'Potter': Exclusive photo of Emma Watson's new haircut! 'It was the most liberating thing,' she says.

emma-watsonImage Credit: Martin SchoellerShe’s not Hermione anymore. Emma Watson — the 20-year-old actress who has portrayed Harry Potter’s studious BFF, Hermione Granger, in six films over the past decade — has shorn off her character’s long tresses in favor of a short pixie haircut. “Oh my God, it was the most liberating thing!” she tells EW.com. “The stylist just grabbed the back of my hair and took a whole ponytail of hair out. It felt amazing. I love it.” The chic, gamine cut, created by New York stylist Rodney Cutler of Cutler Salon and seen in this exclusive Polaroid from EW’s upcoming Fall Movie Preview issue, might not seem like a huge deal to most 20-year-olds. But Watson has had to sport essentially the same hairstyle for ten years while she played Hermione. “I missed all that experimentation that most teenagers go through,” she says. “I’ve wanted to do this since I was about 16, so as soon as I had the chance I was like, ‘Right. This is it.'” Watson, who’s about to enter her sophomore year at Brown University, finished shooting the final two Potter movies this summer — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 will be released Nov. 19, 2010, and Part 2 next summer, on July 15.


Emma Watson on her new ‘do: “I knew everyone was going to have an opinion”

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  • Arabang


    • Tom

      Yes! What a cool look she now has.

      • LOL

        She’s always been on fire!

      • SteevoNYC

        “ACCIO STRAP-ON!”

      • Liz Lemon

        She’s always been fabulous in my opinion, but I LOVE this new look! She looks gorgeous! It really accentuates her gorgeous features and her AMAZING, big, brown eyes!!
        I was hoping she cut it for a movie role, but her reason makes complete sense. It has to be torturous not to be able to experiment with your own hair, especially when you’re a teenager. I can’t wait to see how she styles this look on the upcoming Deathly Hallows promotion tour!! :D

    • Cheri

      Agreed. She pulls it off well enough, but the longer hair looked much better. But let her have her fun and play around.

      • Leah

        I agree with this. She still looks pretty, but I think she looked far more gorgeous with the long hair – but let her have her fun. If it’s true she wasn’t allowed to change her hair while filming Potter (which surprises me, as many of the Twilight actors use wigs because they have different hairstyles to their characters), then she deserves to have some time to play around with her hair.

      • Tom

        Harry Potter is not Twilight
        much more authentic look

    • Jake


    • Denise

      I love it on her!!! It is refreshing to make a change! It will grow back! After all it is her hair. Let her explore stiles…I have had my own long & short and short is easier! No she doesn’t look like a boy! What a narrow minded thing to say! Very cute Emma!! Your are an adult where it the way you like!!!
      Denise~ Riverside CA. USA

      • Leah

        oh geez it’s not “narrow-minded”. You only say that because it’s the hip thing to say to insult people these days. It’s an opinion, if someone thinks it makes her look like a boy then that’s what they see and it’s not “narrow minded”, that’s just how subjective things work, different people have different reactions.

    • Kiana

      If I were Emma I would have done the same thing. I would want to try something new after years of the same thing. Her new cut looks awesome on her. It probably feels great to Emma to try something new. I love her haircut! I wonder if she donated her hair to locks of love?

  • jaq

    aw, she looks like she is 12.

    • shinobi

      …year old boy

      • Jason

        What guy would have that haircut. It only works for girls…

    • Jake

      12… * 2? (for those of you who don’t know math, that’s 24.)

      • Gary Rudolph

        OMG. she’s 24 now? Where is my Bengay ointment? It was last week when she was crying into that big “what’s-his-name’s” arms at the realization that she might not be a full-blood souceror. She has to be the most adorable (first) and now georgeous female on earth. I’m a fan forever!

  • LAJackie

    She looks so cute! Reminds me a little of Twiggy.

  • Lucy

    Oh my god, let’s not pretend that the pixie haircut wasn’t just following a trend in Hollywood instead of being fun and unique. Carey Mulligan, Mia Wasikowska, Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes. Bleh. Love me Watson but this manic pixie phase has to stop.

    • Katie

      Compared to the handful or so of actresses who have long hair? She looks cute, she’s young, and she has the face for the gamine cut. Good for her!

      • defense three sixty

        agreed with katie. emma looks gorgeous with the new hair. can you imagine having the same hairstyle for 10 years? boring! she looks incredible. props to emma!

      • brezel

        @defense: Yes i can imagine that. I actually got the same hairstyle for over 12 years now. An i don’t feel like changing it anytime in the future.

