Barack Obama to appear on 'The View' Thursday

view-obama-hasselbeckImage Credit: Roger L. Wollenberg-Pool/Getty Images; Jeffrey Neira.ABCPresident Obama will appear on ABC’s The View this Thursday, it was announced today. The AP says the show’s producers are touting this as “the first time a sitting U.S. president has visited a daytime talk show.”

What do you think the vibe will be like on such an historic occasion? Obama has been on The View before, when he was still a senator, so he knows what he’s getting into. Good luck catching him off-guard with one of your piercing insights, Hasselbeck.

Will you tune in on Thursday? What do you hope they’ll talk about?

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  • Ryan

    Elisabeth is going to make a fool of herself… can’t wait!!!

    • Big Dave

      And how would this differ from every other day? Elisabeth makes a fool of herself all the time!

      • It’s a fact

        That’s if Elisabeth has the balls to say something while the Prez is actually sitting there. I wonder if she will really have an opinion during the show or just comment at a separte event or on a blog like her usual gutless self

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    • dah

      EH will not be allowed to ask real questions.
      do most people not like her because she makes big cash, has a good looking hubby (who makes bigger cash if he is still in NFL), couple kids, white picket fence, etc, etc. jealousy, maybe?

      • Leslie

        Peopple dislke her because she is a caricature of true conservatism. She supports policies that restrict individual rights, invade privacy, and extend useless spending just because the right-wing machine say otherwise.

      • Stever_B

        No, dah, if anyone’s jealous of that little idiot, they are truly lacking something vital in their heads. Like Leslie said, she has no original thoughts or opinions of her own — she is a parrot for the right-wing, who’s only concern is whether her and her spawn are “safe” from terrorists. She doesn’t live in the real world and I am AMAZED that her “View” has been allowed to be expressed for so long.

      • Shelly

        pple hate her cuz she’s a moron!!! she’s a twit w/a twit brain and says stupid things!!! wish she’d Retire!!!

    • Nick T

      As soon the pic popped up for this, I laughed out loud!! Setting my timers right now…

    • Chez

      Elizabeth is a beautiful, talented and intelligent woman. I admire her, because she speaks her mind and is always well versed on most topics. She doesn’t allow anyone to back her into a corner. Elizabeth is a “classy” lady and certainly will respect the President of the United States when he appears on The View, even though she may disagree with his policies (that most people do). So those of you who choose to discredit Elizabeth, can only wish you could look like her, talk like her and have her brains.

      • The Other Most People?

        “most people do?”

        That is a line that has been repeated on FOX over and over and over until it’s believed. Tired of hearing it…

      • Shelly

        thank God I don’t have her ‘brain’!! ugh!!! pathetic lil’ Republitard!!:)

      • disgruntled redhead

        Chez, I like how you put “classy” in quotation marks. That usually signifies sarcasm, so I’m assuming that you’re saying she’s actually not all that classy, after all.

      • gretchen

        Elizabeth is NOT “…always well versed on most topics.”, as shown by her ridiculous “older women ‘come out’ as lesbians because they “couldn’t get a man”. Once again she proves that she doesn’t engage her single brain cell.


      The question Elizabeth should ask is whether he’s fully prepared to begin his prison sentence in January 2013 when the new President will be inaugurated! He will be imprisoned for his crimes against the Gulf Coast, our troops and our nation.

  • TQB

    This is a sign of the apocalypse. What a terrible idea. Why would anyone relevant subject themselves to an hour with those 4 loonies?? If you want to do a talk show, for god’s sake, go on Oprah and be interviewed by an intelligent human who pays attention to actual current events. There is NO WAY this ends well.

    • sarah

      Oprah??? Go on Jon Stewart if you want someone who is thought provoking and talented.

      • Molly

        He’s hard to catch because he only works a couple of weeks a month.

      • topazbean

        Yeah, the President will just have to join the back of the queue…

      • LeeLee


      • Steph

        Ooh, that would be good. John Stewart has a talent for asking hard questions without being offensive. Plus, he’s hilarious!

