George W. Bush to sit down with Matt Lauer

george-w-bushImage Credit: Bill Pugliano/Getty ImagesMatt Lauer has landed the first one-on-one TV interview with George W. Bush since he left the Oval Office. The interview will air Nov. 8 in primetime as a special “Matt Lauer Reports,” NBC announced today. Bush will also join Lauer live on Today Nov. 10. The appearances are to promote his book Decision Points, which hits shelves Nov. 9. Before you suggest Today scored the “get” because Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush Hager is a contributing correspondent for the show, remember that Today has been the No. 1 morning news program for 763 consecutive weeks.

I can only imagine how happy the staffs of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are to hear this news… But how amazing would it be if Bush sat down with either Jon Stewart or “Stephen Colbert” when he’s in town? That’s how you get press for a book launch (if you don’t want to sit between Kathie Lee and Hoda, which I would also pay to see). What’s your dream TV appearance for Bush?

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  • HD


    • LOL

      Question 1: Are you satisfied that the GOP’s 8-year plan to destroy America is working so well?

      • Huh

        I believe the Democrats have had 2 years in charge. What exactly have they done besides expand the deficit?

      • LOL

        “Deficits don’t matter.” – Dick Cheney

      • Dicazi

        Bush turned Clinton’s surplus into a deficit by starting 2 wars without the means to pay for them (war bonds).

      • John

        Clinton’s deficit was created by a Republican Congress

      • Allen

        No I am not – nor am I satisfied with the acceleration of that plan under President Obama’s administration. It appears that incompetence crosses party lines except in the eyes of political partisans who only see what they want to see in order to satisfy their own narrow self-serving interest and views.

      • Allen

        President Clinton’s so call surpluses were a numbers game that are unfortunately played by both political parties. The reason that those relatively modest surpluses existed was because the social security surpluses for those years that went into the Treasury’s general fund were counted as tax receipts instead of kept separate as any other insurance program would require if the trustees of that fund were to avoid federal or state prisons. Nice try though for those that don’t know better.

  • Ross Bonaime

    My dream appearance for Bush would be as the new boss of Dunder-Mifflin once Steve Carell leaves the show. They are both awkward and usually mean right but screw things up in the end. C’mon Greg Daniels, make it happen!

    • Jake

      Actually, that would be pretty funny

      • Josh

        Game over – Ross wins. I don’t think anybody else is gonna top that. And they would’ve actually found a way to keep me watching The Office after this season…

  • Klint

    Wonder if he’ll divulge how he feels for leaving the country in such a woeful mess. Mind you, Obama has hardly made things much better so far.

    • Tom Brazelton

      Yeah, because it’s pretty easy to untangle 8 years of abysmal leadership in a year and a half.

      • xgirl

        and what better way to try to ‘untangle’ a mess than to make an even bigger mess?? our govenment has been out of control for a lot longer than bush’s 8 years. they are ALL too big for their britches. i wish we could just clean house and start over. :(

      • googliezoo

        Hmmm…under Clinton we had a balanced budget, record surplusses and a roaring economy. Clinton may even have accomplished more (he was on the verge of brokering an Israeli Palestine peace treaty) but he couldn’t keep it in his pants and the GOP went on a witch hunt with the Monica Lewinsky thing. Bush completely derailed this country- tax cuts for the wealthy, two huge unfunded wars, the abysmal no child left behind act, etc.

    • Mike

      Glad you clarified with that 2nd sentence Klint.

  • dlauthor

    Oh, hooray. Matt Lauer. We’re bound to get some hard-hitting, incisive questions out of that one, aren’t we?

    • jaxie

      Yeah, kinda of like the softball ones No-bama got on the view.
      Can’t wait for this interview, maybe he can offer Obama advice how clean up his mess, since Bush had to do the exact same thing after the Clinton catastrophe!!!

      • Mike

        Yep, I for one hated being at peace and having budget surpluses.

