Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': The Men Tell All

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCI really wasn’t sure just how good this “Men Tell All” episode was going to be, mostly because I worried the guys were too buddy-buddy to give us any solid content. Oh how I was wrong! We shot this episode in a new, much bigger studio than the one we usually use. That meant we could fit even more fans in to see the show, which really helped crank up the atmosphere and excitement. I love hosting shows in front of a live studio audience.

The sit-down interviews I did with Ali to start the show were a blast. These little post-game chats have become a tradition now, and I love doing them. We shoot them after the show has been wrapped, so everybody has had time to watch the show back and really reflect on what’s happened. Ali was obviously relaxed and in a good place, so it was fun to go back over everything that had happened. As for the scenes you didn’t get to see, well apparently Ali didn’t remember all of them, either. It was hysterical how she forgot the space-helmet bit. I loved that our producer Cassie had the footage up on her computer, and we just brought it into the interview. Ali and I were laughing our butts off on that one.

We’ll hear much more from Frank next week when he appears with me on the “After the Final Rose” special, but it was very interesting to hear what the guys thought of him. I agreed with Craig R when he said this situation was very different than the Rated R situation. I look forward to talking to Frank next week because, honestly, I have more questions than answers right now: How did he and Nicole leave it when they broke up? When exactly did they break up? And what was their relationship when he came on the show? And that’s just for starters. Again, we’ll get all those answers next week on the “AFR” special.

Kasey was a very good sport at the special. I found it funny how all the guys gave him such backhanded compliments. “Yeah, you’re completely crazy but I love ya.” The thing I really wanted to hear from Kasey was where all the “guard and protect your heart” stuff came from, because I knew it had something to do with his past. Kasey’s been hurt badly before and he really didn’t want to see that happen to Ali. Maybe he didn’t go about presenting it the right way, but to a certain extent, you have to respect his sincerity. As a non-tattoo guy, I still have to say I don’t get the tat! No amount of explanation convinces me that was a good idea. I loved when Kasey got up toward the end of the show and sang another song for Ali. He still can’t sing worth a damn, but I told him afterward if he had shown that kind of personality during the season, he probably would have stayed around longer.

The segment with Kirk was the toughest by far. I could tell he really had strong feelings for Ali and was still a little hurt and confused as to what went wrong. It was also interesting to hear his take on Frank. If anybody got screwed by Frank’s selfishness, it was Kirk. I was glad he was honest about his feelings, saying even though he likes Frank as a person, he’s a little pissed he took that extra time away from him and Ali. It probably wouldn’t have made a difference in the end, but you never know, and that’s what bothered Kirk.

I’m not sure I can say anything more about Justin that Craig R didn’t say himself. I will admit I was a bit surprised at just how much the guys dislike Justin as a person. I knew they didn’t respect what he did at all, but they really have a dislike for this guy. I wish you could’ve heard the uncensored version of this segment and heard everything that was said. It was brutal! I thought having Jessie on was good because it really opened up and explained in even more detail just how sinister this dude is and was on our show. It was really disgusting to learn about the two girlfriends that live just miles apart and hear about the text messages and lies.

Overall we had a lot of fun taping the show, and as usual the biggest hit with the guys and the audience was the blooper reel. As I’ve said before, this group is as tight a group of guys as we’ve ever had on this show, and that made it really entertaining to shoot.

Now the fun and games are over and next week is the season finale. I can’t wait for all of you to see exactly what went down in Bora Bora. We will have much to talk about next week. In the meantime, I have something for you to pass the time. The Bachelor video game is out for WII and Nintendo DS gaming systems. I got a copy of the game and had fun playing it with the family. Well, that is until my son got the final rose from Deanna and was asking me about the fantasy suite. That’s when I realized it’s not quite time to have that discussion yet. But seriously, the game is a lot of fun, especially if you’re a fan of the show. It will be perfect for those of you who get together in groups to watch our show. Yes, I’m there every step of the way to help you out.

Oh, one last thing, mark your calendars: Bachelor Pad premieres Aug 9th on ABC, and as you saw in the sneak peak that we aired during the show, it is incredible. I love that show, it’s a lot of fun, and I really think you’ll love it too.

