Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 9

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCSomebody asked me via Twitter this week how the show changes after we get to the hometown dates. That’s a great question, especially because it really had an impact on what happened with Frank this week. Once we get to the hometown dates, everything is cranked up a notch. The guys really don’t see each other anymore — except at the rose ceremonies. The process becomes a lot more personal and emotional, and each guy has a lot more time to think about his own relationship with Ali — or in Frank’s case, to think about other relationships as well. I’ll give you my thoughts on Frank in just a bit, but first let’s discuss our final two men.

Although it was a wild rollercoaster ride to get here, I truly believe Ali has narrowed it down to two really good men. As you heard on their date, Roberto opened up and told Ali he’s falling in love with her. This was huge for Ali, as she’s always been a little worried Roberto was just too good to be true. One funny story from their date to that heart-shaped island of Tupai: Roberto picked up Ali and ran into the water. Well, guys do that expecting the water to get deep, and therefore they dive right in. Except that in Tahiti, it never really gets deep unless you run out about half a mile. Roberto quickly realized this and just stopped and laughed.

Ali also heard what she needed to from Chris this week. How moving was it when they were sitting by the pool in the fantasy suite and he hugged her and said “God I love you”? You can just tell with Chris that it’s taken a great effort for him to get to this point, and he seems almost relieved to feel this way again about a woman.

Now let’s talk about Frank. I knew he was going back to Chicago to see his ex Nicole before he joined us in Tahiti. It was my understanding that Frank felt like before he could fully give himself to Ali, he needed closure on his relationship with Nicole. I understood this and actually respected the fact that he felt that strongly about it. Obviously, everything changed once he saw Nicole. The day I went to talk to Frank, I was still under the impression he had officially ended things with his ex and was ready to move on with Ali. Once I heard he wanted to talk to me that morning, I assumed something was up. Talking with Frank was difficult. I had gotten to know the guy pretty well, so I knew this was tough on him. Even though I knew he would be hurting Ali, and I was disappointed in him for that, I have to admit part of me felt a little sorry for him. I think he overthinks situations and — though I hope I’m wrong — I’m not a hundred percent sure he knows what he really wants right now in his life. I do hope I’m wrong, and I hope he and Nicole truly do love each other and find happiness together.

Much like Jason Mesnick did with Molly, Frank took a huge risk, knowing full well that most of America would be angry with him, but he did it anyway. As you could tell, Ali had absolutely no idea about any of this when she arrived that day for what she thought was going to be a romantic date. She was floored. Looking back at their relationship, though, was this really a huge surprise? Ali and Frank always seemed to have something hanging over their relationship. How many times do people try to change the bad boy, fix the problem, or become the caretaker in a relationship, and how many times does that actually work out? We’ve all done it, and we can all relate to exactly what Ali went through with Frank. I do have to give Ali major props for the line she delivered to Frank when he said that he, too, gave up everything to be here. She quickly replied “apparently not everything.” Well played, girl.

When I walked out to sit by Ali on the beach, she was crushed. I felt so bad for her. I know it’s hard for viewers to understand, but even on a good day, this process will make you question everything about yourself. For this surprise to happen this late in the process made Ali so vulnerable and feel so weak and helpless, and I hated that. This situation was completely different than Justin leaving earlier. Her relationship with Frank was very real, and she could already see a life together with him. To have the rug pulled out from under you at this point can be devastating. I was really proud to see that after a good night’s sleep and time to reflect, she showed up to deliberation with a really good perspective on life again.

I really look forward to reading your comments on Frank this week. How do you think he handled the situation with his ex Nicole? How do think he handled the situation with Ali? Does is make any difference to you if he ends up living happily ever after with Nicole? Again, the guys don’t see each other before the rose ceremonies, so they had no idea Frank was gone. You couldn’t really tell on the show, but once Roberto got there, I walked off as if I was going to get Frank. I was really just waiting for Ali to get ready. I walked back up the stairs alone, and Chris and Roberto were completely confused. Ali did a super job explaining the situation.

Some of you might ask: Would Frank have gotten a rose if he had stayed? The answer is maybe, but we’ll never know. As you saw at this point, Ali is in love or falling in love with all three of these guys. There is very little separating them at this point. That’s what makes this season so compelling. In seasons past, it’s been more cut and dry, and the choice seemed obvious. That’s just not the case this year.

Before I sign off I want to say a little something about the beautiful country of Tahiti and the island of Taha’a. Because of this show I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to the most beautiful parts of this planet. It’s very rare that you’ll hear so much hype about a place, and that place will live up to all that hype, but Tahiti absolutely did. As Ali told you, next we’re off to Bora Bora, but before the finale, it’s the “Men Tell All” episode. I’m looking forward to seeing most of the guys again. We have some great stuff planned that I know you’ll enjoy. Is it true what I heard about Kasey? Guess we’ll all find out together next week!

