Who is the ultimate Sexy Beast? Vote to crown the champion: Damon from 'Vampire Diaries' or Edward from 'Twilight'!

Ian-Somerhalder-PattinsonImage Credit: (FROM LEFT: Damon, Edward) Bob Mahoney/The CW; Kimberly FrenchCleaning up litter on your local highway. Running errands for your elderly shut-in neighbor. Volunteering at the downtown food bank. These are all causes worthy of your valuable time and energy. Unfortunately, they’ll have to wait until next week. Because right now, it is your all-consuming duty to get out the vote in the final round of EW.com’s Sexy Beast single-elimination bracket tournament! Yes, folks, a battle of the beautiful that began almost a month ago with 64 entrants — vampires and werewolves, mutants and machines, aliens and other creatures (even Ms. Pac-Man!) — has been whittled down to just two combatants: The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon Salvatore and Twilight‘s Edward Cullen. So stop what you’re doing, think deeply about the most important question you’ll ask yourself all day (“Who’s hotter?) and then click through past the jump to vote for your favorite. Plus, you can click here to see the entire 64-player bracket and how it played out (then click again on the image for a zoomed-in view). Polls are open for 72 hours only, so support your candidate in battle; only one can be named the ultimate Sexy Beast! [UPDATE, Friday, August 20, 12:05 a.m. ET: Voting in EW.com’s Sexy Beast bracket tournament is officially closed. Please visit EW.com on Thursday, August 26, or pick up a copy of that week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine at your local newsstand, to find out who took home the title: Twilight‘s Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) or The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). Thanks for your time and participation: If you cast a vote in our humble tourney, you’ll always be a Sexy Beast to us! And to get an immediate announcement when our champ is crowned, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.]


1. Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), True Blood
2. Angel (David Boreanaz), Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
3. Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), The Vampire Diaries
4. Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll), True Blood
5. Darla (Julie Benz), Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
6. Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin), Moonlight
7. Spike (James Marsters), Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
8. Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), True Blood
9. Alcide (Joe Manganiello), True Blood
10. The Man in Black/Smokey (Titus Welliver), Lost
11. Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), The Vampire Diaries
12. Illyria (Amy Acker), Angel
13. Drusilla (Juliet Landau), Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
14. Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), True Blood
15. Vincent (Ron Perlman), Beauty and the Beast
16. Julian Luna (Mark Frankel), Kindred: The Embraced

1. Number Six (Tricia Helfer), Battlestar Galactica
2. Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Star Trek: Voyager
3. Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), Avatar
4. Spock (Zachary Quinto), Star Trek
5. The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), Doctor Who
6. Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), The Fifth Element
7. Cameron (Summer Glau), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
8. Boomer/Athena (Grace Park), Battlestar Galactica
9. Anna (Morena Baccarin), V
10. T-X (Kristanna Loken), Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
11. Cherry Darling (Rose McGowan), Grindhouse: Planet Terror
12. Wikus van de Merwe (Sharlto Copley), District 9
13. Lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn), Star Trek: The Next Generation
14. Turanga Leela (Katey Sagal), Futurama
15. Martian Girl (Lisa Marie), Mars Attacks!
16. Three-Breasted Mutant Prostitute (Lycia Naff), Total Recall

1. Storm (Halle Berry), X-Men
2. Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), X-Men
3. Mathayus (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson), The Mummy Returns
4. Sil (Natasha Henstrige), Species
5. Grendel’s Mother (Angelina Jolie), Beowulf
6. The Beast (Robby Benson), Beauty and the Beast
7. Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), X-Men Origins: Wolverine
8. Mystique (Rebecca Romijn), X-Men
9. Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), X-Men
10. Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup), Watchmen
11. Kyle (Alex Pettyfer), Beastly
12. Ms. Pac-Man
13. Dren (Delphine Chaneac), Splice
14. Cole Turner/Belthazor (Julian McMahon), Charmed
15. Scott Summers/Cyclops (James Marsden), X-Men
16. Madison (Daryl Hannah), Splash

1. Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse
2. Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse
3. Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt), Interview with the Vampire
4. Selene (Kate Beckinsale), Underworld
5. Satanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek), From Dusk Till Dawn
6. Blade (Wesley Snipes), Blade
7. Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), Underworld
8. Emmett Cullen (Kellan Lutz), Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse
9. James (Cam Gigandet), Twilight
10. Remus Lupin (David Thewlis), Harry Potter (various)
11. Armand (Antonio Banderas), Interview with the Vampire
12. Miriam Blaylock (Catherine Deneuve), The Hunger
13. Queen Akasha (Aaliyah), Queen of the Damned
14. Lestat de Lioncourt (Tom Cruise), Interview with the Vampire
15. Lawrence Talbot (Benicio del Toro), Wolfman
16. David (Kiefer Sutherland), The Lost Boys

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  • Nicky

    Huh, Vampire Diaries and Twilight. And this is why these showdowns are a complete joke…
    A.Skars was robbed.

    • HRFE

      Yup. Who was voting in that? I mean, its Alexander f—ing Skarsgard.

      • Lily

        But Ian Somerhalder is hot. Very, very sexy. I say that as a woman of almost thirty who equally adores Alexander Skarsgard. Multiple people are allowed to be sexy.

      • HRFE

        Oh, I agree that Ian Somerhalder is hot, but I definitely don’t think he’s hotter than Alexander Skarsgard

      • Sarah El

        I adore Eric, but I find Damon sexier. It was a tough call, though, I swear! I love them both very dearly as characters and find them both incredibly sexy. It’s just… Ian Somerhalder’s EYES. I was mesmerized. D:

      • Georgia Peach

        Damon was way ahead of Eric in the final vote. Actually, Damon kicked his ass.
        Eric 38.98% Damon 61.02%. Not even close.

      • Laura

        Just to let you all know, this vote is about Damon and Edward, not Eric. Damon all the way!!

      • Jenn

        completely agree Skarsgard is my winner

      • Beth

        Much agreed, Skarsgard all the way, who the hell voted him out?!

      • Jennifer

        I just don’t get his appeal.

      • Tajah

        Askars, Me, and Damon sandwich.


      • jean

        well i think that ian i super hot and i love vampire diaries but edward tops him there is no arguements that would change my mind

      • Britt

        a bunch of 13-year olds probably voted… honestly… Alcide is hotter (and prettier!) than Edward! And Eric… And I’m sure there are more. I’m truly astounded.

      • Kayemm

        A.Skars is the sexiest beast and we don’t need a poll to tell us that!! The guy’s a complete sex pot and I really can’t wait til he gets his chance to properly shine on True Blood-he definitely needs more air time!!

      • flutterfli

        Britt, do you have any idea how many supporters of Rob there are – non-teenage??? I know of one group 3000+ strong that no one is less than 25 and most are 35 and up. Oldest member is in her 80s. Rob crosses all generations and has fans of all ages.

      • Theresa

        Yup. I mean, I love Damon and Ian. But it should have totally been Alexander.

      • Jeanne

        I would have taken Eric too, but, with the choice of Damon or Edward, I go with Edward.

      • Myra

        Fact is who won (Damon)so all the other dont matter

      • norabelle


      • Jen

        Amen! Skarsgard is ridiculously good looking! I call BS on this poll!

      • MB

        Alexander Skarsgard lost his mojo when his locks were shorn and he became a preppy vampire.

      • gataroo

        I agree now. But before I started watching True Blood i didn’t get it. I think he lost because 1) a whole lot more people watched CW and saw Ian on Lost, because HBO is subscription it has fewer viewers. and 2) Damon’s audience skews to a younger audience, and younger people are more apt to vote over and over because they get obsessed. In any case Go Damon, never saw the show, loved Lost, think Patterson is completely unattractive. Seriously what is his appeal?

      • zee

        Alex! my ultimate sexy beast…just so u know kids, pretty don’t mean sexy!

      • michelle

        man – some ian hating! i love, love, LOVE a-skars — he IS eric — i’ve read the books & i picture him and he’s super, super, super sexy — but man — ian is fantastically hot too — super gorgeous — but as VD is on regular tv & TB is on hbo — it’s no wonder damon beat him — and the fact that damon is only beating edward by 2% – WTF?!?!?!?!?

      • sylvia davies

        ian somerhalder is the hottest thing to walk the planet he can bite me any where and any how

      • Sandra

        I don’t see what you see in skarsgård? Maybe because I’ve seen him since kinda I was born, since I’m swedish and seen him act for so long, i don’t find him attractiv or anything. But hey, IAN Somerhalder. MHM, Yummie :D

      • Allana Haakman

        To look at…i’d have to say Damon. But i find the guy who does the right thing far more sexier at hart, so i will have to Vote for Edward by a mile!