    • will

      Oprah doesn’t do well with people she admires. She tends to speak to them like they are faultless. She does it all the time with celebrities.

      • Ryan

        Yup. It’s kind of cringe-inducing really.

      • caryn

        Because she’s a talk show host, not a journalist.

    • reason

      I don’t watch the View regularly, but I have found the ladies seem to be very well-informed of current events, it is more relevent than anything on FOX News

      • Ryan

        The few times I’ve chimed in the show is exactly what it’s trying to be – entertaining, polarizing, thought-provoking, sometimes silly, but full of decently informed women who do mostly know what they’re talking about. It’s a good forum for Obama to reach people who probably aren’t seeking him out.

      • Jessica

        Maybe you need to look up the word ‘relevant.’ Go Elisabeth!!! Just because what she says is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. The show’s called The View not The Liberal View.

      • LeeLee

        It’s because what EH says is wrong is the reason it’s wrong

    • Jacquie

      I agree being on The View is sooo beneath a standing president.

      • dah

        It is embarassing but his numbers are low and the questions will be easy. campaign mode for Nov

    • Janette


  • LOL

    Go get him Lizzy

    • PJ

      Haha, you’re joking, right? She couldn’t even handle Kathy Griffin.

      • Matt

        hahah soooo true.

    • Nala

      I like Elizabeth too. I don’t understand why everyone is so hard on her…she has her own View, but because they don’t match Joy’s or Sherri’s she needs to sit quietly? Yes, she can be too much at times, but they all can.

      • Tarc

        People don’t like Elizabeth because she’s narrowminded, uninformed, petty, and dim. Her ‘view’ seems to be whatever the Republican agenda is that week, and parroting someone else’s views pretty much defeats the purpose of having her around.

      • will

        The problem with Elizabeth is that she doesn’t have her own view. Whatever the conservatives say, that’s what she says. She merely a parrot.

      • TJ

        Tarc….just for arguments sake, all of those adjectives (uninformed, petty and dim) also describe Joy Behar. It makes for good TV but not intellectual discussion.

      • Dalla

        One of the problems with Elizabeth is she has one of those earphones in her ear and Bill Getty is back there telling her what to say, and what to ask. She’s not a talking-parrot, she is a right-wing Puppet. She’s pathetic. I can’t believe she called Kathy “scum”.

      • Antwon

        You are right that Elisabeth has her own view and opinions but she is also a huge hypocrite. She is quick to criticize The President and Democrats but is unwaivering in her defense of The Bushes and Republicans. She also constantly makes quick, smart ass comments while the others are stating their side. She does it with Joy constantly–which is why Joy has been sternly telling her “Let me finish my thought.”

      • EJ

        Everything said about Elizabeth can be applied to Whoopi and Joy – they are both narrow-minded when it comes to any view but their own. Why they think they know so much is beyond me. They just show their stupidity and inability to think outside the “LIB” box.

      • reason

        LIB’s don’t have a box EJ, that is kinda the point…they stubbornly keep and open mind

      • SLB

        Hasselcrack is an idiot.

      • dah

        why rip liz for not having her own view. none of them do except maybe WG.
        other comments about him going on a worthy show… the only challenging interview BO will get is on FOX. no other programs will really question him. Correction… John Stewart might jokingly ask a tough question but not expect an answer.

      • @reason

        Liberals stubbornly keep an open mind? What planet do you live on? At least you got the “stubborn” part right.

      • My Red Stapler

        @Antwon: How is that different than all the liberals who constantly defend Obama and the Democrats?

    • Tom

      She’s a freakin narrow-minded moron emabarrassement republican butt-kisser

      • LOL

        Don’t speak that way about Joy!

      • onestell

        @reason – “LIB’s don’t have a box EJ, that is kinda the point…they stubbornly keep and open mind”

        If they kept such an open mind, would they not be INCLUSIVE and RESPECTFUL of ALL points of view?

      • @onestell

        Newsflash: Most of today’s Dems continue the policies of the moderates of yesteryear. It’s the right-wing that has become more restrictive and irrational over the past decade, exchanging your personal freedom and livelihood in the name corporate profits and “God”.

