Former 'Rachel Zoe Project' star Taylor Jacobson speaks: 'It was a whole s-- talking campaign'

Taylor-JacobsonImage Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/BravoOn Wednesday morning, I recapped the season three premiere of Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project and decried how the producers of the show — and Rachel Zoe and hubby Rodger — had treated former star/styling associate/Head of Product Development Taylor Jacobson. (The subtitle of my post was “R.I.P. to the defense-less Taylor Jacobson.”) It seemed so unfair. Honestly, it’s mind-blowing that a television show can get away with so dragging someone’s name through the mud — making veiled references to her possibly stealing money and clothes from the company — without giving her a chance for rebuttal. Well, a few hours after my post went up, I got a call from Taylor’s people, who wanted to put her in touch to chat about her reaction to the first episode. And, as anyone familiar with Taylor knows, she didn’t hold back! She talked about how the situation is “way too high school,” how she thinks Rachel and Co., did denounced her just for a ratings boost, and that — no, no — this whole controversy isn’t just a bait-and-switch for her eventual return to the show (as much as we might like it to be!). Read on for everything the always-delightful — and rather mouthy — Taylor had to say about The Rachel Zoe Project and the scandal brewing around her.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you see the first episode on Tuesday night, and if you did, what was your reaction to how they handled everything?
TAYLOR JACOBSON: I did not see the first episode, but I did hear all about it, from multiple people. Honestly, wow. High school, way too high school.

It seemed unfair and rather one-sided. How’d you feel about it?
I just think it is unnecessary. It just was stupid. There was no reason for that. It just seemed very bizarre to me. I, personally, would be more interested in seeing the Harper’s Bazaar shoot — that was fashion and a great spread with Demi, that is a lot more interesting. From what I understand, it was a whole s— talking campaign. There are always two sides to a story. Whatever happened happened between closed doors and definitely not that way, definitely not the way that it was portrayed.

Can you figure out why they would want to drag you through the mud like this?
Ummm, ratings!

In the first episode, they make it seem like you stole money or stole clothes from the company. Is that true?
I am friends with PR people. Why would I steal samples? And I am a 34-D! Does no one look at what is on the runway? I straight up am a 34-D! I have huge boobs and a huge rib cage. I just don’t understand. I’m not a sample size at all. Am I really going to take these samples so I can get them for me to wear? It is just so bizarre.

You actually don’t seem too upset by the whole situation, even though Rachel is making you look bad.
I am not into this drama. I dealt four years of drama. I am very happy with where I am. I have some great opportunities, I have been working consistently, I am building my clientele roster, I am doing it for myself and I am happy. I am not in a toxic environment. It’s just like, Jesus Christ, ratings? Really?!?

There are no grand plans for Taylor to come back into season 3?
No, I am confirming no.

Is there anything you can say as your side of the story, anything you can shed light on?
At this point, to me, it doesn’t make a difference because I can’t get into a back-and-forth fight. You know what, go around and say whatever you want. In the end, the truth comes out, and slow and steady wins the race.

Are you worried that Rachel is going to try to blacklist you in the fashion industry?
She has been doing that since day 1.

So you’ve already been feeling that backlash?
Yes, she has tried to blacklist me from countless places. Only one company won’t work with me.

As far as your current clients, have any of them left you?
I haven’t felt anything yet, but TV is a strong platform, so we will see. I am just keeping positive throughout all of this. I can’t get caught up in this bulls—. I went to high school once, had an amazing time, and don’t want to go back.

What are you working on now? What kind of clients do you have?
I am co-designing on a denim company. The jeans are actually in the stores now. We did a twill pant, which they are doing really well. I was very surprised. For spring, we are introducing non-denim stuff, different types of pants and blazers, so I am really excited about that.

Do you think you are going to go more designing than styling?
I kind of just want to do everything. This was a great opportunity. This has been going well, the feedback has been great. It’s kind of exciting to see my stuff in stores, seeing Kasil+Taylor Jacobson jeans online and in stores. It is fun to design clothes that I am actually going to wear and not steal. I’m not going to steal my own sample.

Are you entertaining ideas of doing your own reality show? I know there’s been buzz about that.
Not really, I have been approached. I am very private, I am just about the job, concentrating on working. I don’t like the drama. I am not like that. I don’t want to perform and I feel like a lot of reality TV is about performing.

