'Big Brother' instant react: All Brendon wanted to be was happy and in love!

big-brother-castImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSI’ve yet to understand what makes a knucklehead like Brendon tick and unfortunately, tonight’s episode didn’t make it any more clear for me. (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode). Though I was tickled to see him triumph over that exhaustive rope maze – because let’s be honest, it’s far more interesting when the house is turned on its head after each eviction and the bad guy becomes HOH – I had no idea why he zeroed in Lane and Ragan for eviction rather than the lippy Britney. Clearly, she managed to convince Brendon that she had his back going into the veto ceremony and next week’s nominations, though there’s not a chance in hell that little minx will keep her word. And why go after the relatively harmless Lane, who doesn’t even realize that the cereal in Raisin Bran is the freaking bran? My only thought was that Brendon’s real target was Matt, and the best way to oust the house’s cockiest tool is to backdoor him on Wednesday.

But first, let’s recap that excruciating challenge – what I like to think was a homage to John Kirhoffer, the crafty dude who thinks up all the swell contests on Survivor. Dang, that had to be one of the hardest, most strenous challenges in Big Brother history. Major props to Brendon here, who was clearly hopped on the power of love, or else he would have been holding up the rear like Kathy (who continues to inexplicably float under the radar despite her being a useless bag of useless uselessness).  No one seemed close to beating Brendon, least of all Capt. Meow Meow, who purported to be “a clean cat who doesn’t want to get dirty.” After figuratively thumping his chest and shouting declarations like “All we wanted to do was be happy and in love!” and “This is for you, Rach,” Brendon immediately sought vengeance by choosing Ragan, Matt and Britney as the week’s have-nots (enjoy your eggplant and escargo, suckas!). At that point, I knew that Ragan and Britney were goners, fer sure.

That’s when things got screwy. Though she could hardly hide her disdain while seeing his HOH room, Britney managed to convince Brendon that she was a person he could trust – despite having made this specious promise after he called her to his room. Yet Brendon completely overlooked how Ragan took the initiative and proposed a secret alliance – a pretty shrewd idea, considering the public fallout they had last week and how Meow Meow and Hayden would never see something like that coming. Bad, knucklehead Brendon. Bad!

Was there any smart decision in the house tonight? I’d like to say that Ragan, as the saboteur, was wily to perpetuate the still-unverified rumor that lifelong friends continue to exist in the house – thus putting a cloud of suspicion around Kathy and Britney. But a lot of good it did: The hens are safe for now. A maddening night in all. What do you think? Do you think Brendon made the right nominations? Is Matt smart to saddle up to Ragan? Could you subsist on eggplant and escargo? And if you didn’t see Tanner Stransky’s excellent exit interview with Rachel, make sure to check it out by clicking here. I’ll be your bran if you be my raisin on Twitter @ewlynette!

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  • gato

    Yes Brendon did in fact make good noms, he wants Ragen out and knows the house will keep Lane over Ragen. If (!) one of them wins the veto he (thinks) can Backdoor Matt and or Britney! UMMM… EW I need a job and will happily do these recaps for a reduced rate!!! Holla

    • allie

      And Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto that HAS to be used this week or it;s null and void, and if used Matt can name ANY replacement nominee he wants (except HOH) so Britney could be a goner this week anyway. In fact, it’s a definite possiblity. Althought the comp is done, the Veto ceremony hasn’t gone down yet so it’s all still speculative.

      • Robb

        Great point… yet I think Matt knows the minute he uses that he will need to win HoH or he will be out. Playing that would kill any chance he has at winning, since a lot of people at suspicious over him anyway.

      • lori

        I think Kathy will be gone.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        Matt will use the diamond veto to take the Brigade member off the block, and he’ll probably put Britney up in Lane’s place – or so I hope. I can’t stand that top-heavy insult tw*t. But it would be a good way for him to shore up his place in the Brigade alliance.

      • no no no

        Matt will only use the DPOV on himself at this point.
        No one knows he has it and to use it he has to admit he lied. Also he is smart enough to know his Brigade is about to start eating its own young. We have the poser from Jersey who is worthless… and two pretty boys. Matt is creepy but smart.

    • SLB

      Brendon made stupid personal decisions. Big surprise. Let’s put the smallest people on slop. Yeah, that’s good strategy. He put up Lane because he’s sure Lane is the saboteur. Wrong again (for the 100th time) Brendon, and Ragan? Yeah, he’s such a strong player. So glad this b*tch is gone. Doesn’t think she’s a bad sport? She’s the worst. Six minutes of this skank’s voice is too much.

      • old john

        If Brendan was truly as smart as he’s supposed to be, he wouldn’t have won HOH, got voted off and spent a week alone with Rachel in the jury house. sometimes you have to think with your little head instead of your big head.

        And what’s up with all the tears every time someone gets nominated?

    • garbyguy

      If you want to write recaps, you’re going to need to learn to sepll the names of the houseguests correctly. It’s Ragan, not Ragen.