      • Crazy

        “Being at Peace” – yet months after Bush took over we witnessed the worst attack in the history of our country. I’m sure that wasn’t in the works for a while. And I’m sure Big Bill did all he could to help avoid the incident. Shame he did NOTHING.

      • simon

        too bad it was Condi Rice (Bushie) who got the dossier about an attack a month before and chose to ignore it.

  • Christian

    I still don’t think the country is ready for Six Crises II.

  • stephen

    I’d rather eat glass then watch this interview.

    • PDawg

      I’d rather you eat glass then post that comment! :D

      • stephen

        hilarious. you should be a stand-up comedian. (note biting sarcasm)

      • idiot

        I bet you made tons of jokes about Bush’s intelligence right before you posted that comment which couldn’t even properly use the word “than”

      • stephen

        Funny you mention that, because I went back and forth on what was the proper word. Hey, at least I’m not the President of the United States!

      • speedy

        Hey Stephen…So, what was YOUR grade at Harvard Business School? Yeah, before you start blathering on about how “dumb” anyone is, perhaps you should check your own stupidity at the door.

    • GAC

      So you want to eat glass then watch the interview?

      • stephen

        LOL… ok now that is funny! hahaha

  • Tibor

    I’d like them to bring back “Crossfire” and have him as the first guest. But instead of Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson, it was actual crossfire.

  • DLJ

    Does anybody else wish that we could put the Clintons and Bushes on a slow boat to China so we never have to see them again?

    • stephen

      Just the Bush’s. We need the Clinton’s.

      • Minutiae

        Yeah, someone has to provide the left-wing comedy relief!

      • paul

        hardy har har… you right wingers are not funny.

      • Will

        hardy har har?? Lame

      • paul

        not getting that “hardy har har” was meant to be lame because the comment above it was lame: Double Lame.

      • morons

        Praise all things blue! Red is the devil. I love taxes and giving away money to feed the lazy.

  • Betsy

    My dream TV appearance for Bush? I suppose a televised war crimes tribunal at the Hague.

    • DT

      Betsy, tell us what you really think. Hahaha.

      • Betsy

        Belive me DT, I’m being as polite as I can about this vile man.

    • WELL


      • Betsy

        I agree Well, Bush was irresponsible early in his presidency. But he crossed the line into criminal pretty quickly.

    • Flyer

      Betsy, I like the way you think!

  • rey

    not a great president but a geniunely good guy. cheney on the other hand is a real life darth vader.

    • Mike

      “Good guy” and “nice guy” are not the same things.

  • Andy

    He should go on ‘Watch What Happens Live.’

  • CSM

    Let’s see him on with Bill Maher!!!

  • pinky lee

    I am so ready for people to lay off of Bush. He was not a perfect president…who has been? He did not leave this country in financial ruin. The fall of the economy began before his watch. Remember Clinton was the one that pulled the government oversight on Wall Street. Let’s place some blame on the greed of the white collar. He didn’t have an affair in office (literally) and while you may not agree with the decision to attack Iraq, he is not the devil. He is not evil. He followed his convictions and yes some advisors that I wish would have not had a say (Cheney) but Bush is a good man. When I read people say things like he should be part of a war tribunal it makes me sick. Can you imagine the weight of things that hit that man on 9/11?

    I was not a Clinton fan but even he has made amends and admitted where he made some wrong decisions. One of his biggest regrets in his presidency was that he did not step in and respond to the genocide in Rwanda. He has done a lot of work over there, under the radar, and from his own pocket. Personally I am anxious to hear what George W has to say. He knows he wasn’t perfect and I suspect that he will offer up some reasons why he did what he did during his 8 years.

    I agree that it takes a special kind of person to want to be president. You have to possess an ego of unknown portion. I wish our country possessed more respect for the office itself whether you agree with the administration or not. I’m not talking about taking away our right to express our opinion but late night talk shows and shows like SNL have obliterated the line. These are human beings doing what we hope is the best they can and thank God we live in a country where we have the right and voice to vote them in or out but enough.

    This is just one lady’s opinion and I am grateful that I get to say it.