Everything we saw on The Rachel Zoe Project, though, was about Taylor being Taylor, right?
That was me. I was not happy. All I cared about was working, I just wanted to get the job done. You never know what is going to come up, you really don’t know.

Anything you want to add?
I’m not an interesting person. I go to bed at nine and watch Gossip Girl! I pulled 150 looks yesterday all in one day. I’m tired.

What was it for? A catalogue?
A catalogue.

Well, I don’t believe you’re boring.
No, really. Sometimes, I’ll get drunk by myself. I’ll put on hot pink lipstick and my boyfriend will be like, “Why do you have full on makeup on? And why are you walking around in the middle of the night? What are you doing??” [Laughs]

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  • ES

    i’m glad we got to hear her side of the story.good job EW! although i wish she would have defended herself more. but i guess she feels she doesnt/shouldnt have to.i understand. theres always 3 sides to a story anyways: both parties’ sides and what actually happened. so we’ll probably never know the whole truth.oh well.

    • fashion rules

      I noticed when asked did she steal money and/or clothing she didn’t really deny it. A simple “No, I did not” would have sufficed.

      • Lily

        Taylor was always angry, impatient, nasty and horrible. I’m so glad she’s gone from the show and Rachel’s business. I never understood why Taylor kept her job with her arrogance, short temper and ‘Poor me I’m so put upon’ attitude.

      • blanche

        Lily, she kept her job because she was good. Intensely creative people often come with attitudes that the mainstream considers to be “bad”. It’s difficult to be the foundation that grounds a business together, especially when Brad and Rachel are so scattered and flighty. She WAS put upon.

      • Nancy

        Well we know that she wasn’t buying combs or brushes !!!!!!lol

      • starrzy

        That’s because she did it.

    • Tony B

      34D? Let’s see those babies!

      • Andrea

        Taylor was negative ALL the time! So what if she is creative. No one wants negative ugly people around them with short snippity tempers. I am a business owner and I know what Rachel goes through. She has to juggle so much and relies on her staff to be in her corner (own a company one day and you will see). Taylor talked about Rachel like a dog and she needed to be kicked through the curb…not to the curb…see ya! And don’t come back!

    • marco jacobsin

      Terrible interview. Why not get to the bottom of her erratic mood swings. Ask about drug use. And just cuz the clothes don’t fit doesn’t mean you wouldnnt steal them. Maybe she resells them. Why not follow up and ask that. Or get some actual dirt on Zoe? Terrible job.

      • KP

        You do realize this isn’t a gossip website… don’t you?

      • Ty

        About her attitude I think she answered that…She’s said she’s about work and she doesn’t and probably didn’t want to do reality tv. She probably only did the show because it became a job requirement. Besides if she was such a terror why did she hold that job down for so many years. I think it’s pretty obvious and I think I may have read this in another interview that legally she can’t say much of anything. She probably signed some kind of nondisclosure agreement. Anyway glad to see her being successful on her own. After watching that 1st episode I thought it was so ridiculous how they just kept railing against her but everything was non specific. It’s like say what really happened not “numbers weren’t adding up” If she stole your money then say she stole my money and I’m pressing charges. But based on the way they addressed it’s clear that it was all for the ratings.

      • starrzy

        Well said, Marco. A one sided, softball interview. Irony.

    • cam

      I am SO glad Taylor is gone!!! From the very first episode Taylor was on I couldn’t stand her and I couldn’t believe how rude and so disrespectful she was to EVERYONE even Rachel. I couldn’t understand why Rachel put up with her. Its so much more enjoyable not having to watch all of Taylor’s mean and angry behavior. I KNOW if I was innocent of steeling and was accused I wouldn’t be “like what ever its high school,” I would want to clear my name and reputation. I do NOT BELIEVE YOU TAYOR!! You wanted to leave along time ago and you were so unhappy, Rachel kissed your A** . There is no way she would just fire you and then lie about it!!! You’re a ungrateful mean girl!!!

      • Mk

        Totally agree with you. She was a snotty little brat who was so RUDE and CONDESCENDING to everyone she worked with. YOU’RE STYLING CLOTHES CHICK not curing cancer. Get some perspective and be grateful that you’re alive and breathing reality TV and stress or not!!