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  • Madd

    Chris makes me melt. He’s soooooo dreamy!

    • dartwoman63

      I think Chris is great and he seems like the most normal down to earth guy ever to be on the show, when he talks it doesn’t seem scripted but I do think that Ali is looking for a big glamorous career and Chris is happy being a landscaper in Cape Cod. If Ali doesn’t pick him please don’t make him the next Bacherlor and ruin what seems like a nice sensible guy.

      • kaf


      • Elmer

        ditto ditto!

      • Hope

        I totally agree.

      • Lace

        I concur. He’s just a little too real for Reality TV, which is a good thing.

      • Darci

        It is always easy to remember the good things about an ex when your not with them, but the truth is they broke up for a reason. Will history repeat itself? Who knows, I just hope Frank knew what he was doing and doesn’t find himself with regrets later on saying what if I would have stayed. Even if Frank would have stayed and Ali would have chose him in the end I think it would only be a matter of time before the drama would get to her. I think she truely loved and cared for Frank, but lets face it he’s been kinda dramatic from the begining. She is probably better off this way. I would have loved for her to have kept Ty around. Just saying…

      • Tracy

        I really want Ali to pick Roberto because I want Chris L.! He’s too good a guy to be the next bachelor, not a fame monster. I would totally move to MA for him. :-)

      • Juneau

        Completely agree with Darci. Frank and Nicole broke up for a reason and the chances they’ll make it now are slim. I think the reason Frank was thinking about her during this process is his insecurity. He couldn’t stand the thought of Ali not picking him (an issue the whole time) so, in order to protect himself from heartache, he finds comfort in the past and that’s Nicole. So many of us have thought of/called/idealized an ex when we are heartbroken over another. It’s human nature. Frank was unwilling to risk his heart for Ali – end of story.

      • bachelorette

        what you all seem to forget is…
        Chris L is ON the BACHELORETTE now!
        as in, if we were really just a normal guy, he wouldn’t have gone on a reality dating show to look for the love of his life.

        So, if he’s down with being on The Bachelorette, I’m SURE he can hang with being The Bachelor just fine.

        As soon as I saw Chris L climbing that stone tower in epi 1 of the bachelorette, I knew he’d be the next The Bachelor. He’s like the East Coast / Cape Cod version of Tom Hanks in Sleepless In Seattle.

      • Shannon


        I’ve said it before, but for the first time in the entire time I’ve watched this series, I’ve become emotionally invested in someone as a person. I genuinely care what happens to Chris. I truly want him to be happy, marry a wonderful woman who deserves him, and live happily ever after in Cape Cod. He’s so real, so down-to-earth, and so unscripted. The moment by the pool where he said, “God, I love you,” I immediately teared up. He was so uninhabited, so REAL. I love the guy.

    • Natalie

      Hehehe… if I was Chris Harrison, I’d totally take all of these “Chris is hot” comments to be about me and not Chris L. You’re commenting on his blog after all. So yeah, take these as compliments, Chris! I know I would! :)

      P.S. Roberto for the next Bachelor! :)

      • Tracey

        Haha! I thought the same thing! Chris L. Who? Chris Harrison, you are one HOT host! ;)

      • cryan

        Chris Harrison, your wife and children are so lucky to have you come home to them. Of course, I am thinking that you are just as “together” with them as you are with us!

        About 4-5 weeks ago, I posted somewhere that IMHO something was wrong with Frank and that he was going to go postal! I got that from his eyes and body language. I am sincerely sorry that I was right.

    • Beth

      Chris has his moments, he looks a little like Tom Brady, he is sincere. Roberto is so much more confident and face it he’s really hot. Not a conceited bone in either of them, they are both fun and down to earth….she has a tough decision to make.

      • Mama’s Jwls

        Completely agree! They are BOTH great guys!!! Though, I am a little more inclined to choose Roberto.

      • Wendy

        I think Chris, though I really like him, looks like Lurch (addams family) :-)

      • Esther Ingber

        To me, Chris has a resemblance to Paul Newman!

    • Cookies007

      I think you are completely right about Frank. He has NO IDEA what he wants from love right now. He seems lost and has seemed lost this whole time. I never really felt him for Ali, which surprised me she kept him around this long. Just something seemed to be holding him back. I dont dislike Frank, but Im sure he could have come out with this a few weeks back. Poor Ali.

    • SJB

      No one points out that Ali herself dropped out of last season right near the end… albeit for a job, not an ex? Isn’t that just as bad as what Frank did?