      • teresa

        He said he’d do it for a reduced rate! That means he doesn’t have to spell the names right.

      • marie

        Ahahahahahaha Teresa.. that made me laugh!

    • KNeff

      Let’s hope that the Diamond Veto is used BEFORE the “regular” POV, so Brendon can nominate Matt and he can’t take himself off!! *fingers crossed*

      Do any of you watch the feeds?! You already know that one of the nominees has the “regular” POV. THAT’S why I hope the vetos play out in the order I hope for, but they won’t; therefore, Matt is safe for another week!
      He’s like one of those nasty little roaches that won’t go away..ew!

      And don’t hate b/c I said that above…someone else on here already said WHO has it.

      • bh

        I’m pretty sure that Matt gets to take somebody off the block (or himself) and put up whoever he wants. Brendan doesn’t get to pick who it is. At least I think that’s how it works.

      • Twilight, VD Fan

        But does anyone know what power/gift Brendon got for reopening Pandora’s Box!! That could make things really interesting!! I don’t have the feeds, just BBAD, and I don’t know what enticed him to open the box

    • AIan

      The people making the big decisions in the house are Enzo and Hayden. Not nominating them is NOT smart. They will be final 2 unless someone finally starts doing something.

      • Anastasia

        I really am beginning to hate Enzo. He is a lazy good for nothing lima bean who is content to sit back and let others do his dirty work. How the house is letting him lay so low is beyond me. And what type of man calls himself Meow Meow? More like Wuss Wuss…but add a P.

    • j

      but if Matt uses it he will then pull all kinds of suspicion on himself since he has lied about his getting it from pandora’s box not to mention so many other lies. He is in a bad position at this point….

  • Natalie (Brendon

    I agree with the thought that Brendon might backdoor Matt or even Britney. It’s too bad Matt has the diamon veto though… but if someone does win the veto and get either Lane or Ragan off the block, Brendon still has Britney and Matt to choose from, and IF Matt uses his veto (who knows, using two vetos in one night sounds crazy!), Brendon can put Britney up and gauranteeing one of the three going home :) I personally love Brendon for his devotion to Rachel, although at times I thought Rachel was just using Brendon :/ So happy he won HOH and just hope he knows what he’s doing.
    Oh, and Brtiney and Lane should watch what they are doing, or else they will arouse suspision from the other members of the household… remember there are two close friends keeping a secret!

    • WatchesEverything

      IF Matt uses the DPOV, it won’t be Brendon who gets to put up Britney. It’d be Matt’s decision.

      • Laurin

        Since when does the HOH not choose the replacement? Is this just for the DPOV?

    • Andi

      If Matt used the diamond power of veto, he gets to choose the person going up. Not Brendan.

  • Just Jules

    I’m just hoping Matt has to use his DPOV.. just to see if the house turns on him… if they don’t – he may sail all the way to the end.

  • April

    I am really hoping that Ragen wins veto and Matt is forced to show his dpov. Its about time he got exposed as the houses biggest liar.

    • Michelle

      It’s a competition. I’d lie my a** off to win that kind of money.

    • Rob

      Agreed. Glad the article finally pointed out that the guy’s a tool. He’s been annoying since Day 1. Dude being slightly more intelligent than these dunces that doesn’t make Albert Einstein.

      • SLB

        Matt is pathetic. It’s too bad he can’t go home this week. Tired of carrying the Brigade? Really? Like you epic fail your first HOH.

    • lori

      I sure hope so too. Notice the Brigade already turning on Matt?

  • CM

    I’m glad Brendon won the HOH, at least the drama will continue a little longer. Yes, ok Rachel is annoying, but at least she made the show interesting to watch. I mean the people this year are sucking the life out of the BB game. I don’t care how annoying a player is, if they are the only ones entertaining me then I want them in the house. The more drama the better! Or else what is the point of watching?

    • Natalie (Brendon

      I agree. With Rachel, it’s a love-hate relationship. She kept the show interesting, voiced her opinion and wasn’t “fake” – she truly is that way! It really sucks how people are voting with fear: everyone votes the way they think others will vote (and Karhy might play the hero card saying she voted what “felt right”. come on. no one sees her as a threat anyhow and she knows it).

    • TNT

      Oh so true! That so called Brigade is essentially the “GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB” that real women deal with everyday…Lane, Matt, Enzo and Lane should be beat by the next challenge by a good old spankin…oops they may like that!

    • Deb

      It will get very interesting when the brigade turn on each other…Enzo is useless and doesn’t even make a fake attempt at winning anything; get him out

  • darclyte

    Things that didn’t make the air: One of the reasons he nominated Lane & Ragan was that neither had won anything and other than Kathy & Enzo (both whom he seems to like) they haven’t won anything out of those left. He actually told Brit & Matt he respected them because they’ve both won comps. He seemed to imply that he wouldn’t backdoor either of them, but things change in the house (or he was just lying to them.)

    • Just Jules

      I find that odd.. since Ragan has almost won all the endurance competitions, finishing second only to Matt..