      • Branden

        I agree with these statements. Taylor had something to hide from the beginning. Mean and attitude is often caused by insecurity. When Rachel hired Brad, Taylor said over lunch- “its Brad or Me,” I don’t care how good you are at your job, one doesn’t get to say if you hire this person, i will quite. what was her fear of someone coming into the work space. I don’t trust her and still don’t. I would have to question the interviewer if he asked enough questions about the topics of her behavior, her morals, and ethics. Its obvious that Rachel was the talent not Taylor. So if its all about “work” for Taylor business ethics and morals should have been directly addressed. or we should have been told that legal reason certain topics could not be talk about. its just strange. and I think Rachel is correct to fire Taylor. and best thing is when a person fails, they are given the chance to learn. Crawl before you walk, and fall down often- you learn to walk.

  • ashley

    I’m glad she got her say, but am super happy she’s gone from the show. She always just had a horrible attitude and treated rachel- her BOSS- like crap. I hope she goes far, though. She seems like a cool cat and I’m sure she’ll be very successful. Good luck, Taylor!

    • Gabby

      I agree. I just watched a few episodes, but what shocked with what Rachel let her get away with in terms of attitude. If I acted that way with my boss, she would fire me in a heartbeat. That said, she wins some points back for handling her former employers basically trying to ruin her career by dragging her name through the mud rather well, and I wish her luck in the future. Though she had quite the ‘tude, she was always good at her job. :-)

    • jennrae

      She should’ve been fired for her grammar alone. She always used “I” when she should have said “me.” They showed her in the premiere saying, “It’s Brad or I. Brad or I, Brad or I?” It’s “me,” you imbecile! It’s just so obvious that she says “I” because she thinks that’s what smart people say, and she wants to be smart, as opposed to just having lazy grammar. She is actively choosing the wrong word and it is maddening!

      • Ma

        Actually grammatically speaking she was correct, its just that most people in the US would say me. The way she said it is more common in Britain and Europe.

      • Carmen C

        Uh, Jenrae, Ma is correct. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I teach English grammar. Taylor, although obnoxious, used the CORRECT pronoun.

      • a.e.

        For the sake of your students, go back to school. You do not say, “It’s either Brad or I” because you wouldn’t say “It is I” you would say, “it is me” because in this situation, “me” is the object of the sentence (the object of the verb ‘to be’ and not the subject, and the pronoun “it” is the subject. You, however, would say, “Brad and I went to the store” because you would say “I went to the store” because here ‘I’ is the subject of the sentence. So I am going to call BS on your claim of being a grammar teacher. That or you are the reason most kids in America only learn grammar by learning a foreign language. And even in Britain, the personal object is “me”. Just like “whom” is for objects and “who” is for subjects here and across the pond.

      • AJ

        Thank you, a.e. You saved me the trouble of having to give these posters grammar one on one. I am a teacher (high school Spanish) and I also taught English grammar for a year and half in Italy. It infuriates me how many English colleagues I have come across who clearly do not know how to use subject and object pronouns. I know a 10th grade English teacher who routinely says, “Her and I [insert verb].” Argh! Seriously! It’s “SHE and I [insert verb].” One would not say “HER went to the store.” I do what I can in Spanish class and you are so right, I teach more English grammar in that class than many of my English colleagues do. Sad, but true…

      • AJ

        Ha! Did I write one on on? I meant 101. Tired…

      • Amanda

        Actually, in the sentence “It is I”, I is the predicate or subject compliment not the object. So, when she says “It’s Brad or I” that is correct. The verb “to be” does not take an object, it is a linking verb.

      • Amanda

        I love this back and forth about grammar! I think, AJ, you should read a.e.’s post more closely since, while (s)he understands the difference between the subject and the object, there is an exception for intransitive or linking verbs. I do think that foreign languages teach us English grammar — I am a Latin teacher.

