'Family Guy' abortion episode: Too controversial for TV, but safe for DVD!

stewie-family-guyImage Credit: FoxFamily Guy loves to push the envelope — just ask Sarah Palin — and Fox is usually game to play along. But recently, the network put the kibosh on an episode, entitled “Partial Terms of Endearment,” in which mom Lois considers having an abortion. While the broadcast audience will never get to see Lois debate whether or not to keep the child she’s carrying as a surrogate for friends who are then killed in a car accident (funny?), the unaired episode will finally see the light when 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment releases it on DVD this September.

What do you think, PopWatchers — should Fox have aired the episode? Are you planning to check it out on DVD this fall? And do you think abortion it too touchy a topic for TV? Sound off below.

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  • Laurie

    I am prochoice. This storyline sounds stupid, so I say Fox shouldnt have aired it based on that alone.

    • Woot

      Laurie: This sounds stupid
      Fox exec: Well then we probably shouldn’t air this then.

      • Friggin Tommy Noble

        If those types of exchanges were really happening around Fox’s headquarters, their programming over the past ten years would have been VERY different.

      • Bfleet

        Episode aired in the UK, and can be found online if you look.

        Nothing to write home about. Really not sure why they didn’t air it. Just regular, quasi-funny Family Guy, per usual.

      • Woot

        Yeah just watched it. Typical family guy. Some hilarious moments, some that weren’t funny at all. They did present both sides in some what of a comic matter. This was really blown up.

      • BDUB

        Woot, that is funny !!!!!!!

      • ani

        Dear Laurie, I am sorry that such a large number of people replying on this article are aholes. I too am prochoice (although, I find birth control to be a much more effective, less painful method for the majority), and I find juvenile humor to be amusing, but this episode sounds depressing. Either way, I don’t care if it aired or not, but I think people are being unnecessarily malevolent over a family guy episode and unfairly using you as the scapegoat. If they want to see it, go online and find it. They obviously have internet and the time to waste…pretentious jerks.

    • joblo

      Youre prochoice? But you don’t like the sound of it so… take away the choice?? Hmmmm….

      • @joblo

        wow, you’re an idiot.

      • Bubba’s mom

        you both sound as dim as 30-watt light bulbs.

      • joblo

        if you can’t see the irony or hypocrisy of someone calling themselves “pro-choice” and then in their next breath declaring that someone else’s choice should be taken away you’re not paying attention very well.

      • ani

        joblo, perhaps you don’t understand the meaning of pro-choice in this context. if you want to generalize the term pro-choice, let’s do it: now maybe i will go rape and murder someone, because, hey, that’s my choice. it’s the same as choosing to watch a show, right? pro-choice represents every choice? moron.

      • Harry

        ani- i think it is you who doesn’t understand. Laurie’s comment said that since SHE didn’t think it seemed funny, then NO ONE should have the option to watch the episode or choose if they will watch by themselves. Joblo was spot-on in their assessment.

        Pro-choice means that EVERYONE has the option to choose for themselves, not one person saying I don’t like it so you can’t see it. Where is the choice in that?

      • nicole

        Are you people actually arguing over a Family Guy episode? You do know that they routinely cross the line, don’t you?

    • Daniel

      Yes. What Laurie thinks is stupid but is to the core consistent with her beliefs should be banned. Free speech questions, from now on Fox, should be directed to Laurie. She’s the expert.

      • Laurie

        It has nothing to do with free speech. It just does not sound funny. I watch Family Guy for the laughs. This just sounds depressing, so yes if I was a Fox exec – I would have said rewrite. Do 10 abortion episodes – just make the premise humorous.

      • Daniel

        Then don’t watch it. Thank you, Laurie, for determining that an unfunny episode, in your estimation, is unsatisfactory for my viewing enjoyment. I so hated having to make the choice on my own.

      • Brian

        Sounds like exactly the kind of subject matter Family Guy gets laughs out of during every other episode, Laurie. Seeing as how you’re a fan of the show and pro-choice, this episode sounds like soemthing you’d enjoy.

