This week's cover: 'Green Lantern' heats up Comic-Con

EW-1112-cover-comicconFanboys of the world, get ready to go green. As all of Hollywood (and many a costumed nerd) gears up for next week’s Comic-Con convention in San Diego, EW provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of next summer’s highly anticipated superhero movie Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan, a cocky test pilot who becomes a ring-wearing intergalactic superhero in this massive sci-fi epic from director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). Though Reynolds has prior experience in the superhero realm from his role as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, playing Green Lantern involved some major challenges, like getting hurled through the air on a wire at up to 60 feet per second to create the illusion of flight. “The first time you do it, you’re seriously considering an adult diaper,” Reynolds says. Still, he couldn’t resist the chance to play the beloved DC Comics hero, whose power ring can conjure virtually anything he can dream up. “Will and imagination are his superpowers,” Reynolds says. “We need a circus of Timothy Learys to think of things Hal would invent with his ring.”

For more on Green Lantern, plus sneak peeks at other geek-tastic projects making a splash at Comic-Con, from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to Thor to Tron: Legacy and more, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands July 16.

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  • LOL

    INCEPTION deserves a full cover.

    • Frank Anderson

      So true! While I think this cover is a good choice as well, not giving Inception a week rather than giving this far away movie a cover seems like a bad idea.

      • Devin Faraci

        Nice to see EW already pumping up a WB movie a freaking year ahead. CORPORATE SYNERGY!!!!

      • didi

        Comic-Con is at the end of the month. Of course they’re going to give the cover to a comic book movie.

      • Des

        If Inception does well at the box office then I am sure EW will do a cover next week

      • disgruntled redhead

        Des, that’s part of what caused me to cancel my subscription to EW (along with the constant Twilight covers): EW used to be ahead of the curve in covering pop culture, but now they’re two or three steps behind. I noticed it with Avatar. It took them three weeks to devote a cover to Avatar, and by the time they did, Avatar had already broken records and was a world-wide smash. Now Inception, probably the most anticipated movie this summer is coming out, and they’re waiting to see if it’s a hit BEFORE they commit to a cover? Sad. Not the EW I used to love. I still read the magazine and enjoy the articles, but the magazine has changed, and not for the better, IMHO.

      • Rasha

        If Inception has a great weekend, they could feature it next week!

        I’ll never complain about Ryan Reynolds on the cover of a magazine, especially when abs (CGI or otherwise) are visible!

      • sharon

        Inception looks great, but the idea of entering into someone else’s dreams reminds me of a movie a long time ago called Dreamscape.

      • R.M.S.

        It’s called a scoop. This is the first image from a highly anticapated movie. It’s gonna give EW some attention, for the time being!

      • Mcfly

        Yes also this week they also have YET ANOTHER story about Buffy the Freakin’ Vampire Slayer!!!! Will this magazine ever get over it’s obsession with her!? It’s beyond to the point of being freakish. FIND A NEW OBSESSION ya nerdy little jerk-offs.

      • Valdenice

        Me parece muy buena actirz, cantante y es muy extrovertida alegre.y buena la novela que estan dando la de amor sincero.Tiene una hija muy linda y que va ser tambien cantante como tu, por que no canta muy lindo.y ademas actua muy bien. como tu.

    • Slugo

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      • LOL

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      • Slugo

        I am not FAT!

      • ogreslayer

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      • Slugo

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      • interested

        Is it really…?

      • Joe

        but you are a virgin?

      • number1lover

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      • number1lover

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      • Chelsea

        I am…cute too.

    • Wil


      • Kal

        I agree that you’re a douche.

      • number1lover

        leave wil alone

      • Sasha Grey

        @ Wil – stop wasting space on the internets with dumb post, it’s a waste and i’m sure you are too!
        @ Rasha – shut up and drink a four loko!

    • C Men

      Twilight needs a cover.

      • jimmy smith


      • nate

        twilight is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gay. its for queers and 9 year old girls who are boy crazy for the first time… its hands down the worst movie series ever. id rather watch a monkey rape a dog.

      • Jenn

        wow!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!! My 11 year cousin is bored with it by now….its overated and retarded!!! I haven’t seen any of them, but Im pretty sure I don’t have to to figure its gay!!….and nate…seriously laughed out loud, just the visual of a monkey raping a dog is hilarious!!! And I totally agree!!!

      • killer666

        twilight is gay

      • zacharyhart

        Will everyone stop making fun of twilight just because it’s cool to do? I mean I don’t like it, but all the making fun of it is out of control.

      • claude

        wow – homophobia is still running rampant in the minds of the ignorant. how about twilight is lame as ‘nate’, or how about, twilight is so jenn, you know, as in jenn = a boring tart. better yet, twilight is so douchbaggy killer666. or why not just describe a lame movie as ‘american’, as in, twilight is so american.