      • Melissa

        Quoting Grammar Girl:
        The traditional grammar rule states when a pronoun follows a linking verb, such as is, it should be in the subject case. That means it is correct to say, “It is I.”
        However, In her aptly titled book Woe Is I, Patricia O’Connor notes that almost everyone says, “It is me,” and that the “It is I” construction is almost extinct. Most other grammarians agree that unless you’re answering the phone for the English department at the University of Chicago or responding to a Supreme Court judge, it’s OK to use what sounds right and therefore, “That’s me” is an acceptable answer

      • AJ

        Amanda, you’re absolutely right about the linking verb thing. That completely slipped my mind, but I vaguely recall researching it years ago when I taught English (I was teaching in a small American English school in Italy). We actually decided to emphasize using “me” instead of “I” in those types of situations to keep it consistent with the rule when using action verbs and since it’s more common in daily American speech. I would never have remembered that had you not posted your comment. I think I’m getting old! I do love the grammar exchange- keeps my brain working! :) And hooray for foreign language teachers!!

      • snickerbarblitz

        you clearly have not watched every episode of “The Rachel Zoe Project” and are not familiar with that particular episode that shows Taylor saying “Brad or I ” in other words there are more details to that. So if you are gonna blog, come from a place of knowledge.

      • ike

        It depends on where you’re from. In England, you would usually say ‘I’- a lot from the East Coast/New England say it like that, too.

      • Sandra

        Just a note, “I” is correct grammar.

      • mary

        shes’s not British! so I guess, if your in America do it the American way. That brat had it so good, if she would have just shut her trap and bit the bullet like many of us do when we don’t like our jobs but kept on truckin’anyway she would have branched out into such a better place. Mind you Rachel is annoying, but tell me who’s boss isn’t annoying? BTW correct my grammar people I know I have improper grammar and run on sentences, but hey it’s the American way!
        annoying little wench!

      • Carolyn

        Finally some pointed out the poor grammar. It is the same on all of the reality shows.

      • Lsley

        I agree! Thank God someone is actually explaining a linking verb!!! I come from New England and I have said ‘It is I’ my whole life.I’ve been an American for 57 years. I find it strange for someone to suggest that I’m not an American. What upsets me is that on almost every reality show, the people say “It happened to him and I” – instead of the correct: “It happened to him and me”. They have no idea that “me” is the object of the preposition “to”. This mistake is far more common – and the one that I cannot abide!

      • Liv

        Clearly there is enough disagreement to show that there is probably not going to be one answer. Everyone is taught something different based on where they are from, their schooling (as we see two teachers bickering even), etc.

        Anyways, does it honestly REALLY matter if Tay said “I” or “me”? I mean, who really gives?

      • Just me

        She should’ve been fired for her grammar alone. She always used “I” when she should have said “me.” They showed her in the premiere saying, “It’s Brad or I. Brad or I, Brad or I?” It’s “me,” you imbecile! It’s just so obvious that she says “I” because she thinks that’s what smart people say, and she wants to be smart, as opposed to just having lazy grammar. She is actively choosing the wrong word and it is maddening!

        Your ignorant, and I just want to point out that you come across with a bad attitude as well.
        Rachel obviously needed Taylor and felt that Taylor fulfilled her job requirements or she would not of kept her working as long as she did. What I noticed is that Taylor had a great work ethic and seemed to bust her ass more than anyone else did.

    • kareon

      She treated her boss like crap? How about how her boss treated her. Rachael is a wishy washy boss to say the least. I could not imagine working for someone that can not make simple decisions with make a federal case out of it then passing it on to someone else to deal with. If your the boss act like it, otherwise how do you expect to get any respect from your employees. She dumped on Tay because Brad was more fun and for me the Paris trip would have been the last straw. That was dirty and mean of RZ. I find it funny that nothing seem to be amiss in the RZ camp for four years until hubby came on board then suddenly things dont add up? Why didnt the previous financial people catch something?

      • Lesley

        I also find it interesting that Brad rips Taylor apart on every show. Why is he so mean? Why do RZ and her husband allow his comments to air? They are just asking for a slander lawsuit from Taylor. Brad says that Taylor “made him look bad”… He’s doing an excellent job of making himself look bad every time he slanders Taylor.

  • Geni

    Taylor appeared to be a horrible employee, a nasty person, nobody’s friend. I don’t know why she left, but she should have been fired a long time ago. Now she’s just nasty. I don’t care for Rachel, either. What’s that fake accent? I almost needed subtitles to understand her.

  • Scobes

    I always thought she was awesome, unfortunate that she’s not on this season.

    • arieb

      I agree. So what her attitude was nasty, she produced. She was passionate about her work and was an achiever. She didn’t play up to the cameras and remained true to how she was.