      • AshleyBrooke

        I love how every one is ganging up on Laurie, God forbid she can’t be BOTH prochoice and think something sounds stupid, and is happy it wasn’t aired. Did Laurie actually get FOX to not air this? No. Can she say she thinks it sounds stupid and also be pro choice? Yes. Can no one understand that she’s saying the storyline ITSELF sounds stupid and that should be the reason ITSELF that it shouldn’t have aired? It doesn’t have anything to do with it being abortion, it probably has to do with the fact about the car accident.

      • PMG

        Just because someone is prochoice doesn’t mean that they want to see a cartoon showing a abortion storyline. This show does not sound very funny. Someone dies then someone has to decide if they want to keep that persons baby. Does not sound entertaining at all prochoice or not.

      • James

        Can you imagine if every television show had episodes banned because of the occasional “stupid storyline”? The airwaves would be nothing but test patterns.

    • Daniel

      And should I further state, how the hell do you know it’s unfunny? You’ve not seen it. And thanks to people like you who think that unfunny episodes should be banned, nor will I. Unless I shell out $40 for dvds. Which seems kind of funny if you ask me. People say “THIS EPISODE SUCKS DON’T AIR IT” only for the company to sell it to make dvd profits off of. They did “You got AIDS,” “Down Syndrome Girl,” Brian beaten up several times, strong sexual references. But what sounds to be a thoughtful discussion on abortion is banned because of lack of funny. Arg.

      • KS

        And don’t forget the Prom Night Dumpster Baby…

      • Brian

        Right on, Daniel. The more I think about it, the more I actually think the premise of this Family Guy episode is actually kind of good, an intetresting hypothetical sitch. But Laurie said no. Be careful, or she’ll cancel the whole show next because it’s “kinda dumb”!

      • Laurie

        Wow. All I am saying is it just doesnt sound funny for her friends to be killed while she is pregnant with their kid. Air it, who gives a rats a**. I just dont know if they pulled it because of the abortion angle or because the storyline behind it.

      • Brian

        I don’t think that part is supposed to be funny so much as it’s a device to place Lois in position where she has to decide to abort or not to abort her pregnancy. The jokes will follow. And I’m guessing that the circumstances of the accident itself will probably be wrung for some dark laughs too.

      • jj

        How about we get into some irrelevant political debate and insult each other because what someone else thinks sooo offends me that I have to launch an array of attacks at a person on some stupid website forum requesting our opinion about Family Guy? Get over yourself dou*hbag

      • Zombie Jesus

        Everyone grab your torches and pitchforks and KILL LAURIE!!!!

        LMAO, I love you guys, I’m glad Dad created you.

      • Focker

        I love you, Zombie Jesus.

      • StewieGriffin

        Shocking Doesnt Equal Funny, And The Only Laughs Family Guy Can Hope To Achieve Anymore Is Based On Shock Value. So Family Guy Is Not Funny.

      • Nan

        I’m at a loss (based on the descripstion in the article) how this episode can be described as a ‘thoughtful discussion on abortion.’ It very well may be, but I think Daniel is making a stretch describing it as such.

      • Jessica

        Ok, why is everybody jumping up Laurie’s ass now? It’s not as if she wrote to Fox an said “Hey guys, I know u spent all your time and money on making this but… you really shouldn’t air this”. This is a board asking for opinions, and Laurie gave hers. Get over it. Just cause you wont see it on tv, doesn’t mean you wont see it at all. Use your sources. Better off use your brains. THIS STORY LINE SUCKED!!!!

      • Lisa

        wtf? you act like Laurie was responsible for having it not aired. FOX made the decision of not airing it for its subject matter. Laurie is glad it wasn’t aired for a different reason. wth you getting mad at Laurie for? you’re f***in crazy, you know that? Either that or just stupid.

      • James

        The point of getting mad at Laurie is because she is representative of that fascist conservative mindset that says, “I personally don’t like this..so I’m going to keep you from experiencing it”.

      • AshleyBrooke

        James, you’re ridiculous. Because she thinks it’s stupid, and she, of her own opinion, thinks it should’ve been banned on stupidity alone, she’s suddenly part of some mindset? Conspiracy theorist much? How EXACTLY is she keeping you from experiencing it? Can you not do things on your own? And by the way, genius, it’s on the DVD. And online. So go watch it.