    • dah

      KG isn’t going to be an easy interview for anyone. if you’ve watched her show or act, she’s a tough cookie who will say anything at any time. you gotta be careful around her. given her success, you can’t be saying KG is not a sharp lady or ‘stupid’.

  • Grace

    Oh geeze. He should have better things to do than show up on “The View” (most annoying day time show?). That being said, I don’t think it’ll be anything “controversial”. Hasselbeck is going to do her usual Faux news shtick of being fake poilte and pretend to ask “the tough questions” under the guise of the usual bigotry and ignorance, and then only later after he’s gone and Fox and friends and all the others have covered (twisted) it to death, will she blab about how he didn’t answer her questions or something in that direction.

    • Marci

      And everyone else will fawn all over him like he is the new sliced bread. This is really stupid, I can’t believe the President doesn’t have better things to do? If he thinks this is good PR – it isn’t.

      • Rumplestiltskin

        What else is new? He’s as big of a publicity hound as Blago and just about as astute a politician. Won’t watch it, I’m sick of him and both of his faces.

      • shotgunsamurai42

        I swear to god, Iam getting tingled in my legs just thinking about it.

      • Rumplestiltskin

        What else is new? He’s as big of a publicity hound as Blago and just about as astute a politician. Won’t watch it, I’m sick of him and both of his faces. He should get a real job.

      • Liz

        I think Joy will be the worst. The way she talks about Democrats it’s like they are the second coming of Christ. Hopefully she just won’t talk too much.

  • Mike

    Keep making your rounds, Mr. Celebrity. Letterman appearance #3 followed by Regis and Kelly to follow.

  • Lori

    My dream is for Hasselbeck to make an ass of herself (again), insult the Prez, and be escorted out of the building by the Secret Service. She’s a moron and never misses an opportunity to prove it. This should be no different.

    • Grace

      Oh wow, I think I’d actually even attempt stomaching The View for that, but it will never happen. If it’s not going to happen to Palin/Beck/Limbaugh for their (far more) obvious outcries of hatred, ignorance and racism, why would it happen to a relatively “minor player” in the Faux hierarchy?

      • dah

        hatred and racism? grace, you obviously don’t listen to beck and limbaugh. do you also think the tea party is racist?

      • Grace


        wow, I guess the two of us are people who just sees everything differently. Do you honestly think that Rush’s views are completely devoid of racism?

      • dah

        No I do not consider his views racist. He’s conservative. The president is pretty far left. So RL disagrees with him. The color of BOs skin does not matter.

      • LeeLee


        So when he said that Obama’s view of America is one where black boys can beat up on white boys, I’m sure that was just a conservative viewpoint?

      • LeeLee


        And when Rush said that Obama was trying to pay America back for slavery, no racism in that either, huh?

      • LeeLee


        …and let’s not forget when he told a seemingly AA female caller thst disagreed with him to “take the bone out of her nose.”

        You’re right! I don’t know WHY people call him racist!

      • Grace


        alright, that is your opinion that you’re very much entitles to. I definitely disagree but as already established, we don’t see eye to eye when it comes to Rush.

        If what Rush says doesn’t have racist overtones, then what about hatred though? Conservative or not, I personally find it extremely offensive when he mocks people with Parkinson’s disease, or calls people the r-word as an epithet.

      • Grace


        I like how there were so many examples so easily listable. Doesn’t Glenn Beck say similar things about your President “hating white people”? If we can’t agree on racism (which I feel we should as there are so many examples), at least hatred is coming out of Rush.

    • Marci

      You know what is really sad? The President himself is going to be on television and everyone on this site is waiting to hear what Elizabeth will say. It seems most of you would rather hear Elizabeth say something stupid instead of the President saying something encouraging about what is happening to our nation. I can’t believe this – talk about the “dumbing of America?” It’s here.

