Julie Chen blogs 'Big Brother' week 5

Julie-ChenImage Credit: CBSWOW!  What a week!  Last Thursday, Andrew reveals Kristen and Hayden’s secret “showmance” to the house on his way out the door and leaves behind a hot mess.  Rachel and Kristen square off in this season’s most heated cat fight; Rachel places her rival “showmance” (Kristen and Hayden) on the block; Britney snags the POV, but to Hayden’s dismay, she decides not to use it; Hayden and Kristen check their emotions at the door and resort to saving themselves; and Kristen campaigns tirelessly, but ultimately is unable to garner enough support and becomes the fourth evicted Houseguest.  I think this could be a huge turning point for the season — 34 days into the game and the action continues to get more juicy by the moment.

I was disappointed when Kristen was evicted as I was eager to see what impact their relationship would have on the “Brigade” —  whether Hayden would have truly picked his “showmance” over his “bromance” or vice versa.  Kristen told me post eviction that she was unprepared for life inside the house.  As we witnessed on the show, she admitted she was very guarded and not one to easily make friends…two personality traits that typically lead to early evictions.

Despite Rachel and Brendon being in a “showmance,” their position inside the house continues to be stable.  However, that could all change pending the result of this week’s HOH.  You have to think that if any member of the “Brigade” captures HOH, they will put Rachel and Brendon on the block.  I’m sure the “Brigade” is eager to dismantle any and all “showmances.”

Luckily for the “Brigade” their strength lies in their numbers, because if they were forced to rely on any other element (physical prowess, strategic gameplay, etc.) they would have splintered several weeks ago.  Based on their poor showings in competitions, combined with Hayden’s flip-flopping throughout the house and Ragan’s growing suspicion of an all-male alliance, you can easily see them imploding at any moment.

Kudos to all the fans who voted for this season’s next (potential) Saboteur.  I think Ragan is a wise selection.  He’s an intelligent, passionate player who will take the role very seriously and work hard not to disappoint.  Plus, he stands to make an easy $20,000?  Maybe easy isn’t the right word, but I personally think it’s worth the risk.  Tune in on Sunday to see if Pandora’s Box will be opened and if Ragan will accept the job.  Tell me below…do you think this week’s HOH will risk opening Pandora’s box or play it safe?  If you were in the house, what would you do?  COMMENTS PLEASE!

(Personally, I would open it!)


— There were 9 obstacles in this week’s Luxury competition. The fastest time was 0:47 seconds and the slowest time was 2:18.

VETO COMPETITION (“Wizards of Pinball”)

– It would cost $1.75 to play all the pinball machines that were on display for 1 round and the giant pinball machine was 16 ft long by 20 ft wide.


– The diameter of the paint can in last night’s HOH competition was over 14 feet and the giant swinging paint brush was over 11 feet long.


– I’m so excited to have two of our favorite past Houseguests, Jeff and Jordan, making a surprise visit to the house this week.  As many of you probably know, Jeff is on his “Around the World for Free” tour and I’m hearing he may need a place to stay for the night. Tune in on Wednesday to see if Jeff has any “showmance” advice for “Brenchel.”

– The curse of the Big Brother costume is alive and well.  Two years of evicted Houseguests who wore the red unitard, followed by Casey’s unfortunate banana suit last season and Kristen’s swift departure last night courtesy of the hippie-tard.

– I felt like this week was a coming out party for Britney.  She demonstrated that she’s more of gamer than I may have originally thought.  She’s successfully working all sides of the house and not just standing by waiting to be evicted.

– I think you can make the argument that Lane is one of the most underachieving players in the game from a physical standpoint?  He’s a former collegiate athlete, but his performance in competitions as of late is on par with Kathy.

– Word of advice for all future contestants — if you’re on a reality show that films your every move 24/7, it’s probably not smart to become romantically involved with a fellow Houseguest after you told your boyfriend waiting at home that you want to remain faithful throughout your time on the show.  You never know where the love bug will strike inside the house.


Britney: “If I said an f-bomb on TV, my mom would cry and my dad would have to skip a Sunday at church.”

Hayden: “I think cougar hunting is dangerous…I like to hunt young cubs in their 20s.”

Kathy regarding Rachel: “We got the devil upstairs working in the devil’s den.”

That’s it for this week.  Tune in Sunday to see if Ragan will be unleashed into the house as the next Saboteur — and I hope this week lives up to the craziness we just witnessed.  Thanks everyone for all the support.

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  • LAJackie

    I have to say the Brigade is one of the lamest alliances ever – and yet they are all still there! What’s up with that?
    Julie – do the editors just keep using the same footage of Rachel talking about getting between her and her man on her goodbye speeches or is she just really that annoying?!

