'America's Got Talent': Presenting your Top 24

Connor-DoranImage Credit: NBCThe day has finally come, PopWatchers. I didn’t think we were going to make it, but we’ve reached the semifinals of America’s Got Talent!

The final four acts to advance were acrobats Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, magician Michael Grasso, tiny dancers Anna & Patryk, and Howard Stern’s favorite act, kite flyer Connor Doran, whose poetic Tuesday night performance left Howie misty-eyed with pride. Did America (and the judges) get it right with these four Wild Card choices? Did Connor Doran bring tears to your eyes too?

Here’s the complete list of the Top 24 acts:

Nathaniel Kenyon
Christina and Ali
Fighting Gravity
Future Funk
Alice Tan Ridley
Michael Grimm
Antonio Restivo
Jeremy Vanschoonhoven
Debra Romer
Studio One Young Beasts Society
Murray SawChuck
Taylor Matthews
Prince Poppycock
Jackie Evancho
Dan Sperry
Alexander Bui
Kristina Young
Michael Grasso
Anna & Patryk
Connor Doran
Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon

Semifinals begin on Tuesday, when 12 acts will perform live for a chance to advance to the Top 10 (which, if we’re lucky should take place sometime before 2011).

Who are your favorites to go all the way? And what was your reaction to LeAnn Rimes’ barefoot-beach party performance?

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  • Captain Communist

    Let the kite flyin’ kid have his day… If any of these other cats got talent, they’ll find work later and elsewhere.

    • Michael Tx

      I think I could actually enjoy a show based around him. I would pay to see him, and that should be the criteria.

    • Trojan Owl

      Conor is talented in that he has developed a new and different art form — just like ArcAttack, AscenDance, and (to some extent) Fighting Gravity.

      I enjoy this part of the show. But none of them are likely to win. I would like to see Cirque De Doleil hire Conor and make his kite-flying a bit in one of their multi-unusual shows… he would fit in perfectly.

    • Nicholas Rallo

      When it comes to dan sperry Pierce was right on the money that was the worst. The robot left the view and you saw Nick’s sleeve collapsed at the shoulder. the presentation sucked, the trick sucked, and he does not belong on the same stage as the rest of the magicians on this show..

  • Kat

    Is kite flying THAT hard that spinning them in circles is a real talent? I haven’t watched the show, so maybe he explains what sort of skill is involved but…I don’t get it. Sorry kid. My apologies, but it’s just not exciting to watch for me. To each his own…

    • Jethro

      It is not just flying the kite, it is how he does it. The control, the way the kite lands on the exact note to the music, using words of the music chose that says up, down, ground etc. It is more unusual to watch how the audience follows every move of the kite, it is pretty to watch.

      Of the 24, 1/3 are just singers and as usual, way too many singers for this kind of show. This is why AI and other singing talent shows exist.
      I have always said there are way too many singers on this show and the other talents get lost in this shuffle.

      I hope we vote in the right people and not just the singers!!!

      • LoveVioletFlame

        Jethro, right on. Beautifully said! Connor is an amazing artist who moves me each and every performance. My choice to win, a centering, inspiring show to see in any venue. My problem with AGT is the prize. Am I voting for talent, or what would make a great Vegas Act? Some of what we’re seeing are “Vegas Acts.” Britain’s got talent sings before the Queen. If that were the prize, Jackie Evancho and Anna & Patryk would be high on my list, too.

    • shirley

      Not to be ugly, but you go fly a kite inside a building and see how easy it is. It’s NOT.

      • Dean

        I agree with Shirley. What Connor is doing is very difficult, especially on such a small stage with the lighting and everything above.

  • LaLa

    It’s official: America’s Got Minimal Talent

    • Rock Golf

      Or more often than not, Immigrants Got Talent.

      • LoveVioletFlame

        Hah! Rock Golf, you made me Grin!!!
        (tho my favorite, Connor is USA born and bred and I love how any one living in America can enter).