      • arahsae

        If he has something important to say, I’m pretty sure he would do it during a national address or during a daily WH briefing instead of on this insipid show. His appearance isn’t going to unearth any new wisdom, present any improved policies, or do anything besides pad the wallets of ABC execs and Barbara Walters. No one is expecting any different, and there’s no reason to wonder about anything other than what Hasselbeck’s response will be (considering that’s the only point of the show these days anyway)

      • @ Marci

        I didn’t find your comment witty at all. All presidents do schlock like this. Should he have better things to do, yes! But maybe he will inform some of the dumbells that watch this show (like you).

      • @ marci

        Your comment is neither witty nor intelligent. I agree the prosident should have better things to do than appearing on this show but perhaps his appearance will inform the dumbells that watch. Lord knows they could use a little educationg, as could you.

      • Marci

        I was not trying to be witty or sound intelligent. I was simply pointing out the obvious – the president has become entertainment and insulting me or anyone else does not change that. I never watch this show anymore because I find these women to be silly and puffed up with their own sense of importance. I am dissappointed the President would stoop to this level, I for one, would still like to be able to respect the office.

      • @ Marci 2

        The American Political System’s taken another Idealist (Obama) and ground him down to the realization that it’s just an ugly game with ugly rules, rule #1 being to try and endear yourself with all demographics of the registered voter spectrum. The result – POTUS on The View. Marci’s got it right; excuse me while I weep for what’s become of Democracy.

      • LeeLee

        I’m in Barack’s corner, but I have to agree with Marci. I watch this show for entertainment, but sometimes it gets a little to dumb. Why the Prez would make himself accessible to this level of show disturbs me too.

  • Maureen

    I’ll get the popcorn ready! ;)

  • Annette

    Yeah Obama – Go have a gab/lovefest with the hags. We all know you’re scared to be interviewed by a real hard new journalist who asks real, tough questions. What a joke!

    • erin

      Yeah, because Bush was ALL about being interviewed about tough issues while he was in office. That jackass wouldn’t even answer questions from the WH press corps!

    • LeeLee


      I don’t think it’s about avoiding tough questions. He can do a news conference and get those any day of the week. It’s about reaching out to the masses. Many ppl don’t watch Fox (I know I don’t) and I would hate for him to up thier ratings by appearing on one of their polarizing shows. I just wish the Prez chose a more intelligent show to appear on–but maybe, sadly, finding a non polarizing show of high intelligence is lacking right now.

  • Tom Hunter

    Joy will orgasm when he walks out like the the ultraliberal fool she is, Whoopie will be appropriate, Sherrie will be a starstruck but appropriate, Barbara will get as close to an orgasm as she can at her age, and Elizabeth will be respectful, appropriate.

    But I agree, this show should have ended when Meredith left. Shot straight downhill with Rosie. But has risen a bit with Whoopie as moderator.

    • J Reo

      @JMac, @Tom H, & others: I will agree that some Elisabeth haters simply hate her being different, but that isn’t always the case. I simply can not stand for her inability to take information, process it, and come to a different conclusion or at least an understanding of another’s view. Her behavior when there is a guest on the show that she doesn’t like (see K. Griffin’s appearance a few weeks ago)is absolutely attrocious and reminiscient of how I would expect her 5 year old daughter to act.
      While many conservatives and liberals disagree on major issues every day and deal with it maturely, it is Elisabeth’s inability to deal with it maturely and show respect for others that creates the vile feelings some people feel towards her. I’ve even had hardcore conservatives tell me (a true blue-collar liberal) that they can’t stand her because she gives the group a bad name (i.e. Sarah Palin.) Many will continue to hate on Elisabeth not because of our differences but because SHE talks about others with different views as though we were all baby-killing, Bin Laden/terrorist supporters who have horrible drug-addictions that turn their kids gay and hate everything about America.
      Oh & JMac… I would love to try to have an intelligent conversation with her, but seeing as I’m not on the View that isn’t possible and you can’t tell me (unless you are one of those people that just call the Ladies of the View cackling hens and don’t actually watch the show everyday) that Whoopi hasn’t tried to speak with her about some of these issues and all she gets from Elisabeth is interruptions and repetition of previously said statements that aren’t reevaluated after someone else makes a counterpoint.

      • Julz

        Very well said.