  • Vicky

    How can she comment on a episode she heard about and didn’t see first hand? Watch it, then I’ll listen to you. Glad she’s gone!

  • Gretchen Weiners

    She didn’t answer the question as to whether or not she stole. She completely skirted it. If you were innocent of stealing then I don’t think it would be a problem to say, “no, I didn’t steal” instead of telling us why she doesn’t fit samples. And she is tiny… no way she has D cup boobs.

    • MLS

      I am sure it has to do with the confidentiality agreement she signed with Zoe. If she said that she would essentially be calling them lairs which I am sure would spur some lawsuit. It is kind of the same with Zoe and Bravo-they can’t say anything specific either due to Taylor possibly filing a lawsuit against them.

      • JD

        No. Confidentiality is one thing. To be accused of a crime is another. If they have publicly accused her of committing a crime, she certainly has a right to deny it. It has nothing to do with confidentiality. I doubt she would sign something that would allow them to publicly make criminal accusations about her, while forbidding her to respond.

      • gretchenfetchen

        I don’t think she will but I think she should consult with an attorney. Rachel is scared s#itless that she will lose clients to Taylor. Rachel has a history with firing assistants. Altho I believe that Taylors departure was a mutual thing and that she absolutelY DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING. It was time for her to go out on her own. Rachel’s storyline of starting a family – bwahaha. That anorexic/bulimic twit could not bring a baby into this world – she lives on Starbucks tea.

    • Marsea

      Agreed. She is flatter and smaller than I (correct grammar for those sticklers up there ^^) and I am a 34c or 32d. There is no way that tiny, flat girl is a 34d. I always got a weird vibe watching her anyway (drugs maybe? I dunno) and didn’t see her lasting another season, but i also agree that RZ is a wishy washy boss.

  • Eileen Donovan

    Given how nasty and bitter Taylor was, the charges made by her former employer aren’t that much of a stretch. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who was such a negative person.

    • MLS

      Stealing it breaking the law, having a negative attitude isn’t how can you compare the two? And really you should feel sorry for her cause she is stuck in that existance (if that is her existance, keep in mind reality tv is highly editted to make people look one dimensional so viewers don’t actually have to think much)

  • Laura

    This makes me hope even more there will not be a whole season of trash talking, the first episode was already way over kill.

    • chanelgirl

      Agreed! I watch for the fashion and for Brad cause he’s awesome. I don’t care about the drama, and I get sick of Rachel’s immature reactions.

  • carol

    It was all about Taylor. If you aren’t happy then get out. Rachel did alot for you.

  • Bridget

    I actually kind of agree with Taylor. Why would she randomly start stealing samples after 4 years? And after making tons of connections in the fashion world? I guess I have a hard time picturing it, simply because I agree that she wouldn’t need to steal. And the interesting thing is, Rachel Zoe doesn’t have the same clout she did back in ’05. She was booted from Halston, and while she still has celebrity clientele, she’s not as big a celebrity herself. The show needs drama – hasn’t anyone noticed how few of her clients will actually go on the show?

    • MindTraffic

      Bridget, the answer to your question is simple – to sell the samples for money. Just because she can’t wear them herself does not make them without market value.

      Taylor is a bitter and toxic misanthrope, with an unearned sense of entitlement. Rachel Zoe, her clients, and her audience are all better off without her.

      She should have been fired years ago.

      • Kathy

        ummm, if she didn’t steal anything then how come she brought samples and clothes back to the company? she’s a nasty child who complained at having to do the simplest task. remember when she had her PARENTS unload boxes? rachel always sang taylor’s praises — how has she been trying to blacklist taylor “since day one”. taylor is delusional and thinks way more of herself than anyone else does.

      • lynn

        You all are forgetting that this show is edited. Perhaps intialy Taylor sent the clothes back automatically. Then Roger and Rachel did their Bad Employer, Good Employer routine. How convenient that Roger says they need to make a list. This is suppose to be Reality. Then why wasn’t the cameras on when Taylor was getting fired. THAT’S DRAMA, BABY. Oh, wait we wouldn’t see Rachel and Hubie’s one-sided performance.

    • Laura

      I agree with you other than the fact that I didn’t know who Rachel Zoe was before this show, so I don’t see how she is less famous now, but maybe I was just out of the loop.