      • Jennifer

        I agree and am surprised you’re the first to mention it, SJB! She dropped out late in the process after a home town date and I think this is the exact same timing. Also, she has feelings for TWO other guys, is making out with TWO other guys and then she’s all pissy that Frank is doing the same?? Anyone of the guys she would have let go could have said, “I thought we had something going..I gave up everything to be here!”. I thought she was a bit of a hypocryte…especially since she made the big deal about the selection being a two way street. Frank didn’t pick her and she does not like the taste of the medicine she dishes out every week.
        She still has 2 great guys to pick from which is more than most daters have.
        She seemed to be over it the next day and handled it with class when telling the other 2 guys what happened.

      • alex

        great point! and one would wonder if she was really bashing her own move in terms of what she did, but…with jake showing his true colors I think there are no regrets there…

        I just hope Frank isnt the new bachelor…no…not another set up.

      • Melissa

        I 100% agree and have been thinking the same thing as Jennifer. At least Frank was honest with his feelings or at least trying to figure them out. Love/infatuation is not always so cut and dry as a TV show!

    • EJ

      Chris L. for the next bachelor! Since it’s already been blown that she doesn’t choose anyone. I want to cry!!!

      • coolcanuckchick

        I agree EJ!! I can’t believe she’s alone having 2 great guys to choose from. I wonder what the hell happened!?

    • Mary

      I loooove Chris and Ali together! Their relationship is playful and sweet. They look like best friends. Roberto is definitely easy on the eyes and it would be great to watch a few more weeks of him on the next Bachelor. But I’d like to put in a vote for Kirk and Ty, also. Kirk is a good guy, and Ty, wow, what a cowboy!

  • Scooter

    good riddance to Frank! i disliked him from the get-go. never could see what Ali ever saw in him (physically, emotionally or personality-wise).

    • Katharine

      I totally agree Scooter.

    • Sky

      My thoughts exactly, Jennifer. How can Ali be so mad at Frank for leaving when she is ‘dating’ and ‘fantasy-suiting’ with 2 other guys?? I’m no fan of either of them and really couldn’t see them together, but rejection is a two-way street. They each rejected people along the way that had feelings for them. It’s kind of sick that Ali wanted Frank to stick around while she decided whether she wanted to keep him or not. But then, the whole premise of the show is sick.

  • Karen

    I loved ali and frank. I hope one day maybe not right now but one day frank regrets not taking a chance with ali and that one day he’ll man up and somehow ends up with ali again. They had the strongest connection that i’ve ever seen on the show.

    • bummed

      I liked Frank, too, and I think Ali was completely falling for him. But I have to say that he was not “husband material,” and if they had landed up together it would have undoubtedly ended shortly thereafter. Frank is way too neurotic and would have sabotaged the relationship later, so it’s better that he did it now. I think both Roberto and Chris are great choices for her, and both will be great husbands, so now she can’t lose!

      • DonnaD

        @ bummed – I couldn’t have said it any better. I totally agree w/everything you wrote. I would only add that they’re all young and will learn from the school of hard knocks…as do we all ;-)

      • Alex

        Bummed I completely agree! Frank and Ali were so turbulent and yes relationships have ups & downs, but it was like he constantly needed reassurance and possession. I adore both Chris L. and Roberto. Personally, if it were me I would pick Chris L. since it appears that Ali has better well-rounded chemistry and not just physical (it seems it is more physical with Roberto). However, I am just a viewer….

      • Matilda

        Ali isn’t going to marry either of those guys – she ends up alone in the end. I don’t think she was ever looking for love – she just wanted to be on TV and do some traveling.

      • Juneau

        If we’re honest with ourselves, we are ALL looking for love. I think she’s hoping to have her cake and eat it, too. Fall in love and become a D-list celebrity (with her new guy).

      • Mel

        Why would you have cake in the first place if you’re not going to eat it? I hate that saying!

    • Jess

      I loved Frank and Ali too and I also thought that they had the best chemistry and connection. I saw the potential for something greater so it’s sad that things had to end this way. Yes, Roberto and Chris are obviously great guys, but I never once thought they were the best match FOR HER.

      I still like Frank and I can respect his decision. For his sake, I just hope that Nicole is serious about him and she didn’t just take him back for the TV exposure.

      • Nobody

        Chris, you’re a douche. Do you really expect everyone to believe all that crap from last night? IT WAS STAGED… I feel bad for a guy (you) who has no choice but to continue lying to all of the viewers. Frank was on the show for drama. You really need to get everyone who participates in your fake drama some acting lessons. Nicole and Ali suck. Their performance was the least believable of any I have ever seen on your fake show.

      • Darci

        I agree completely!