      • shanna

        @brezel: There’s a difference between wanting the same hairstyle and wanting something different and not being able to change. She wanted something different. And I think it’s gorgeous. When I graduated (from Brown!) I cut all my hair off and it was wonderful. For many women starting a new phase in life and getting a drastic change physically coincide.

      • Brezel

        Well maybe its hard to imagine that not everyone is boring.

    • anne

      I think there’s a cycle of really long hair followed by really short hair and that, at least the last time, it took forever for styles to get really long again. I think we’re going to go back to a period when clothes are less flowey–skinny, straight-legged jeans, shorter straighter skirts. I’m going to miss the the more bohemian look, but I think the pendulum’s swinging back, like it or not.

    • Stephanie

      If you have long thick hair and you dont want to deal with it and dont know what to do with it anymore I recommend…do the pixie or the bob, or even layered bob. At least for the summer! Its been so hot. Its trendy yeah but it helps to do something different. Who cares if everybody is doing it as well. Its up to you. Ever since I saw this I want to have my hair cut with layered and razored almost bob short but not pixie style. =)

  • Duncan Houst

    A sure sign that the end of “Potter” is upon us. Love the hairstyle!

  • Sarah


  • Katie

    Looks great on her. Very chic!

  • Ayn

    She has such a beautiful little face. I think the cut really suits her.

  • Michelle

    It’ll take some getting used to, but I like it. She’s pretty enough to pull it off.

  • Stuart

    She looks great!

  • ficfan

    Meh. She looks like a 12 year old boy now. And she was so pretty with the long hair.

    • mari

      But you have to understand she has had the same hairstyle since she was 11. She probably wasn’t allowed to have a different hairstyle due to contractual obligations. So, she is allowed this bit of “rebellion.” Besides, it still suits her since she has the face to pull it off.

      • Leah

        she really hasn’t had *exactly* the same style since she was 11. Similar yes but not “the same”. And I’m still surprised if she was contractually obliged to keep her hair that way. SHe might have wanted to for simplicity’s sake, but many of the actors’ hair got dyed (Tom Felton & the twins) and many of the actors in Twilight wore wigs (incl. Kirsten Stewart in Eclipse) so I’m not sure why Emma wouldn’t be able to do something similar.

    • anonymous

      Judging by your name, I’m sensing troll. Hoping, at least.

      • m

        this coming from someone named “anonymous”….

      • josef

        this coming from someone named “m”…

      • ficfan

        Really?? Disliking a hairstyle is now considered trolling? REALLY?

      • Lily

        LMAO @ anonymous and M :P

    • JoieD

      People who like women with plain, long hair probably don’t like them in makeup or short skirts, either. It’s long straight hair that makes a woman look like a little girl. This new cut is AWESOME — it’s got style!!!

      • Leah

        Your comment doesn’t make any sense. Since when does long hair automatically = plain? That’s just stupid. Emma’s previous hair styles wasn’t “plain” – she’s had waves and multi-coloured streaks, been blonde and brunette – and my husband loves my long hair but also loves it when I wear makeup. Sorry, but this comment just doesn’t contain any logic at all.

  • Briana

    Love it! She looks amazing!

  • Leo

    She looks like Ron.

    • Jason


    • Jake

      What are you smoking?

  • Realistic

    Even with short hair she still looks beautiful. I hate she is getting all this criticism for cutting her hair. This is so personal and intimate to Emma; she really wanted to do this but couldn’t do it all these years. It’s her hair and she can do whatever she wants with it.

    • Stef

      Amen to that. As long as she likes it, that’s all that should matter! Personally I think she looks just as good with short hair, but even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t criticize her for choosing to cut her own hair!

      • nat

        Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking, and I voiced it on her FB picture. You wouldn’t believe the mean things people are saying just because she cut her hair! I mean really, it’s her decision and, as fans and admirers, you’d think they’d love her just the same no matter what she looked like! She’s gorgeous either way, and everyone needs a change sometime! Hair grows back, so why not experiment? Especially if she looks that amazing! She’s finally being EMMA and not HERMIONE as everyone knows her as. I like it =)

  • Zoe

    Are you there, Hermione? It’s me, Felicity.

    • Lily


      • Zach Swan

        …and look what having a boy’s haircut did to Felicity – ten more episodes, a straight to DVD movie and we haven’t heard from her since.

      • Petenyc

        @Zach Swan So sad, that Felicity comparison was lame. Natalie Portman didn’t stop working after cutting her hair.

    • Olivia

      She will never be there again. The end of Harry Potter is now closer than we anticipated. :(

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