This week's cover: Harry Potter secrets! Why are Rupert Grint and Emma Watson sopping wet?

EW-Harry-Potter-1116.jpgThe first of the final two Harry Potter movies — Deathly Hallows — Part 1 — is scheduled to be released on November 19, but the stars finished shooting both films earlier this summer. Daniel Radcliffe, 21,  Emma Watson, 20, and Rupert Grint, 21, have been playing Harry, Hermione, and Ron for more than decade, literally for half of their lives. When EW sat down with each of them last year at Leavesden Studios outside London as they entered the final stretch of filming, it was clear that they each were struggling with mixed emotions: happy that they had made the journey and ambitious to make these final films they best they could be, but eager, also, to start the rest of their lives.

“I’m ready to kind of move on now, I think,” Grint said between takes. “This film is a great way to finish the whole era, and it’s going to be sad, because obviously all my friends are here, but 10 years is enough.” The three of them were shooting a scene in the Room of Requirement in which Harry, Ron, and Hermione are searching for a horcrux — in this case, the tiara-like Ravenclaw diadem. Watson and Grint were both sopping wet. (In the film, Ron and Hermione have recently destroyed another horcrux in water and were pursued by a Voldemort-shaped tsunami.) Grint and Watson were kept soaked by crew members, who sprayed the pair down every few minutes. It was not making Watson happy. “It’s been this way for weeks,” she said, shivering next to a space heater. “I hate to sound whiny, but it’s horrible. It’s miserable being wet all the time.” She shrugged and added flatly: “But, you know, I was told it will look very dramatic when you see the films, so it will be worth it.”

Radcliffe, meanwhile, seemed to be in a tug-of-war with himself about finishing his run as Harry Potter. “This film has been hard to make, and I’ve had some of the most trying moments, both physically and mentally, than ever before,” he said. “I wasn’t entirely thrilled with my performance in Half-Blood [Prince] — I found it quite same-y, and didn’t think there was enough variation in it — so I’ve worked hard to make sure that if the seventh film comes out and I’m still unhappy with it, I’ll know it won’t be from lack of trying.”

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  • CindyC

    Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!

    • Jeff

      I watched Half Blood Prince last night and thought it was great. The whole trio of lead actors are charming. Daniel Radcliffe was funny, I thought. I only thought his lack of tears at the end were “same-y.” I’m excited about the 7th and 8th films.

      • Jeremy

        The problem with Half Blood Prince was it left a lot of stuff out. There were some scenes that weren’t even in the book.

      • BFD

        That has been something that ALL the films have had to contend with. There are many things that readers of the books think are crucial for the understanding that there just isn’t enough time for in a 2.5 hr film.

      • knm

        It isn’t that there wasn’t enough time to fit it ALL in…there were parts that were NOT in the book…at ALL, but in the film.

      • MB

        The best scene in the movie—where Slughorn talks about his fish, a magical gift from Lily—was not in the book.

      • rob

        Actually MB – that scene was in the book.

      • stella

        @Rob – it was not. Trust me, I’ve read the book about eighty times.

    • Long Balls

      Hopefully we’ll get some Hermione nips with all that cold water!

      • slitherin

        That’s absolutely sick!
        I will be watchin for those myself.

      • my2cents

        you are disgusting! grow up!!!!

      • GrandePeludaBolas

        She’s 20! It ain’t that disgusting…..mmmmm 20!

      • Chris

        How are a young ladys breasts disgusting? and yes….I hope there’s some nippage

      • Liv

        Lol, you dirty B! ;)

      • Liz Lemon

        Gross!! Lmao!
        Oh I’m excited!! It sounds like they’ve filmed the part when Hermione and Ron destroy the Hufflepuff goblet!!! I can’t wait to see it!!!
        Poor Emma and Rupert! I would hate to be sprayed down all the time too, especially since a large part of this movie was filmed in the winter.
        That explains why they all kept catching colds. :p

      • rupert

        hopefully we’ll get some minge with those nips.

      • Lulzzy

        Hehee xD B prevails!!

      • potterfan

        +1 she has an amazing figure & is extremely hot. Rest assured if she’s nipping out, all the fat stay at home moms will be upset!!

    • Liz Lemon

      YEEEEESH!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get this issue!!!!!! The cover looks AWESOME!!!!! DANRAD IS SO SEXY!! :D

      • Gadasher

        Amazing how you love checking her out. I think someone has a crush wouldn’t you say

      • Liz Lemon

        Was that meant for me? I’m confused.

