'Celebrity Rehab' season 4 cast announced: Rachel Uchitel now considered a 'celebrity'

celebrity-rehabImage Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Arun Nevader/FilmMagicVH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew will return for its fourth season later this year, continuing several trends I have a hard time comprehending: Drug Rehab as Entertainment; Drug Rehab as Celebrity Career Boost; and Redefinition of the Word ‘Celebrity’ to Feed the Reality TV Beast. But the show must go on, I suppose, and according to a release from the network, the cast slated to undergo detoxification and treatment at the Pasadena Recovery Center will include the following folks: “Jeremy London (Party of Five, 7th Heaven), Rachel Uchitel (Infamous Party Planner), Janice Dickinson (The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency), Leif Garrett (Musician), Frankie Lons (Keyshia Cole’s Mother), Jason Wahler (The Hills) and Jason Davis (Socialite).”

Contributing to this surreal news is the way VH1 parenthetically describes some people using their TV credits, some using their professions, one via her blood relation to another celebrity, and one in a bizarre code that doesn’t really say why she’s famous at all. That last example, of course, refers to Uchitel, alleged former mistress of Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz. Let’s be honest: If any one of us had been widely reported to have had an affair with a famous married person, then we too might find ourselves on a VH1 series with the chyron “Infamous Office Procrastinator” or “Infamous Homemaker” or “Infamous Corporate Drone.” It’s enough to make me a trifle skittish thinking about the weird potential circle-of-reality-TV life being perpetuated here: Involvement in celebrity scandal leads to celebrity, celebrity + addiction earns a TV gig, which leads to increased fame, which leads to…what? Cure from addiction? Or the loss of one’s televised rehab as a means of publicity?

What do you think of VH1’s show? What do you think about the season 4 Celebrity Rehab cast? And will you be tuning in when it comes back later this year?

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  • GeeMoney

    Rachel Uchitel = barf. Goes to show you that whoring yourself out to a married man is the easiest way to become famous nowadays…. and it makes you wonder what the hell the world has now come to….

    • etm

      I know. God, her skin looks like leather. She looks like she has been ridden hard and put away wet.

      • Dil

        haha. its funny that in the picture above, Rachel Uchitel is the one that looks old.

    • Big Walt

      I feel so bad for Jeremy London. He was doing so well before those two guys kidnapped him and forced him to do drugs. Those bastards!

  • It’s a fact

    The show should not be called Celebrity Rehab / there is no celebrity. Sadly, these are pathetic wanna be’s or wanna have it fame again folks. Better off if they go to real Rehab if they really do have issues. Why bring in the camera. Does not make the process better.

    • ger

      Pretty sure there’s no real “rehab” either. Rehab was hell and brilliant and everything in between. If there were cameras there and I was expected to perform on top of everything I doubt I’d still be clean 2 years (and counting) later.

      • etm

        Congrats on your sobriety! It must be really hard. Good for you for getting help.

      • deb

        Good 4 YOU, Ger!! And I agree, the cameras would have send me packing.. the LAST thing you want/need in rehab is cameras. On another note, man, they are scaping the BOTTOM! I would love to see Leif get his stuff together, tho.. just hope he’s truly ready.– Much Love

    • Carla

      Agreed. I have way more of a problem with the term ‘Rehab’ here than with the term ‘Celebrity’. Jeremy London and Leif Garrett are people with serious problems and need a real facility-not Drew Pinsky’s grandstanding.

      • PhoneFreak

        It is a real facility. I think what Dr. Drew is doing is amazing. He truely care for his patients. I believe this show helps any one, not just celebrities, who are to scared to come foward and get the help they need and shows other’s that they are not alone and have similar stories as the celebrities. Celebrities are humans to, they have real emotions just like the average every day person does. Just because they are well known, it does’t mean they are built perfectly. They are also under a lot os pressure being in the eye’s of the public, and I’m not saying that it’s an excuse for them to break down and use, but they do have a lot of pressue on them being in the public eye. It must be very stressfull on them trying to keep their private and personal life to them selves. Everything like bills, or phones obviously must have to be in a different name so that it can be kept personal and private, and must be annoying that they can’t use their real name. Anyway, I have jumped off my subject here. The shoow does amazing work for those who participate on it and those who watch get to see what they go through and how they get help. And I am most sure that viewers get educated and may use the skilss that are taught to the cast on the show.

