Sara Gilbert on her now-official status as a lesbian: 'This is a whole new world for me.'

Sara-Gilbert-TCAImage Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesThis is no shocker, but Roseanne alum Sara Gilbert is officially a lesbian, it was revealed today at Television Critics Association summer press tour in Los Angeles. Gilbert’s sexuality was, for all intents and purposes, previously an open secret, like it is with so many other celebrities in Hollywood. (I’m not at liberty to publish names, but make a few guesses yourself — you probably won’t be wrong). In years past, publicists would ask that stories about Gilbert’s two children kindly didn’t mention her partner.

But hark! Today, Gilbert sat on a panel to talk about the new mother-rific riff on The View — called The Talk — that she’s executive producing and co-hosting with Julie Chen, Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne, and Marissa Jaret Winokur, and she mostly didn’t sidestep the subject. When asked if she thought it’d be easier to be out in a talk show forum rather than as a character on a scripted show, Gilbert said, “This is a whole new world for me,” and added later, “I’m not an expert on this, or I don’t analyze these things. I’m just sort of living my life. I plan to put my heart and soul into this show, and I plan to continue acting, and I don’t think it will be a problem.” Being out, that is. “I don’t ever really think of things as out or in,” Gilbert said today. “I just think I am who I am, and when topics come up that are appropriate, I’ll talk about them and share when it seems right.”

To that, I say: Bravo to Gilbert! It was a tad strange when, last week, CBS sent out the press release about the new talk show and mentioned the husbands of the rest of the hosts, but only mentioned Gilbert’s children. Gilbert cleared up why there was no mention of her girlfriend, Allison Adler, a television producer. That decision to omit Allison, Gilbert explained, “came from me. CBS would write whatever I wanted.” And she added: “I’ve been acting my whole life, and I’ve never really discussed my personal life. This is a talk show” — one focusing on motherhood and parenting, no less, which she does with someone else. “So obviously,” she continued, “I’m going to be discussing my life more, and I felt that the first place I wanted to do it wasn’t in a CBS press release. It just seemed impersonal, and I felt like I’d rather come in person and talk to you about all that stuff here.” Classy move, truly.

Gilbert shared her pet peeve about Allison — specifically, that she’s taller and looks better in clothes because of it. And there’s lots more to come in that regard, judging by the candid format of this new show. I’m excited to hear more about the way Sara and Allison raise their two adorable children, mostly because they seem like good ladies and great representatives of lesbian moms everywhere. Does the news that Sara is officially out as a lesbian shock you? Will the fact that Sara loves the ladies make you tune in — or tune out — of The Talk?

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  • tennisboygr


    • Wzrd1

      More importantly, who cares? It’s her personal life, of no practical interest to me.

      • paul

        I agree with who cares. But in todays world people like her want to make it an issue for some stupid agenda they might have.

      • Bob

        Then why did you read the article? Interesting, no.

    • Sheila

      Not that it’s anyone’s business but I admire Sara for being hersel, sharing her parenting experience and representing a positive image of a lesbian mother. I knew I was attracted to girls when I was 5 years old but was not confident enough to be me. I married a man (stayed over 20 years) because of societal and religious pressures. I’m divorced and living with my partner who enhances the happiness I found once I started living my life for me and not anyone else. By the way the kids now 28 and 30 are fine!

  • um…

    That is not the best picture of Sara Gilbert…espcially considering how pretty she became over the course of Roseanne…

    • Madd

      I agree.

      • Kevin

        I would never call her pretty, or ugly. That picture is accurate. That is her. No shame, just another human like the rest of us.

      • Sophie

        Agreed. I thought she was cute when she started on Roseanne but as she matured I would have never called her “pretty” nor would I have called her ugly. She is just Sara.

      • cheese

        I mean…it’s not even a good angle and it looks like she is getting crow’s feet.

      • yo

        She’s ugly as hell…

      • WTH

        Ugly is such a terrible word. She is not “ugly”, she maybe considered unattractive by some, but what the heck do THEY look like. To “Cheese”, hate to break it to you but you will probably get crow feet too. And to “Yo”, so just how “ugly” are you?