      • courts

        Pray do tell, what makes A S so hot?Ian and Rob are so clearley HOT, if you can’t see it, contacts r an option!

      • Annemarie

        completely agree. so riped.

    • sunsetsnow81

      Robbed! Darn all these non-HBO/True Blood watching, EW voting people. Damon beating Eric is just wrong. I mean the man looks sexy with foil highlighting wraps in his hair, dripping in blood, fangs bared. I like my vamps to be men not boys.

      • Danielle

        You’re referring to Ian Somerhalder as a ‘boy’?…Wow. Waaay off on that comment.

      • StewyFan

        Hey, I voted for Eric and Alcide and Spike and Angel. I voted for all the TB peeps and I voted for Hugh Jackman. But apparently more people than you think like Edward and Damon. And Rob is 24 years old. Ian is older than that I think.

      • CindyC

        I watch TB and Damon is still a hundred times sexier. Deal with it.

      • Afnan Mir

        Ian is 30+

      • TPo

        I voted for Askars but have to admit that they could’ve used a better picture. Not everyone gets HBO or knows who he is yet and the picture of Ian is sooo hot.

      • julia

        um damon way hotter thank you thats why he won so suck it up damon is hotter!

      • Marissa

        u should have just voted more yourself….

      • Sassy

        sooo true!!! why in the world would you vote him off?! I could’ve seen a show down between Eric & Alcide lol

      • ItsCindyg

        lol you like men not boys? Damon, well Ian isn’t a boy. He’s like 30 already or something. So you really don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Cassie

        Ian’s 32… Not a boy. And people just get over it! Eric is definitely sexy but so is Ian. So can we just team up and beat the sparkly no nads “vampire”.

      • ashley

        WOW… you must have never seen Vampire Diaries. Damon (Ian) is no boy. Unless you are very old.

      • beth

        damon a boy? haha. you should watch vampire diaries before you say that. edward on the other hand IS a boy.

      • Valery

        I absolutly agree with all of you who said that Damon is way hotter. I’m only 14 and I like ‘Twilight’, but Edward’s too pale for a vampire and he’s not that hot… Go Damon:D

      • Rae

        Sunsetsnow: Ian Somerhalder is 31, how much more of a man do you want him to be? His face and carriage just scream man.

      • sunsetsnow81

        Yikes! Don’t tar and feather me. I know Ian Somerhalder is older than his character (when he turned) but he plays it like a spoilt, young, selfish boy. He is very sexy. To me if you stack him against ASkars as Eric, who is a very sexy man-Viking Warrior-he falls short. The character of Eric is multifaceted and ASkars plays him to perfection: arrogant, sexy, nude, tall, loyal (Godric, parents), nude, sex scenes, nude, V neck, track suit, wearing hair foils while tearing apart a prisoner, that sex scene with Sookie, nude, sex scene with the dancer, nude, anytime he talks to Sookie, nude. As Alan Ball said he likes his vampires without the teenage angst, as do I.

      • sunsetsnow81

        @Marissa, I tried to vote four times but it only lets you vote once. @Danielle, ItsCindyG, ashley, beth-I watch and love Vampire Diaries and I find Damon smokin, he at times is deliciously evil. But I just like my men (characters) a little more R rated and Mr. Northman wouldn’t even have to ask.

      • Summer Cullen

        (Yes, my name is Summer Cullen, dont tease.) ironically, i like edward. heheh! anyway, how could STEPHEN SALVATOURE get kiscked out man?!?!?!?! (Im really sure I spelled his last name wrong… :(()

      • Musica1

        Ian Somerhalder is only two years younger than AS. And ten times hotter.

      • muttahir Attique

        damon is nt just beating eric he is beating every one..because damon is much more hotter and sexier than other actors……go damon go…..

      • Monika

        OMG Damon is sexiest vampire I ever seen. He is mysterious and his eyes are hypnotic. It’s my opinion but your sentence that he is a boy is not good.

      • Cara

        uh, Ian is not a boy he’s 31 to be precise.

      • Silvia

        Dude…..Ian is wayy better looking than that guy who played Eric in True Blood. So many poeple..need to see some eye doctors…

      • Krystelle Cullen

        joy,you said RPatts is not a good actor..how come he has a lot of incoming projects and in the past Teen Choice Award he was the Teen Choice Drama actor..hahaha

        your a dolt!grrrrr!

    • noelbelle

      ditto. and shall we have a moment of silence also for the other fallen sexy beasts?

      • MCS

        jessica hamby. Oh jessica hamby. That red hair.

      • mary ellen

        such as the tenth doctor – sex in an overcoat!

      • Marissa

        yes to the tenth doctor… yum… and alex pettyfer did not have a fair chance considering the movie isnt out yet

      • katie dorris

        damon was hot so was stefan but i liked stefan.

      • Summer Cullen

        yes, yes we shall. lol

      • Jane

        SPIKE!!! Always my ultimate sexiest beast :)

      • courts

        I honestley think there couldnt have been a better cast for Twilight and Vampire Diaries.My friends and I fell in love immediatley, unlike True Blood, watched it once, did nothing for me!So sue me for being mainstream in my choice of hotties, millions of people (of all ages) CANNOT BE WRONG!If Rob didnt do it for them, he wouldnt be this famous and in every mag.I dont see Alex or Eric all over the place!And Ian, playing the role of Damon, I couldn’t imagine anyone better, but as they say to each his own, just stop dissing these hotties to try to prove your individuality!

    • Georgia Peach

      NO! He was not robbed, his ass was kicked. It wasn’t even close.

      • Sana

        David Tennant is definitely sex on legs *swoons* but then again it’s hard to feel bad when Ian Sonerhalder is still up there ;-)

    • Marla

      I love ALEX too but wouldnt you rather see Ian/Damon win than TWILIGHT Glitter Guy come on! :)

      • Ruthie

        Oh get over yourself.

      • felicity

        that is soooo mesed! i would rather sparkle than be burned to a crisp in the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ravyn

        100% with you. At least the sun problem (no sparkles, that is – crisp as felicity reffered to) is more…original. True, if you like… It’s useless anyway.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. Can we all please put aside our differences and bring down the emo crybaby!

      • Ali

        I agree with the three of you, Maria, Ravyn and Anonymous.

        DAMON DESERVES TO WIN. Don’t you think Robert has already caught ENOUGH of the spotlight? HE’S NOT EVEN A GOOD ACTOR FOR CHRISTS SAKE.
        He sucks at Edward.
        Even if he was good at him, Edward is not a sexy BEAST. Damon is the beast here, and he’s sexy, mysterious, dark and a badass. so take that.

        Edward is a chalky white, abs-painted on, horrible acting guy with creepy bouffant hairdo.
        You twilight fans need to get over your obsession and realize Damon is the real sexy beast.

      • flutterfli

        For those of you that think Rob is a bad actor… Have you even seen any of his movies?!? Bad actor, NOT! Rob has portrayed many different types of characters in his many movies and has done an EXCELLENT job in each one. Edward is not his only character. And I have to say, I do not believe their is an actor out there that could have pulled Edward off any better. He even fits the description that Stephanie Meyer explained in the book. Twilight may have set off his fandom, but he will continue to pull out amazing parts and completely blow us away in each one of them. Who needs blood and fangs to be a beast, to me that is a monster! And for those of you that haven’t read the books… you might realize there is a message of hope, finding a love that will last through time. Not marry me today, divorce me tomorrow, I didn’t really love you crap. Many women have found renewed hope in their own futures.

        Rob Pattinson is now and always will be a Sexy Beast!

      • Edwardiswayybetter

        I really think you should replace glitter guy with hot guy. I no the Vampire Diary books came out before the Twilight books but as soon as Twilight came out the show came out and they decided to everything like the movies. So get your self checked out and scrap the crap out of your eyes and then take a look at Robert Pattinson one more time I promise you no i gurantee, that you wil change your vote from that stupid Vampire Dairies guy to Edward. And Rob is a better acter then who ever that guy is. I watch the Vamp diaries and couldnt take it anymore. I’d rather sparkle than be turned into freakin ash! And plus the Vampire diaries vampires are no wre as near as hot as the Twilight Vampire they dont even have a 99.99.9 percent chance of coming close to the Cullen guys!!

      • Krystelle Cullen

        you don’t have any idea how good Rob is..oh dude come on..you’re just trying to put Edward Cullen down coz he’s the hottest Vampire in the world of mortal and immortal,fiction or even in the reality..try to wake yourself up maybe you’re just hallucinating…i know,you know and as far as we all know you can’t beat Edward!