      • James

        First of all Ashley, I don’t give a flip about Family Guy. My comment again is about the mindset of her and her ilk and how it applies to real life. The Sarah Palins, John Boehner’s and Breitbarts of the world have that same (I don’t like it so I’m deciding you can’t experience it) mindset. When they’re backed up by people like Laurie, that’s when things get serious. I’m sorry you can’t see beyond your tuesday night entertainment to see the bigger picture.

      • Lebron! @James

        She made a comment. Get over it. Instead of voicing our opinions we should be like Barack Obama and lie or find someone’s as$ to kick? Stop pushing your liberal agenda on an entertainment forum. Go to msnbc.com if you want to have a political discussion.

      • Blah

        How in the heck does Laurie saying she is pro-choice equal her being conservative? I think you should invest in a reading comprehension course, James, before you crawl up someone’s hindquarter (and then learn the difference between the platforms of liberals and conservatives!). She said “This storyline sounds stupid, so I say Fox shouldn’t have aired it based on that alone.” Her comment about being pro-choice identifies her as someone okay with abortion topics, meaning it did not influence her prejudgment on the topic of the episode. Regardless of which side of the fence anyone sits on the abortion debate, I’m with Laurie that it doesn’t sound like good comedy.

    • Adam

      Relax… this whole thing was obviously the producers’ plan from the start: make an episode that would clearly be so controversial that FOX would never air it, then include the “forbidden” episode in the eventual DVD set to boost sales. (i.e. “If you’re a true fan, you’ll HAVE to buy the DVD set now! You won’t see THIS one in the endless reruns every night on FOX/TBS/Cartoon Network/local syndication!”)

      • Agreeable

        You just said it all, Adam. You made the comment that makes the most sense.

      • DeeDee

        I am sure that you are right. Why else do they make sure everyone knows about the episode that didn’t air? People have been getting abortions on daytime soaps for a while now and I don’t see the networks pulling those shows. And Seinfeld showed no more regard for life than the Family Guy does. When George “killed” off his fiancee by buying cheap wedding invitations with poison glue on the envelopes (and who licks that many envelopes) George and friends just shrugged their shoulders and went on about their business, relieved that they were rid of her. So laughing at death is not a reason to pull a show. Is there a limit to how many taboo subjects you can put in one half hour episode??

    • Anne

      Uh, this show is an animated comedy known for “dumb” humor, but you think it shouldn’t have been aired because it “sounds” stupid? In that case, your comment should not have been posted.

    • craig

      you think its stupid so it should never air. I agree. I think Palin, Rush Beck,Hanity and everyone else on Fox news is stupid and tasteless so please based on Lauries logic please never air them again

    • jenn

      why is it ok to air an episode about prom night dumpster babies and not a show on abortion

    • sean

      if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. not everything on television is produced with YOU in mind.

    • mark

      Umm, this is Family Guy. This is what they do. I don’t see anybody stopping Howard Stern from just about everything he does.

      • Amen

        Except the people who forced him off the radio and on to Syrius…

    • Woots.A.Douce.

      Wow. Woot’s a doucheeee. FG only made this episode so it would be controversial. They stopped being funny quite some time ago and decided to be random and controversial to grab the attention of the “new generation”.

  • um…

    The best way to deal with things is to experience them…so I think they should have shown the episode.

    • Liz

      I agree. I think we are way too touchy feely and PC in America and it’s made us all soft.

  • JJ

    It aired in the UK on the BBC with no controversy.

    • susie-q

      That’s because America is like a moody teenager, (we are only a little over 200 you know) who has to have a screaming fit over everything little thing. While Brittan is like an older, wiser full grown adult who knows this too shall pass.

      • DrChocolate

        Seriously Susie-Q? You do realize that jolly old England has as many ridiculous nanny state laws and nothing-better-to-do-protests as we do right? But you might be right, they’re older so they must be better. By that logic China is the BEST and they must have tons of personal freedo…wait…what’s that? Dictatorial communisim you say? Nevermind.

      • Daniel

        Yes, DrChocolate, you are correct. After all they aired the episode we refused to air. … Oh wait… did I just contradict myself as badly as you made yourself sound idiotic?