      • OMGq

        I totally agree – that whole scene when Frank found his ex – it was just so laughable. He sounded completely fake and insincere when he was talking at her (yes, AT her). She looked confused, bored and extremely clueless. I literally had to walk away from the TV because it was just such bad acting. I agree that Ali & Frank had the best chemistry, but anyone with half a brain knows that Ali is no more ready to get married than a 4 year old child.

      • Sierra

        Tell me please…if it is so fake and you think the show and the people on it “suck”, then why on earth are you on this blog? If you dislike it so much, STOP WATCHING!

        About the comment “I feel bad for a guy (you) who has no choice but to continue lying to all of the viewers.”…I’m sure Chris doesn’t care. He’s the one making all the money and you are the “guy” sitting in front of his computer screen with no life.

    • Karate Pants

      I agree, their connection was undeniable. I think despite leaving for his ex, his feelings for Ali were completely real and sincere. They seemed to have good chemistry.

      • Jenn

        I think Frank was the one that Ali thought she wanted. Not really sure why, but it was clear that despite some of the awkward times and the need to reassure him repeatedly, she still was really into him.
        I think he couldn’t handle the uncertainty and it drove him back into the arms of a sure thing. And I think it’s for the best. Over time, his insecurities would be trying at best. Good luck, Nicole.
        Chris H…good job with being there for Ali. She sure needed a friend. I almost hoped the producers would fly her best friend out after the Frank mess.
        All in all, this has been a great season to watch.

      • Gabbie

        Nobody, why are u even on here if you don’t like the show or the people?
        Please, Go to a blog of something you like and stop ruining everyone elses fun

      • Jess

        I like the show, but I thought the convo between Frank and Nicole seemed fake, too. Why didn’t she have more questions for him? Why didn’t she seem surprised that he showed up and asked for her back? And if he really was going back for “closure,” why did it seem that his only agenda was to tell her that he hadn’t stopped thinking about her? It seemed a little contrived to me. I thought Ali’s reaction seemed genuine.

    • Carla in Houston

      Whatever your feelings about Frank, I think its clear he and Ali had a strong connection. With all of those great guys to pick from, she wouldn’t have wasted her time calming his anxieties week after week if she wasn’t into him. I think he would’ve been her final choice, which sucks for Roberto and Chris L. But I don’t think she and Frank could’ve lasted anyway – too much insecurity on both sides.

  • LydiaD

    I love you also Chris!!!
    Next bachelor is Ali doesn’t pick him. Which I think she won’t.

    • Didi

      I guess she won’t pick Chris L., which is a shame for her. You cannot base your relationshup on physical attraction alone… If that’s what her guts tell her, she might want to look into previous bachelors and bachelorettes- the only ones married have chosen the sensitive one, that they could carry a conversation with. Both Jason and Trista looked beyond the typical girl/guy they would go for and looked for qualities that would make a relationship last. That’s why Trista shocked us for picking Ryan over the hot dude and Jason Mesnick changed his mind when he realized he has nothing to talk about with the head cheerleader…
      If she does pick Roberto, good luck for her. I guess you can really judge the relationship from within, but my guts tell me she is trying to impress him too much and is insecure around him (been there, done that).
      Please don’t make Chris L. the next bachelor, he is too good for that. But Kirk would be great!

      • br

        Ummm… Ryan WAS the hot dude.

      • Karate Pants

        NO, CHARLIE was the HOT DUDE. Gah, I’m still in love with Charlie.

      • Didi

        what I meant is that Trista went for the guy she doesn’t usually go for. She went for the sensitive guy (who was also HOT) and not the charming guy who couldn’t commit. And now Ali has the same choice- the charmer (Roberto) vs. the sensitive (Chris). I just wonder if she makes the chouce that lasts. It appears she isn’t so attracted to Chris, and I guess Trista was attracted to both, just Ryan had the more appealing personality overall.

      • Mama’s Jwls

        I think Roberto has a lot of substance. I really don’t get what you’re trying to say. He’s not a smooth-talker, he’s a total genuine guy who seems crazy about her (and yes, who happens to be HOT!). Hot people can make great spouses too. Just ask my husband… ;o)

      • Kris

        Totally agree with the person that said RYAN WAS the hot dude! Oh man! He is still smokin! But yes, she chose the man that was actual husband material over the person she thought was a ton of fun ( that wouldn’t last) If Ali were to pick Chris, I think they would be the next Trista and Ryan, happily ever after. If she picks Roberto, it will last a few months!

      • Sky

        mama’s jwls–Roberto is HOT alright. Did you see him sweating on the last episode. Good lord! In every scene the sweat was just pouring off of him and soaking his shirt. It was gross.

  • nvcble

    I don’t get how viewers would get angry at Frank. Look, if the guy said he is only going to propose once in his life, damn straight he has better get closure with his ex-girlfriend. Think about it, the ex-gf whom he’s known for two years, versus a tv girl he’s known for only eight weeks? Also, I don’t think Frank deserves the Jason comparison. Jason didn’t try to work his relationship with Melissa. Frank however did.