    • Tatiana

      It wasn’t just clothes that she took. She took shoes also. She doesn’t have to fit her boobs into those.

      • sad sad sad

        I cannot understnad how easily ppl beleive Taylor stealed samples just because Rachel’s husband suspected. I think the way Rachel handled it was way too childish, and I was simply disgusted by her continous Taylor bashing. So unfair

      • sandyra

        He said, she said, they said. I say, PROVE IT AND PROSECUTE or SHUT UP! It’s tacky to make assertions (on tv no less!) and not the let other person have the same face time to defend herself. If you are being filmed for a tv show then there is evidence showing the world what property is there. If it’s gone missing then where is it? Has it shown up somewhere else? PROVE there was theft and file charges or shut your mouth. To try to ruin someone’s reputation in such a dog-eat-dog industry says a lot about the accusers. They are low balling this woman. Way uncool!
        I don’t watch the show anymore because I dislike Zoe and her predilection for caring only about herself to the nth degree. While Taylor’s personality is abrasive you always knew where she was coming from and how she felt. I’ll take a ton of Taylors anyday over a couple of posers who make innuendoes and assertions that they can’t back up.
        Taylor’s not stupid. Stealing could (and would) ruin a reputation she has nurtured for a long time. Want to bet those missing items are stowed in the back of a closet or under a pile of crap in Zoe’s house? And if they are discovered do you really think they’ll admit to it? That I highly doubt.

      • teresa

        sandyra: I totally agree with you:) Everything you said is right on the mark. Taylor has wanted nothing more than to be a stylist and there’s no way she would put that in jeopardy.

      • Katie

        What? Taylor spefically said she did not want to be a stylist, that she was bored by it, and that she wanted to get into branding. That’s why she was complaining the entire second season!

  • Scott

    I kinda liked her on the show.She made it interesting at least. Sure she was a bitch..but, she has great hair …lol

    • TV_Pete

      My wife watches the show. I kinda poked my head out to see when Taylor was on. Brad seems nice, but Taylor showed the best fashion sense (for me).

      Taylor is also interesting (sometimes like train wreck) and certainly the cutest one on the show. I know. I’m superficial like that and Rachel is way to skiny for my preference. I’m not believing that Taylor is a D-cup (for all outfits, although maybe she found one where she is).

      • Colin

        I feel sorry for you and your wife. Thank you so much for weighing in with your non-watching “I kinda poked my head out to see when Taylor was on” comment. And thanks for weighing in on Taylor’s bra size as well. You are a lightweight in intellect and tact. Go play with you Monster trucks.

  • Lee

    Personally, I think this was a cooked up PR stunt to benefit both Zoe and Taylor. Why else would someone (Taylor) be so cool about what amounted to full blown slander in that episode if she wasn’t in on this thing?

    Who wouldn’t be knocking on the door of an attorney the second they saw that to sue the show and Zoe for slander if they didn’t have a hand in it. I sure wouldn’t sit quietly by while an ex-employer slandered me to the everyone in my profession.

    I call phooey on the whole nonsense.

    • MLS

      In Cali, when you are a ‘public figure’ it is nearly impossible to sue for slander because you have to prove that there was maliscious intent. It would be hard for Taylor to prove what their intent was plus it would cost a lot of money going up against Zoe Inc and Bravo. So I think she is doing the right thing by taking the high road. Too bad Rachel couldn’t do the same but I guess people like her will doing anything for ratings and greater fame.

    • Thom

      You know who would sit by and not call slander? Someone who is guilty! They showed the clothes and shoes that had been returned from Taylor. She is bound by confidentiality but I guarantee she was not in on this for publicity. The accusations that were made on the show were run past an attorney prior to being aired. These are pros’s, they cover their asses. Taylor has been warned to keep her mouth shut or be subject to a lawsuit and possible charges. Common, watch the show, you really think she’d just keep her mouth shut and take it?! When did she ever? No, she’s talked to a PR rep and by taking the high road she looks above it and saves her ass at the same time. It’s what any good PR person would advise and she’s no dumb cookie. It is my opinion she is guilty of many if not all of the accusations.

      • MS

        you obviously don’t know anything about California law and how it pertains to ‘public figures’. it is nearly impossible to win a slander lawsuit when you are deemed one.

