably physically impossible to pull off a whole show on their own…

      • darclyte

        They were actually quite good last night, but their routine does work better slowed down. They should get hired by Cirque or something similar as what they do is interesting to watch in much the same way as Cirque.

    • Miss Jane

      I’m soooo relieved to see ASSDance go. That androgenous skinny chick was beginning to annoy me. Stop crying already!

  • Rhonda

    Prince Poppycock & Michael Grimes. Everyone else should just home.

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