      • jules

        @cheese: God forbid she get *gasp* CROW’S FEET!!!
        How dare she actually accept the normal aging process and not run to a plastic surgeon or botox dispensary! A woman in her forties with lines on her face?!? OH THE HUMANITY!

      • @cheese

        wrinkles are merely an indication of where smiles have been.

      • Mary

        She is extrememely beautiful. I’ll bet the majority of these posters are fat overweight men. The is especially true when they post comments calling themselves idioitic names such as “rude”, “um”, “ro”, “madd”, and “cheese”. Those are probably scary ass looking men who live with their parents.

      • heather

        @ yo, you just proved how ugly and ignorant you are…

      • Rasheed

        It is not “flattering” but it is accurate. She does look like Mark Lynn-Baker circa 1985 (ML-B now, YIKES!)

      • jury’s out

        @Cheese- “Wrinkles are merely an indication of where smiles have been.”
        I love that!

      • Ana

        Holy crap! Sara Gilbert is in her 40s??? But… but… I remember when she was a teenager… surely that wasn’t that long ago? damn, I must be getting older after all…

    • LOL

      Looking at this picture, was her sexuality ever in question?

      • bob


      • Not surprised

        Not at all surprised!

      • moondoggie

        Never thought about it .

      • June

        How does the picture make her sexuality obvious? It’s a picture of a woman in a jacket and shirt. There’s nothing gay or straight about her clothes, and even if she were wearing something stereotypically gay or straight, who are we to judge something so personal about someone based on what they wear? I’m sick of judgments, especially those like that.

      • brendacarolina


      • karen

        Why do you care?

      • Nancy

        Oh please.

      • teresa

        So just by looking at someone you can tell if they are straight or gay?? I think not.

      • dezzrocker

        gayface can’t be seen by str8s

    • Bebe

      Why is she being so damn cryptic, though? It’s like she’s afraid of actually saying the words ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian.’ Weird.

      • Gillian

        Yes, and I totally disagree with the article that it was classy of her to basically imply that hetero people should name their spouses but for gay people it’s “private” and should only be discussed at ‘the right time’. I smell some internalized homophobia here.

      • Ethan

        Why is it homophobic to not use the word “gay”? She’s not saying anything about other gay or lesbian people in general. I think it’s pretty forward-thinking just to say “this is my partner and how I live,” gay or lesbian are just labels that you can add if you want.

      • Rude

        She didn’t say rug muncher either.

      • Ellen

        She isn’t being cryptic. She is being honest. Why does it matter whether the spouse was listed or not? Why do we have to say whether someone was outed or not? I say that if you and your significant other do not care what others say, then don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing or not knowing what your sexual preference is. Who cares??

      • lostidol

        Allison is not her spouse. The article mentioned her as her girlfriend. There’s a difference, and perhaps Sara felt that that Allison was not quite a permanent parental figure in her children’s lives. There’s no reason to assume one way or the other or to judge her based on what she decided to say in a press release.

    • starbbycat

      very much looking forward to this show – hopefully interesting and fun.

      • Ellen

        I agree! I believe that the cast is an interesting blend of people. Their views on relationships and children should be extremely entertaining.

    • AGStrange

      She was and is pretty homely. With that said, she’s drop-dead gorgeous compared to the likes of Sarah Jessica “Foot-Face” Parker and Tori “Horse-Head” Spelling.

      • Robert

        Thank you! I thought I was the only one…

      • Pearls

        LOL! Another Family Guy connoisseur I presume?

      • michael

        I wonder what YOU look like. Hide behind faceless words much you coward?

      • Not surprised

        AWWW, sara jessica is sooooo ugly! I agree with all the above!

      • Ron

        Don’t forget Melissa “Mr Ed” Rivers, and Kate “get a bag-get a double bag” Gosselin.

      • teresa

        Wow. You are all so critical of someones looks. Anytime I get feeling sorry about my own, I remind myself of the lady who was attacked by the chimp and lost her hands, eyes, and face. I think just having a face is enough, whether it’s a “horse-face or “foot face”. We should all be grateful to still have our faces, which come from our ancestors by the way.

      • yvonne

        I think she’s simply gorgeous,as is all of Gods creations.Ones opinion is always “accurate”.Wow,can there ever be a civilized converse or debate on the differences of this world,which actually….makes this world a world,gosh ppl.