      • DrChocolate

        Nice Dan. They aired a Family Guy episode we didn’t. So what. You knew The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was banned in England until 1999 then right? By the state. Not the releasing company deciding against airing it. it wasn’t banned here, by either. My argument wasn’t about the banning of entertainment it was that susie-q put forth the ridiculous theory that age of a country effects it’s tolerance level for entertainment.

      • Brian

        I’m pretty sure the decision not to air it has nothign to do with susie-q’s sweeping generalization about all of America and much more to do with the sweeping generalization I’m about to make about at least half of America: they’re obsessed with abortion, and being “pro-life” is an easy way to get to act righteous and loving without actually having to help real people. Ask the same people to spend time fixing the broken lives of millions of people already born and living in poverty and see how far you get.

      • Tony

        I’d trust a pro-lifer to do charity much faster. Why? Because a pro-lifer is actually fighting for an individual who is the most helpless. Abortion kills a life that is trapped, with no voice, in a space just big enough to fit. There is no escape from abortion, no chance to run, no one who even can hear the screams.

        If someone went to an occupied crib and poured caustic fluids in or shoved a chainsaw through the bars, we would be horrified. But out of sight and it’s okay, it’s even celebrated as liberating. Don’t give me self righteous crap about anything until you can fully admit the horror that is abortion. Not as an unfortunate necessity or some BS like that, but the clinical death of a true innocent with no means of defense.

        As far as poverty. The poor have a chance. This is the species that discovered fire, the wheel, went from tents to skyscrapers, isn’t it? Initiative, invention, work, individualism. These are the cornerstones that have always elevated mankind.

        Me, I don’t have a lot, but I make do, and I do it by working at whatever I can get paid to do. I’ve been broke, and I mean change in my pocket is all I have broke, and I moved on. Anyone can do it, I don’t care what circumstance. If you don’t believe that, you are a poison of the human spirit.

        Charity is for disaster relief, anything else is just feeding an addiction to mooching and will never solve anything. We’ve had welfare programs for years and there’s still poor people. And we still give. I wonder why? Oh yes, definition of insanity.

      • Amy

        Tony, cheers to you, my friend, for telling it like it is. You speak THE TRUTH. I am unable to bear children myself, and have never understood people that simply think it’s OK to end the life of an innocent unborn. My husband and I would desperately love to hear the news that we are expecting, but biologically it is not likely to happen. To those who say “It’s no big deal”: Try being 12 years old and having a dr look you in the face and tell you you’ll never have kids of your own, you’ll have to adopt, then maybe you’ll understand why garbage like this is so disgusting to some of us out here. so many people out there are just so self involved and concerned about not having their “rights” trampled on that they have forfeited basic human decency.

  • Karate Pants

    I support a woman’s right to choose AND I occasionally enjoy Family Guy – but I think this episode sounds extraordinarily tasteless.
    I’m not ready (nor will I ever be) to see this topic played out in a mocking, joking way on TV.

    • Anna

      I don’t think I could have said it any better than you just did.

    • Daniel

      Then don’t watch it? Isn’t the best thing about a free society the choice for its people to make their own decisions? Fine. You think it sounds tasteless. Don’t watch it. YAY freedom. But I want to watch it and can’t. Somehow, I think the true freedom folks just kinda lose here.

      • Jason

        I agree with Daniel. This is not a question in the least of pro choice or not. It’s a question of freedom of choice. The episode was censored denying us the right to CHOOSE to see it. Politically motivated censoring is an invasion of our rights, plain and simple.

      • Daniel

        /cheer Jason. If this were Huffingtonpost.com, I would have become your fan by now.

      • Gator

        it is also the choice of the network to decide not to show it. You have your choice, go buy the DVD. They do not have to show every single idea ever thought up in an episode. If they don’t like it, they don’t show it. Their choice.

      • Tsk Tsk

        Should anyone be surprised that 99% of the people rallying for the episode to be aired and making insensitive comments are…MEN?

      • Gabby

        @Tsk Tsk: Um, maybe? Considering that men generally are more pro-criminalization of abortion than women – this is not a gender issue here. This is an issue of political cowardice, and how we’re just supposed to accept that all of the sudden Family Guy cares about being tasteful and let the networks decided for us what issues are too controversial to air.