    • Zakry

      This is why he deserved the crap he is getting – if you have unresolved feelings, don’t go on the show! The break up was still fresh, he had NO BUSINESS attempting a new relationship on television or off!

    • DiMi

      I think Frank and his girlfriend had this all set up before he went on the show. That’s why they sounded like bad actors.

      I also think Frank’s jealousy the whole season was an act.

      I do think he got a bit attached to Ali so he did feel guilty and sad, but I think it was arranged.

  • nvcble

    One more thing.

    I love how the fortune teller in Turkey saw right through him… “you see other girls around…” boo woo

    • sprite

      Call me cynical but Hmmm…Perhaps…Just perhaps,that might have been something suggested to her by the producers since Frank had already told them that he wanted to leave???

      • mjp

        I believe that the producers have a lot to do with a lot that goes on.

      • lori

        I didn’t like Frank from the beginning, too insecure. I don’t respect what he did, why did he go on the show to begin with if he still wasn’t sure about his past girlfriend? I think he wanted to go on these exotic dates and places, he did say he always wanted to go to Tahiti, why couldn’t he have called Ali from Chicago? Easy, he wanted a free trip to Tahiti!!! I don’t like Frank, I think she will be alone or with Roberto.

  • Squirk

    I know Frank felt bad, and he should. I understand that he didn’t want to discuss what he considered an ended relationship with Ali. except for the fact that she went out of her way to reassure him. He was hedging is bet, and that is where he deserves to feel bad. He had every opportunity to explain the fact that his feelings for his ex were an issue. He said she kept showing up in his thoughts, but it was when he saw her in Chicago that things solidified for him. Okay, I get that, except that, for as much as Ali went on a limb to reassure him, he should have been more forthcoming about having residual feelings.

    Not only was Ali hurt, but it could create repercussions that could ultimately hurt Chris and Roberto. (And no, I haven’t read Reality Steve.) Ali is right. Frank was being selfish, even if it was unintentional. I wish him well with Nicole. It would be interesting to find out the reason they broke up in the first place. And probably insightful.

    • LisaH

      The producers made him wait this long. He wanted out a long time ago and had to continue the charade for the show.

      • Sharon

        I agree. He knew he had feelings for his ex all along. I always felt there was a great disconnect between him and Ali, she was trying to force something that just wasn’t there. As for Frank, I think he doesn’t know just what he wants yet. I doubt if he and his ex will work out, he’ll always be looking for the grass to be greener somewhere else while she sits and waits for him to come back to her. I have no respect for him, sorry.

      • Zakry

        Lisa says that like she’s talked to Frank! If he wanted out, what would have been the point of keeping him? Kirk and Kasey would happily have taken his place. There is nothing gained by keeping someone who doesn’t want to be there.

  • tizzylish

    Ali has *the best* two guys left out of all Bachelorette seasons. Hands down. Roberto and Chris are two really fine men. If it were me, however, I would choose Chris without the slightest hesitation. Done. We’re already married in my head. See how easy that was Ali?

    As for Frank? You’re right. He doesn’t know what the eff he wants. He probably paced up and down the aisles on the flight home like a lunatic. Hopefully there were air marshalls on the flight to sit his asss back down.

    • BR

      I’ve married Chris in my head too. That’s it, I married him and put my husband out in the shed.

      • Bev

        Bahahahaaaaa!!!!! and I really mean that!!!!! bahahaaaaa!!!

      • Momofthree

        BR — your comment made me spit out my coffee, I was laughing so hard! I love my husband, but damn, Chris has me feeling weak in the knees!

      • Natalie

        You’re right! Chris Harrison is one hot dude.

        Oh wait…were we talking about Chris L here? :)

      • KJ

        I woke up with a major crush on Chris this morning. After hearing him say “God I love you” on the show last night…..ahhhhhh

      • Naomi

        can my husband stay in your shed too? he can come home to wash the dished and mow the lawn while Chris and I are at the Cape House :P

      • Ann

        I am laughing so hard right now!!! I hope that’s one BIG shed!!!

      • Beth

        BR that is the best comment I have read here LOL!!! Does the husband know?

      • Elle

        BR and Noami – you’re hilarious. I too laughed out loud. I needed that after Frank’s drama. I think Chris has got to be the most loved man in America right now!

      • Mama’s Jwls

        OMG – that is SO funny!!! But I’m glad you put your husband out in the shed for Chris because mine is out there for Roberto… Whooey!!!

