'Titanic II' trailer: Just when you thought it was safe to bet no one would ever make a film with that title!

titanic-iiImage Credit: Merie W. Wallace“Mockbuster”-makers The Asylum are usually quick on their feet when it comes to producing straight-to-DVD films that, let us say, “pay homage” to big screen blockbusters. Thus, the company’s horror movie Paranormal Entity was available for purchase on DVD just a few months after the theatrical release of the not-so-dissimilar-sounding Paranormal Activity, while their fabulously craptastic, Tiffany-starring, Mega Piranha actually debuted on the Syfy network well before the upcoming, Elisabeth Shue-starring, Piranha 3D.

So why The Asylum decided to wait so long to tip a creative hat to James Cameron’s Titanic is anyone’s guess. Judging by the trailer for their latest work, Titanic II, they probably weren’t waiting for technology to catch up with their creative vision, as Cameron did with Avatar. Still, the modern day-set film does boast a couple of famous faces — Hey there, Bruce Davison! How’s it hanging, Brooke Burns? — and what appears to be a comparatively generous budget. (The comparison I’m making here is with Asylum’s previous output, rather than the original Titanic. I’m guessing the budget for Titanic II would barely have covered the amount Cameron spent on authentic-looking ship’s barf bags.)

You can check out the trailer for Titanic II, which has a street date of Aug. 24, after the jump. Will you be watching the film itself? And should Asylum have subtitled it “Aquatic Boogaloo”?

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  • aj

    sounds soo lame

  • JIm

    Oh. Dear. God.

  • Linsey

    Omg, I thought this was going to be a spoof movie. Are they actually serious?! Lame!!!

    • Nicnaz

      Exactly what I was thinking. There is no god.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Same here. I kept waiting for it to get funny, but then it didn’t happen.

  • Livia

    oh brother…. as much as I love Titantic, I think there’s been enough films about the ill-fated voyage already…. and we definitely do not need a knock off of JC’s movie. Besides, no actors they get will hold a candle to Kate, Leo, Kathy, Victor, and the rest of the crew. Let it go. Instead of continually knocking off movies, make something original.

  • donknottz

    SyFy Network here I Come

  • Seth


  • rebecca

    this movie is insulting. how can you make a fake, not based on true events, movie about a real tragedy? No one would ever make a ship named Titanic II in real life, first of all NO ONE would go on the ship and it is just completely insulting to everyone that knows anything about this terrible disaster. I can’t believe an idiot would make a movie like this, they must have no respect for the dead.

    • Emma

      Um, duh?

    • kelsey

      That’s the exact same thought I had: they have no respect for the dead. I guess you could argue that the original movie didn’t either, but that’s an argument for another day. I can’t believe how lame this looks. The only thing this could possibly be good for is if Riff Trax does a commentary for it when it comes out on DVD.

    • breana


  • Monty

    I don’t think you get Asylum’s point…they literally make movies to capitalize on upcoming theatrical releases, not to make oscar contenders or blockbusters. Case in point: When Aliens Vs Predator was released, Aliens Vs Hunters was released on DVD (asylum film). When Transformers was released in theaters, Transmorphers was released on dvd (asylum film). When Journey to the Center of the Earth came out in theaters, they ALSO released a Journey to the Center of the Earth, same with Sherlock Holmes, which i guess is so old the names are in public domain and they don’t owe money to any estates for retelling the stories.

    Their business plan is half “lets offer people something to watch at home that they can’t afford or go to the theaters to see that is the same thing…kinda…sorta…” and half “Hey! lets trick stupid people into thinking they can rent a DVD of a movie in the theaters right now!”

    I literally had over a dozen people ream me out for letting them rent “Transmorphers” when that came out at the same time as “Transformers” back when i worked at a video store.

    • will

      I really think thats exactly what they’re thinking…and the worst part is people do it and they make enough money to make another crappy movie. My mom came home with a 6 pack of Asylum blu-rays from costco because all the names sounded familiar and she could not believe the deal she got. I now know their demographic…oy!

  • David

    Pfft…THAT’S not the sequel to Titanic. I already saw the trailer. Leo’s in it, and so’s Jennifer Conneley, and John Cusack, and Jamie Lee Curtis, and Sam Elliot. And sure some of the shots look like it’s from Con Air, and Forever Young, and Romeo + Juliett, but it looks AWESOME.

    • Jane

      Lol, yes! Jack was frozen and comes back to life in the future! Great sequel!

      • Johnification

        I LOVE that one!

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      That was what I thought this was!!! I thought they were posting the fan made trailer LOL I loved that one!!!

    • fairydust

      Leo can’t be in it… he died in the first one remember???
      or is it a new zombie movie??

      • sara

        exactly no one can come back alive from being frozen even if u get put into heat liquid u would still die but anyway i can’t wait to see titanic 2

  • liz

    OMG, I saw this mentioned somewhere and I thought no way. Also, these seems to take a horror type twist to it

    • Yusron

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  • will

    I was wondering how they could get the rights to a name like “Titanic II” but from watching the trailer since the ship is named Titanic II…there ya go. Oh and I think I just achieveed my longest recorded eyeroll ever while watching the trailer “looks like history’s repeating itself”…Oh…bro…ther

  • Laura

    I think “Aquatic Boogaloo” is a pretty apt description for this.

  • Jason

    I feel more sorry for the people here criticizing a movie that was meant to be dumb as hell. Get over yourselves. It’s a comedy.

  • Jenny

    Is this serious?? Oh dear…

  • BeBe


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