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  • Boston

    Didn’t it seem like Craig thought he was co-host of the show?

    • KA2

      Craig would be a great host of some sort…not sure what. He’s smart, witty, and objective.

    • TT44

      Craig may not be the sexiest guy in the bunch, but I can’t help but like the personality! And agreed with Eve – more JESSE!!!!

      • Deepa

        P-U-H-LEASE. Craig is full of himself & just trying to get more air time & stretching out his 15min. of fame!

    • Silv

      PLEASE get another picture, Chris Harrison. This one that EW keeps using makes you appear smarmy.

    • DiMi

      I loved Craig’s input. He had more insight than anybody else.

      • LBR

        I agree. As a lawyer, Craig is good at ‘presenting the facts’ and defending a situation.

    • etm

      Yea! My question to CH (about Ali’s hair extensions) made it into this week’s Entertainment Weekly!

  • Rebecca

    Ali and Roberto are perfect!!

    • SLB

      Yeah, right.

    • Angie

      for the short-term, Ali and Chris are perfect for the long-term :)

  • JH

    I can’t believe you didn’t talk to Shooter! C’mon Chris! Why didn’t you ask him “WTF, dude??” You got him there, at least give him one sentence on camera! Waaaay too much time spent on Justin, IMO. Otherwise, great show.

    • Bev

      so agreed! WAY TOO much time on Justin the Jerk!! come on ABC yes we like seeing drama but give us credit – he’s a jerk… the end! Talk to the other guys… and really, where was Frank? Please tell me he’s not coming back after some midnight revelation!

    • Karate Pants

      DEFINITELY too much time spent on Justin. Way to beat a dead horse. Without Craig’s comments it would have been totally unbearable. It was probably one of the most boring “Tell All” shows ever.

      • Cookie

        I’m sure Justin loved all the time that was devoted to him. Even though it was negative attention, he was the focus for quite a while. Whatever it takes to be in the spotlight…

      • Karate Pants

        I’m sure you’re right.
        I was actually kind of afraid for the girlfriend that recorded his messages and revealed that he was just there for the fame. I was worried he’d go home and possibly hurt her for embarrassing him on national TV like that. Then again, he’s probably enjoying all of the attention, being portrayed as quite the ladies man, juggling girls internationally.
        But he’s really just a douche.

      • KC

        Beat a dead horse is right. That horse was beaten, reincarnated, died, and was beaten again.

      • Jojo4

        AGREED Karate pants, was super boring! Sad that a lot of the ‘dramatic’ guys weren’t there, Justin, the big haired Canadian that picked on the weatherman, FRANK! Don’t they get any money for coming?

    • Kerri

      There’s a deleted scene on where Chris does talk to Shooter for a little bit. :)

      • Bridge_Pal

        I was wondering what happened to the deleted scenes these last two episodes. They were the highlight sometimes.

    • qtpii

      who is Shooter? haven’t seen all episodes in its entirety.

      • RaRa

        I think Shooter was the guy who left real early in the season, after he explained how he got his nickname. Let’s just say it’s something most guys would not admit on national TV. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, just insert the word “premature” before his name.

  • DallasK

    Craig R would be a great bachelor – love his wit! Where was Shooter? Surprised his major gaffe wasn’t discussed!

    • Jenna

      I completely agree. He’s got a great personality and he’s not bad to look at either. Plus, a great career and that sense of humor! Gotta say, he really grew on me as time went by. Craig R for The Bachelor!

      • Jojo4

        NO! not craig R for bachelor! He’s funny but not pretty enough!

  • ChrisnAliFan

    I can’t wait to see Ali pick her dream guy next week (Chris). He truly is perfect for her in every way.

    • Karen

      Ali doesnt pick Chris. Sorry

      • Carolyn

        Karen. Karen. Karen. Why don’t you just let people watch next week’s show and be surprised at what happens or doesn’t happen? “Sorry”

      • Bridge_Pal

        Neither one picks her. That is the tragedy. I feel for her really.
        I’m just guessing. Don’t know.