    • Liz Lemon

      I just read in this issue where the SPLIT occurs!!!!!!!!!!!!! It happens…..***SPOILER ALERT*** right when Voldemort gets the Elder wand!! I’m SO excited!! That’s where I was initially hoping they would split it!! :D

      • Kristen

        You and your comments are ridiculously annoying.

      • Pocket


  • CH

    I wasn’t entirely thrilled with HBP as a movie, so I hope this one steps up its game. Looking forward to this week’s issue!

    • AC

      Agreed! Thought it was one of the worst Potter films made!

      • Jason

        I thought it was brilliant.

      • Chase


      • Brian

        HP6 was a brilliant movie. HP4 is the stinker.

      • Katie

        Disagree. Chamber of Secrets is still my least favorite Potter film.

      • liss

        For the most part I like HBP. I just HATE the Christmast scene, I do not understand why they included that but couldn’t include more Pensieve memories.

      • Tammy

        I thought HBP was great! As were all of the ones previous to that. They can only put so much in the movie.

      • Woot

        HBP was a good movie, just not entirely faithful to the book. THAT was annoying.

      • anonymous

        I think it’s definitely one of the worst. Then again, I liked HP4 and 5 the best of the movies, so I may just have a non-mainstream opinion.

      • relfering

        i agree..Harry would never have just stood there and watched Dumbledoor be killed. He was paralized in the book and should have been in the movie as well.

      • Nikki

        I’d say #4 was the worst, followed by #6. My favorites are #3 followed by the 1st. They left out too much in 4 & 6 and added stuff they shouldn’t have!

      • hnksmom

        If you have read the books, it is hard to really say which movie was the best or worst. they all have left important things out of all of them. The house elves Doby and Kreacher plan important rolls in the Deathly Hollows. Hope they did not leave them out this time.

      • rupert

        i thought that HBP was brilliantly brilliant. the brilliance of this movie is brilliantly too brilliant for some. i dare you to dispute its brilliantness.

      • MB

        I agree relfering.

    • Heather P

      I loved HBP. It almost made up for Order of the Phoenix.

      • Lizzy

        I thought HBP was totally awesome!

      • Lily

        Agree Heather. Thought HBP was fabulous and Daniel’s performance was great! He’s his own worst critic, clearly. That scene where he was feeding Dumbledore the poisoned potent makes me cry every time. So good. I can’t wait for Deathly Hallows 1 & 2. And it WILL be crushingly sad. I’ve loved every single HP film & book.

      • Lee

        Are you kidding!? Order of the Phoenix was great!

      • Liv

        Me too :)

      • Liz Lemon

        I loved OOTP too. I love ALL the HP movies. They’re all absolutely fantastic. Especially when you watch them now. It’s amazing how good some of the special effects still look in the first two films.

      • MB

        I thought Order of the Phoenix was the best Potter movie.

    • Blah

      HBP was awful. I didn’t think the film could be worse than the book, but it managed!

      • v

        the cinematography was fantastic, though.

      • Niki

        You didn’t like the book… I loved it. Of course I love all of the books, but HBP was the only book I laughed out loud and cried over.

      • jj

        HBP was a great book! The movie, however, left way too much out.

      • MT

        I think the reason that most people hated HBP was because, the HBP book was the most movie unfriendly book of the series (I loved the book though….my favourit after DH). It’s more of a bridge between OoTP and DH and acts as filler. I think they did a decent job considering those circumstances.

      • anonymous

        How is the book bad? I thought it managed to keep the lightness of the first few books while maintaining the serious tone the series required at that point. I hated the character death because I thought it was too obvious a choice – and then telegraphed a mile away – but I shrugged my shoulders and rolled with it.

      • Liz Lemon

        You didn’t like the book either?!?! I’m so confused right now. The book and film are both amazing.
        I really don’t understand some people.

      • bb

        all the movies were brilliant,some better than others,all of them left out stuff from the books, but they were all great especially my favourite the 1st movie, the begining of it all, & the wizarding world of harrp potter in orlando rocks its fantastic!!!!

      • AT

        The scene where Dumbledore died was done terribly. Potter was paralyzed in the book so he wouldn’t try to help him. Plus, they left out the whole battle scene in the hallways, while not told in great detail in the book; they definitely a missed an opportunity for some action in an otherwise dull movie.

    • dipshat

      FALL MOVIE PREVIEW! (my favoirtie issue of the year!)

    • Dee

      I agree 100%. I really hope David Yates doesn’t mess up these last 2 movies like he did HP6. STICK TO THE BOOK!

