'The Hills' series finale: The joke's on us, apparently

the-hills-finaleIf you’ve been watching the final season of The Hills, you know that last night’s series finale came down to the relationship status of Kristin and Brody. After dating, breaking up, being friends, then friends with benefits, Kristin was ready for commitment, while Brody (who only a few weeks ago was “enjoying being single”) was suddenly seeing someone else. It may not have been as climactic as Lauren-Jason-Heidi-Spencer season finales of yore, but they had to find something to fill the final 30 minutes.

What? Who are these people? Isn’t The Hills about two blond girls who live in a nice apartment complex in West Hollywood and pretend to go to work sometimes? For those who stopped watching long before Justin Bobby or Stacie the Bartender came along, last night’s episode was probably a bit confusing. Of course, what mattered most was not how these forgettable season 6 story lines would end, but how The Hills — the show, the era, the phenomenon — would be remembered.

So Kristin said her tearful goodbye to Brody, and was headed for the airport. As she drove off, and stared longingly out the window, we watched the rest of her friends “move on” (because your midtwenties are when you have a nervous breakdown) to the sound of a stripped down version of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” (it all comes full circle). Lo and Scott celebrated domestic bliss, Audrina stood on the balcony of her new beachfront home staring blankly out at the ocean, and Brody watched Kristin leave, while standing smack dab in front of the Hollywood sign. It was the over dramatic glossy soap quality that we’ve come to expect from the show; it was all too perfect. And suddenly it went away. The sunny California sky was merely a curtain, Kristin’s street merely a set. The towncar stopped, she got out, and the crew emerged. Haters rejoice! It was all fake. Whoa, did The Hills just get smart?

The Hills has been criticized for its lack of reality (be it homes, relationships, jobs, or even dialogue), yet the show always insisted it was documenting the “real” lives of these people (yes, Spencer’s crazy crystals included), so I found it fitting that the show chose to address the primary complaint viewers have had. It won’t be revered as one of the most surprising series finales ever — like Newhart or Lost — because it simply admitted what we’ve all been saying for four years now, but the show does deserve credit for taking all of this criticism and turning it into one big joke. But was everything really fake?

“Well that’s one of the questions that was always asked in the show, ‘Is it real or is it fake?’ And we kinda left everybody with ‘Well you’ll never know what’s real and what’s fake’,” a vague Brody said during MTV’s after show. “It’s your own interpretation,” Kristin added. So if it was all scripted, does this mean Brody is a really good actor? If Keeping Up With The Kardashians wasn’t enough, now we’ll never get rid of him!

Maybe I did tear up during the multiple Laguna Beach/The Hills montages (Step-HEN! I miss you.), and if that makes me lame, I can live with that. Say what you will, but for me The Hills will always be a guilty pleasure with a small drop of sentimentality. Maybe it’s because I was going through a lot of what these “characters” were experiencing (plastic surgery, sex tapes, and rehab excluded). I won’t call them my pop culture role models, but perhaps in a twisted way they’re my comrades? I’ll admit I was lured in under the apparent false idea of reality, and in the end, I don’t really care what was real and what was fake. But I’ll leave with you with this: Claiming it was all pretend is too easy of an explanation for the existence of Spencer Pratt.

What say you, PopWatchers? How will you remember The Hills? Was that a fitting ending? Do you care if the Kristin-Brody relationship was real or fake? Were you excited to see Lauren on the after show?

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  • Carlos

    It was totally realish.

  • halfpint

    it should have ended when lauren left the show. and of course it’s fake.

  • Mike

    I for one, absolutely loved the ending. It was hilarious because it probably completely destroyed teenage girls who hung on everything that happened to these people. The thing is, a lot about hollywood is fake, so the ending was pretty fitting for a show that is set in the “hills”. And who knew Brody would say one of the most profound things ever about the show…

    • GrimCityGirl

      I loved the ending …..it was proufound ….the Hills and proufound were not words that I ever thought I would put together in the same sentance! I teared up at the end ….call me weak or pathetic ….the ending was awesome.

      • ian

        You’re weak and pathetic, amongst other things.

