Angelina Jolie-Johnny Depp or Christian Bale-Mark Wahlberg: Who will you turn out for on Dec. 10?

Jolie-Depp-BaleImage Credit: The Fighter: Jojo WhildenSony’s announcement yesterday that it will release The Tourist on Dec. 10 creates what’s sure to be a closely watched opening-weekend match-up against the boxing film The Fighter. In one corner: Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in a twisty thriller set in Venice, Italy. In the other corner: Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg in the inspiring story of boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward’s climb to fame. Tough choice, right? And to make things even more complicated, the third installment in the Chronicles of Narnia series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, will also hit theaters that weekend. So how will you cast your vote at the box office?

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  • Jose

    I’m not interested in either but if I’d have to choose it would have to be “The Fighter”.

    • Elena

      The Tourist all the way!

  • Lisa Simpson

    None of the above. Not that I don’t want to see the films (though I always get bored in boxing films – yes, even “Rocky”), but I avoid opening weekends.

  • Katie

    Knowing how family movies do in the box office, I’m going to bet:
    2)The Tourist
    3)The Fighter.

    I’ll be at The Tourist.

    • Nic.

      I like your prediction and I hope it is right. I’ll be at Narnia :)

  • jd

    The Tourist will easily beat The Fighter. Not because it might be the better movie, but because it has two of the world’s biggest stars headlining it.

  • mac

    I say the tourist but it is a tight race for me. I do, however, believe that Depp is the prettiest member of the tourist’s cast and I am a heterosexual male.

  • MJ

    Marky mark’s abs hell yeah!!!

  • Minutiae

    The Fighter–Bale always wins with me.

  • Edwin

    The Fighter: David O. Russell in the house!!!

  • Nick

    More interested in The Fighter just because of the buzz that has been around it, though with The Tourist being moved up guess that shows the studio is confident in it. Nonetheless I’ll wait til I see a trailer for either film. Oh and not interested in Narnia.

  • Liza

    I’m still surprised Johnny’s even in The Tourist. I know little about it, but it just seems too…too…I don’t want to say mainstream or big budget, because look at Pirates, but he was still a quirky, borderline insane character. A movie like this doesn’t seem like it would leave much room for the intriguing, offbeat, complex character Depp’s born to play. Of course, I might just be averse to it because of the leading lady. To me, this seems like the sell-out Depp’s avoided for so long.

  • KK

    Oh Mac. The fact that you even mentioned that you like Johnny more than Angie proves to all of us that you’re gay… else it wouldn’t have crossed your mind. Gay is okay! Don’t be afraid to admit it.

    • jay

      no … that just means he doesnt personally find jolie attractive and is comfortable enough with his sexuality to admit it… arent you missing a K in your name?

      • ani


      • meme

        Well, Jay, that’s just not acceptable. Don’t you know that EVERY man on earth thinks St. Angie Ho is THEMOSTBEAUTIFULWOMANINTHEWORLD?????


  • Jonathan

    The Fighter for sure; gotta respect a film for not giving up after being in limbo for 12 years. Plus I don’t care for Angelina or Johnny.

  • Karina

    The Fighter was filmed in my hometown, down the street, and all around where I work and grew up…so without question, that’s top on my list. Plus…Mark Wahlberg. Hello? lol

    • me

      You’re from Lowell?

    • Suzanne

      really? Lowell? I grew up around there. I’ve been boycotting Christian Bale films because of that outrageous tirade he laid into that Director of Photography (insane behavior), but maybe I’ll have to see this for the scenery. Mark Walberg is so slice of Beantown too.

      • akgirl78

        Wow boycotting someone’s films for what breaks down to a man having a bad day, how close minded of you. Not to mention that by boycotting a film you are potentially taking money from the crew that worked on the film. So really your boycotting is only hurting those you feel he wronged in the 1st place. On a side note would it surprise you that most of the crew felt that Bale was justified in his anger? That the DP had been asked a # of times not to mess with the lights once the cameras were rolling. As well as several crew members came forward to say that the DP was verbally abusive to his staff and co-workers and had been over heard telling people who made mistakes that they were “too stupid to live, and should shoot themselves in the head with a nail gun.” Of course none of this was reported in the media because really isn’t more fun for people like you to blame the actor, the name, the star, instead of thinking for one second that there maybe more to a story then what the Entertainment media wants you to hear. Sorry but narrow minded thinking like this pisses me off.

      • Ayse

        Valkyrie stood shakily as Lord Vile toweerd over her. A smirk played on his lips. “You know Valkyrie, I’ve always liked dead things. And, I think you would look much prettier if you just closed your eyes.””Never. I’ll…I’ll…””You’ll what? Try and talk your way out of it? Because, that’s all you’ve really got at the moment.”Valkyrie applied even more pressure to the gaping wound on her side. She tried…oh how she tried…But the blood flowed too freely, it continued without an end in sight. And much to her dismay, her eyes betrayed her. Showed the fear she possessed. This small detail made Vile silently laugh.Skulduggery, who was lying ten feet away, struggled to get up. He was afraid of what could happen though it was not something he would even fancy telling anyone. But he couldn’t move.And Valkyrie stood there helplessly. She too was rendered immobile. Black mist spread over her body. Pain flooded through every nerve, every fibre. Her eyes bulged and she screamed. The last thing she heard was…”Ste…!”***What say you Derek?

  • Petra

    can’t wait to see Jolie and Depp —this will be true acting folks….

  • Darlene

    team Jolie and Depp all the way——I bet it will be spectacular……

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