      • Lauren

        I’m pretty sure you have to be less of a ugly emo guy (*cough* edward) to be considered a Beast. Team Damon

      • Lyn2

        Edward Cullen could and should have been played by Hayden Christensen. I read the first two books before any of the films were made, and Hayden was exactly who I pictured as Edward. I have seen Rob in several other films. He’s not a bad actor by any means (the films aren’t good IMO because of the screen writing and directing, but I don’t think he’s in the same league as other actors here including Somerhalder and my personal fav the 10th Doctor.

      • Joy

        DUDES!!!! I am like in LOVE with the Twilight series but seriously? Robert Pattinson is freaking Fugly!!! Get with it, Krystelle, Edwardis, and Flutterfli! Ian is 30? Which is kinda like o.0 to me but he still is a waaaaaaayyyy better actor than Patts will ever be!! And Ian is soooooooooooo freakin hotter dudes! So all you stupid ass Patt fans(minus the 0.1% of my friends who like him) shut the hell up! Say what you like, but I’d bet my bank account that after the twilight rush dies down(unfortuneatly) He will die down along with it. (Unfortuneately only metaphoricly…)

      • MiriTurner

        What?!?!?! I think that Edward is the most sexy beast EVER ! ♥ ♥ Robert&Edward = The perfect and most sexy beast/man EVER ! :)

      • Sky

        Ian is Hott. Sweet looking =D

    • Twilight:My Life is Cancer

      72% Somerhalder

      28% Pattinson

      inb4 Twicheater votespam machine.

      • shut-the-hell-up!

        heres a hint: GET OVER IT! It’s a silly vote!!! Just because Twilight has a bigger fanbase doesn’t mean you have to diss it!

      • Emily

        That’s not the reason people diss Twilight.

      • mira


      • sabrina

        @ shut-the-hell-up woohoo u rock.
        Twilights just better and its just a poll

      • Johny

        I thnk pattinson is the guy dat is sexy

      • Ali

        @shut the hell up and


        Rober Pattinson – Good actor ? NO!
        Ian Somerhalder – Good actort? HELL YES!

        Edward – Sexy Beast? NO!
        Damon- Sexy Beast – HELL YES HE’S A BADASS.

        So there.

      • Bonnie

        go damon!!!! he is sooooo much fitter that Edward

      • katie dorris

        vampire diares and twilight,new moon,and eclipse r the best movies i could ever watch they r gud actors they know how to act. they know how to be actors.

      • flutterfli

        Is such language really needed, I mean have some respect for yourself? Also, we all have our own opinons, everyone is entitled. Don’t care what anyone else has to say, Edward is the hottest out there. And as for Rob, would take him clean or scruffy! LOL

      • you wish


        You are about an idiot it is about the characters not the actors and i am sorry Damon is hot but he is not oozzing sex like Edward does and if he wasnt hot then why are there millions of rob patt vans and not damon so
        SHUT TEH F*CK UP

      • courts

        Hey Ali, if Damon won, I have no prob with that cause I couldn’t choose between him and Rob if my life depended on it, but saying Rob can’t act is plain bullshit.It’s his acting that mesmerizes as much as his look, i haven’t seen someone who can show so many emotions and make it look so natural.Damon himself also has great acting ability, both him and Rob could’ve stepped out of the novels, that’s how good they act!

      • megan

        ian summerholder is the best i dont care who says hes not but he is hes sooo sexy.

      • Sky

        Here is hint Don”t diss twilight just because u like other show/movies TWILIGHT is the BEST movie u could ever watch. SO SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT THE STUPID VOTE IT DOES NOT MATTER.

    • bruno

      skars has been denied his rightful title.

      • David

        Long Live King Skars and Queen Glau!!

      • Twilight, VD Fan

        Sorry, I don’t watch TB and don’t particularly find any of them that hot. But I don’t diss your shows or your characters! Sorry if more people like twilight and VD, and I have to admit, Damon’s eyes are really hot.

      • em

        I never found Alex to be sexy though I do find Ian sexy. However, as a character, Eric is just as hot as Damon – the characters and the personalities are the reason they’re sexy. Take the vampire out of the Edward and all you’re left with is a wimpy stalker. It’s too bad we couldn’t have a Damon/Eric showdown.

      • jewls

        I’m a twi fan so to speak and i like dissing it bc the Vampire diaries is a way better show and ian is super sexy. HE WINS HANDS DOWN. Who cares aobut real twi♥’s. they clearly have no good taste in guys with six pacs

      • twilight rocks but

        love twilight but come on emmett jasper jacob james damn even carlisle are all way hotter then edward eric is just so edible and damon i just could melt into those eyes so is it edward or damon well i think those eyes get me every time

    • sarah

      seriously! now THERES a vamp worth voting for. though i’d liked to have seen david tennant up there :(

      • Irish

        Me too. I was rooting for David. Very sad. But now I shall vote for Damon. Twilight just can’t win…

      • Twilight, VD Fan

        I’m sorry, but I find Rob Pattinson, not just Edward very hot. There is something about him, can’t put a finger on what it is . . . but Ouch.

      • Marissa

        david is delicious… but i love rob!

      • Krystelle Cullen

        how sure are you that twilight can’t win…is Ian nominated for the teen Choice Award 2010 for guy hottie???did he?no right?he wasn’t nominated…and I bet won’t still win this time…gggrrrrrrrrr!

      • Jess

        Krystelle, yes Ian was nominated for choice hottie thank you very much, and no he didnt win but neither did Rob. And just for the record I do luv both Ian and Rob but my vote does got to Ian.
        To others; please try to remember this is just for fun and not to attack fans for their personal choice. :)

    • tonya v.

      Are you joking? Nobody can top Edward. He is the BEST of the BEST. His character wouldn’t be worth Robert Pattinson if he wasn’t.

      • Clay

        First off, Edward is a whiny complainer, and second, if it were about the character that is from the books I could SOMEWHAT see your idiotic logic, but it’s by visual media, and not literature. Robert Pattinson is not attractive, so your point is invalid.

        Not voting out of lack of caring after the true sexiest characters were released from this crappy survey. *Sarcasm*: Can’t wait for EW to flaunt the fact that the worst vampires introduced to the visual media have won….

      • sm

        Clay…. couldn’t agree more.

        The ONLY reason Edward has made it this far is because the tweens & stay-at-home moms have the time to vote multiple times.

      • hooiskellie

        Dude! I love this: “His character wouldn’t be worth Robert Pattinson if he wasn’t.” I couldn’t agree more.

      • Chloe

        I totally agree, i don’t even know who the other guy is but yeah, nobody can top Edward Cullen :D

      • Bri

        Hun, I completely agree with you.
        Rob is an amazing actor and can take on multiple characters. He is also quite attractive. He shows that you don’t need to be super ripped like Taylor Lautner (who in my opinion is not very attractive if you take away his body) to be seen as a sexy male. His personality is also a bonus because he is so sweet a dorky. His sense of humor is also one of my favorite traits.

      • SugarCaine

        Yes all I voted for Edward.. let me point out one thing though, It was Asking us to vote between the people they pretend to be. yes Robert pattinson is good looking, seriously though. all actors are good looking.. If it was based on looks alone (voting for actor, and not who he protrays) I would have went for jasper or emmit..

      • SparkleisSexy

        I totally agree that no one can top Edward!!! Greatest vampire EVER!!!! And I would just like to point out that I am neither a “tween” or a “stay-at-home mom.” Twilight’s fanbase is huge and varied because Twilight is a good series. Get over it, people!

        And Edward is definitely SEXY!!! : )

      • tonya v.

        Well Clay, my logic isn’t idiotic & I’m not a stay at home Mom. I’m a teacher. EDWARD is the Ultimate Sexy Beast. Damon, oh well, Edward is 100% the sexiest.

      • Trace

        I completely agree! team Edward <3

      • mel

        you know , i think that you are jealous that your idol is not better than his match .

      • mel

        that’s for clay

      • wynn

        Hmmm sorry, I love Edward, I think he is cute, gentleman, adorable, a prince charming, really. The one you marry and spend an eternity with. But sexy? Hmmm no, definitely not so much as Damon. I think whoever votes for Edward either don’t know Damon or is not using the right criteria. Damon is not a good guy, there is nothing sweet about him, but he is sex on legs, srsly…

      • Krystelle Cullen

        @clay:your point is invalid either…you’re pertaining to ours?oh come on dude,open your eyes to see the reality that Edward have a millions of millions of girl fans all around the globe…try to go here in the Philippines for you to prove what I real mean…crap!