      • Kris

        Twilight sucks! You are just not ready for any real good movie because you are stuck inside a fantasy filled with ugly Twilight stars. They are not cute. Personal Knowing.

    • Brian Urso

      and your an idiot

      • tom

        yes he is but twilight needs to die for kiiling the rep. of all vampires.
        no more cool ones like from blade or buffy or

      • vader1013

        far be it for me to point out the glaringly obvious irony in your statement, but the correct spelling is “you’re”.

    • The one

      No, it doesnt.

  • Ayn

    I’m such a nerd… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COVER! And… am very much looking forward to this movie. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

    • The Real Dustin

      As a Hal Jordan enthusiast, I’m not a huge fan…so far. No white in the uniform, the ring is off. And why exactly does the uniform have the lines? If you CGI the uniform, there is the ability to be even closer to the source material. I may be a perfectionist, but first impression is not up to snuff. Plus I’m still wary about Lively as Carol, and I’ll wait to see Sinestro, Kilwog, Hammond and Abin Sur before i get behind this.

      • The Real Dustin

        Although, BRAVO FOR SCOOPING AINTITCOOL AND IGN. It’s been awhile EW, especially with a comic movie. That’s their bread and butter.

      • Tucker

        In perfect agreement with you, Dustin. So far, I’ve seen a few too many missteps in this one. Reynolds casting, Lively’s casting, the CGI suit, Parallax in the first film, the completely off-track tagline for the one-sheet (“Anyone Can Be Chosen” misses the point entirely). Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong and Martin Campbell directing are the only things that continue to give me some hope for the film.

      • JackielynNichole

        its the new age, alot of things have changed, things arent gonna be the same, ya kinda gotta get over it OR make the movie yourself, damn trolls always have something bad to say…

      • Tucker

        We’re trolls because we have a differing opinion? Yes, there are changes made in adaptations. Doesn’t mean they are the right changes.

      • Zayne

        I agree. They seem to be picking the wrong things to change. I don’t need a carbon copy of the comic costume but I thought the CG suit would allow them to at least resemble or include nods to the comic costume. Maybe it will look better in motion but this picture was a disappointment for me.

      • The Real Dustin

        @Jackie. I agree, things have changed. But you run an Eisner winning, top selling, monthly book with Hal Jordan as the main character in a uniform that has become synonymous with the green lantern image, I’d say that image is fairly current. Although he is not the Pop Culture cornerstone that Batman and Superman are, Green Lantern is a COMIC BOOK icon with fans both young and old. He deserves the same faithful treatment that Batman and Superman have recieved. And for the record, Trolls basically hate everything, regardless. I didnt say I hated the costume, but from flames on Optimus Prime to Batnipples a fan would be ignornant not to be cautious about adaptations, especially ones they are passionate about. Harry Potter’s glasses arent the current style, but imagine the outrage if they had changed them for the films. Oh…and suck it.

      • The Real Dustin

        oh, and i just realized that the uniform is very similar to ION, aka Kyle Rayner AKA 90’s mistake AKA Poor Man’s Hal Jordan(See pic, GUY GARDNER BETTER BE MAKIN A CAMEO.

      • FrankB

        @JackielynNichole – Perhaps you should learn the definition of an internet troll, before you make slanderous comments? Here’s a definition: “One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers. He will spark of such an argument via the use of ad hominem attacks (i.e. ‘you’re nothing but a fanboy’ is a popular phrase) with no substance or relevance to back them up as well as straw man arguments, which he uses to simply avoid addressing the essence of the issue.” This does not describe someone’s post that offers a dissenting opinion or constructive criticism.

      • Zugga


        Perhaps you should learn the definition of the word slander before you throw that around too?

      • cryan

        Some of trolls, nerds, dweebs, guys, fellows, and males need to GET A LIFE! Haven’t read the material and probably never will. Something tells me you folks aren’t interested in the plot anyway. As for me, have adored Van Wilder…OOPS, I mean Ryan Reynolds, for years. Will be seeing this movie at least once! Ask me if I care that the suit has lines!

      • Andrew Jones

        I agree with you. There was no need to change the costume. Its not like the one in the comics is hard to reproduce. I mean if they can make a sdipey costume that is spot on why not a GL. The lines are terrible. This was an unessesary change. Why do these people always fell the need to change what has been used for years without fail when a comic makes it to the big screen. At least they kept the symbol the same. And a cgi costume? Why? My guess is due to the glowing lines on the suit that will probably get brighter the more he draws on the ring. Not good. Thor costume looks good, Batmans was OK, Supermans was fine, Spideys was great and so on, but a simple GL costume they need CG for? Wonder how bad they will mess up the other GLs costumes that are featured in the movie. Look it the glowing green line corps!!!!! With all green flashing costumes!!!!