      • KLH

        Ditto. I have no affiliation with the right or left and cringe to think that this woman has a place on any kind of show that “should” require intellect and an open mind.

      • Laurel

        Well spoken, J Reo.

    • Wiley

      Tom, WELL SAID!! I totally agree!

  • J-Mac

    WOW….reading through these comments….the absolute hatred for Elisabeth is so depressing. I mean, I completely understand disagreeing with her points of view, but come on….do you hate everyone that disagrees with your points of view? I’m not a fan of Elisabeth at all….but I also know that the absolute worship that Mr. Obama will be receiving from the other three “ladies” on the View will be downright sickening…No president should be treated this way…not Reagan and not Obama…they are not elected to be “superstars”…they are elected to lead this country..they should be called to task by opposing points of view and they should welcome disagreements with open arms in order to come as close as possible to a resolution…not pushing an sort of conservative or in this case, liberal agenda…we’re America darn it and we should all appreciate each others differences…so Elisabeth haters…..get the freak over yourselves….you arent perfect an neither is she…Go make yourself useful and help somebody!

    • Tom Brazelton

      It’s not Hasselbeck’s politics I disagree with. It’s her elitist attitude and resounding certainty she projects while expressing them – frequently without the support of facts of knowledge.

      Give me an intelligent commentator and I will happily debate their politics without a smidgen of contempt. Put a pompus blowhard on a stage with a few Republican talking points written on a note card in front of her with no facts and its an entirely different ballgame.

      • ray

        really tom? and joy isn’t just as elitist and certain in her views? what a joke. the view itself is a joke. 3 women with the same view, one with a different view.

      • AT

        I can’t speak for Joy because I’ve found that I can no longer stomach her but Hasselbeck’s conservative phrases are literally talking points. It’s like someone from Fox told her to say “this” or say “that” because what she says is exactly what the commentators on Fox say that very same day.

        It’s embarassing.

      • J-Mac

        @Tom….And Elisabeth is the only “elitist” on the View? Give me a break. Every “host” on that show is an elitist. You present Elisabeth as an elitist and your evidence of this is that is all in the way she presents her argument…and doesnt have the facts? And the other ladies don’t do the exact same thing? Come on guy. Face…three woman on this show all think the same…one thinks differently…so the one is an elitist because she doesnt go along with everyone else…its that simple….Like I said before..I’m not an Elisabeth fan in the least….but your argument against her is ridiculous.

    • cg

      Oh come on. When a president goes on one of these types of shows it is usually a love fest. Otherwise they wouldn’t agree to it.

    • get real

      you write a post hating on people who disagree with you Goddess because you agree with her and then claim hate is bad. Seriously grow some morals. If you truly dislike the hate you would be on here defending Will Smith’s kid! or Lindsay Logan she maybe a sad bimbo by why the hate. Or pointing out Elizabeth’s only role on the view has been to hate on people she disagrees with includes a woman who did nothing but be the victim of a peeping tom? did the Lizbeth worshipers have an issue with her hate of that woman then? Does the hate against Obama who I disagree with on a lot of things bother you? no! so go freak yourself you are the very reason this country is the way it is wanting a different standard for those who agree with you than for others.

      • Marci

        get real, your logic and writing style (or lack thereof) leaves a lot of room to speculate that perhaps you and people of your ilk are the very reason this country is in trouble. Go freak yourself? Tacky.

      • Joni

        Seriously, get real, “grow” some morals? And BTW, how do you know we weren’t here defending Jaden Smith?

    • arial

      I, too, disagree with Elisabeth usually, but am glad she’s there to provide a dissenting view. Although I like Joy, I often wince at her venom toward right-wingers. I think the two balance each other, but each of them needs to remember they’re human beings and Americans first and Republican and Democrat after that. Sometimes their reactions to issues seem to come from their party affiliation rather than from their consciences.

      I’m surprised President Obama will be on The View before any other talk show. I would have expected his first appearance to be on Oprah because I doubt he would be where he is now without her early support. My question: is his appearance enough to bring Barbara Walters back early from her extended recovery from heart surgery? I can’t imagine her NOT being there!

