'Lost' auction: The Dharma van went for HOW much?!

Lost-Auction-DharmaOnly in the world of Lost would a VW Bus be worth more than a vintage Camaro. At the official auction of Lost memorabilia — run by auction house Profiles in History on Aug. 21 and 22 — the iconic blue-and-white Dharma van won the highest bid, a whopping $47,500. (Hurley’s bitchin’ Camaro, meanwhile, netted a cool 20 grand.) More than 1,100 lots of props and costumes from the ABC series went up for bid online and in a Santa Monica, Calif. warehouse, including the time-shifting frozen donkey wheel (which went for $22,500), a pilot script signed by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof ($15,000), 12 cans of Dharma beer ($5,000), Jin’s wedding ring ($4,750), Locke’s wheelchair ($3,250), and Sawyer’s paperback copy of Watership Down ($2,750). (An undetermined portion of the proceeds will go to Hawaii-based charities.) And to the person who won Jacob’s lighthouse mechanism and mirror array for $27,500: Good luck getting that thing to work again.

Here’s a partial list of the winning bids:

• Dharma van: $47,500
• Jacob’s dial mechanism and mirror array from “The Lighthouse”: $27,500
• Island time-shifting frozen donkey wheel: $22,500
• Dharma Jeep: $20,000
• Hurley’s Camaro: $20,000
• Daniel Faraday’s journal with extensive handwritten notes: $20,000
• Dharma Swan station computer: $16,000
• Pilot script signed by J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof: $15,000
• Season 6 production artwork: $15,000
• Season 1 production artwork: $14,000
• Desmond’s fail-safe key with “Joe Inman” dog tag; $11,000
• Jack’s death costume from the series finale, “The End”: $9,000
• Large section of Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage: $9,000
• Charlie’s Drive Shaft ring: $9,000
• Locke’s compass: $8,000
• Baby Aaron’s crib: $8,000
• Fragment of Jacob’s tapestry: $6,500
• Hurley’s winning Mega Lotto Jackpot ticket: $5,500
• Two crates filled with six Virgin Mary statues: $5,000
• 12 cans of Dharma beer: $5,000
• Jin’s wedding ring: $4,750
• Locke’s hero wheelchair: $3,250
• Jack’s pilot episode costume: $3,000
• Sawyer’s paperback copy of Watership Down: $2,750
• Sawyer’s improvised reading glasses from Season Three: $2,250
• Set chair for Matthew Fox: $1,200

What do you make of the winning bids for these items, P-Dubs? Do you feel like anything’s overpriced? Or undervalued?

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  • dan

    who says our economy is struggling..people paying 20,000 for faradays journal..I love love love the show but 20K for a prop…disgusting

  • Oh Good

    Joe Likes This.

    • joe the dirt

      Oh yeah, three months is such a long time. You know what they say. If you still remember a show three months after it’s gone off the air… Then you don’t have short-term memory loss. Because it’s only been three months since it’s gone off the air. So you should remember it.

    • @jordan

      Sawyer’s glasses and the lotto ticket looked under priced to me. Those both seem pretty iconic. The car makes sense since other movie and TV cars are VERY valuable today.

      • Shiny

        Wondering if this will all end up in a museum; should be a Disney Lost Experience ride and museum someday.

  • Ceballos

    God, you lost fans are worse than Trekkies! LOSERS!

    • Tom



        Spoken like a person that has no joy or passion…. never had it and never will.

    • call me Alice

      Spoken by someone who watches Jersey Shore.

    • LAJackie

      That’s Trekkers to you Mister.

    • katiemariie

      As a fan of both Star Trek and Lost, I would be offended, if I wasn’t secure in how much more awesome I am than you are.

    • Dicazi

      I love Trek and Lost!!!!

  • yo

    backpacks, that’s what i’d put down money for.

    • Ap

      Good point…where are all of those backpacks – particularly Locke’s?

      • Blurbank

        They all sold. For a lot.

      • MCS

        jacks backpack was sold for $900. I know they sold faraday, charlottes, desmonds and juliets packs but im not sure about locke.

      • tJhooKer

        or her panties

      • MCS

        Lockes went for $1400

    • tJhooKer

      I would have sold my car to buy Kates bra.

      • The L

        you mean Kate’s TRAINING bra? c’mon…she’s a gal who didn’t even need a bra!!! Keep the car…

  • Ceballos

    Maybe you should use the money to get a life!

    • Steve T,

      Ah, yes. Perhaps one like you, who posts in the comments section of an entertainment website for a show they don’t even like.


      • Beef


      • Sara


  • Madd

    Things I wish were auctioned off:
    Sawyer/Josh Holloway
    Juliet’s copy of “Carrie”
    Anything signed by both Damon and Carlton
    Dharma Merlot
    The letter Penny wrote Desmond that she put in “Our Mutual Friend”

    • coolhandkate

      Penny’s letter was auctioned off. I thought I saw Juliet’s Carrie listed on the auction site, but I might be making that up.

    • MCS

      i would give anything for desmonds copy of our mutual friend/pennys letter/the photo of them together. It is pretty much the ultimate lost collectable.

      • Gerard

        I was there – Desmond’s books went for $1200, Penny’s letter for $3500, and their photo together for $6500. I think they all went to different people – too bad the collection got split up

      • MCS

        Thats just devastating that they were split up. Those three items just completely summarise Lost, everytime i see them it reminds me of The Constant.

      • Peter

        How about the pre-Sonia Walger photo from warly in the second season?

    • Anna

      I would have loved to buy so much of the Lost memorabilia if I had money…haha. I would have wanted faraday’s journal (which actually went for 27,500 not 20,000)and the lighthouse dial. Jack’s death costume would have been pretty cool..and maybe a Kate costume or dharma jump suit. Actually I would have wanted anything I could get my hands on. They should have had a Lost exhibition, where they travel to different museums around the country with the Lost stuff. Then they could have auctioned it.

      • Ne Oublie

        “They should have had a Lost exhibition, where they travel to different museums around the country with the Lost stuff.”

  • Kaelyn

    I understand all of them more or less except for the paperback copy of Watership Down for $2,750. Ridiculous. Maybe it’d be worth a couple hundred, but that person is never going to see that money again. But then again I suppose “everything is worth what a purchaser will pay for it”.

  • LAJackie

    It’s at times like these I hate myself for being poor.

    • gataroo

      Amen Sister

      • Tjhooker

        I would have sold my car to buy Kate’s bra

    • Jose


      • Shane


        I especially love the fact that the bidding for Sawyer’s Dharma jumpsuit crashed the auction’s servers- those are some SMART people with AWESOME taste.
        I would sleep in that if I could have bought it!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Man. I actually kind of think that $9,000 for the Oceanic wreckage is a steal. If only I had money to burn.

  • Jose

    I would put down my entire savins if they were auctining Nestor Carbonell.

  • lincing


  • jaclyn

    maybe it’s time to revisit “Gilligan’s Island” for the ultimate in Lost treasures.

  • jared

    Can you say “Disposable Income”?

  • Mike

    I didn’t know Frotto’s ring ended up on the Island..

    • i didn’t know frodo was spelled frotto.

      • CharlieBrown


  • Ne Oublie

    I am happy to learn that some of the proceeds will be going to charities. I hope they are generous!

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