    • Beth

      I too, think Chris L will make the best husband for Ali. I liked Frank but his jealousy so early on and his over-analytical personality bothered me. I like Roberto too but I think his and Ali’s career goals will get in the way. Chris has a solid role model in his Dad and will make Ali very happy – if only she can see this too!

      • Steve

        I completely agree and was going to mention this. With Roberto traveling alot, and Ali’s ambition, I can see them drifting apart with time. Chris has a solid foundation, but I am not sure if Ali wants to stay put. Maybe if they can both work together in the same business.


      • @Steve

        Why would Roberto be traveling alot? He’s just a local insurance agent.

      • Katharine

        I don’t know why he travels so much for work, but one of his parents during the home visit asked Ali if she was ok with the amount he travels. Obviously something she and Roberto have talked about, but we haven’t been privy to, due to editing.

  • Jen U.

    I’m not really convinced Frank broke up with Nicole before coming on the show. For them to just decide in one day when he visited her in Chicago that, yes, they are in love and they will be together forever doesn’t ring true. They supposedly broke up for a reason, so how are they going to overcome whatever major problem it was?

    I’d also like to know why Frank, if he knew he was going to break up with Ali, brought a huge suitcase. Did he stay in Tahiti for a little vacation after the breakup? Inquiring minds want the scoop.

    Also, what was up with Chris’ left cheek. Looked like he’d been bitten by a mosquito and swelled up!

    • sprite

      Chris just seems to blush when he gets emotional…which is pretty much any time he is around Ali. Remember Reid on his and Jillian’s date on the snowy mountain and his theory behind red ears?

      • Katharine

        Good thought about the blushing. It also seemed very hot as Roberto was sweating A LOT, so maybe Chris’ redness was a heat rash.

    • Patti

      OMG! That was my total reaction to my husband when Frank showed up with all that luggage. Why? I would have thought he could have said what he had to say then left so they could of rented out the room to a paying guest! And you’re right about his cheek too-I was wondering if it were some type of birth mark. I almost looks like someone smacked him! I must say I would hate to have to decide from what we see on television. Hopefully those Fantasy rooms give her a little more “Insight” to the better man…

    • Karate Pants

      I think he actually has rosacea.

    • mjp

      I think the suitcase was to bring back presents for Nicole.

      • Ellie

        Now that made me laugh. Too funny!!!

    • CindyLoo

      Is everyone actually buying the story that Frank & Nicole were exes? When they were together, not once did either of them say anything about their break-up, or getting back together. She actually told him it was time to “come home”. It looked mostly like she let him go on the show, never expecting he’d be gone that long, and she was pissed that he admitted there was chemistry between him & Ali. Ali hit the nail on the head when she said he hadn’t given up “everything” to be on the show. Props to Ali – who of us hasn’t made excuses for the emotional unavailability of someone we love?

      • Steve

        I understand what you are saying. But I wonder if he was the one who broke with her and she always wanted him back. I don’t know.


      • NP

        Although i feel bad for Ali that he would leave her for another woman, lets not forget that ali left Jake at that exact time. Even though I think she made a good decision she is being kind of hypotricial calling him selfish for staying around that long because she did the same thing.

  • Bobbi

    For the sake of honesty, I think you should let your readers and viewers know that Frank made his decision long before the Tahiti week, and asked the producers to release him. Being interested in nothing but drama, ratings and money in his pocket, Fleiss said “no” and played the story out when things were much more involved and intimate. I swear Fleiss would throw his infant daughter in front of a moving train if it would get ratings. He made Frank look like a jerk, and caused Ali more pain than necessary. It’s Jason and Molly all over again.
    I think Ali has two great guys left. I like Chris, but I think she will choose Roberto.

    • nuffsaid

      That’s what I’ve read too, which really isn’t fair. I guess stuff will come out at the “tell-all” session next week. I reallyl think she was in love with Frank, and these two guys aren’t gonna make it. I bet she picks no one.
      Oh, and the Frank luggage theory — Didn’t he have to fly from Chicago? I’m just thinking he had his clothes in there for the trip -you know what a “fashion plate” he is. ;-)

    • kitkat

      Bobbi, I agree! For those who don’t believe Producers do this to their contestants, just look back and think, Here’s Ali all happy taling about her upcoming date with Frank and NOBODY warned her or gave her any insight to what was about to occur. They filmed him getting back together with Nicole, so they ALL knew! They set her up big time so that the fall would be LONG!!! Is it too far fetched to believe they set Frank up too? I think not!!!! This show sucks! They are so cruel. That includes you, too, CH. You weren’t very supportive to either one and you knew the whole story!! Or did they just edit it so that we (the viewers) didn’t see when Frank came clean and told her how he wanted to tell her, but they wouldn’t let him!

