N.J. Governor Christie says 'Jersey Shore' is bad for his state

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is not a Jersey Shore fan. As noted by the New York Times, ABC’s Jake Tapper asked Christie on The Week yesterday whether Situation, Snooki, and the gang are “positive for New Jersey or negative.” Christie answered “negative” without batting an eyelash. “What it does is it takes a bunch of New Yorkers — most of the people on Jersey Shore are New Yorkers — drops them at the Jersey Shore and tries to make America feel like this is New Jersey,” he complained.

First, kudos to Tapper for not being afraid to pose the important questions. Second, wow, Gov. Christie. Say what you like about the show, but calling those kids New Yorkers? Harsh.

Take a look at their exchange on YouTube. They get to Jersey Shore around the 9:30 mark, after all the tax and budget talk. What do you think — is Jersey Shore bad for Jersey? Has the show changed your opinion of the state? And would you take Gov. Christie up on his offer to visit the real Jersey Shore this summer and see what it’s all about?

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  • Franco

    This is news?

    • GP

      Franco: You came to Entertainment Weekly expecting news?

  • Sam

    Honestly, “Jersey Shore” is bad for human beings. It’s depressing to think we’re in the same species as these… things.

    • Mon 7/26/10 10:00 AM

      NJ makes itself look bad without “Jersey Shore” – that’s why it’s the butt hole, I mean, armpit, of America.

      • Jon

        NJ is a beautiful state! Most of it is pine trees and gorgeous shorelines and estuaries. You are an ignorant jerk.

    • Mon 7/26/10 10:02 AM

      NJ makes itself look bad without “Jersey Shore” – that’s why it’s the butt hole, I mean, armpit, of America.

      • Jethro

        There are so many reality shows about New Joisey, the housewives are the worst example of Jerseyites.

        It is a shame because most from Jersey are good decent people. The ones selected for these shows are the low of the lows.

        To think that Teresa and Danielle have not been brought up on neglect charges for their actions on their show is unfortunate, the emotionel and mental abuse they have caused all their girls should be looked into.

      • Facts, please.

        Actually, New Jersey is among the three wealthiest states in the country and is consistently ranked as having the best public education system. Seaside Heights and the turnpike excluded, it’s generally a beautiful state – try heading to Princeton or Bedminster sometimes. As the Governor said, Snookie et al aren’t even from NJ. And the real housewives are, for the most part, Staten Island transplants. I didn’t vote for Christie, but the man has got a point. We’re pretty used to ill-informed stereotypes of our state but after a while it gets a bit old.

      • Jason

        Christie does plenty to make this great state look bad on his own. The Jersey Shore idiots are a step up from the **** who’s single handedly ruining public education, transportation, and hospitals in this state.

    • RPM

      I agree! Ha,ha, I tried to watch some of this crap yesterday to see what all the hype was about. Lasted about 10 minutes. Just stupid.

    • charles

      I agree that show is so horrible. Its a disgrace nd New Jersey Shore is nothing like that. She all should be banned from NJ for life.

  • JerseyGuy

    Simon, Check your stats before you make post and make jokes, all of the “kids” on Jersey Shore ARE from New York and not NJ except for one of the girls (Not Snooki or Jwow).

    • trey_trey

      @Jersey Guy: That is what Simon wrote. He said “most”, because all but one is “most”! You really are from Jersey…

      • JerseyGuy

        LOL…I was referring to the following statement/”joke”: “Say what you like about the show, but calling those kids New Yorkers? Harsh.”

    • Carrie

      That’s the point of it being a joke/sarcastic statement…why would he need to fact-check something sarcastic?

  • Anthony

    I couldn’t agree with the governor more. I was up in Boston this weekend and whenever I, reluctantly, admitted i was from Jersey, everyone was wondering where my Ed Hardy t-shirt was and how come my name wasn’t the situation. Horrible, horrible image its making for people living in NJ.

  • trey_trey

    They are absolutely bad for our species.