    • g-money

      This picture is awful.

    • Oh Please!

      She is very pretty!! She has a great smile. I look forward to this new program.

    • Miercoles

      I always thought she looked ugly on the Roseanne Show. Her sister, Becky was prettier.

      • BranFlakes

        “Second Becky” was the prettiest.

      • Judy

        I always thought that Sara got prettier as she got older on the show. And 2nd Becky was played by actress who played Dr. Elliot Reed on Scrubs

      • teresa

        Seriously, SHE WAS A CHILD!! You are calling a child ugly! What is wrong with you???????

    • friday

      I think it’s a cute picture, she’s smiling and looks happy.

  • David

    Well, THIS is disappointing.

    • Jason

      Stop trolling, David.

    • anne

      Sorry, David – then again, Paul Michael Glaser still doesn’t even know I’m alive :-)

    • David

      I’m David. From Roseanne. You know, Darlene’s boyfriend? That’s why I’m disappointed.
      Oh, never mind. It didn’t work. My bad.

      • Dicazi

        “Darlene” was not a lesbian. The actress who portrayed her is.

      • Fox

        Ha! I belated get and then appreciate the joke.

  • Darin Brown

    I feel sorry for the kids.

    • x

      they could do worst they could be related to you. Nice to know you feel sorry for kids who are most likely loved and happy

      • Erin

        Well said x.

      • Wickeddoll

        There was a recent study that said children of lesbian couples are WAY LESS likely to have behavioral problems. Gee, the poor things.

      • comment-tater

        Actually Wickeddoll, studies have show that children growing up in SSH (same sex households) don’t show any developmental, learning or behavioral problems. Nor do they exhibit any tendency towards homosexuality, but that’s neither here nor there. However, it was found that children growing up in lesbian households are more likely to be bossy. So your statement is inaccurate – regardless of my stance on children raised in ssh (I support it).

      • Jose

        Statement, personal feeling, “I feel sorry for the kids.”
        First Personal attack: they could do worst (worse?) they could be related to you.

        Either that’s the way he feels and he’s totally entitled to feel that way without being attacked, or you took the one liner bait. HA!

      • Brian

        @wicked. I know. Who are htey going to blame when they’re older. So not fair to the kids.

    • Mark Ruffalo

      I guess the kids ARE all right!

      • Xena W. Princess


      • CHASE

        Was Xena gay?

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        I don’t think she’s been unboxed.

        BSG joke! Up top!

      • PBL

        nice plug, Mr. Ruffalo!

      • Damiana

        Don’t make him angry….you won’t like him when he’s angry….

      • yvonne

        As a lesbian/mother,our children are awesome.They r extremely smart,well mannered,independent,and they do not judge others.We love them more than life itself,and the feeling is mutual.I’m not offended at all by people who are against our lifestyle,as our children,their health,education,and happiness is our first,second,third,and fourth priority.

    • commentor

      I feel sorry for the kids because of people like you.

      • Laura

        Get a grip.

    • Cate

      I feel sorry for your parents.

    • Molly

      @Darin Brown I feel sorry for YOUR kids. Tool.

      • Wickeddoll


    • Brian

      Wait, why would someone feel sorry for her kids?

      • Tom

        Yeah, moms rule. Two would be awesome.

      • Pepperoni92

        Because the kids will probably become “rug munchers” as well.

      • Wolf

        Pepperoni, really? Because most of the gay people I know have straight parents… weak comment.

    • reason

      those who hate are more upset with themselves than those they target

      • elle


    • Darin Brown’s Penis

      I like dudes!

      • KatieGirl80

        ME TOO!

    • DEB

      Children that are raised by two loving parents, be that a male and a female, two males or two females, are loved. In today’s society it is nice to see that two loving partners can and do raise happy, successful children. You should not feel sorry for the children. I do feel sorry for you.

    • Janice

      Why? Because they have two loving parents? Don’t feel sorry for kids with gay parents. In most cases, these kids have happier lives because their parents really wanted them in the first place and had to spend lots of time, effort, and money to get them. Gay parents are good parents, too!

      • Phil

        WICKEDDOLL There are no studys that say kids of gay parents are happier.It said they are not less happy.JANICE There is no logic in what you are saying it takes much more to make a child .