    • OMGq

      Yeah – she doesn’t pick anyone. She isn’t ready for marriage and anyone with half a brain can see that.

      • Joanne

        Good observation! She’s not ready to share her life.

    • Angie

      I agree…Ali and Chris make the more realistic couple and if she does pick Roberto she will be happy for a little while but not in the long haul…so I hope she either picks Chris or no one.

  • alma

    roberto alll the wayy!! I don’t think she picks chris l cuz he’s a bit old for her!

  • JH

    I’m not sure how I feel about The Bachelor Pad. I’m sure I’ll get sucked in, & I’m sure it’ll be entertaining, but the whole thing just proves why The Bachelor/ette rarely works. These are people who were supposedly at one time looking for a spouse?? Ahhh, no. Who’s the fame whore?? This just shows that they ALL just want to be on tv & get drunk & hook up.

    • OMGq

      I just love how this franchise throws the word “LOVE” around. Sorry, but the “Bachelor Pad” has ZERO to do with love. It’s all about hooking up and partying.

      • LBR

        … and a cash prize.

  • jabber

    I am so glad that they spoke compassionately about Frank. He was my favourite. Too bad the producers didn’t let him leave right after New York like he wanted to.

    • KA2

      I hate to admit it, but I liked Frank too. Still do although I reserve the right to change my mind next week when we learn more.

      In the meantime, he does seem like he’d be far more fun to talk to than Chris and Roberto.

      Kirk was profoundly mature in every remark he made. I like him a great deal. He and Frank were my favorites – followed by Craig, believe it or not.

      • Kit

        Hey Chris, When you asked some guy last night how Frank could have said he wanted to marry one of them, Nicole or Ali, and you asked how that could be? Do you even understand this game? you’ve been a host for how many seasons? Every single bachelor and bachelorette has been there at the end, in love with more than one and has to choose. Were you kidding and they didn’t know that? I was in shock! Were you really serious??? Please tell me you were waiting for the response, well of course he was in love with two women, happens all the time on this show! So what realy is the difference between a past girlfriend and a new one? In fact, that’s far more realistic than this show!!!! Please, please, you were kidding right?

      • MG

        @Kit – I have been saying the same thing! How duplicitous . . . conveniently so . . . Either they are truly that ignorant or they did not want to make their show look bad, because it is hard for me to imagine that within all those people, at least one person would of mentioned it. Maybe their too close or the producers did what they had to?

    • SLB

      I thought he was creepy from day one.

    • Karate Pants

      NOTHING wrong with liking Frank! And I’m looking forward to that next week too.

    • Carla in Houston

      I’m with you, Jabber. Frank was my favorite also. I thought he was sweet, funny, quirky, cute, and I don’t think he meant to hurt Ali. I hope next week’s interview doesn’t prove me wrong.

      • Cassidy

        Frank and Ali had the best connection. I really loved him for her and I hope he comes back for her, but I think Ali has already turned her back to him. We’ll see.

    • Beth

      Did anyone notice Frank’s reaction when the whole Justin thing went down? He looked uncomfortably silent and reflective.

    • Bridge_Pal

      AMEN!! In my boo, he did EVERYTING CORRECTLY. He had to see Nicole to KNOW.

  • KA

    I don’t watch every season of the Bachelor/ette. It gets to be a bit much for me. Plus, I really don’t get into the ugly fighting that often takes place.

    I did watch Ali’s season and REALLY enjoyed it. What I liked most was the camaraderie of the guys, their ability to have a good time without doing trashy stuff, and that most seemed to have tremendous amounts of integrity – which I imagine is hard to muster under the conditions of the show,
    (all things considered. I also appreciated Ali as the bachelorette. She was all the things the guys said – smart and fun and adventurous.

    Note to producers: This season is a very good example of the idea that we do not need trashy contestants to make the show enjoyable. I hope the show continues to bring in decent, honorable, fun, and smart people (a Justin or Wes here or there is o.k. but just don’t overkill on it).

    Fav’s thus far (of those seasons I’ve watched): Trista, Jillian, Ali, and Brad Womack (he did the right thing).