  • It’s a fact

    Can’t say that I spend too much time thinking about the Jersey Shore cast. Is it just the MTV show Jersey Shore. . . what about the insane cartoon characters from Cake Boss, Jerseylicious, and Jersey Coutoure. Does the Gov like the income from the film crews for these as much as he hates how his state is represented on TV? And if the whay these people are are ‘fake’ for TV why does everyone seem to be the same. Is it the water in Jersey?

    • Will

      Because it is TV…you yourself said “insane cartoon characters”

  • TQB

    It’s time to face facts, New Jersey: no TV show will ever make you look worse than you actually are.


    • New Jersey

      Dear TQB,

      Try visiting a part of the state that ISN’T the northern half of the Parkway or Seaside/Point Pleasant/Belmar and then come back with an opinion of NJ that’s actually educated.

      New Jersey

      • kennedyDC

        Thanks for sticking up for Jersey! I grew up in south Jersey outside of Philly and it was a great place to have my childhood. Any place you live has its good and bad parts. Jersey gets treated unfairly.

    • Jon

      Have you even ever been to our beautiful state? It is absolutely nothing like these awful shows portray. It is mostly beautiful protected lands and also the 3rd wealthiest per capita income. People generally see these shows or Newark. Please stop being ignorant and see for yourself. That is offensive.

  • The Daw

    Sammi “Sweetheart” is from Hazlett, NJ (played soccer there with a friend of mine–apparently changed drastically for the show)…everyone else IS, to my knowledge, from New York.

    Really lame mistake on the EW article. Not only a factual error, but it’s in an accusatory tone.

    • Maserda

      Actually, I believe Pauly is from Rhode Island.

    • Erica

      The Situation is unfortunately from NJ, I think Manalapan, but other than him and Sammi the rest are from out of state.

  • Maddi

    Not to be blunt, but um, duh.

  • shellie

    and Snooki isn’t even italian!

  • Jeneric

    I never read or hear anything but negative comments about these morons and yet they are going on strike for raises? They actually get paid to make fools of themselves. People are watching this show. It’s irritating!

    • cris

      You hit it right on. That’s the sad part. These low lifes are paid lots of money to be vulgar, tacky and disrespectful. But so are the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, the Speidi people, and the “stars” of every reality show on TV – what about the party crashers is DC? Now they get paid to teach people how to be gold-diggers and fake socialites. It is very sad.

  • The Daw

    As for the whole “is this NJ” thing, I’m so sick of it. Clearly, it is not indicative of the entire state, but to act like this kind of culture does not exist at all is absurd. If you go to places on the Jersey Shore, you absolutely run into this types of characters.

    As for them being “bad for humanity,” it’s that attitude that gives these people such publicity. They’re really just a group of twentysomethings (or like 30 somethings in the case of The Situation) trying to get laid…pretty normal, not at all as shocking or cringeworthy as they’re made out to be. But this idea that they’re so outrageous is what makes it watchable; people, for some reason, don’t realize that once you remove the Ed Hardy shirts, hairspray and damaged skin, they’re just like everyone else their age.

    It’s also ridiculous to see CHRIS CHRISTIE complaining about stereotypes; when he’s your biggest stereotypical, mobbed-up NJ guy going.

  • BC Alum

    Paulie D is from Rhode Island.

  • Allegra

    Really, Simon? And here I thought you knew your facts. Only Sammi is from NJ. The rest of the cast hails from NY and Rhode Island.
    My family has taken trips to NJ beaches and they aren’t like that at all. Are all the Florida beaches like South Beach? Is every part of California like Laguna? I don’t think so.
    Obviously the show is bad for NJ. Look at the bias in your own article.

    • Carrie

      Allegra, Simon was quoting Christie. Then he made a sarcastic statement. There’s a difference between factual statements and jokes.

  • Angelo

    TQB, what is so bad about New Jersey? I know New Yorkers make fun of it, enough though half of them live there, but they make fun of everyone that surrounds them. What don’t you like about New Jersey?

    • steve


      TQB lives in his mom’s basement and likes to get attention by saying negative things about random subjects to get a reaction.

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