      • emma collin

        i love you edward

      • Ahmd

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    • jrm

      Just came to share in the booing and hissing that Northman is no longer in it. I refuse to vote for either one of these pretty boys. Cute-sure (at least Damon, anyway). Sexy-not even close.

      • jen

        but if you don’t vote then the twihards win and fugly Robert Pattinson wins. just think about that, it’s the small victories that matter sometimes. Anyone other then Robert Pattinson for the win!

      • steph

        I only voted for the other one because I didn’t want Edward to win. I only watched the first ep of The Vampire Diaries, and it sucked. (no pun intended, seriously…it was bad.)

      • Tha Phoenix


        That’s such a shame and I genuinely mean that. The first ep was absolutely nothing to shout about, but four or five eps in TVD really came into its own and now it’s one of the best and best written shows on TV (and I watch all the best ones. :)). If you have time, go back and watch the first season before the second one starts on 9th September. Trust me, you won’t regret it. :)

      • jewls

        sugercaine you are my favorite so far with the emmett one, i would not be able to choose between Damon or Emmett if that was the case. That would have been a better match.

      • Joy

        @jen, you know what, you just need to shut up!!! not all twihards are in love with that a-hole! He’s freaking fugly! I AM a twihard and i love TVD 2, not as much but i still do, and hands down im voting for Ian! gosh peoples!

      • courts

        Geez,please post a photo of your bf so we can see what your idea of sexy is!In the dictionary next to sexy, there could be a pic of either Rob or Ian!

      • Sky

        I agree with u jrm i am not voteing for anybody so everybody can shut the hell up.

    • Kat

      I LOVE ERIC NORTHMAN! but honestly, i’d rather damon win this than edward so all buffy, angel, moonlight, true blood, underworld, etc fans gather together and lets make sure glitter tits does not win this one

      • Pinkie and the Brain

        Right behind you Kat, so mad right now I could spit; there, I just did (of course not on my laptop). True blood fans if glitter boy wins we should all hang our head in shame because loosing to Somerhalder is one thing but to loose (indirectly) to Rob “pansy” Patterson would be an insult!

      • Emily

        With you on that. It’s bad enough how many hotties have lost to Edward already, we can’t let him win the whole contest.

      • Jovonne

        Glitter tits?! Oh, I love it! I agree- Vote for the lovely Ian.

      • Sia

        Eric lost for a reason. I’m tired of you guys complaining. There are million more Edward fans then any of your jump on the band wagon vampires. Without Twilight your shows would NOTHING.

      • Give me a break

        @Sia, are you kidding, I really hope you were. To say that without Twilight all these other vampire shows would be nothing made me shoot milk out my nose. What about Buffy, Blade, Underworld, Dracula? All these vampires and their shows/movies were around before Twilight, and were about a million times better. Even the Sookie story was around before Twilight. And again the story and writing are much better, maybe you should check it out, if you can pull your head out of Stephanie Meyers butt.

      • ani

        Sia..seriously? How old are you? Vampire novels/movies/shows have been around for much longer than twilight’s pitiful existence. Even moreso, eric lost to damon, not to edward. Sooo much ignorance (and unintentional grammar errors; of note, my own abuse of the ellipse is entirely intentional) in a mere 4 sentences…amazing.

      • katy

        Vampire Diaries may not have been made into a TV series without the Twilight craze, but I think True Blood would have, and a successful one at that. And True Blood appeals to a different audience then Twilight. And vampires have had fans long before Twilight. Heck even on this poll there were vampires who were around way before Edward Cullen was even a sparkle in Stephanie Meyers head.

      • Sarah

        I’m 16 years old and I’ve read the whole twilight, vampire diaries, and true blood books that are out and let me tell you might be in love with the idea of their love and that crap but at least vampire diaries is actually a good series and it has a lot of the same elements that twilight did. I actually was worried about watching the Vampire Diaries series cause i thought it was going to ruin the books the way the Twilight saga movies did but it didn’t. So until you read all the books, don’t be dissing on things that you can’t understand

      • Krystelle Cullen

        oh guys stop saying bad things about Edward coz honestly your bet won’t win…have seen the twihards,the twilighters,the twilight addicts, the twilight moms etc…wake up guys coz it’s the only way to see the reality…you don’t have any idea how many men did Robert Pattinson beat for the world’s sexiest man(even Taylor lautner)…

      • Sarah

        Seriously??? If you had actually read the books before the movies came out, you would see that Rob totally screwed it up. I bet you didn’t read the books before they came out. I bet you saw the commercials, thought ‘that looks good’, and fell desperatly in love with it as soon as you saw it. Then you went and bought all the books and didn’t even freaking use your imagination for what Edward was supposed to look like. Cause if you did than you would be talking about how fugly he is too Krystelle Cullen.

      • Joy

        OK, Im tired of this messed up world where people think that ALL TWIHARDS LOVE HIM CUZ THEY DONT!!!! Once again I will say, he is fugly!!!!! I am a fan of buffy, angel, moonlight(freaking sweet!!!), and i wish the jerk at Hollywood Video would’ve shut up so my mom could me me true blood but he didnt saying, ‘It Might Scare me’ WTF?! anyway, I agree with the statement im replying 2 but dont hate twilight and twilighters becuz someone hacked the system and Edward somehow got to the top 2!!!

      • Venice

        I loved the twilight books when they came out. I am a big fan of all the supernatural like ghosts, vamps., werewolves and have seen pretty much most tv shows and moives that have to do with them. I love the VD show but have yet to read the books. i don’t watch true blood cuz it doesn’t seem like my kind of show but at the same time haven’t really given it a chance. I looked the Edward in the Twilight books but hate the actor who plays him. they could have picked so many other actors that are better by far to play that roll. so for hottie i go with damon all the way. maybe he could have been a choice for edwards role?!?!

    • Lala

      Alexander Skarsgård is f*cking HOT! And I love him, but I think Ian Somerhalder is the sexiest man EVER and it has nothing to do with him being a vampire. The man is just sex on legs.

      • hooiskellie

        I feel the same way about Robert Pattinson as you do about Ian Somerhalder. I also think Ian Somerhalder is really, really hot. I voted for him up to this point. But now my vote must go to Rob!

      • s


        as for robert pattinson, i was robsessed at one time, but dude has he gotten uglier, or have i just finally seen the light? dang he’s a sweet guy and all, but seriously, this awkward little guy, would be,ummmmm…boring in bed… and he really isnt very attractive except in photoshoots…

      • Jessica

        OOh gosh i know, but lets not forget it the character we are voting for, and the actitude make him EVEN BETTER! i love him, and sorry hooiskellie but edward is fugly, and prob gay(yeha i know : Hes dating kristen, new flash, hes usin her:) )

      • Izabelle

        Go Edward!!!<33

      • Saoirse

        Oh I agree with you, Skarsgard should have been there, the guy is damn sexy, but Ian is, ahh, Ian is Ian, sexy, badass, the best person to portray damon. I’m not going to say anything to R-Patz fans, everyones entitled to thier opinion but please remember it’s not a twiligt poll and not a personality contest either it’s who LOOKS sexy. Oh and for the record I knda think Paul Wesley shold have played Edward, Meyer described Edward How I see Paul, sorry for no one wo agrees with me but I LOVE him as Stefan to much now. Sorry For Ranting :S

    • courtney

      damon!!! deffo!!!!!!!! hes sooo hot

      • maame d.

        Damon is so hot… men he i the definition of sexy..

      • Andy

        @Saoirse thank you, finally someone else who thinks Paul Wesley should have played Edward I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt that way

    • Percy

      Boone is definitely what has gotten Somerhalder this far. I’m guessing a lot of people voted, like us, for Boone, and not his vamp character. But in a fair and just world Jessica would have won anyways.

      • Jennifer

        I never thought Ian Somerhalder was the least bit sexy on Lost. Color me shocked that I think he’s incredible hot as Damon, which is why I voted for him in his pairings.

      • Saracen Riggins

        Oh absolutely not. I thought Boone was attractive, but annoying. Even more so after having watched him on Vampire Diaries. Because that is THE perfect character for Ian. Sexiest ever! Well, except for Edward, because he got my vote ;) However, I was voting based more on the book version of Edward – even thoug I do think Rob is very sexy.