      • carm

        Roberto is “too good to be true.”
        Frank is a thinker and a softy and a honey bear.
        Chris is my husband.
        CH is a douchebag.

    • Steve

      I don’t know Bobbi. All Frank would have had to do is play “bad” guy and not get a rose, unless there was something else in the contract??? I don’t know, just thoughts.

      • Zakry

        Excellent point. How does Fleiss say “no” by the way? Its a TV show, not a prison sentence. Frank could have walked anytime. Clearly, the show has the capability to dramatically display Frank’s absence without him being there (Justin walking through Istanbul with his answering machine messages playing a soundtrack was fantastic!).

        Think a little deeper people.

  • seattle_girl

    I think Ali (and Nicole) are better off without Frank. Although it seems that he was truly distraught over causing Ali such heartache, I think he’s too self-absorbed to be ready for either one of those ladies. I’m not feeling too good about a happy ending for anyone at this point. Chris – I’m curious, do you get to see Ali with her guys any more than what we see on the show? Or do you get to see the same limited amount of time as we viewers get?
    On a positive note, you should definitely wear aqua blue shirts more often Chris, they bring out your sparkly baby blues!

  • JanieB

    Frank is a terrible person. I can’t believe he did this to Ali. What a jerk! I hope Ali ends up with Roberto.

    • Jojo4

      Not sure how we can hate Frank so much when Ali is dumping guys this way every week! Dumping guys who have done nothing wrong and have not seen it coming because she has stronger feelings for someone else (or numerous people). Ali’s about to do it so Chris/Roberto next week when both of them seem like fully intending on getting down on one knee. Just like Ali said, she wants the guys CHOOSING her and if they want to leave, they should. Frank might have waited a bit long to figure out how he felt but atleast he did leave and didn’t play things out for television. So he’s a little confused, better to be safe than sorry!

      • lilly

        well said!

      • kb

        I agree 100% with Jojo. Now I don’t have to write a similar comment. It is already written!

      • Sara

        It’s hard for me to feel sorry for Ali, as much as I’d like too, since her grief seemed so real. But, she is in love with more than one guy and those guys are having to put up with her “choosing” to spend the night with the other guy. Frank’s indecision does not seem out of place, when you consider Ali’s indecision too.

      • kitkat

        Well Said! My husband and I said the exact same thing last night! What the heck? She is going to do that to both the guys in two weeks and that’s going to be ok. because she is the bachelorette. Wrong! Hurting someone is never right, but at least the producers FINALLY let him leave. I see no difference of him picking someone over her as her picking someone over him! Heck, maybe she was going to do that to him the next day! Of course, that would have been ok………..just saying

      • Mama’s Jwls

        That’s the premise of the show. The guys signed up for that. Though, I don’t hate Frank. I think he did Ali a favor.

      • MG

        I thought the same thing.

    • Karate Pants

      Aughhh, so irritated with the Frank hate! Really, what the heck did he do wrong? Picked someone besides Ali? Where’s the crime in that?
      If he was still in love with his ex, he should be with his ex.
      I swear, some of you would rather these people stay in the game than follow their true feelings (as was evident when Brad picked no one, and America hated him for it). Ridiculous.

      • Teresa

        If he is in love with Nicole, he should be with her. But he should have told Ali when he first started having doubts about Nicole. It would saved Ali some heartbreak.

      • Karate Pants

        But it’s not like Ali (or any other Bachelorette/Bachelor) tells anyone the truth when she starts having doubts about them, right? I mean, people are showing up here calling Frank a douchebag and jerk for doing the same thing she does.
        I really don’t doubt that he was unsure about his feelings about his ex when they started popping up, and did want to try with Ali, as they did clearly have a connection.
        Hasn’t anyone ever been through this before?? Been with someone else only to realize they’re really still in love with an old flame? Good for him, he followed his heart and didn’t give a fug about the outcome of a reality TV show.

      • Sharon

        The difference is Ali came to this show and said repeatedly she’s looking for her husband. If Frank was harboring feelings for another woman, then he wasn’t being honest about being a possible husband for Ali. And, if he had these feelings earlier in the season he could have left, or he could have REFUSED the rose when she offered it to him. Meanwhile, maybe Ali would have kept someone else who did have real feelings for her, and had more of an opportunity to get to know them better. That’s why people are knocking Frank, he was dishonest with both Ali, his ex, and the other bachelors.

      • LoliRyder

        I’m with you KP

      • Beth

        I don’t like what Frank did but did you see that guys eyes? He must have been crying the whole way to Tahiti he looked awful I do think he felt bad.

      • PMD

        Actually, I broke up with the guy I was dating and three months later realized my mistake and asked him to come back. We have been married 39 years.