  • JC

    I Blame the Media for this Celebrity “title”,There are all up in Tiger Wodds personal life and give this whore the recognition

  • Ceballos

    What is it that Uchitel is supposed to be addicted to…other than sleeping with married celebrities, of course?

    • etm

      Didn’t she supposedly like ambien? I think she’s addicted to tanning too.

    • PhoneFreak

      I wondered the same thing. I saw every episode and don’t recall what she was addicted to.

  • TQB

    Gross. they should change the name of this show to “Vaguely notorious nobody rehab.”

    • deb

      roflmao for sure

  • Melissa

    I have no idea who ANY of those people are. I think it’s time to give this show up…

    • larry

      reminds me of dancing with the supposed stars

  • daisyj

    Five bucks says whatshername will be claiming she needs rehab for a “sex addiction” and there will be at least one tear-filled breakdown over (a) all the men who have used her, (b) how terrible she feels because her “condition” has ruined so many families, or (c) all of the above.

  • Vivi

    I URGE…URGE you guys to watch only for Frankie. She is Keyshia Cole’s mother and she is a certified hot-ass mess. And I say that affectionately. She is guarenteed must see tv!

  • anon

    Isn’t Drew the doctor who urged Lindsay Lohan’s dad to plant drugs on her and call the police, so he could get her on his show? What kind of addictions counselor would do that? I have 23 yrs sober in AA and have never heard of such a thing. I think it would be a big mistake to get involved with this fake DR.

    • E

      Drew Pinsky has his detractors because of his own “celebrity”, but he is a indeed a Dr. His quote about Lohan was to get her into rehab, any rehab, not his show.

      • denagal

        Dr. Drew helped my niece tremendously and I will always grateful to him.

      • denagal

        will always *be grateful to him.

    • bj

      no, he did not say that. what he said was IF he was Linsey’s father he would frame her to get her into a treatmeant plan. he never once said he wanted her in a treatment plan of his. and he meant the staemeant as a hyperbole. which is not meant to be taken literally. s

  • Tammy

    When I first started watching Celebrity Rehab, it was to see how down and low these “over-rated, over paid” famous people got….but then two seasons ago, I got drawn in and saw that they have SERIOUS, SERIOUS issues, which contributes to their addictions. I personally am thrilled to see that Leif Garrett is going to be on this seasons cast. He’s needed a bottom line intervention for years and I am just thankful that he’s at least stepping up to the plate one more time. I met him in 2000, during one of his binges (I’m sure he would deny it, but HELLO, I’m not dumb!) and regardless of being under the influence, he was genuinely a great guy, caring and very thoughtful. Good luck Leif!!

    • disgruntled redhead

      I remember Leif Garrett from his teen heartthrob days, and I, too, am glad he’s trying to get clean again. One day at a time, Leif!

  • John

    Haters… and really a stupid article. Yes, calling it celebrity rehab is a stretch. But A list and even B list celebrities with a chance to get on the A list don’t go on a show like this. Either you like the show for what it is or you don’t. The celebrity status of the participants has always been shakey from the first season this is nothing new aka a non-story. And no dr. drew did not suggest michael lohan do that to get lindsey on the show. As far as Uchitel, she is supposed to have a problem with pills, not sex addiction.

  • Stefanie

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvve this show it’s as real as real gets!!! Ithink Lindsey needs a visit!!!

  • None of these are “celebs”

    I don’t even know who Keyshia Cole is, much less who her mother is….

    • wakeforce

      Keyshia Cole is an R&b star, but I betcha know who Jason Wahler is! Expand your horizons, whitey.

      • Amly

        Thanks for good laugh, wakeforce, your comment cracked me up.

        As for the show, I don’t know that it’s BAD to have a show like this – it has the potential to help other addicts realize they need help.

    • Dil

      I think Keysha Cole is that one who tries to act like lady gaga and spells her name with a dollar sign.

      • Sarah

        Nope. That’s Ke$ha.

  • wakeforce

    AND..VH1 and Dr. Drew need the ratings!

  • Sue

    Actually, I don’t blame news reporters, the real blame lies with all the people who WATCH this stuff! I have two words to live by when it concerns trash like this: Don’t watch, and it will go away! I also like the word “Boycott”!

    • and yet you’re commenting on the story and you’re clicking on it, increasing its traffic. genius.

      • Bonnie

        eh, reading and commenting doesn’t give a show ratings, and I agree with Sue, I wouldn’t watch that crap.

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