      • Mitch Logan


    • zeezee

      OMG…LOVE this cover and him….I need a cigarette now….

      • Carah

        Lol, me too! He is freaking sexy! Of course men will hate, jealousy is ugly…but Ryan Reynolds is beautiful! I will watch the movie for him if nothing else.

      • YUCK

        I just spouted on my keyboard cause of the cover shot and I am a guy.

      • hereticrick

        I’m a girl and I still hate him. There are enough hot guys in Hollywood that I can at least demand an actor of decent ability in my movies. Blech Ryan Reynolds.

      • cryan

        zeezee: I hear ya girlfriend!

      • number1lover

        i would love him to have one night with him

      • Hoothoot

        …He looks like a homunculus.

      • Hughie

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  • Slugo

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    • number1lover

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      • Nami

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  • harry


    • Magdelina

      A million thanks for psoitng this information.

  • PDT

    Tears just came to my eyes.

    • darclyte

      Same here.

  • Dave

    re: the sneak peeks biline … no one cares about “The New Buffy” … but that cover is orgasmic

    • Andrea D

      My first reaction EXACTLY

    • kris

      umm…i care a-holes

    • Niix Starkyller

      Twilight has the emotional depth of a bad Buffy episode by a guest writer. It never even approaches the landmark humanity of Buffy’s ‘The Body’ or the creepy charm of ‘Hush’.

    • Niix Starkyller

      …and I obviously attached your comment to someone else’s entirely unrelated post. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • Valerie

    Any chance that Reynolds will show up for the Green Lantern panel on saturday? I’d love to think so, but nothing offical has been announced.

  • Nazz

    I like the suit but the mask is killing me.

    • Frank Anderson

      What? You don’t like ANGRY EYES!!!!??

    • Monica

      Me too! I think the Kyle mask would be better with this suit. This mask looks too cat-like

      • Shaun

        I’m definitely not liking the suit.. (What’s with all those weird lines?), but about the mask… Is it just me, or does Reynolds look sort of like Ben Stiller with that thing on? Reynolds wasn’t my first choice at all, but I was willing to give him a shot. I hope I can take this thing seriously now.

      • Zach

        Yes, Shaun, yes

      • Storm

        It is not just you. I totally thought the same thing for a few seconds even though i totally new Ryan R. was cast for the role.

    • Wil

      I agree with this completely. It looks so fake and awkward!

    • jimmy smith

      I FARTED

      • number1lover

        can i smell it?

    • Enes

      providing prnimamrgog languages through web-based interfaces to untrusted customers is probably still not a good idea, and Smarty *is* a prnimamrgog language. :-/ Simple replacement (block-and-loop) templates will do the trick there in almost all cases. Smarty is overkill for that purpose, but other low-powered template systems might be sufficient.

  • Melissa

    Is it wrong that I think he looks like Will Ferrell?

    • Monica

      HA! No I see it too…

    • Javier

      I thought he looked like Will Ferrell too! LOL

      • jimmy smith


  • Doug

    I agree with LOL that Inception deserved an EW cover over a film that won’t be out ’til next summer. That said, Reynolds looks more like Hal Jordan than I thought he could. Even without the white gloves (boo, WB!), Green Lantern looks cool.

  • jay

    excellent cover!!

  • Brett

    Comic Con is bigger news than “Inception.”

  • David

    It’s unfortunate that he separated his shoulder. I hope it doesn’t affect the remaining scenes to be filmed.

  • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

    Is INCEPTION going to be at Comic-Con? Then hush.

    Seriously, what would an INCEPTION cover story say/reveal? The movie is 95% top secret.

    • LOL

      nope Inception is too cool for that nerd fest

      • Ry

        Yes comic-con, the hub of all cash grabs for terrible films for built in audiences, is more important than Inception, the most artistic film in recent years because it was created by a single genius artist, who is ironically the same guy who made the single most artistically important film in the entire comic-con library DK. Comic-con is more important because films are not art to us Americans, they are a way to pass time when we have convinced ourselves our lives are meaningless. Insane.

      • Kyle

        Calm down, man. If you are talking about movies as an art form, isn’t the interpretation open to the viewer? Some people just want to see the Mona Lisa, and that is it.

        So I’m glad you appreciate the movies for your reasons. But please stop looking down on everyone else for their reasons.


      • Christine

        Damn, Ry, could you be more of a pretentious douche?

      • JDub

        Christine: I second that motion.

      • Alex

        Actually, there *is* an Inception panel at Comic-Con this year, so please don’t insult things you don’t know about.

      • gawagai

        Ry, you’re a hell of an boy if you think that Inception is one of the most artistic movie made in recent memory. Open your eyes, douchebag.

      • Jenn


  • John Stewart

    Mother of GOD… This is UNBEARABLY cool!

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