      • Thom

        Actually MS I do have some knowledge of law as it pertains to Slander though not the subtleties of California law verbatim.. Your statement isn’t clear. Zoe is a public figure as is Taylor and even if slander is a civil problem by those standards there are ways around that wording if the act of wilful destruction of ones character and future income is found to be done in a criminal accusation as theft is a crime, not a civil matter. So if Slander as a wording is deemed out of bounds there are other ways of going about it in this case. It’s not simple mud slinging between two people one at least of which is under a confidentiality contract, this being stated by Taylor in a different interview. There are ways around this as well. She can’t sue for Slander due to 2 things. She can’t due to the fact there is no basis for it due to evidence I’m under the impression is there and two, there is no doubt in my mind in looking at her wording (Taylor’s)in multiple interviews that she can’t make inflammatory statements or refute directly the accusation made. There is no doubt in my mind Rachel had some compassion as to not wanting to make this a messy criminal case and lawyers in my opinion by perception made it clear to Taylor that this could be avoided, this to me seems obvious. You have to know Rachel has made absolutely sure to have not only followed every step of the law via her attorney(s) who seemingly would look at this under a microscope to make sure Zoe had a right to make the claims on air and have no problem of legal repercussion but the network would also be savvy enough to cover themselves concerning those statements and airing them. Taylor jumped down anyone’s throat that even in the slightest “threw her under the bus” consistently on the show and she’s handling this 180 deg from her seeming handling of past similar situations. Without charging Slander she could still defend herself publicly as she is a public figure and it wouldn’t and couldn’t by law breach a confidentiality clause if she were purely defending her character. Since you are claiming to know CA. Civil Law Maybe you could elaborate as you should Know this isn’t just about refuting a slanderous series of statements. There seems to be criminal accusations as well. Again. as a disclaimer, I am in no way doing anything but expressing my own personal opinions in these posts and in no way am implying known guilt or criminal activity except in what my perception is in reading public information which is entirely within my rights and have no association or interest with any of the discussed parties..

      • CG

        At last someone who has mentioned what I was going to mention. The episode where Rachel talks about the stuff that Taylor had to return. I don’t know about California law, I don’t live there. But one wonders about the statement made by Taylor herself, in this article…”It is fun to design clothes that I am actually going to wear and ‘not’ steal. I’m not going to steal my own sample.” Ok now is that an admission of guilt? Or is she suggesting that Rachel took her own clothes, and returned them herself? Hmmmm…

      • niamh

        Yes. Also the wrongful termination suit she would have obviously filed if she was innocent and had just been fired for stealing.
        People need to wise up. As if she wouldn’t have flat out denied if it wasn’t true.

  • Nia

    Taylor is ignorant and self righteous. She speaks of needing to get out of that toxic environment. SHE was the reason it was toxic!!!! She knew she wasn’t happy there even after they created a new position for her. So, I would bet she did some shady things before leaving.

    • Matt

      Actually Rachel also had a part in it because she couldn’t stand up to Taylor and reprimand her for her actions/attitude so don’t place all the blame on Taylor. They were all to blame in a way. I think when Rodger stepped in Taylor really wasn’t needed anymore to essantially be the boss for Rachel so they either let her go or she left on her own.

    • MarySueBob

      Sorry, but Rachel seems like one of the most toxic people on TV – and from her looks it appears she may be suffering from toxic shock syndrom. Good lord, eat something already.

      • Vegan

        I so agree!!!! It kinda funny to see the BIG name plays a victim over this, and calls a former employee names again and again on national TV…..

    • peggym

      It always seemed ike Taylor was the one sane person on the show and dealing with Rachel and Brad drove her over the edge. Brad got away with murder, and got ll te extras. Taylor kept eerything going, and got no credit.

  • Buffy Freak

    Why do I have a hard time believing that she didn’t watch the show?

    • monomatica

      Agreed. How can she not watch the show yet her “people” called to get a rebuttle out there? Sounds fishy to me, too.

  • DSW

    I watched the premiere ep and I felt that it was all Taylor really. If they wanted her gone, address that and move on. I heard more about Taylor during that ep than I did when she was on the freakin’ show.

    • Matt

      haha…no kidding! they should thank her for their higher ratings

    • jennrae

      It’s true, they kept beating a dead horse. I expected them to address her absence and then move on. No such luck, per the previews.

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