      • CindyC

        Percy – You obviously think you are above watching The Vampire Diaries. Do yourself & everyone else a favor & buy the S1 DVD next week & get a clue. Best ‘vampire’ show since BtVS (and yes, I’ve tried them all). I’m a massive Lost fan too – but to be honest Ian was a draw to me even to that show back in 2004. I’ve been a fan of his for about 8 years & he deserves to be in the final two. Damon Salvatore is one of the best characters in recent memory & he just relishes the part.

      • ani

        percy, you are completely wrong. most lost fans actually disliked boone. i was on the fence with him; but with damon, i think everyone loves (and loves to hate) him. so i’m not sure where you are getting your information, but you should probably not include a different show’s fanbase in your assumptions, a fanbase with which you are obviously not familiar.

      • katy

        I didn’t like Boone at all. He was annoying and that didn’t factor so well for his sexiness. Ian is very sexy as Damon however.

      • Andy

        I for one can’t stand Lost and don’t believe that is what has gotten Somerhalder this far. If you don’t already know he was a character on Smallville long before he even appeared on Lost

    • Angel

      I agree, Alexander Skarsgard was robbed. He should of won that contest. If it wasn’t for a little book titled Dracula, we wouldn’t have these shows and movies today. What gets me upset is, Gary Oldman wasn’t even mentioned in the movie category. WTF? First off he played Dracula, and secondly, he was hot as his younger self courting Mina. They’re gonna name sparkle guy, LOL as the sexiest movie vamp. WTH???

      • emily

        I agree. Between Damon, Eric and Edward i think Eric should win the
        sexiest beast title. Eric looks sexy in anything including flip-flops! He is epitome of sexiness from head to toe.. i still cant believe he is not in finals.. it should be between him and Wolverine.

    • Angel

      I agree, Alexander Skarsgard was robbed. He should of won that contest. If it wasn’t for a little book titled Dracula, we wouldn’t have these shows and movies today. What gets me upset is, Gary Oldman wasn’t even mentioned in the movie category. WTF? First off he played Dracula, and secondly, he was hot as his younger self courting Mina. They’re gonna name sparkle guy, LOL as the sexiest movie vamp. WTH???

    • Amanda

      I was all about Eric until he went up against Damon. As much as I love Eric… IMO, Damon is so much sexier.

      • Sam

        They are all very sexy in their own rights. I have got a pic of Ian where you could drowned in his eyes & you feel that look is for you. (Oh how i do so wish & i’m a 39 yr old married woman lol). Also have pics of others where they are EQUALLY as gawjus. Don’t think i could make my mind up even if i had to!.

      • Sianne

        I’ve seen a few episodes of “Vampire Diaries” and I don’t see what the fuss is about regarding Ian Somerhalder, he’s okay; pretty eyes.

    • Emsky

      HEY now, lay off the Vampire Diaries. It’s a GOOD show. And Ian Somerhalder’s Damon is not only extremely sexy, but an amazing character as well.

      • Emily

        Agreed. It didn’t start off too well, I nearly gave up on it because it looked like it would too much like Twilight but so glad I didn’t – it’s proven to be a really great show.

      • Sam

        Mmmmmm i totaly agree, but i couldn’t choose even if i had to. I’m gutted that Paul wesly got knocked out though, along with Skarsgard. I mean i have seen some pretty hot pics of them all & i display them all with pride :)

    • Maggie

      Actually, Edward is the sexiest beast. No contest.

      • MiriTurner

        TOTALLY agree ! :) :) ♥

    • Janine

      Damon is so cool and handsome man like him

    • Eric

      Skarsgard. Or Jackman. Or hell, Lautner. I think Edward and Damon are both sexy, but the fact that the two smoldering vampire leads of the two teen hot teen vampire franchises (on a site owned by the people who publish Twilight) kind of shows how narrow the definition of sexy is around these parts. This is the first match up I abstain from because yes Edward is nicer and Damon is sluttier, but they are essentially the same pick.

      • Erin

        You’re thinking of Stefan. If it was Stefan vs Edward, then it’d be the same pick to the casual viewer. But Damon is pretty much the opposite of everything Edward is.

    • JB

      I totally agree….Eric Northman, aka Alexander Skarsgard got robbed and will be the winner in my eyes!

    • Kathy

      I hate this!!! Alexander Skarsgard was supposed to win! He’s the sexiest beast out there!!!!!!!!!!!! Even Hugh Jackman lost! UGH!!!! Whatever; the world is messed up anyway.

      • wino

        you hate what? a silly poll? and why was Alex supposed to win? i freakin love true blood and eric is the man, but damn if Ian hasnt put in a strong performance last year as Damon. plus, maybe Vamp Diaries has more viewers, thus fans who voted? Its hard for cable shows to get much love.

      • Silvia

        I honestly do not find Alexander Skarsgard too attractive..his face seems kinda weird to me. I mean, he’s not ugly, but you can’t get any more perfect than Ian Somehalder, hands down! :)

    • WOwwee

      Damon tht is all he needs to kick edwards ass Eric is sexy but if he didnt make it tht sucks but i dont want edward to win

    • Helen

      i think it should be between damon and eric. or eric and wolverine. but no edward cullen!!! and he’s winning. whyyy?!

    • Michelle

      Edward Cullen is sooo much sexier then any of the Vamps on Vampire Diaries! i tried to sit and watch the show but I didnt really care for it to much. But then again maybe it had something to do with me missing like the first 2 seasons! lol

      • Katie

        That was the first season, Michelle.

      • Silvia

        ohh myyy… Ian Somerhalder is wayyy sexier than Robert Pattinson. Honestly, I’m not knocking your opinion, but if we were to make a more detailed comparison on who’s better looking..IAN would completely beat Robert, no doubt.

    • HAH


    • ItsCindyg

      I don’t agree about The Vampire Diaries being a joke, but I can tell you that Twilight is way overrated already. I don’t watch True Blood since I don’t have HBO so I wouldn’t know what’s the big deal about Alexander Skarsgard. I can tell you that Ian Somerhalder is way better looking IMO.

      • Silvia

        Absolutely!!! :D

      • Sianne

        In your opinion.

    • Shaunna Hyde

      YES HE WAS

      • katie salvitore

        i like damon and stefan salvitore.

    • mshellr

      If the poll was about who is a more endearing person, I could see the Pattinson vote.. he’s good looking and he seems like a pretty jokes guy

      but the vote is about whether or not he is a sexy beast
      Robert Pattinson is not a sexy beast.
      A Skarz is a SEXY BEAST

    • auds

      SO sad, two of the crappiest shows/series… how does this even happen? I feel like I’m picking between two DUDS. All I can say is ANYTHING BUT EDWARD. UGH.

    • yemee

      im with you!

    • wino

      I love Eric’s character but the actor in real life isn’t as sexy. A bit skinny w. chicken legs :) Havent seen Ian yet, thus, based on the show, he ranks tops.

    • mia

      please, i know! very upset at the moment, uhhh, how can you not resist skarsgard?? especially when he’s speaking swedish

    • Kayla

      who f***ing gives a s***?!?!?!?!?!?!?! IT IS EDWARD F*C*ING CULLEN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!! ALL OF YOU!!, go read the series and you’ll understand :)

    • Tasneem

      Damon is d best!! dats all i knw!!
      n wateva ppl say…..ppl only hav voted n shown huz bettr thn hum :)
      but tats d whole diff thing tat i even luv Edward!!!…..very diff 4 me!

      • Silvia

        Ian is wayyy sexier than Robert.
        Edward is more romantic than Damon.
        Damon is more fun than Edward.
        I have read both book series, seen all the movies and the shows for Twilight and The Vampire Diaries and…they’re very different. But as far as a SEXY CONTEST goes? IAN SOMEHALDER!!! Let’s not mix the book fantasy with true sexiness, people, come on. Let’s be honest. :)

    • *sammie


    • dina

      Edward cullen is the best

    • Lisa

      You have to realize there are a bunch of young girls on here & True Blood would’ve easily taken it. I don’t watch Vampire Diaries but I think True Blood is up above that for sure.

      • Silvia

        You should watch the Vampire Diaries before you assume. True Blood is good, but so is the Vampire Diaries…

    • Frank Anderson

      This whole stunt was devised to lead to this showdown. I am sure it has nothing to do with Warner owning both the CW and EW. Yummy synergy!

    • Stephanie

      Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgard are both hot. Edward is too immature whilst the other two are sex bombs.

    • lynn

      when it comes to vampires damon(ian) rocks. it changes weekly about his attitude and edward just stays the same. ian all the way i say!!

    • Shweta

      my choice is the sweet romantic n ever polite edward.ian is mischevious n very brutal.