    • Anderson

      I was wondering the same thing LAJackie, if they use the same footage. I hope so because it’s just sad if she really does say “my man” everytime someone leaves. Even if it is a good drinking game.

    • angie

      I’ll answer for Julie! Rachael is really that annoying she may be a scientist, but she makes herself look stupid. If Rachael wins I don’t think I could ever watch BB again!

      • t.t

        after continuing to watch bb after bb9 and the sorry excuse for a final 2 i know i’ll always watch bb no matter how bad something is because if i didn’t stop after that horrible horrible ending to a bad season y would i stop after rachel winning which wouldn’t be BAD or good just meh since while she’s annoying at least shes good at the game and I can respect that
        although right now britney is the most deserving I am in awe of her gameplay

      • Anna

        Rachel may very well be brilliant on paper but she’s a total failure at sandbox. It’s the reason so few rocket scientists actually ever make it as far as the moon. They possess the knowledge to get them there but they’re just so insufferable they can’t find another living thing that would willingly be penned up in the rocket ship with them. Well, everyone except Brendon, poor, whipped chia pet that he is. In Rachel’s case, even all the lab rats ran screaming for the nearest available exit. Which goes a long way in explaining why a brilliant scientist is working as a cocktail waitress in Vegas.

      • who cares

        @tt – punctuation is your friend!

      • Mac

        She has a degree in chemistry from Western Carolina University, not very hard to do! They have never said she’s a scientist… at best, she is a lab tech, and I don’t think she is even a lab tech. I think she is just another stripper from Vegas (not even a showgirl). She is not a scientist.

    • middle brother

      The Brigade may have seemed lame at the outset, but the fact that they are intact & undetected at this point proves otherwise. They’ve been smart (surprise!) by staying quiet and not flaunting.

      • darclyte

        Agreed. Intact and undetected = power. At this point, the 4 of them could decide who wins the money. It takes 4 votes to win the game, and if all 4 are in the jury then they decide the winner. if 1 is in the final 2, and 3 are in the jury, then they only need 1 more vote. If 2 make the final 2, well, enough said.

    • Chenbot 6.9


      MeowMix, MensaMoron and the Mimbo Twins are almost too dull to be annoying … almost.

      Glad Ragan will finally have a personality, even if it is the one given to him by producers desperate to salvage a gimmick that crashed and burned in their faces.

      But there’s really no hope of saving this season at this point. The hamsters are either too worried about sucking face (Bren-chel), crying (Sheriff Lady) or being catty (Brattany) to get a clue and despite their efforts to make bad choice after bad choice, the WORST. ALLIANCE. EVER. appears to be coasting.

      Yawn. Maybe next year won’t suck as much.

  • Sheri

    If i was HOH, I would open pandora’s box for sure. I could not wonder what was in there if i did not open it.

    I hope Ragan accepts the sab role, I have my doubts but we will see.

    I am so THANKFUL that either Rach or Brendon will be evicted this week. The two of them together make me feel ill.

    I think Brendon has a game, and Rach is bringing him down.
    I did not have but a drop of respect for Rach before her goodbye message to Kristen. Now i have NON. The things she said to Kristen in that message were so full of hate,jealously,and just plain ole ugly. It was not nessacary. To me it shows Rach has not a drop of class or dignity.

    I feel badly for Brendon that he does not see Rach for what she is.

    I can not wait to see Jeff & Jorden. Thanks Julie for the great blog. I enjoy reading them weekly, and look forward to it.

    • angie

      You are so right! If she doesn’t go Brendon is gonna lose the game and for hanging around with a tramp like that, that is what he deserves! Even though, she cheated on her b/friend at home I still Kristen. I respected that they kept their showmance quiet. That is so much classier.

    • Pamela

      I think Brendon needs to rethink his “Love” for that red headed she devil!! I truly believe she will stab him in the back eventually just because she can!! EVICT HER PLEASE!! Go Brittany! She is the one I want to see win, she and Kathy!

    • Pete

      @Sheri STFU! you’re no better than she is. You’re sitting at your computer and talking smack about someone you have never even met! You don’t have any class or dignity either!! Get a clue, you moron!!

      • Victor

        @Pete You are one that needs to shut up, what sheri said was nothing compared to the crap that falls out of Rachel’s mouth every show…take a chill pill moron!!

      • who cares

        what are you doing, Pete?

      • Anna

        The entire purpose of these forums is to give the viewers an opportunity to express their opinions on what they see on the show. Compared to some other posters, Sheri is positively restrained in her assessment. What’s the real problem here Pete? Are you a blood relative to Rachel? Sheri was neither off the mark or out of line, Rachel’s goodbye messages have told the viewing public more about Rachel’s character than they’ll ever tell about the latest evictee. And Pete? They’re not good things.