    • dah

      j-mac makes great points.
      but given a lot of people don’t like EH, maybe that’s why she’s on The View? 3 libs and a conservative.
      And on the ‘elite’ comment. Everyone is all in this lib vs conservative, dem vs republicans.. but only when people realize it is us vs the elites then we will turn this country around. The elites being most of Washington and the people that put them there with their money and media outlets.

    • LeeLee

      What’s funny to me is that no matter how much dems or liberals criticize the Prez they are always characterized by conservatives as “drinking kool-aid” or fawning over him. Whoopie and even Joy have been very critical of him in the past yet they are always reduced to mind-numbing groupies.

  • Tom Hunter

    I agree that all the Elizabeth hate is OLD. You may not agree with her opinions, but why the hate?? I see more hate than constructive, well thought out rebuttals to what she says.

    • Luddite

      Above, you called Joy an “ultraliberal fool.” I agree that more “well thought out rebuttals” would be a refreshing change, but coming from you, the request is more than a little hypocritical.
      Also, I don’t agree with Hasselbeck’s politics.

  • Romy

    Hope Hasselbeck will call in sick that day and that President Obama won’t have to sit next to her.

    • Desmo

      Yes! Only devout followers of the Church of Change should be allowed to be in the presence of our savior! Let any dissenting voices be cast out into the wild to be torn to shreds!

      • Maureen

        Haha! Pure ownage!! :D

      • PJ

        Not really.

      • shotgunsamurai42

        PJ must be a racist to disagree with one of the saviors deciples.

      • Stever_B

        Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck the “dissenting voice” you would choose to represent your feelings about policy with the president? Honestly, what does it matter if she’s there or not?

    • mom52

      Yes, because that would be truly difficult (said with dripping sarcasm). I guess he has all this time on his hands since he has managed to fix the economy, get everyone on unemployment jobs, clean up the oil mess, and concentrate on all the other myriad things he has to do. Going on the View only demeens his position and makes him more of a buffoon than he already is. I sometimes disagree with what Elizabeth has to say, but she can at least carry on an intelligent conversation without having to yell or scream to get her point across (hello Joy and Sherri). I for one will not be tuning in on Thursday.

      • LeeLee

        You think EH carries on intelligent conversation?…with regard to politics? REALLY?

  • CiCi217

    Oh Lord, they’ll have to keep a couple mops handy to keep the area around Joy’s seat dry

  • Sir Loin of Beef

    Obama has officially jumped the shark!

    • steph

      using that phrase has firmly placed you in 2005..time for a new catchphrase, people.

  • Kelly

    She was the only one on the panel that asked him newsworthy questions regarding Rev. Wright when he was on before the election. The rest of the panel lobbed softball questions at him.

    • jodipo

      aaaaand you just show your level of stupidity by expecting anyone on “The View” to ask newsworthy questions and criticizing the other for lobbng “softballs.” Go back to watching Glenn Beck cry about how mean everyone is to the him.

    • James

      “Newsworthy” questions would be about his views on eduction, the economy, health care, etc. Not where he goes to church.

      • shotgunsamurai42

        Right we should really ignore the fact that for twenty years he listened to that hateful racist spew his twisted view of the world.

      • @James

        But, some of us would really like to know where (and especially IF) he goes to church.

      • googliezoo

        Goodness, why would you care where or if he goes to church? Personally, I think anyone who believes in the invisible sky daddy has more than a little bit wrong with their head.

      • dah

        his minister of 20 years and that minister’s racism is news-worthy. I can’t believe he denied hearing any of rev Wrights racist, anti-american rants and the main stream media bought it and re-sold it to America. you gotta be kidding me? If it was found that McCain worshipped at the alter of KKK it would have been front page news every day.
        His views on the economy,healthcare, education,etc are quite clear now. let the govt take care of it.

      • Stever_B

        @ @James: It’s unfortunate that Obama was forced to apologize for his comment about “people clinging to their religion and their guns” because it’s one of the truest things I’ve heard in years. But, of course, “some people” were offended. If YOUR faith is so strong, why be concerned about whether Obama goes to church or not? What does it matter?

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