    • julie

      oh my god damon is the ultimate man probably in real and as a vampire he has that sexy face and body talk makes you so curious but believeing is the thing supernatural huh i believe do you oh and stephen your sexy too

    • vampiresa

      i agree on the twilight part edward aka robert pattinson is not bad but common we’re talkin abt the sexiest here he shudnt be t the top but when it comes to damon somerhalder aka ian he owns it and the vampire diaries totally rocks it’s more realistic mature and definetly sexy without even tryin

    • Katie

      To all of you bagging on twilight. Don’t buy a ****ing ticket. People have their hobbies, and their favorite movies, and their favorite shows, now can people just understand that twilight fans are sick of ridicule from rude people who can’t just accept something even if they don’t necessarily enjoy it?

      You’re all stupid.

      • lucifermeo

        If i don’t buy a ticket so how could i judge fairly, huh? i got to watch it to hate it, dear. In the end, my choice is Ian. Why? He maybe bad, he might not be endearing, but he the sexiest. And the “you’re all stupid” comment is very rude. you don’t even know us, how can you say we are stupid just because our taste are not as bad as to choose Rob. Pah-lease.

    • Melissa

      Damon Rocks

    • Sarah

      Alexander Skarsgard was definately robbed.. it should have been Eric instead of Edward.. Edward is not even a real man. :P

    • ashley

      Ian (the guy who plays damon form vampire diaries) is a REALLY good actor. dont judge before you see the work.

      as someone that doesnt care for anything vampire related besides that show, Vampire diaries actually is a pretty good show and worth watching. Only show I watch on cw and lovin it

    • fitsum

      i don’t understand about Damon’s character but i like hem.

    • aimeesparkles

      Well thats ur oppinion, I luv twilight and vampire diaries, I do prefer twilight though. Edward is the fittest there by far for me, ian somerhalders not bad though.

  • tvgirl48

    I know the Twihards will come in and make Edward win, but I wish Damon would. I think Ian Somerhalder is so much hotter than Robert Pattinson. Somerhalder has an advantage in that he gets to revel in his bad boy character as opposed to Pattinson’s brooding miserable Edward.

    • Grubi

      Somerholder does have a secret weapon though: Lost fans. Unfortunately, I don’t think thats gonna be enough to stop the Twihards.

      • Emily

        Damon also has fans of shows that have already lost to Edward and don’t want sparkleboy to win.

      • Sia

        Lost fans have nothing on Twilight fans come on. Even a retard knows that ! When the Twilight facebook and twitter get a hold of this it will be over.
        And Ian isn’t that hot sorry. He looks like every wannabe model.

      • jason.

        Well, LOST fans had arguably six brilliant seasons of TV(and God knows, someone’s probably going to flap over here and argue about it), with enough density and brilliance to make us think and discuss for years to come (again, for those of us who didn’t sour on it; let’s not lie, even this discussion shows you can’t please all people all of the time).

        All the literary references, philosophical references, etc, etc.

        Now, you’re assuming that there’s no overlap between Lost fans and Twilight fans. I doubt that. So, I’m not going to come off too high and mighty, but if you want to get into a Lost vs. Twilight debate…

        Oh, hell. I won’t even dignify a Lost vs. Twilight debate. It’s like trying to explain to a ten year old how the Beatles – even at their most surreal – are better on every level than Justin Bieber while trying to explain context, lyrics, composition and overall cultural impact.

        Now, Sia, if you’re talking about how Lost fans generally have better things to do than vote-bomb an internet poll, you’re probably right: we don’t have anything on you.

        And try not to use terms like “retard”, okay?

      • verryBerry

        honestly, I don’t think too many Lost fans would be interested in this…

      • damon’sgonnawinthis

        hey sia!i think that you should get a eye check-up. if ian “isn’t that hot” then robert looks like a homeless guy who hasn’t showered for ages whith that crapy hair. and if you hadn’t your head stuck up in edwards ass all the time you’d see that ian not only has back up from lost fans but he also has all the vampire diaries fans (and they are a lot all around the globe) and all the people that actually have some taste in vampire series/films/books (that certainly don’t want to see a creepy whiny stalker guy win this)on his side.

      • Silvia

        I think that Ian does have many Lost fans, but even then he has soooo many Vampire Diaries Fans. Twihards are soo…ughh sometimes. SO CLOSE-MINDED! You can like another vampire book series people, Edward won’t get mad at youu! hahaha Ian is wayy hotter and he is such a sweetheart. Robert is cool too, but he kinda looks high all the time…

      • beth

        maybe its lack of sleep do to the fact that rob has been working really hard on his other movies and because of all these comments they deserve to win and of course they will.cuz twilight not even done yet and atleast its a clean movie witch you couldnt even find until twilight and all of you have your own taste in guys dont nock someone else down because they may thank differently than you and besides its the whole prince charming thang what girl or women wouldnt want that in a boyfriend or husband and its also the pertectiveness he has for his love.if you want a badass guy thats fine but know this he ll probly cheat on you sometime down the road cuz most guys like that have no respect for them selves so why would they have respect for you?and im not here to put anyone down its just a little something for all of you to thank about.

      • Team Damon!!!

        Sia you seriously need to grow up and get a life. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so stop insulting anyone who doesn’t spent their day obsessing over Rob Pattison. Every comment I’ve read from you has been rude and disrespectful. And while I’m on the topic, my nine-year-old autistic “retard” of a brother probably wouldn’t have a clue what I was talking about is I asked him about this stupid poll.

        Jason: I COMPLETELY agree with you.

    • Kass

      Sparkle boy ? Now your just being a hater. Millions of people rather be with sparkle boy then your show of vampires that wouldn’t exist without it. Without Edward there would be no Damon so please take your vampire snottiness out of here.

      • Kaka

        Edward Cullen; Basically a lifeless vampire that brain washes 13 year old girls into thinking he’s real. And he sparkles, but only in the sunlight.
        Edward: I’m Edward Cullen and I sparkle in the sunlight.

        Jacob: bark bark.

      • Fridge

        Oh please. Twilight was not the first vampire movie ever made and it did not pave the way for all other movies or tv shows in the vampire genre. Maybe you’ve heard of a book by Bram Stoker called Dracula? Twihards, get over yourselves and your little pansy-a$$ed, depressing, pretty-boy sparkler. The books’ not groundbreaking in the least bit.

      • fireflystare221

        Wrongggggggggggg. The Vampire Diaries series has been around since 1991. Damon was indeed existing before Edward was even dreamed up in Stephanie Meyer’s head.

      • Sarah

        Vampire Diaries, as a tv show, with Somerhalder in the role, would NOT exist without Twilight. Even Somerhalder and Kevin Williamson have admitted that. Twilight’s popularity is what got that series on the air.

      • Emily

        Kass, for the record I have both read all the Twilight books and seen all the movies so I’d say I’m allowed to have an opinion on it. Whilst I loved most of its actors in other movies they’ve been in, Twilight just plain sucked. The Vampire Diaries books were around long before Twilight, as were the True Blood books and multiple other shows and movies about vampires so you can’t say they ripped off Twilight – It’s more the other way around. Please do your research next time before making false statements.

      • VampGirl

        Yes, Vamp Diaries was written first, but even the actors on the show admit that the tv series wouldn’t be as successful without the Twilight craze. Yes, vampires have been around FOREVER, but the RECENT vampire craze (whether people choose to admit it or not) was sparked by the Twilight phenomenon. Because as firefly pointed out, the Vamp Diaries books have been out since ’91. But the current societal fixation on vampires is largely due to the Twilight books and movies.

      • christina

        Edward is damn ugly where do these ppl come from really look idc where Damon came from the vote her is who is hotter and maybe to little kids and obsessed teens Edward is hot but barf really gross barf yes he did good in harry potter but Damon was awesome in LOST and is way hotter

      • vampgirl19

        Kass, You are so badly wrong its not funny. Damon was around back when the books came out in the 80’s or 90’s. Ian was a perfect choice. He is hot, funny, and way sexy. I am a Twilight fan but no way is Edward hotter than Damon.

      • yemee

        because is not fair that twilight with a stupid plot takes all the greatness and some other vamp stories that have a cool plot doesnt maybe the do make the series after twilight movies, TO SHOW people how hard twilight suck in comparison!

      • VampGirl

        @Christina: I am neither a kid nor an obsessed teen. I’m in my twenties and Edward is STILL hotter than Damon!

      • AshleyLynn

        You tell them VampGirl!