  • seattle_girl

    I have to add that while I find Chris an absolute sweetheart (and he was catching up there for a while), I am team Roberto all the way. One look at the joy on his face when he found out Frank wasn’t there and that he for sure had a rose…*Sigh*. What woman out there wouldn’t appreciate some of that adoration for herself???

    • lilly

      Roberto is an actor

      • Beth

        Do you have proof of that because he was a baseball player, now he is in insurance. He seems sincere to me.

      • julie


    • mel

      …and you could see his eyes light up when she walked in to the rose ceremony. You just can’t fake that. I couldn’t believe Ali was so distraught over weenie, wishy-washy Frank when she has two amazing guys left who are obviously head over heels about her!

    • JQ

      Did you happen to catch the look on Robertos when they mentioned Frank’s ordeal – He looked like he wanted to fight him

  • jm

    you’re a joke. this show is a joke. you guys are pissing people off. your blog is crap and insincere. i feel bad for ali. seriously – all the producers on this show and yourself- souless and gross.

    • Cassie

      I agree wholeheartedly. Chris and the ABC show is just looking for ratings at the expense of this poor girl. TWO guys with girlfriends, and oops, I didn’t know I was in love till I made it to the final 3….what a bunch of %$#%#$%!!!!!

    • jado

      I agree it’s a joke.
      Chris Harrison wrote in this blog “The day I went to talk to Frank, I was still under the impression he had officially ended things with his ex and was ready to move on with Ali.” I highly doubt that you didn’t know Chris. The producers arranged to shoot a scene with a contestant with their ex (unprecedented in Bachelor history) and you would never ask about it, or want to find out what happened? And that nobody on the production mentioned the outcome at that taped reunion to you? Hard to believe.

      • Counting Stars

        Not just that — the scene between Frank and Nicole was clearly shot in a hotel room (there was a bed in the scene, and a very generic sofa). I’ve read it was shot a week or so before Tahiti, so it’s certain that Harrison knew all about it.

      • kalieli

        FYI Counting Stars, I lived in Chicago for 13 years, and I’m pretty sure that was just a regular studio apartment in a typical condo building. It appeared that Frank was walking around in the Gold Coast neighborhood, which has lots of studios. Do you think the producers go into these “civilian cameos” (as Jennifer Armstrong referred to them, also on, love it), and then make a run to Pier 1 imports to spruce the place up before the cameras start rolling? Make sure there are enough pretty pillows and votive candles?

    • Nic

      It is so contrived. I feel like they just assume we are the “lowest common denominator” for watching this show. I’m personally insulted!

      • Zakry

        Then stop watching. Seriously.

    • teekay

      Agreed, I was LMAO as soon as Nicole opened the door in full, ready-for-camera, makeup…

      • mel

        If you are so upset over the show being fake, contrived, manipulative, etc., then why do you watch it? Furthermore, why waste your time posting comments that bash the show, the host, the producers, and the viewers? Those of us who like this show watch it for the pure entertainment, drama, and fantasy that it is, not because we think reality TV is actually reality. Let us have our fun and take your snarky comments and bitterness elsewhere!

      • Counting Stars

        This is actually for “mel” — I think there are viewers out there who are disappointed in how MUCH manipulation and scripting is going on with this show. Watching it for drama and fantasy is fine, but the show (and Harrison) wants us to believe this stuff is real. If it isn’t, then much of the drama and fantasy isn’t very dramatic or fantastic. By pushing the idea that each season has to be “the most shocking Bachelorette ever!” the show is forced to keep contriving things to keep the dramatics going. That’s what people get fed up with. It’s hard to get very emotionally invested in people who aren’t really invested themselves, but are just acting out scenes the producers have written for them.

      • Mari

        This show is totally contrived. I used to love it and still DVR it every week, but I think I actually end up watching about 20 minutes of each episode.

        The drama and manipulations on this show have gotten ridiculous. And although I really want to like Ali, this season (even with the drama) is a complete snooze-fest. YAWN!

      • Zakry

        teekay, do you really think the Bachlorette can arrive unannounced at someone’s door and put them on television? Of course not.

        So, they or Frank, call her and tell her that Frank wants to talk to her and it will be filmed if she’s okay with that. She says okay. Nicole signs a release that she has given consent. There you go – she’s made up and television ready.


    • Sky

      And you are: A very sad and unhappy person.

      • Sky

        The previous comment was intended for JM

  • JH

    I am on team Chris all the way! He is amazing. I love how he gets so giddy & nervous, he is just adorable. I really don’t want him to get heartbroken, but in a way I don’t want him to get picked because I’ve never been too fond of Ali all along anyway. I want to hear more from Frank about why Nicole was an ‘ex’ – when & why did they break up? You don’t just fall back in love with someone that easily, IMO. He definitely should have said something, anything, sooner than this.

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