      • @Rock

        what does their immigrant status have to do with anything? News Bulletin – you’re ALL immigrants.

      • Jed

        to Rock Brain – so why, all of a sudden, are we talking about immigrants? Are you a racist who just looks for situations to incite people – because unless you’re a Native American, you’re an immigrant too, you T-Bagger.

  • Ray

    It was funny but I was watching AGT Australia on the net with magician Adam Murby do the exact same trick (except for the fire and extra girl) as the Grasso magician. Same box and enclosed mirror see thru underneath. i wonder if he watched that one before he worked his up?

    • Donny LB

      Your “(except for the fire and extra girl)” defeated your purpose of belittlement, as it’s that extra girl that made Grasso’s trick spectacular (for we masses). Ironically it’s your Aussie who was performing a trick that we’ve all seen in some degree a time or twelve with varying degrees of execution.

    • jwo-jo

      Michael had the camera walk around the illusion to show people their was no mirrors. So he really did a great job because he fooled you

  • Pam MacVittie

    Prince Poppycock what a great voice.

    • Michael Tx

      I hope that he has a great career. I am not sure he can win THIS competition, but he needs to be heard.

      • Pam MacVittie

        So do I he is so different and those great costumes .I hope Vegas hires him.He woiuld fit right in there.Go Prince.

    • Donny LB

      His Highness also has what I think is a beneficial “draw” in the semifinals. He avoids the deafening Jackie Evancho hype that will overwhelm the second semifinal (and avoids splitting “showman” votes with Haspop, the two better magicians, and Fighting Gravity). Instead, he’ll enjoy having four acts split the kid/sob story vote. Michael Grimm is the only shoe-in for semifinal #1, but PP is a good bet to advance too.

    • Jed

      Prince Purple C*ck what an annoying loser.

    • Jethrine

      To all you Fluffy C*ck lovers out there – you fawned and fell over yourselves praising this guy, then along comes the 10-yr. old and then you fall all over yourselves praising her – AMERICA SURE IS FICKLE.

  • Summer

    Hey Emily! The kite guy brought tears to Howard Stern’s eyes? Don’t you mean Howie Mandel?

    • Jethro

      No, its Howard, he says the kite kid is his best and favorite to win!!

    • @summer

      No, summer – you’re not paying attention. The kid is Howard Stern’s favourite.

  • LadyJNewYork

    Fighting Gravity; Haspop; Prince Poppycock…

    • @lady J

      I can’t stand Haspoop – don’t understand what all the hoopla is about him. Also I’ll be glad when the 10 yr. old who sounds like she’s 30 wipes the floor with Fluffy Cock.

    • @lady J

      Haspo*p and Fluffy C*ck suck.

  • Michael Tx

    I don’t care anymore, as long as we NEVER have to see the little wannabe rap kid with the attitude. Who would bring HIM back again. Why do we vote if they can just keep bringing them back?

    • Cadgal

      My thoughts exactly. Such a young age to have such an attitude.

      • Jethro

        Well for now, he’s history, let him rap all the way home.

      • Re. CJDipper

        Never mind his attitude – that’s his schtick, get it? Did you see the kid crying his guts out back stage? Did you see him say in front of millions that he needed to improve? He’s a kid for gawd sakes. What’s your excuse for being such a jerk?

  • Carolyn

    The youngster doing the kite diving has overcome many obstacles in his life and this helps to keep him steady and relaxed to manage his epilepsy. He is remarkable and as he and his Mom both stated earlier all his life he has been told he cannot do things ordinary youngsters can….will he win probably not but it takes a lot of concentration and timing to do this. I certainly would not be able to do it………the beauty of it with his choice of music truly is enjoyable. Let him have his moment and be happy for him. We should never be judgmental and/or critical of those who battle daily to fit in a society too focused on things that do not matter in the long run……

  • Carolyn

    As to LeAnn Rimes..two words- tacky and tasteless………where did the remarkable talented performer go?????