      • Just Jules

        And if that was really his criteria, then Kathy and Enzo would be the weakest in the house.

      • darclyte

        Again, he said it was one of the reasons not the reason. Another reason why he nominated Lane is that he thinks Lane is the New Saboteur. He seems to like Kathy and Enzo and told both of them that they were safe not long after he won HOH. If he had a beef with them like he does with Ragan, perhaps he would have nominated one of them, but his target was Ragan while Lane is both a Saboteur suspect and hasn’t won anything. To Brendon, his nominations made perfect sense. To everyone else they were slightly confusing.

      • notluvin

        And again I say, Regan threw the HOH comps, Matt did NOT really win them, they were given to him!

    • GP

      This reasoning shows how little Brendon understands about playing this game. You keep the weak ones and get rid of the strong ones you idiot!

    • j

      Makes no sense- the lowest competitor in the house is Kathy – a house fly works harder. So Brendan must just be justifying his choices but not with real logic.

  • wakeforce

    Brendon is one of those guys who mistakingly believes Big Brother is a game you can win honorably. He is also one of those sad men who can be played like a fiddle by playing on his emotions.

    • TNT

      Honorable is a virtue and will be a bigger payoff than BB can offer him and that alone is admirable!

      • jayemeff


      • davey

        I suppose you mean “honor” is a virtue…

      • teresa

        Then why bother going on the show?? Who cares about honor? Do you play with “honor” when you play chess, or checkers, or Monopoly? BB is a GAME; I’m sick of people who get on these game shows and try to play with “honor and dignity”. Who cares?! It’s a game show AND a TV show. It’s supposed to be entertaining for the audience while the contestants play to win. Not sitting around flying under the radar.

      • j

        then he should forget reality shows and go help the poor in some poor country. He just wants the coin like the rest of them.

    • SLB

      Except Brendon has definitely not played this game honorably. He’s backstabbed and lied as much as anyone else in this game.

    • lori

      He really is a delusional idiot. On Survivor he’d be out within 2 weeks.

  • Ken

    Sad to see Rachel (drama) go. She brought a lot to the house and big brother is about confrontation and fights – not whining, crying, and bitching (aka ragan)!

  • WDC

    im still focused on enzo’s eating sounds. snap, snap, snap. i tried to eat like him and i almost choked to death. plus his character is weak and outdated. not to mention his animatronic walk. ok im done. love matt, lane, and brit.

  • Rhona

    Go Brendan!!!

    • TNT


  • Anonymus

    I can’t stand Brendon. He’s such a douche.

    • nrXic

      I honestly feel sorry for whoever is engaged to Britney. I pray to God that if she does get married, that she doesn’t have children.

      • Sara


      • TNT

        See you next tuesday=Brit

      • TNT

        Or should I say C U Next Tuesday!

      • Tajah

        Settle down, TNT

      • TNT

        You must be Brit’s boytoy..

      • caryn

        can’t stand her!!! and will she stop biting at her nails and rubbing her face??? she drives me crazy.

      • teresa

        How does a TV game show equate to having children? That’s dumb statement.

      • CraigJ

        Britney is hilarious and hella hot. Not always an easy combo to find. I feel sorry for her fiance only cuz I think marriage is unnecessary and outdated idea, but she could be a good girlfriend.

    • TNT

      And Enzo is the douche of al douche’s…yo meow, meow

      • Janet

        You got that right. Meow, meow my A**!!

      • caryn

        enzo has slowly become one of my favorite players. he’s a good guy, entertaining and treats people decently while still playing the game.

  • susan

    Team Brendon!

  • Megan

    I liked Brendens nominations a lot. Lane is getting annoying. He was so quiet in the beginning and then all a sudden he turns into Britney when he enters the DR!

    • TNT

      He works on the rigs and this job prepares you “HOW TO LIE” quickly to cover your ass in emergency scenarios..Poodle Doop

    • TNT

      Are Brit and Lane old best buddies?

      • darclyte

        They’re aren’t any secret lifelong friends. Annie made that up about the HGs because the fish in the fish tank are “lifelong friends.” Ragan just kept the lie going, but added to it.

      • CraigJ

        @Darclyte you are so right about the fish don’t know why more people haven’t picked up on that.

  • TNT

    Hey Rach! You are probably not the first person that would be my friend but I sure do admire you!! You are awesome!! I can only hope that BB puts you back in the game! Tequila stomps that fake ass Brit and rocks over that uppity so called Sheriff that should be bounced for lack of effort! Some of us old “ladies” love your spunk and never say die attitude….and beat that punk ass “Brigade”!! Pura Vida should be your nickname and by the way convince them to air the previous episodes to us Canadians…bastards….

    • CraigJ

      Or start a Canadian version of Big Brother if you don’t have one already.

  • David

    I liked Lane’s comment when he found he might be up on the block when he said I wanna go to the nearest bar find the hottest chick and fight her boyfriend! lol

    • TNT

      Good Old Boy Attitude…

    • lori

      That’s what rednecks do on Friday nights.

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