      • beth

        i half to agree with you and besides since some of you are vampire diaries fans just to let you know they wouldnt have even lasted this long if it wasnt for twilight even those actors have said that and they are happy twilight is doing so well and besides it gives all us twilight fans something to watch until bd comes out in 2011 and 2012 and of course until eclipse comes out on dvd.all these actors in both rolls should get some creidit but come on as big as twilight is its always going to win something.and i relly half to agree rpattz fits the roll of edward in the books and so does kstew that plays bella theres knowone else that could possibly fit those rolls or play it better stephaine chose them and she was rite on with her choices and end the end she said who she wanted and it works.for those of you that havent read the books you should cause then youd understand what we are just tring to say.

      • s


        twighlight was a fantastic series, but the movies have been a big FAIL…
        we put all our love for edward into rob, and thats ok, but really, sexy is about sex right?
        ok lets face it, if your a woman that has an interest in sex, dont tell me you havent noticed, even when rob is wearing tight pants, he does not have ‘the goods’,,, and if you dont know what that means, than you are a child and shouldnt vote on something you know nothing about…
        also, rob is shy and awkward, seriously, how do you think that would translate in bed?
        ok, lets not forget the guy hates wearing beautiful cloths, and chooses to wear old wrinkly torn junk cloths… not sexy, not hot…
        than theirs that whole beard and his bumb look…
        i dont know… if it comes to nice shy guy next door award, its rob..
        if its sexy beast, ITS IAN SOMERHALDER…

    • Joy

      PEOPLE STOP THE BIASED OPINION THAT ALL TWIHARDS LOVE HIM!!! I voted for Ian!! I hate Patts, i really wish he wasnt born so peeps, STOP BEING BIASED!!!!! Oh yea, and some of you A-HOLES need to actually kearn how to read and see that this is about THE CHARACTERS NOT THE PIECE OF MEDIA THEY’RE FROM!!!

      • Team Damon!!!

        THANKYOU JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe

    Hmm… I really hate the show and the movie. All the guys I liked have been voted out… I did like Boone in Lost though.

    • Woot

      Yeah I don’t watch the Vampire Diaries and Despise Twilight, but Since I like Boone and Ian Somerhalder doesn’t look terrible, I’m going with him.

      • Natalie

        Doesn’t look…terrible? Your words pain me. He is sexiness personified.

      • Woot

        Damon is hot, Edward looks terrible. That’s what I was saying.

      • s


  • Jovita

    Definitely Damon, we’re talking ‘sexy beast’ here. Sure, Edward is sweet and devoted, but he’s nowhere near as seductive as Damon.
    With Edward, you want to be with him forever,
    With Damon, you just want to jump him. Immediately.

    • t.g.t.

      I agree… with Damon you want to jump him immediately…pure beastial lust and Damon is the most decadent cougar bait in my fantasies…lol

    • Kass

      Seductive? See just with your comment it’s obvious Damon/Vampire Diaries fan are just about hotness and sex. Jump him ? Come on let’s get past all this immature stuff.
      Edward is so much better then this. He’s unselfish, mature and smart. Stupid polls. We all know Edward will win this people.

      • Jennifer

        Hotness & sex are pretty much what this poll is about.

      • Soph

        Edward also stalks girls and sparkles in the sun.

      • t.g.t.

        The contest is called “Sexy Beast” ;-) not “Most Wonderful Man” :-( Sexy Beast=DAMON and wonderful man= Edward…therefore Damon ATFreakin’W

      • katy

        Yeah Edward may be unselfish, mature, and smart but Damon is fun. And sexy. Which is really what this is all about.

      • NightFalls

        Now, Damon is a sexy beast. He may not be as unselfish and nurturing as Edward. But Damon is cunning, smart, and if you’d seen the show he’s in the long haul after all he spent 100 years or more wanting to save the one he was in love with.

        But this is sexy beast contest. Damon all the way! He’s just beyond sexy, as is Eric, but sadly he didn’t make it to this point.

      • damon’sgonnawinthis

        kass- Unselfish, mature and smart? I would rather say possessive, too much jealous and overly protective. And i would rather spend eternity having sex with damon than spend it whining about everything with edward.

    • StewyFan

      Dude, do you know the things I would do to Edward Cullen?

      • jen

        what give him a shower?

      • StewyFan

        If he wanted me to I would. I would bath that man all day.

      • Clay

        Glad you are an active member of the necrophilia community StewyFan!

      • hooiskellie


      • Machunny

        @ Jen–Thanks for the laugh. Nicely played.

    • Ian Lover

      I think damon should win cause all he is is sexy and more into the character than the fugly rob pat!!

  • hooiskellie

    Edward FTW!!!

    • agostina

      Damon should win this for all the other sexy beasts that didn’t make it. If Edward loses I’d call it justice… he can’t win a competition like this.
      I mean, if Alexander effin’ Skarsgard didn’t make it (what’s wrong with the world?!) at least Damon, who really is a sexy beast, should win.

      EDWARD JUST DOESN’T DESERVE IT. He is not a sexy beast.

      • hooiskellie

        I think Edward is a sexy beast and he deserves to win. To each his/her own!

      • kiki

        @agostina So true! Skarsgard was absolutely robbed. Edward is neither sexy nor a beast…too bad there couldn’t have been a restriction on the poll – “You must be an adult who understands the meaning of the word ‘sexy’ in order to vote.”

    • Lala

      Excuse me, but how is Edward qualified to be called a “beast” ? He is a little girl, and he glitters in the freaking sun, and I SURE that he pets and comforts the mountain lions he hunts before he eats them. And then he is probably sorry for being such a “Monster” and wah wah wah wah… Edward is a little shining fairy, not a vampire, not a beast. Damon FTW!

      • Emily

        Ain’t that the truth.

      • fireflystare221

        Hahaha funniest comment here. I just pictured Edward stroking a mountain lion, weeping, and apologizing to it.

      • hooiskellie

        I completely disagree with everything you said, but it made me laugh really hard nonetheless! “pets and comforts the mountain lions” hahahaha You know, a lot of people believe that a beast with a sensitive side is extremely sexy.

      • sabrina

        would u shut up and stop trying to piss people off bec. u just sound fu*king stupid

      • Jessica

        OMG hahah you’re so right. I have nothing against twilight, i loved the books, i mean the story is kind of way to used but the way they wrote it is good, romance, i LIKE that. And the book’s edward? Damn my imagination was good, but seriously.. robert pattinson? he is FUGLYYYY! SORRY but he is, have a bit self respect and go for the man please:)

      • Katie

        Lala, you are so right!!

      • Charlotte

        Thats so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edward is sweet, kind and carin and he is nice 2 look at (even in the sun!!!!!) But in sayin that u do have a point this is a sexy beast contest and edward doesnt make the cut………

    • StewyFan

      YES!! Edward all the way baby!!!!!

      • shell

        I totally agree 100% YES!! Edward all the way baby!!!!!

      • Jordan


  • EJ

    I gotta go with Damon on this one.

  • Mandii

    Team Damon!!

  • Twilight:My Life is Cancer

    Oh God, please kill this Twilight kaka poo poo already.

    • Andie

      Oh god, too good for words.

    • Ali

      Agree. Completely.

  • Damon FTW

    Damon!!! I know stupid TwiHards will probably flood this poll, but seriously, how in the world could scrawny little Mr. Sparkles truly beat the sex on legs that is Damon Salvatore?

    • Emily

      How could scrawny little Mr. Sparkles beat most of the people he’s beaten already.. Especially Summer Glau.

      • Gazza

        Summer was winning when I voted! By a considerable margin too…

    • Fermina Salihovic


    • Joy

      Listen a-hole, Im tired of you people saying that ALL TWIHARDS LOVE THAT PUNY LITTLE GIRL NAMED EDWARD!!!! I HATE HIM SO PEOPLE STOP SAYING THAT ALL TWIHARDS LOVE HIM CUZ IM ONE AND I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So do my twihard ffreinds you jerk…

    • salvatorlover17

      all the way i totally agree with damon ftw! edward may be sparkly but he has nothing on damon

  • Casey

    Damon has to win. Not just because he is dead sexy, but for everyone sexy who has been taken down by that sparkler, or just eliminated way too early. *coughSpikecough*

    • fireflystare221

      Yeah I am still baffled as to how Spike was eliminated. He came before all of these other guys and showed them how to be a sexy bad a** vampire. Eric, Damon, they learned from Spike. (Not Edward he learned from Angel and a wooden board..)