    • Marci

      Was that a re-make of an old Ricky Scaggs song? I hated that song then, what a nightmare to bring it back!

      • KTinOhio

        It was John Anderson – and yes, it was an irritating song three decades ago. “Jest a swangin…”

    • Re.Rimes

      Answer #1 – she was never there. Answer #2 – she’s way too busy with her SOCIAL LIFE.

  • Don

    Michael Grimm deserves to win this season’s competition. He is the best true artist, with the most amazing voice of anyone on the show.

    • Jethro

      Enough with the singers winning this show.

    • Libby

      I agree 100% and he’s just a very nice, down-to-earth Mississippi boy. And I sweetheart when you meet him in person.

    • @Don

      “the best true artist?” – how do you define that? “the most amazing voice” – Come now…we’re not talking about Pavarotti here…he’s pleasant enough – but THAT’S IT!!!!

  • wemedge

    Personally I think it should go to Debra Romer, solely because of how pretty she is. Sadly, that’s pretty much how I choose in shows like this. Other than her, I’d say the kite kid. Not a great talent, I suppose, but I feel for the guy. If he could manage to do a kite in each hand, I’d even put him ahead of the hot chick. That would be genuinely impressive.

    • @wemedge

      Get Help, you shallow superficial JERK.

    • Jethrine

      dear Wedge-brain – She may be the prettiest but as a singer, SHE SUCKS – and stinks out the joint. Why are the judges going on about her like we can’t hear for ourselves? Was she born a poor black child and survived cancer or something?

  • Greg

    I’m glad the harmonica player, his name escapes me, didn’t make it. He’s too good for Las Vegas. Sorry Stevie. He is the best harmonica player I’ve ever heard and I hope he gets the chance to make music with jazz greats like Herbbie Hancock, Jon Luc Ponty, Ramsey Lewis, etc. This guy is the best.

    • @greg


  • AramisRC

    Here are my power rankings. Based on a survey of about 400 people who have expressed opinions in various blogs, polls etc. across the web. The number by their name is the percentage of the people’s votes I counted who voted for that act.

    Jackie Evancho 99%
    Fighting Gravity 99%
    Michael Grimm 98%
    Murray 88%
    Michael Grasso 88%
    Alice Tan Ridley 86%
    Ascendance 85%
    Michael and Ashleigh 85%
    Haspop 82%
    ArcAttack 77%
    Studio One Young Beast 68%
    Prince Poppycock 64%
    Jeremy V. 60%
    Maestro Alexander 59%
    Dan SPerry 58%
    Nathaniel 58%
    Anna and Patryk 54%
    Debra Romer 48%
    Future Funk 47%
    Kristina Young 47%
    Taylor Matthews 47%
    Connor DOran 40%
    Christina and Ali 40%
    Antonio Restivo 35%

    if you go to AGT you can see which 12 acts will be performing together first. Based on that info and the rankings above, my picks for the finals are

    Week 1: Michael Grimm, Ascendance, ArcAttack, Prince Poppycock, Dan Sperry

    Week 2: Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity, Murray, Michael Grasso, Alice Tan Ridley

    not a bad group of 10 if I might add.

    • Marci

      Not bad, but I cannot stand Dan Sperry. I think he is vile and disgusting and should have been disqualified for taunting Howie. It doesn’t matter what you feel about Howie, the point is he fights a handicap every day of his life. Would you vote for a guy who tipped a person out of their wheelchair? It’s the same thing.

  • Vicky

    All of this year’s semifinialists are definitely better that last year’s winner! And LeAnn’s performance was amaturish!

    • Jethro

      Well she isn’t really a dancer. She did look foolish up there, we just never saw her do something like this before! Actually I think the concept came from Katy Perry and her hot version of CG, everyone is in this mood!!

      • Marci

        Was that Benji (past winner from SYTYCD) dancing with her?

      • Jethrine

        I guess someone should have told her that.

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