'127 Hours' trailer: A Danny Boyle Joint

When did Danny Boyle become a brand? James Franco is the undeniable star of 127 Hours, the courageous story of injured adrenaline junkie Aron Ralston, but the new trailer for the film (embedded below) leads with the Oscar-winning director of Slumdog Millionaire. “Danny Boyle has taken us places we’ve never seen,” is splashed across the opening shots, followed by cuts of Slumdog, 28 Days Later, and Millions. Franco takes over from there, racing his bike through the desolate southwest, rescuing Kate Mara and Amber Tamblyn and showing them a good time, and ultimately slipping into a horrific, life-threatening trap that will last, yes, 127 hours.┬áCall it Into the Wild with a happier ending.

Do you think Boyle registers with the average moviegoer? Does the cool trailer distract from the fact that the bulk of the movie will be Franco trapped alone in a crevasse? Does your knowledge of how Ralston ultimately escapes from his dire situation make you want to see this more or less?

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  • Peterbilt

    I think Boyle really sucks and CrapDog Slummionaire was one of the most overrated movies to win Best Pic. Maybe it will end with a big dance sequence with a 1 armed Franco dancing too.

    • Bob

      You’re a moron. Danny Boyle has a diverse filmography of great films, Slumdog Millionare included.

    • Dean

      I agree. I didn’t like Slumdog much either and I thought it was wildly overpraised. I do like Boyle’s other flicks, though.

      • bruno

        not a slumdog fan either but a fan of the rest. while, yeah, this trailer man be a tad deceptive, it still looks pretty amazing. and i’ll see franco in anything.

  • nodnarb

    The cinematography in this looks stellar… it almost looks like an IMAX nature film with a narrative. Danny Boyle has a gift for shooting vivid landscapes, so I’d say he’s earned his rep.

  • Si L

    Danny Boyle has made some brilliant films; 28 Days Later, Trainspotting and the vastly underrated Sunshine. I find it a bit odd how you’re so negative towards him. At least he’s got the balls to challenge himself and tackle a different genre every film he makes. And while Franco will undoubtedly be the force of this film, it’ll take a great director to pull it off, so that’s probably why we’re being told he’s the director.

    …and slumdog millionaire was not crap at all. An imaginative end credit sequence doesn’t make a film crap.

    • Catherine

      Sunshine was amazing for the first 2/3 of the film…and then the ending…But still, one of my favourite!

  • Monty

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the Beach?

    • Mathieu

      Monty, that’s because the film of The Beach is terrible. A wonderful book, very badly adapted. Easily Boyle’s worst film.

  • Di

    I’ve loved Danny Boyle since I first saw Trainspotting and read The Beach (the book was way more than the movie and I love how Alex Garland and Boyle collaborate). I was in high school and it was one of the movies that turned me on to movies beyond the mainstream. Needless to say, he holds a special place in my heart.
    Also, 28 Days Later is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

  • martenmovies

    Danny Boyle has been a filmmaker to go see since “Shallow Grave” in 1994. He’s been in that kind of auteur class for a decade and a half, and is enough to get me to the theater. Now was Slumdog Millionaire a piece of overly hyped trash that wasn’t in the same LEAGUE as most of the films of 2008 and won the Best Picture award only because the Academy didn’t know about how shittily Boyle and his producers paid the child actors? Absolutely. But the guy still knows how to put together a film.

    • m1

      Slumdog Millionaire was above nearly every film in 2008. The only exceptions were Frost/Nixon, WALL-E, and possibly The Dark Knight.

  • rees

    Slumdog Millionaire was one of the most unexpectedly lovable films I’ve ever seen, and this looks amazing… I’ve read Aron’s book, but don’t know if I’ll actually be able to sit through this. Will wait for the DVD, and the comfort of my own fast-forward button.

    • rees

      also, all of boyle’s films are a visual orgasm anyway. I could watch slumdog with the sound off and still come out cheering. The imagery and camerawork looks really similar for this one.

      • nodnarb

        And A. R. Rahman is doing the music again.

      • rees

        ooh, then maybe they will dance at the end! haha, kidding, of course. I wouldn’t mind though, my favorite movies all end with a dance sequence – Slumdog and Mr. Bean’s Holiday!

  • m1

    Slumdog Millionaire was better than Inception and Avatar. End of story.

  • Jules

    To answer your first question- it’s obvious from this trailer that he doesn’t register with average cinemagoers because they don’t just mention his other films, but they show short snapshots and clips! Seems like their trying their hardest to sell the film on his name, but don’t trust that anyone really knows that name!

  • emily

    i don’t think i could watch this, it looks terrifying. i do want to know what happens with the girls though. like do they go get help? or leave him before he gets trapped. i’ll probably see it on dvd.

  • CMrok93

    127 Hours looks good, and I know Danny Boyle can literally direct anything, but a story about a guy being trapped under a rock for more than 5 days, is kind of a stretch. Yet, Franco is a great actor, and can probably sell it.

  • Aaron W

    Looks beautiful. I was so afraid when I first read about the film that it was going to be a faux handy-cam one-man show. Thank god they didn’t go that route and Boyle gets to show off what he can do with a real camera. No, I don’t think think the name Danny Boyle registers with the average moviegoer. But I also don’t think Boyle makes films for the average moviegoer. I am really looking forward to this.

  • greenecv

    Danny Boyle is a great filmmaker because he takes huge risks. They don’t always work, but I’ve loved the man since way back to Shallow Grave. “Good” or “bad” — the man has never bored me.

    Observant viewers may have noticed that there’s not an actor alive today, aside from maybe Will Smith, who can open a movie on name alone. Concept gets viewers into seats these days. But because concept is hard to quantify for financing, and Hollywood likes known quantities, we are now starting to see directors being turned into supa-stars. Nolan is Hollywood’s first mega-success in this area. (Notice that his name comes up before DiCaprio’s in the Inception trailer.)

    This trailer lists nearly all of Boyle’s previous films. That’s because Hollywood knows he’s not a household name yet. They’re going to make him one. “Watch James Franco cut off his arm” will not get butts into seats. “Watch a crazy story made by a visionary director” will.

    Expect to see more of this. I’m sure we’ll hear more about Arronofsky than anyone else associated with Black Swan.

  • Jeannie

    Danny Boyle is an awesome director! The first movie I saw of his was Trainspotting, killer movie and even though he was in another movie with Boyle before this I think it gave Ewan McGregor a name. I would also say that it may not have been true before but I think Slumdog Millionaire made Danny Boyle a household name.
    I was really excited to hear that Boyle was directing this movie. If anyone can pull it off he can. It’s not an easy task to make a movie about a man being alone somewhere but Tom Hanks did a great job on castaway so I’m sure James Franco will rock this role!
    I can’t wait to see it! I may have a tough time watching the amputation scene but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

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