      • tm

        Agreed! HBP was a brilliant book and the movie cut out major scenes about Voldemort’s past – the best parts of the book! Then they added unecessary scenes that took away from what should have been brought to the screen.

  • welshgirl

    One of the best things about this whole franchise is watching these three grow up and become better actors. As kids, you can get away with a so-so performance in a big budget film, but I’m so happy to see, especially Radcliffe just get better and better and better. And I thought his performance in Half Blood Prince was great, especially the scenes with Slughorn. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

    • Michael

      Agreed! His performance in Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince were excellent! Those two are the only HP films I’ve seen over and over again; they’re just so much better than the first four, in my opinion. Can’t WAIT for Deathly Hallows pt. 1 and 2!!!

    • Niki

      I agree completely. I’m also a little sad though, I feel as though I’ve watched them grow up. Watching the Sorcerer’s Stone and seeing them when they were all so young… and now their all grown. And now we have to say goodbye as they move on… it’s a little sad I think.

    • Jenny

      I agree. I thought HBP was bloody well brilliant and wicked funny. I love the part with Slughorn, after he drank the luck elixir and how his mood and total attitude changed. Loved it! It was so refreshing to see him change like that. That and the scene where he is trying to get Ron to explain why he is so moony eyed after he ate the chocolates. Was pretty funny.

    • Liz Lemon

      Completely agree. They’ve all grown into extraordinary actors. I’ve always thought they were amazing even in movie 1, but as their characters have matured and their roles have demanded a lot more from them…these three and all the other supporting actors (Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis, Evanna Lynch, etc) have only continued to improve. They’ve all grown into such extraordinary young actors. I really can’t wait to see what they do in DH. I get as excited to see their performances as I do to see the movie itself.

  • LoveVioletFlame

    Echoing Cindy: Thank you! So looking forward to seeing Deathly Hallows!

  • LOL

    the fall movie issue cover should be so much better than this!

  • Michelle

    DH is going to be EPIC. Thank you!

    • Akane

      I completely agree, cant wait to see. The cover is good, it looks like Harry is thinking what the next move should be, or looking to see if noone is about to attack him.

  • Nik

    This movie needs to come out NOW!

  • Chloe

    Wow!!!This is great! I can’t wait!!!

  • tipsy

    Love HP but cover pic is awful. Why does Harry look like he`s talking into a walkie-talkie?

    • Hold On

      LOL. It’s like Maxwell Smart’s “shoe phone.” It’s a wand-cell. Arthur Weasley has been experimenting with mixing Muggle technology and magic again.

    • lawly

      Lol, he looks like a wizard pedophile.

  • EF

    The fall movie issue will tide me over until the fall tv issue comes out.

  • Jacquelyn

    AHHHHH Thank you!!! This is the cover that I have been waiting for! Harry Potter time again!

  • Marianne

    Definitely will be picking up this issue :)

  • Gazza

    Awesome – but I would appreciate a spoiler warning (especially for the tsunami)

    • Liz

      Hmm i don’t remember a tsunami in the book. Must of missed that.

      • Stef

        yeah me neither…? but oh well still sounds great!

        i think i’m going to read the books over again in preparation for DH…i’m so excited!!! :)

      • Hold On

        Don’t you remember, Liz? The tsunami was in the book right after Snape didn’t get furiously angry at the end of HBP. ;-) Poor Dan is right — HBP was ruined, but it wasn’t his fault. It was writers or directors or whomever it was that decided to totally change the ending from how it went in the book.

      • c-squared

        **SPOILER ALERT**
        I’m thinking this happens when Ron and Hermoine go into the Chamber of Secrets to destroy one of the Horcruxes with the Basilisk’s teeth. If I remember correctly from the 2nd movie there was some water down there since it was part of the girls bathroom.

      • laylagalise

        Yeah, they’ve divided the film in two, did they really need to change any of the plot details? I was really looking forward to this being the book the movies got completely right.

      • RP

        Which is what makes it a legitimate spoiler: it’s info not even the book fans would have about what’s going to happen in the movie. I personally like hearing about changes like this before I see it so I have time to get over any irritation before hand.

        However, if c-squared is right then this won’t be a change that majorly screws up the continuity.

      • Nikki

        Actually, they were being chased by FIRE In the book, NOT water!!!

      • Liz Lemon

        They definitely added that scene. The part when Hermione and Ron destroy the Goblet in the book takes place off-screen. They must’ve filmed it though. I’m excited. I’ve always wondered what happened down there with those two. I think that’s where the kiss scene will happen too. :D

      • Joni

        Might be replacing Fiend Fire. Water is easier to film than fire.