      • dee

        ok Pete they are only allowing cameras watch every move they make so yea u kind of know something about the personality

      • Pete

        @Victor STFU! @Anna Seriously? Your comment was so weak. I can’t believe you tried to justify your behavior, as if it’s okay to attack Rachel on the internet for her actions, but Rachel has no class for attacking Kristen, in her good bye message. Sorry! You’re wrong! I’m not judging you, but it’s pathetic that I have to point out the obvious. STFU!

      • Victor

        @Pete Seriously, you are the biggest idiot posting on here, too bad you need someone to point that out to you because it is so obvious.

  • angie

    What is wrong with Brendon? Rachael is so fake, she makes me so mad. He follows her around like a sick puppy. She treats everyone like crap. I hope she is the next to go! She thinks everybody’s out to get her man. Nobody wants an idiot like that. He better marry her cause no woman in their right mind would want a man who would go with somebody like that. He told her he loves her! He doesn’t even know her. The only reason she dyes her hair red is to hide her horns. I like Britney, Kathy, and Lane. The others need to go! I can’t wait to see Jenn and Jeff, now that was a showmance! They had class.

    • Mac

      Brendan is a loser for getting with Rachel. The smart thing for the house to do is to evict the stronger of the two, which is Brendan. Rachel will be helpless without him.

  • Anderson

    Julie you looked great last night. Your makeup and dress were really pretty. I agree, I would open the box too. Can’t wait for Jeff and Jordan. Didn’t like her at first but now I’m rooting for Britney.

  • angie

    I meant to say Jordan not Jenn! lol

  • dublin04

    Who was in the showmance a few cycles ago-another blonde-Jessica? Did they stay together?

    • LAJackie

      Jessica and Eric! They were so cute :)

    • allie

      Jessica and Eric. They were together for about a year or so and eventually broke up. I believe they were still living in different states, so the LDR was just too much. Which is unfortunate because I really liked them :(

  • JU

    I actually LOVE Rachel. Shes fun, entertaining and she loves HER man !!
    Whats wrong with that ?
    Let her enjoy her summer!!

    • Anna

      You see fun and entertaining, I see paranoid and delusional with a side salad of vindictive. I will say this though, given that Rachel is all anyone’s talking about she’s production gold.

    • dee

      well I don’t like Rachel, but never thought she may need a man for the summer because she will probably have a long cold lonely winter LMAO

    • Barb

      I agree I like Racheal too. I think beening in that house and with different kinds of people can be very stressful. When she thought she had a friend it was not real.

  • Leslie

    Love Love Love Jeff and Jordan, they were so gross. I bet Rachel will tell Jordan “My Man is better than yours”. I have to agree, after Monet left Brittney’s play has gotten better. I hope Ragan gets to be the sab. No one will suspect him. And I want to know who are the secret friends in the house.
    I’m thinking either:
    Matt & Ragan
    Brittney & Kathy
    Brittney & Lane

    • CraigJ

      There are no secret friends in the house. The life long friends that were mentioned by the Saboteur are the fish in the fish tank. She said that to make people in the house paranoid. Lifelong friends=the Fish in the fish tank!

  • Jimbo

    dublin04…the showmance you are thinking of was Eric Stein and Jessica Hughbanks. From what I’ve read online, they are no longer together, although they did date for a while after the show.
    Eric and Jessica had the best showmance ever on Big Brother, but that’s just my opinion.

    • dublin04

      I agree, Jimbo! They were cute w/out being disgusting

  • Jack M

    Julie, you looked terrific last night! This is definitely one of the best season of BB yet. The Brigade is an alliance in name only. They haven’t really made any big moves so far, and yes they do stink at competition. I predict Brendan and Rachel will split up during the game and Brittany will make more power moves and may win the game. And yes, Lane “Lame” is the weakest player in the game – why was he cast?

  • PAT`

    yes I would hope they open it. excitement is great

  • Paul

    Just want to say that I love your blogs, Julie. I look forward to them every week.

  • WDC

    i pray matt doesn’t blow it again. i love seeing the power structure crumble in misery. it’s great tv.

  • Melissa

    Since I cheated and know who won HOH, I think Pandora’s Box will definitely be opened this week, which is good for us viewers.

  • JasonHomey

    I didn’t like Kristen or dislike Kristen, but I did find it ironic that she said she remained true to herself in the game. So does that mean being true to yourself is cheating on your boyfriend on national television? Rachel may be many things that she said and they are all probably all true, but Kristen went way below any of thoe things by cheating like she did. Stay classy Kristen.

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