      • Mel

        @Janice — “in most cases” really? you know that to be so? … “have happier lives” — happier than what? happier than who?

      • Steve

        To Deb and Janice, how do you know they’re two loving parents? Because they’re lesbian?

      • yvonne

        Damn right we are.Our kids are absolutely amazing,and if I may…so are we.We get compliments everywhere we go(on the kids).So,obviously,we are doing one heck of a good job :).

      • Kelly

        So…because I didn’t “spend lots of time, effort, and money to get them” my kids weren’t wanted? Because I had them the way nature INTENDED…my kids aren’t as wanted as the gay people’s kids? That is a RIDICULOUS statement and shows a huge lack of intelligence. You also don’t know that they are loving parents because they are lesbians. There are lesbian couples that beat their kids just like heterosexual couples. I can guarantee that my kids would NEVER say they were less happy than any other child because the other child had lesbian or gay parents. My children love me, have great lives, and are well adjusted. Saying that all kids of lesbians are problem free is ignorant too. If people are going to make these statements I want to see proof! Show me the kids, show me the studies. I’m betting they are just a little more confused than the children of heterosexual kids when they ask where babies come from and they need more than one answer i.e. Well, they come out of a mommy after a sperm fertilizes the egg… Ummmm, which mommy has sperm? Hrm.

    • pockets

      Get a life will you. She is who she is, a loving human being. Must be religious freaks who are homophobic.

      • Kelly

        Again, another weak comment. Why does it have to be someones RELIGION that makes them anti-gay? Maybe they are just pro-human because they know that if all the labs are washed away in a tsunami, wiped out by tornadoes, etc…that the only people that will be able to procreate will be a woman and a man together…even in that woman is a lesbian.

    • JDawg1

      Lesbians have been shown to have a high instance of domestic violence.

      • gretchen

        Prove it. Cite your sources, and no, the following will NOT be accepted as sources: focus on the ‘family’, the ‘afa’, the ‘frc’ and the ‘cwa’, as they are all virulently anti-gay.

      • Robert10

        JDawg1 that is not actually true at all. Where do you get your facts?

      • Jannine

        Just because YOUR mothers fought?

      • A

        Are you f’ing kidding me??

      • Chastyl

        Higher than the rate among heterosexual couples…? Doubt it.

      • John

        OH BROTHER! or should I say–OH SISTER! I happen to be a research and know this is a SILLY statement! And if you knew the FIRST thing about proper research -you’d NEVER make a statement like that without citing at least a few well done studies. I’m guessing you don’t even know how to read or interpret a research study.

      • brizzolata

        I’d like to report you for stupidity.

      • karen

        Really??? Please site your sources… that is probabaly the dumbest thing I (as I lesbian who has not only raised children but know MANY who have kids) have ever heard!

      • Wolf

        Sorry kiddo, not a true statement.

    • Not surprised

      Me too, poor kids..ugly and a lesbian, two strikes!

      • karen

        And your as dumb as the guy you replied to.

    • Ken J

      Yeah, they could actually have moronic, non-loving and non-supportive parents… kind of like what produced a moron like you. You can research it till the day you die, and every study will show you that children with two loving parents… regardless of the sex of either or both parents… succeed at an exponentially greater rate than other children. No spin… no question… no doubt.

    • jfab

      I feel far sorrier for your kids.

  • gah

    sara is probably the only one of those women i’d want to listen to. maaaaybbbe sharon osbourne, but i can just imagine this being a lot of people trying to talk over one another.

    • Doug Heffernan

      Is Remini still fat? It’s funny to see back-to-back episodes of King of Queens and watch her gut fluctuate… then I start “fluctuating” and things get freeeeaky!

      • Cate

        Oh, yeah, she’s a woman, so she has no excuse to be “fat”….nevermind that she carried a human being for nine months in her body…. but then again, you’ve probably never experienced making children w/ppl, so sorry for your life.

      • Jenna Maroney

        Enorme. Chase the chunk.

      • Shannon

        So what do you look like?

      • A

        What was it like to watch Drew Carey (a) be fat, (b) stay fat, and (c) get fatter and fatter?