        When Hermione destroys Hufflepuffs cup it’s with a Basalik fang.

  • Lynithia

    Well, it appears the 7th & 8th movies are Again going to away from the original book! Crap! I’m really fed up with screenwriters taking a wonderful piece of literature & turning into a piece of film crap! Leave it alone! And as far as Ms Emma being uncomfortable, grow up & deal with it! Dan, you greatly over estimated your role in the 6th movie! You weren’t just disappointing, you were terrible! Granted you didn’t have ANYTHING to work from becUse the script was so bad. Rupert, at least gave the audience a performance. Emma still after 10 years can’t act her way out of a paper bag if she tried! Good thing she’s going on to university maybe she will grow up and learn something!

    • Sarah

      Troll alert!

      • Nikki


    • EJ

      So when you address comments to actors themselves on these boards, how often do you check back to see if they’ve replied? I mean, let’s face it, it’s pretty unlikely you’ve got anything else to do today…

      • mike

        Well put.

      • dizzy


    • Yanis

      Well… I don’t agree with you.I rather watch some of them suck at acting,and know they aren’t gonna be spoiled brats like american teen stars, who end up in jail…Maybe if you watch other films with the HP stars in them will change your opinion about them…

      Ballet Shoes, Driving Lessons, My boy Jack, December Boys, are all good films with Emma, Rupertand Daniel in them…watch them and I hope it changes your opinion of them as actors.

      • Stacy

        Awesome Yanis, you rock! I have all their other movies on DVD. There wonderful actors and people. No spoiled brats here. It’s to bad the US doesn’t have a good behavior clause in their contracts for young movie actors. If they do, maybe they should bring in the enforcers.

    • @Lynithia

      You’re the one who is complaining. All Emma did was say how uncomfortable it was to be wet, but she then added that it was worth it for the sake of the film. God forbid someone makes a little comment on how uncomfortable it is to be wet. But unlike her, you’re ranting. So, you should “grow up & deal with it!”

    • Mal

      Completely agree. Well put.

    • Liz Lemon

      Wow. Nothing you said made any sense. Congratulations.

  • rebecca

    BOO!!! Harry Potter needs to stop being on all these covers!!!! I love the fall movie preview issues, but when you put a dumb movie on the cover it makes me not enjoy the issue as much!!!

    • Ian

      Yeah, why would they dare put the fall season’s biggest money maker on the cover of the fall preview issue? Derrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Realistic

      You are so s……misinformed. Harry Potter rarely gets attention from EW and this is the only cover (kind of boring, but what matters is the content) that is going to get.

    • Ceballos

      While I definitely disagree with your premise that the “Harry Potter” movies are “dumb”, I DO think that this would’ve been a good chance to feature another movie on the cover, since there will be an inevitable “Harry Potter” cover and story in November when it comes out.

      (Then again, if they’d gone with another movie, the HP fanatics would’ve cried foul…there’s no way to win.)

      • Dave

        I understand the complaint, but Deathly Hallows is one of the most anticipated movies of the entire year, all around the world. And besides that, the Harry Potter movies are actually good movies that are worthy of attention. It would be kind of odd for the fall movie preview to feature something else on the cover.

    • Kelsey Hayes

      Uh, when was the last time HP had a cover to itself? I think it was last summer (a full year ago) right when HBP came out. Compare that with the, what, six or seven covers Twilight got in a year’s time, and I don’t get the complaints. Heck, they even give Lost and Glee more cover time. I don’t know what your problem is.
      And yeah, they’re going to give it its own cover in November (same way New Moon got both the fall preview cover and its own release cover), but you know what? It’s the finale to the biggest film franchise in the world. Maybe it deserves a couple more covers, yeah?

      • dizzy

        You’re right. That’s the last time I remember HP being on the cover. The time before I think was that fall preview cover of 2008, when we got no Half-Blood Prince that November. I love that HP is on the cover since it’s the biggest movie coming out this fall (and we’re eagerly anticipating it). There really should be no complaining since, like you said, Twilight was the one that got all those covers.

      • Liz Lemon

        There was a cover with Dan and Ralph…it was a Heroes vs. Villains issue. But it was still last year and of course, the one with the trio. I was actually looking for Harry Potter EW covers and I found it quite surprising how few of them there were. This series has been going on for 10 years and I think the series had a total of about 15 covers.

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