      • ani

        hey now, keep angel out of this!! but agreed, spike’s elimination was rough, but i just couldn’t find him sexy. eric northman, however…is yummmyyyy

      • Kim

        Should’ve been between Spike & Eric. I know I would love to be between those two *wink*wink* ;-)

      • Merry Bear

        Yeah! I’d love to see Mr. Sparkles swagger like a big boy. Spike is BAD A$$ and shouldn’t have to compete with teeny-bopper heart throbs when he’s a proper vampire. And I’m with Kim. I, too, would like to be between Eric & Spike.

      • jason.

        Spike and Buffy destroyed an abandoned house in what was probably the hottest way ever.
        He had the jacket, the red shirt, the swagger. Trust me, I’ve had to listen to my wife and friends for years…*L*

      • Charlotte

        I have to agree; if we’re talking about sexiness MY GOD that episode of Buffy with her and Spike was hot hot hot!! to say the least. I am though, and always will be forever Angel/Angelus; now there’s a hot broody vampire that set the way for Stephan Salvatore AND no matter how old David Boreanaz gets, he’s still sexy as hell!! :D

      • Casey

        @fireflystare221 – Lol at the Edward comment. So very true, except he doesn’t do brooding nearly as well as Angel, I have to admit. @ jason. – Some of many reasons why I love Spike more than Angel…

      • hooiskellie

        i voted for spike too. :(

      • Lauren

        But…but I love Angel!

      • Jem

        I have to agree, it’s ridiculous that it’s down to the Salvatore Bros. and Edward Cullen when Spike, Angel, Darla and Drusilla ruled the roost for almost a decade (then ever after in comics). Are memories really that short? People are so fickle. The Salvatore Bros. are pathetic, and Edward Cullen is a little bitch.

  • Gabriella


  • katie

    I almost want to vote for Damon just to try to upset the twilight twerp, but I don’t actually care about this tournament now that all my favs are out. Such a dilemma.

    • Marla

      Please do it just to beat the twilight twerp PLEASE!! we need to shut the weird fans up

      • Joy

        F u! Im weird and proud but I hate you cuz ur biased and I hate Him!! I voted for Ian cuz hes hotter, sexier and overall a better actor! Patts couldnt act his way out of a wet bag!! I am a TRUE twihard and I hate him so shut the f up, and learn to actually read and see that THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE FANS ITS ABOUT THE ACTOR!!!

      • Lauren

        Please tell me capitalizing “him” was a grammatical error and not some sort of worship.

      • Joy

        @Lauren haha, soooo not funny, of course it was a grammatical error!!

    • Sarah El

      Yes, please.
      Even if I didn’t adore Damon, I would vote for him for the sheer pleasure of crushing Twihards everywhere.

      • Team Edward

        you’re a jerk, there isn’t anything wrong with Twi-hards! You’re just jealous that Edward is beating your stupid, and completely ugly loser from Vampire Diaries, which is just a show about gore and sex that has no message or meaning.

      • Jenn

        Relax, little Twitard. No need to be a meanie. But Edward is a fruit basket. This vote is for Sexy Beasts, not fruit baskets. It should be Eric Northman in this last running, but not everyone gets to see the lovely on True Blood.

        So, it should be Damon because he’s sexy and beastly. Edward glitters, like he went nuts with Ke$ha’s glitter butter. That’s no sexy- it’s lame.

      • chester_28

        The Vampire Diaries has never been about gore and sex. It’s actually like Twilight, you know? It has a love story, and a great one at that. It’s even better than Twilight in so many ways. Stop being mean please.

      • Joy

        F u! Im weird and proud but I hate you cuz ur biased and I hate Him!! I voted for Ian cuz hes hotter, sexier and overall a better actor! Patts couldnt act his way out of a wet bag!! I am a TRUE twihard and I hate him so shut the f up, and learn to actually read and see that THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE FANS ITS ABOUT THE ACTOR!!!
        @Team Edward, thx 4 supporting twilight but EDWARD SUCKS AND IAN IS HOOOOTTT!!!!

      • Sarah El

        I’m the jerk? Luls.
        I’m just sick of the Twilight hype and would love to see it displaced.

      • Alyssa

        I’m a proud Twi-hard-I’ve read the books numerous times, I watch the movies, and I’ve basically dissected every page and character in the books-.(Hardcore enough for you?) But at the same time I love the Vampire Diaries-both the books, and the t.v series-. I honestly don’t care who wins, because I’ll be happy either way. I enjoy both Edward and Damon. Hell, I enjoy Stefan too. I guess it just depends on what mood I’m in, for which vampire I want. What I’m trying to say is, no one really has an opinion, or really a good opinion, unless they’re well informed.

  • dee123

    Nope. Unfortunately all those Twihards with too much time and not enough brains will take it.

    • Kass

      Shut up already.

    • CullenFan

      Before you start talking about Twilight fans and brains, why don’t you post your GPA and what science degrees you hold? My guess would be none. Only uneducated people attack a whole group of Twilight fans that actually do read books and can appreciate good literature by making random insults. My major is Computer Science and I graduated with honors from high school. What about you?

      • Lauren

        There is a difference between a Twilight fan and a Twihard. I used to be a fan of Twilight and thus I do not hate Twilight fans the way some do. But when you get too over-invested, it can become frightening. Do you really consider Twilight “good literature” or are you trying to say that many Twilight fans also read “good literature”?

        I see your point but I am kinda offended that you assume science is the only major that requires intellect.

      • salvatorlover17

        hey the vampire diaries have a book siries way bigger then twilight. ive read both series and vampire diaries wins damon is way more sexy then edward!!!

    • Jess

      Again stop attacking ppl for there personal choices, just because someone is a twilight or vampire diaries or tru blood fan doesnt mean their stupid or dumb. We are all entitled to OUR OPINION!!!

      • Cara

        Thank you Jess.

    • rahim

      imrahim i love you nabila

  • Nick

    Damon, only because Vampire Diaries is SLIGHTLY less shitty than Twilight…I mean seriously, this is the final 2?

    • Sam

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s just because of this teenage vampire craze that the voters wouldn’t give anyone else a chance. I mean, there are so many other choices! How the hell did we end up with these 2?? PS I agree that Vampire Diaries sucks. It is very overrated.

      • lucifermeo

        i don’t think that TVD sucks, and Ian is SEXY, though Edward was a wimp and i would fricking love to see the fianl showdown between Damon and Eric

  • Emily

    It SHOULD be Eric but since he’s out…DAMON,DAMON,DAMON,DAMON,DAMON.
    RPattz looks like a motherf*cking foot.

    • MCS

      we all know eric won anyone

    • Woot

      Seriously! How did Eric lose this? I think 89% of the world population would have sex with him.

      • Kat

        i would in a heartbeat. i think the twihards voted for damon against eric cause they thought damon would be easier competition later on, so if u want ur revenge, get it now. vote damon! and show the twihards how fanbases can collide

      • Lala

        I’d have both Eric and Damon. They’re both sexy as heck!

      • Sia

        Now your just lying. Why the hell would the world want to sleep with that old dirty guy ? Please half the world has no idea who the hell Eric or Damon is.

      • Des

        Not me… But I’d go for Damon anytime…

      • ItsCindyg

        You do!, but I don’t.

      • vampgirl19

        just 89%??? Come on. Eric is way hotter than that. And Edward is just annoying and badly acted.

      • Woot

        Old dirty guy? You think 33 is old? Wow…

      • Kelly

        “old dirty guy”?! Haha you must be very frustrated teenager who believes in pure and innocent love with stupid lovesongs and a boy who gives you flowers and teddy bears every day. Sick. You need to grow up!

      • Robsessed

        Oh n ur suppose to be so mature….well for info the reason these things r created is to get people to fantasize to think there is another world out there where men arnt all a–holes… Hope u don’t have a daughter ever ! If that’s what ur gonna make her feel cheap!

      • Cat

        I second that HOW DID ERIC NOT WIN??? I love Edward just as much as the next but there is NO F*CKING WAY he’s hotter then Eric!

      • sasha

        i vote for Damon because he is so sexy yummy

    • hooiskellie

      a foot? what???

      • esperanza

        i voted for edward..since i love this role..a mysterious lover that somehow pulls you toward him.↲Anyways,thats not the real ‘robert’..today’s guys have a different look when it comes to love and sacrifice…too bad we only see such perfection in movies..

      • Jovonne

        I don’t know about PansyPattz looking like a foot, but he does look like a smelly. He just screams bum funk.

        Vote for Ian! =D

      • Sky

        I am sorry to tell u all this but Edward Cullen ROCKS!
        And by the way all these vampire show/movies all rock in a way ,But TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!

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