      • A

        Oops, sorry, I meant Kevin James. Just another male actor who nobody cares is fat, fatter, and fattest.

      • Ken J

        If Leah Remini does not want to be judged by her weight, she should not have chosen this profession. If she was an accountant or a lawyer or a teacher or… well… anything short of actress or model, I would totally agree that people are being obnoxious in commenting on her weight. Unfortunately, her job REQUIRES her to be thin and STILL she couldn’t get it together. If my job had a similar basic requirement and I chose to ignore it, I would get fired, and I would deserve it.

      • Dave

        Really, Ken J? Being an actor “REQUIRES” her to be thin? Guess no one ever told Roseanne, Camryn Manheim, Patricia Arquette….

      • Wolf

        I can’t believe anybody can watch King of Queens and look at LEAH as being fat. Holy cr@p, really? Uhm, Kevin James anyone? Yet another example of how our country has double standards that a totally hot woman should be happy with whatever fat buggar she can manage to attract.


    Big shock. Not!!

  • Anna

    I can’t remember under what circumstances but I already knew Sara Gilbert was a lesbian. So no, no big surprise, no big whoop either. I would hope that in the year 2010, people tune into, or off from, The Talk because they’re interested (or bored to tears) by the show itself and not because it features that girl from Roseanne who “went lesbian”.

  • DT

    In other mindblowing news, Hitler was not a good guy, and Rush Limbaugh is husky.

    • Kevin

      And Ricky Martin is gay. No, really!

      • cookie

        and Jersey Shore isn’t full of douchebags

  • Jacob

    A non-secret indeed. Why is this even an issue? Because she’s trying to (or tried to) maintain a sense of privacy for her family? I say, more power to her, not asking people to pay attention to her sexuality by coming out in People or on some chat show.

  • Madd

    I never saw it as a secret- I’m pretty sure she mentioned her girlfriend in an interview before. But I do think it’s ridiculous that we seem to expect celebrities to come out with a People cover story or something.

    • L

      Me too. I swear I’d see mention of her “partner” before. I’ve known this for years. No wonder she’d seem so awkward in the scenes with David on Roseanne.

      • A

        Idiot. The awkwardness was her character. It’s called ACTING.

    • CJ

      I think it’s ridiculous that people have to ‘come out’ at all, they shouldn’t have to feel alienated when their young for their sexuality, it should be acknowledged and embraced by the adults around them, heaven forbid.

      • SLCW

        Well said, I totally agree with you. It is sad that some people in society still have an archaic and unloving mindset.

      • Dave

        I long for the day when one’s sexuality is no bigger news than what’s their favorite color, or any other factoid relating to them.

      • jennrae

        I would agree with you but for the fact that the more people who come out, the less of a stigma it is for other people to come out. Especially considering all of the big name actors and actresses who refuse to come out for the sake of their careers (Tom Cruise, John Travolta, etc). Not to mention how much easier it is for a woman to come out as a lesbian or bisexual than it is for a man. Just look at Tom Hardy’s recent comments and the subsequent PR spin. And then look at Anna Paquin, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, their careers are thriving. How many gay or bisexual actors can say the same? Jolie is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, actress in the world, but can you name a male actor with her fame that is out of the closet? When you don’t come out publicly like this, people assume you’re straight, and that makes you feel like you’re living a lie. Personally, if someone assumed I was a lesbian, I’m not so sure I wouldn’t correct them, even though it’s nobody’s business.

  • Jessica

    I’m fairly certain when I saw stories about the birth of at least one of her children, it was mentioned in the article that she was co-parenting with a partner. I had no idea that she was still technically closeted until this article. Crazy…

    Anyway, I love Sara, but, sorry, won’t be watching the show. As a stay-at-home Mom with an active child, I find Mommy opinions are hard to avoid. Mommies who think our children will grow up to be great scientists one day just because we brought them to a nature center for a class on turtles one day. Mommies expressing their disgust at a parent for attempting to discipline their child in public. (How dare she say such discouraging things to that poor boy. His self-esteem will be ruined!) On and on and on… Frankly, I’m tired of Mommies and their opinions.

    • shaye

      Yeah? Trying being a non-mommy and hearing about it. Some moms can *only* talk about their kids.