      • Tsk Tsk

        Kind of weird to be rallying for an abortion episode isn’t it? And it only seems to be the males doing so, likely because they’re less sensitive about the issue.
        Let’s not act like anyone’s civil liberties are being violated because they don’t have the opportunity to watch a cartoon poking fun at abortion.

      • Nan

        Just want to point out that “freedom of speech” means that the government can’t prevent such speech. Privately held entities (such as Fox, etc.) can make the choice not to air such episodes if they so choose.

      • Daniel

        @Tsk Tsk: Does it matter if I’m gay? Where do I fit in your men category?

      • Anne

        Tsk, tsk… I’m a woman and I am VERY upset that the episode didn’t air. I knew someone would just have to cry about mean old men and make women look like whiny nags yet again. Thanks alot.

      • Tsk Tsk

        @daniel: gay or straight, it doesn’t really matter. You don’t have a uterus, so you’re not truly in tune with the issue. I just don’t take men’s feelings about how the abortion discussion is handled seriously. They tend to be automatically less sensitive to the issue, simply because they haven’t been through it nor to they have the innate instincts and unique sensitivity that comes with being a woman capable of bearing a child.

      • Jason

        Tsk Tsk – I’m sorry but that’s pure BS. If you think men don’t have any feelings or emotions regarding it, then try having a baby without a man’s involvement anywhere in the process. That’s the most absurd argument I’ve ever heard. And, indeed, MANY women are pro-choice for the very reason that it’s THEIR uterus.

      • Tsk Tsk

        Jason, you just don’t know anything about this and you’re starting to make an ass out of yourself.
        I am actually a pro-choice woman who has had an abortion and also has children with a supportive father. I’m probably one of the few on this mess of a board who actually has any business having an opinion about abortion. And it’s just not funny. Not in real life, not on TV. I agree with Karate Pants’s original sentiment. The episode, if mocking abortion, would be in poor taste.

      • Jason

        Have you seen the episode? I haven’t. Who says it’s “mocking” abortion? Just because the episode has it as a plot point, it does not mean it’s mocking it. I am completely offended by your belief that others don’t have a right to an opinion on ANY topic (abortion or otherwise), and indeed, if you are pro-choice, you should be for the right for people to voice their opinion regardless of gender or orientation. Do not tell me EVER that I don’t have the right to an opinion. I count myself fortunate that I have not been put into an actual position to need to deal with an abortion, but my now wife and I agreed early on that if something had happened and we were put into that position I would have a voice in what happened. Regardless of whether or not you believe a man should have a right to have a say in abortions, they are no less qualified to have an opinion on the matter, especially if that opinion is that women deserve the right to choose what to do with their own bodies.

        Going back to the episode, taste is subjective. Most would agree actually mocking abortion is offensive, but there are lots of things that are mocked that some people would call offensive that plenty of other people wouldn’t even blink at. You can’t make a blanket statement about what’s in poor taste or offensive, and you certainly can’t tell me what I find to be offensive.

        If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Look at that, you have a choice.

      • Tsk Tsk

        No, I haven’t seen it – and I wouldn’t. This is Family Guy we’re talking about. There is NO chance that they made an episode handling abortion in a thoughtful, sensitive way.
        You come across as a loud-mouth know-it-all on this board, attacking everything that moves. But you just don’t have enough life experience to pass judgement about this issue. You’ve never had a child, certainly not one growing inside of you. So just stop.
        I think the thing that you REALLY fail to see is that no one is violating your personal liberties and constitutional rights by refusing to air the episode on FOX. FOX didn’t run it because they found it to be controversial enough that they anticipated losing advertisers and money by airing it. So they passed. You can watch it on video.
        Is HBO violating my rights by choosing not to run “Human Centipede”? No.
        Wise up, dude.

      • Jason

        No, not everything that moves – just insensitive and ignorant posters. Again, how DARE you say “I don’t have enough life experience.” You have no idea how old I am. You have no idea what my friends and family have gone through. Maybe I have a sister who’s had an abortion. Maybe a friend or a cousin. I said my wife and I have not had to deal with it, but that’s ALL you know about me. You remain single-minded and offensive in your attacks. You’re also wrong in saying personal civil liberties aren’t being violated. Maybe mine aren’t, but censorship is a tricky, slippery slope. I don’t think ANYTHING should be censored UNLESS, and ONLY unless, the thing directly hurts another in the making of it(for example, snuff films). I seriously doubt this episode would hurt anyone if it aired. However, censorship at a corporate level is despicable.