    • Elle

      I agree KA. I thought this group of guys were the best they’ve ever had. Ali had a lot of great guys to choose from. I also appreciated Ali much more than any other bachelor/ette. She seemed to be the most real and relatable with all her insecurities. She sure went through a lot of emotional ups and downs. I hope she found what she was looking for.

    • Karen

      Why are you throwing Wes under the bus? That guy did not have a girlfriend.

      • Juneau

        He may not have had a girlfriend, but he wasn’t there for Jillian. Fleiss even said so on the 20/20 special. They all knew he wasn’t there to find love. He was there for his career – period.

      • Karate Pants

        I’m mostly pi$$ed that thanks to the 20/20 special, I now have “ don’t come eeeeas-ay” in my head…again.

      • LBR

        Laughing at Karate Pants and the song in your head!!

    • lulu

      KA – totally agree – this season was not like the seasons past… wayyyyy less trashy (which is why i started watching again).

  • KA

    P.S. I really liked CH this season, too. He seemed to really enjoy Ali and the guys. It was fun watching him have fun.

  • KA2

    P.S. I really liked CH this season, too. He seemed to really enjoy Ali and the guys. It was fun watching him have fun.

    • SLB

      Please. He’s so fake and condescending.

  • Jennifer

    Chris, why not ask or show Shooter talking? He was a great wtf? moment….and I know there had to be more bloopers….more of those please!! I could sit and watch those for hours! This season I have to say was by far the funniest season I have ever watched….I laughed every week between Chris L.,Ty and Craig R. More of those type people cast please!! I know there had to be more stuff to laugh at….please post online or something!

  • gigi

    WTH? A Bachelor Video game? And I thought the Wipe Out video game was gonna be my Christmas must have! ABC…are you trying to make me like you again? Okay…here’s your rose -@

    • Bev


    • just me

      @gigi…a wipeout video game????? yippeeee when does it come out?

  • SharonH

    According to Reality Steve, the dude who knows EVERYTHING about The Bachelor/ette, Frank blew off the taping for ATFR. How cud you talk to him if he wasnt there???

    • Bev

      I’m smelling a rat! what if… and I whisper that!… but what if, Frank came back to say he’s realized he made a mistake only to have Ali finally realize she should choose no one! I’m thinking he didn’t come back to the MTA but he came back to the ATFR??? what’s with that? any ideas?

      • Pam

        That thought occurred to me as well. There’s a reason Frank wasn’t at the MTA taping, and there’s a reason they’re bringing him back next week for the AFTR show, but we as viewers aren’t privy to those reasons just yet. Crazy things happen on that AFTR show, such as when Jason dumped Melissa for Molly. I’m leery of Reality Steve, because he apparently does NOT know everything. I still say we need to stay tuned, and all will be revealed as of 11 p.m. EDT next Monday.

      • RaRa

        Reality Steve may not know everything, but if he doesn’t know, he always says he doesn’t know. But if he says he knows it, you can pretty much count on it.

  • AP

    Still feel sorriest for Kirk. People continue to behave as if never having previously had his heart broken is a condition somehow akin to having a third arm. The confusion about how someone who is only in their mid-20s and was sick through most of their early 20s could miss out on this, while fighting for their life instead, is kind of weird to me. It’s like what part of the equation are people not understanding. Very ill= not much time to worry about whether or not the relationship makes it past the 6th month mark. It’s not rocket science. And it would have meant the same thing for Ali or Roberto or any other breathing human being who happened to find themselves in a similar circumstance. Plus Kirk seems happy, well-adjusted and fine now. I’m guessing his dating prospects will pick up considerably after this if they haven’t already, so I fail to see how he’s somehow losing out big time, in the long run.

    • charlie

      Well said.

    • Thorny Rose

      I read a report that he is dating Jessie from Canada who appeared on the MTA last night.

      • mary

        Kirk will be fine. Chris L is going to get his heart broken when ALi dumps him after he meets her parents. So Ali shouldn’t be mad at Frank, he just chose the one he loved. Ali’s going to do the same gand dump Chris L and that’s too bad because he’s a great guy. The producers of this show should really invest some money on controlling their leaks.

    • teresa

      I would date Kirk but I’m too old.

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