      • LorLor

        I completely agree. Mommy judging is over the top. Also the constant questioning to non-Moms about when they are going to join their gang is super annoying.

      • EssBee

        I agree with this too. Some moms think EVERYONE should have kids. I think it’s a great thing when someone knows that they don’t want kids. Lord knows that we have enough people out there that never should have had kids!

      • Mia

        COMPLETELY AGREE! I wish to be a mom some day but I don’t want people constantly asking me “so when are you going to have children you are getting up there?” Everybody has an opinion on motherhood (don’t get me started on the helicopter moms). I see it from my friends when we get together. It is like who is right who is doing it wrong, while I sit back, enjoy my martini and roll my eyes.

      • Jessica

        I hear ya. Except in my case, I hear about how I need to have ANOTHER child because it’s not fair to my daughter to be an only child, they won’t be close as adults if they’re so far apart in age that their experiences and their generations are completely different, on and on and on. Frankly, I think people just like harping about family choices in general, and whatever you choose, it’s never “right” for some people.

      • Jessica

        Oops, I should have said, “if we are going to have another one, we need to do it soon, or they won’t be close in age, etc.” (My daughter’s almost 5. How dare I not be pregnant again, right? :) )

    • Zach

      Seriously, what the f***, EW? We all knew she was a lesbian who had a partner. Did Melissa Etheridge have a People Magazine cover saying “I’m gay,” and did we expect her to?

    • janet

      I like what Jessica said; when I want “reality” I will look closer to home. TV is such a bore, why would anyone with a reasonable IQ want to watch TV? And, yes, I did watch TV at one time in my life but my IQ has risen considerably!

      • Huh

        So, now you just read EW PopWatch with your elevated IQ?

      • Liz

        You realize that this whole website is devoted toward the frivolous things in the world like TV and movies, right?

      • emaline


    • Yes

      I agree Jessica. It’s all a bit too much. I’m tired of opinionated moms, I’m tired of opinionated people who are not moms…Just let people raise their children. People have different styles, as long as there isn’t abuse – mind your own business and you can share what you’ve done, but don’t expect other people to take it as gospel. I have a son with a speech disorder and I’m so sick of people asking me “Why doesn’t he talk” or give me ideas on what to do. You know what – I’ll take advice from his speech therapist thank you. Mind your own business.

    • Corey

      Agreed. She was ALWAYS out to the general public. I can remember the media writing stories about her and Allison 6 or 7 years ago when she had the kids. Allison carried one and Sara had one YEARS ago.

    • GS

      I totally agree. I love my son with all my heart and would die for him but I’m not a mother who acts like it’s always perfect. There are some days I want to strangle him (which are getting more frequent as he approaches being a pre teen) and some days I just want to have some peace. I don’t need or want opinions from anyone else especially those who have way more money and clout to do for their kids. They are not “normal” mothers at all like those of us trying to pay bills, find time to hang with the kids, take care of hubby, etc. Things are way different for them.

      • GS

        Sorry my mouse must have jumped. This was a response to Jessica.

    • Davee

      Well said…the idea of “cookie cutter” mom has gotten out of control. And, the moms who seem to be dishing advice out to the masses can afford nannies, maid service, and gardeners. The reality is that most of us juggle everything and *gasp* are not going to be perfect parents!!

  • Gen of Montreal

    Sara Gilbert is “officially” a lesbian. Did she have to pass a test to become one? She didn’t qualify before now?

    • Brian

      No, it’s party a joke, but also something you can say when someone, especially a public figure, comes out to the public at large. Words is fun!

      • Brian


  • Bibi

    I know this has been known, as well as who her partner is for a long time. I also don’t get why this is an issue. When do we get past this garbage. Live and let live. She seems like a fine person and I love her on Big Bang.

    • AGStrange

      Is “Big Bang” a show about Roseanne’s sex life?

    • GuthrieX

      I agree with you 100%. I’m glad they only use her sporadically, but she slays me every time she shows up.

  • couchgrouch

    this just in…Roseanne is overweight.

    • AGStrange

      And that photo of her lying on Tom Arnold still gives me the dry-heaves.

      • The Rock

        Poor Tom…

  • chaha

    I thought she was out already.

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