        I can understand FOX’s reason financially for not airing the episode. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. What I don’t understand or agree with are the people on this board with no financial interest saying the episode should be banned from viewing because they’re offended by it. You don’t like it, fine, don’t watch it, but why are you supporting, from a moral point of view, the right of a corporation to censor the work of an artist?

      • @Jason

        Wowww. I’m pretty sure your life experiences don’t measure up to Tsk Tsk’s and u haven’t personally been thru what she has. Having a sister or cousin or friend that’s been thru that is nothing like going thru it yourself. Why would u argue about it?

    • Wickeddoll

      I’m pro-life, and think the subject matter is not game for comedy – it’s too emotional on both sides (yes, pro-choicers get emotional too) But as another person here said, there is nothing funny about people dying, and a cartoon as silly as this one is anyway, is in over their heads. This is more for “Boondocks”.

  • Ali K

    I don’t know if it’s appropriate unless I see it. I find most of Family Guy funny, but there have been one or two things they have done that have bothered me. With a show like Family Guy, though, that’s bound to happen. I actually think the premise would make a good novel or a film.

    • Daniel

      I am a die-hard family guy fan, and there’s been plenty I’ve despised–the You got AIDS song, any time Brian gets the crap beat out of him. But I won’t be like Laurie and DrChocolate above and deny people the right to decide on what to watch just because I don’t agree with it.

      • Lala

        God, can you read? They never denied anybody the right to watch it. They aren’t the Fox execs who refused to broadcast it nor are they picketing stores that sell the dvd. They don’t care if you want to watch it. They are just happy that Fox didn’t broadcast it and they thankfully missed out on that mess of an episode.

    • KingBrian

      Is that you?? Ali K?

  • Zoe

    Abortion is legal, period. So is free speech. But it does not surprise me that the same company that airs Fox News killed this episode. And as far as the tasteless argument goes….have you watched anything on South Park in the last 10 years? I like South Park, but “tasteless” can’t begin to describe some plots and events on that show!

    • Mike

      Yea, South Park is on Cable, not free broadcast television. Different S&P (standard & practice) rights and issues. Wise up before you try and make a point.

      • Daniel

        Indeed. Wise up beforeyou try and make a point. Except Seth MacFarlane has stated time and again that he pretty much gets to do what he wants. He has stated he thinks Murdoch is a businessman first and a Republican second. To quote Seth, “as long as we make Fox money, they don’t care.” So, hyes, Zoe, wise up before you try to make a point. … Oh wait. Sorry Zoe. Mike. Yea. Mike’s the tool here.

      • Daniel

        If you promise to wise up, Mike, I’ll promise to not screw up spacing and type words like “hyes”. Stupid booze. Screws up my typing.

      • Bfleet

        Mike, you’re a DB (douche bag).

  • scott

    What’s the danger in putting anything on TV that human beings are exposed to in real life? It seems to me like an outdated mentality, to ban certain taboo subjects from television because they represent parts of life that we’d rather not acknoweledge. Only children require protection from disturbing material, and no decent parent would lets their kids watch Family Guy anyway. I’m not sure I would watch this episode myself, but I don’t appreciate anyone else deciding for me what’s “too offensive.”

    • Jason

      Exactly. The problem is people in this country have become afraid to actually PARENT their children. I’m not a parent myself, but I’ve been a teacher for nearly a decade and I see it all the time: the kids run the show at home. If the kid wants it, they get it. I can’t tell you how many of my 7th grade students LOVE The Family Guy. It’s a great show, but it’s completely inappropriate for them. If they are watching, then a parent either is failing, or a parent is actually sitting with them and explaining what they are seeing (I’ve seen it both ways). Either way, the decision SHOULD fall on the parent, not a faceless corporation to decide what kids should watch. If the argument is it’s too offensive for adults, then the network is condescending and, I believe, contradicting the first amendment.