    • WELL

      I agree with your opinion. So let’s make it “TWO LADIES” now. Well put.

    • pastafarian

      No, he is not evil. He is just the beneficiary of nepotism at the highest levels, and a first-class imbecile. So he didnt get his junk wet in the oval office, hooray for him. What a winner.

      • Pinky lee

        Well, he happened to do some good things while he was in office but could you, pastafarian, ever admit that? And, gosh, thanks for the “getting his junk wet” shout out…that’s awesome! He’s not an imbecile…born into the lucky sperm club I give you that but he was still our president and he deserves some respect for that alone.

  • Crazy Liberals

    Everyone will now begin the inept bashing of a man they know nothing about… other than what the media tells you (which is crap). Hooray message boards.

    • mark in nyc

      well then what do we know about him?
      lets look at nothign but facts.
      * was the person in charge during the worst terrorist attack in our nations history
      *led us into economic ruin through a series of tax cuts (which the CBO said would lead to deficits) unpaid for perscription medication plan and two wars.
      *was mislead by the intelligence community to get us involved in a war in Iraq…..when he found out everything he was told ws wrong did he fire anyone? Nope, gave them medals.
      * sat back and watched New Orleans get destroyed
      * didn’t get a BJ in the oval office
      *bailed out the banks and wall street

      whew, it’s no wonder the conservatives say that is not the solution….not the way they run one!

      • GAC

        Bush is not conservative. Increased govt spending and expanded the budget deficit. The only reason people confuse the 2 is because they look at political parties and make assumptions.

      • morons

        Do you know nothing about Clinton’s blatant cheek-turning when it comes to terrorist intelligence? The 9/11 plan was well-into-effect before he left office. He did absolutely nothing to try and prevent it or take action. Look up some more facts. That would be like solely-blaming Obama for the 10% unemployment because he was in office when it hit that level. I bet you’d have a lot to say about THAT tho, wouldn’t you? So let’s use our heads before we post assinine statements.

      • Jack

        well then what do we know about him? (Obama version)
        lets look at nothing but facts.
        * was the person in charge when unemployment skyrocketed
        *led us into economic ruin through a series of financial reform bills, bailouts of the auto industry and a new health care bill that sent us spiraling into more debt
        *continues two wars after campaigning for years that we’d be out of them within months of his election.
        * sat back and watched the Gulf get destroyed…actually, played golf
        * holds beer summits, plays golf
        *bailed out the auto industry and refuses to trust in the free market
        *bows to foreign leaders
        *destroys relationships w/ close allies

      • mark in nyc

        @ morons….you meanClinton got a daily breifing saying Bin Laden Determined to Attack inside of the US? Oh wait, that was Bush.
        @ Jack.
        unemployment was already at 7% when Obama took office, so it has only risen three percent under him
        *the government is going to make money fromt he auot bail out…already has. and the health are bill has not gone into affect yet, so it has not cost us anything.
        *which is it, he should not sit back and let private industry fix their mess inthe gulf, or he should not trust them and get involved…cant have it both ways.
        *Oh no, he did the societal norm and bowed! ahhhhh run for the hills…it is not liek he kissed and held hands with the leader of the country that 9 of the 11 hijackers on 9/11 came from like Bush did! Hell Bush almost french kissed him.
        *Obama has repaired our relationships with almost every world leader….by talking with them instaed of bullying them…
        Now go eat your freedom fries.

      • GAC

        @mark in NYC. Mark, most economists agree that between 4-6% employment is considered “full employment.” 7% is just below this. A 3% decrease is not insignificant.

    • LOL

      Jack likes Fox News Kool-Aid. Cherry or Grape?

  • mark in nyc

    shows he should appear on:
    Jeresy shore
    I didn’t know I was pregnant
    Cupcake wars
    Army Wives
    Dr. Who
    60 minutes (sub for Andy Rooney)
    Craig Feruguson

    • Flyer

      Make that SNL’s version of “Celebrity Jeopardy.” Watching him argue with Darrell Hammond’s “Sean Connery” would be priceless.

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