      • Daniel

        My friend Jason again! I want to know you in real life. You’re epic!

      • Hobbes`

        I’m so tired of people trotting out the first amendment as the right to have anything you want put out for public consumption. Do you have the right to state any sort of religious or political opinion without fear of imprisonment? Yes. Do you even have the right to make comments on the internet that make you sound like an uneducated and petulant child, demanding your every desire be met? Yes. However, does a corportion have the obligation to broadcast something they think may not be in the best interest of their company and may in fact hurt their bottom line? Yes. It happens every day when publishers send reject letters to wannabe authors, and journalist decide to ignore news stories because it might cast their favored party in an unflattering light. Deal with it.

      • Ben

        I believe you mean “no” for your last question, Hobbes, but otherwise you earn 10,000 points for pointing out how stupid Jason is.

      • Nan

        Hate to post the same message twice, but just want to point out that “freedom of speech” means that the government can’t prevent such speech. Privately held entities (such as Fox, etc.) can make the choice not to air such episodes if they so choose.

  • Jay

    I hate that ANY network would just arbitrarily make a decision that something is inappropriate.
    Censorship is wrong in any form and should be done away with.
    And, yes, I have children. I will decide what I think is appropriate for them to watch, I dont want some exec sticking his nose in my business.

  • Franky

    The best way to ensure fans buy the DVD is to include an episode that is only available on there.

    • Mike

      Game. Set. Match. LOL

  • Daniel

    I saw this episode on UK tv. It’s not unlike any other family guy episode. It is highly offensive, and highly hilarious. FOX not airing it is bs, if someone doesn’t want to watch it, they don’t have to watch it, but to deprive people the ability to watch it is rediculous. Shame on you FOX.

  • Lauren

    I live in England and have seen the episode and while it is not particularly tasteful or sensitive it is no worse than any other Family Guy episode. Personally I think this is a marketing ploy to encourage people to buy the DVD.

  • Tyler

    I saw the episode. There were certain parts, some not even pertaining to the plot, that were pretty funny, but the episode as a whole was just alright. That being said, there was nothing that was tasteless about it…for Family Guy. The topic was satirized just like many others on this show, but because the subject matter hits a little close to home for some, Fox decided to pull it. This is similar to Comedy Central not airing the complete 201st episode of South Park.

    • daniel

      where did you see it?

      • Bfleet

        Just google family guy abortion torrent, and I’m sure you’ll figure it out from there.

  • Jim

    Groan! There was an episode of Maude with Bea Arthur that dealt with abortion over 30 years ago that aired on U.S. TV. Kind of pathetic that this many years later, people are even more uptight about it!

    • Ben

      Yes, how could someone possibly be uptight about the idea of someone savagely butchering their own unborn child for their own selfish fulfillment?

      • Daniel

        It’s a medical procedure.

      • Chris

        Savagely Butchering?! Selfish Fulfillment?! You need an education, Ben!!

      • Ben

        Um, the only “education” I could receive that doesn’t support both assertions I’ve made is one from the pro-death baby-killing mill of the propaganda arm of Planned Barrenhood.

  • Nick B

    I don’t really understand why it’s so controversial, and I actually happen to be pro-life. What is the problem with the episode? The sitcom Maude had an episode that addressed abortion way back in the 70s. But apparently it’s too touchy in 2010? Are we moving backwards? Being a pro-life individual, I still understand that abortions are legal, and they will probably never be illegal. If a TV show wants to address it, let them. It’s no big deal. Freedom of speech, please. I hate censorship.

  • Mike

    Why don’t we just air free porn on NBC since people will have to deal with in at some point in their lives? Makes sense to me. Who cares if little kids are watching? Drop that baby right on free broadcast TV. Idiots, all of you…

    • Dave

      You’re the idiot, comparing porn to a TV show addressing abortion.

    • Daniel

      Arg. Mike. You’re silly. Ok, why not air porn on NBC. I’ll still ask, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!?

    • Kylie

      If kids are watching Family Guy it’s the parents fault. Just cause it’s animated doesn’t make it kid-friendly.

    • redvector

      Hey, if NBC aired free porn maybe somebody would actually watch thier shows.

      • Blah


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