      • vampireprom

        This just recently became a guilty pleasure. The ending surprised me and gave me hope for young people! I have about 70% more respect for the show & everyone involved. So now I have 70% respect for them.

      • ILCE


    • jj

      Emily Exton, you’re an idiot. and whoever thought this show was “real” was an idiot. And whoever thought it was smart to hire young twenty somethings who are stupid enough not to be able to tell that a television show is staged for an entertainment website is an idiot. and if this ending serves to create a backlash where teen idiot girls actually realize that there is a difference between the real world and the world they see on their tv, then thank god for it- that will be the only good to come out of this crapfest that was an insult to real actors who actually train for their craft. there is now a generation of people who think that talking like a valley girl and acting like an idiot not only makes you an actor, but it also means you should be entitled, rich, and famous. Gag.

      • jackturndjoker

        wooooowww jj ur life must really suck. here’s a reality check for u, idiots are famous in society and they have been for some time. ‘real’ actors get the short end of the stick. ps, sometimes kids who go to college don’t get their dream job and high school dropouts end up being millionaires. deal with it a$$h0L3

      • ILCE

        YUUPP ! whaat theyy saaiid^^^ booyyaaa in yurr facee

  • kb

    i kinda thought it was a bit of an f you to loyal fans of the last 6 seasons. did i ever believe it was all real? absoletely not but to put it out there like that makes the fans of the show look like real aholes. i wish they ended it last year with lauren and never brought kristin in i think she ruined it bc she really just needed to get her name out there again

    • OMGq

      Aren’t the fans of this show A-holes? Sorry, but anyone with half a brain wouldn’t be a fan of this garbage. Everything about it sucked – the writing, the “acting”, and most of all the personalities of these complete dolts. Sorry, but if you liked this crap I think it says way more about you than you know. It was cool to see my neighborhood though (I live right by the studio where they filmed this).

      • Jay

        I think trashing someone for liking a show you don’t says an awful lot about you.

      • annoyed

        Okay. So maybe the show was scripted, who cares? It’s job is to provide entertainment. That’s exactly what it did. So what if they didnt have jobs, the show was their job. And if it wasnt scripted, then you shouldn’t be discredditing on these peoples lives. Yes, by doing the show they’re letting people view every aspect about them, but that doesnt make them bad people. You may just be jealous that you didnt get this oppertunity. I mean you said yourself you live right by the studio.

      • OMGq

        Nope – i don’t work in the entertainment industry and I don’t want to (other than I guess it would be nice to be able to walk to work). My point was/is that anyone with half a brain had to know this show was scripted. And if it wasn’t – then yeah, I do judge you for liking the obnoxious behavior of these self-indulged a-holes. I mean really – there are far more entertaining/educational/fun/interesting shows on television than this. I sort of understand a pre-teen liking it and thinking it was fun, but an adult? Not so much. And don’t get me started on Heidi & Spencer – probably the most vile thing to come out of the U.S. ever. They are just a complete waste of time and space.

      • samm

        The whole reason i even watch the hills is because I started way back in the Laguna days. I’m 21 and definitely not a preteen but I love my weekly fix of the hills drama.. Who cares if its real or fake or obnoxious, just because you think it’s a waste of space doesnt mean its not fun to watch, obviously there are a LOT of people who think its the perfect thing to watch on a Tuesday night. I agree some aspects of the show are ridiculous (i.e. Heidi and Soencer) but i literally GREW up with these characters, and whether or not the show is scripted doesnt matter, because they are who they are and make no excuses. People like different things, theres no need to bash something because you dont particularly enjoy it.

      • lin

        People watch it for different reasons you already live in a glamorous place and so you dont see being too close to the situation that in the uk we dont have all that exotic locations and lifestyle that some in the california do and its eye candy with handsome brody jenner we dont get men like that here!

      • lin

        I like newport harbour too its maybe then an indulgence a dream a life we will never have and its not about the show as reality but as absolute escapism! Thats what appeals to me at least and I dont appreciate your simplistic sweeping generalisations!

      • OMGq

        I’m not bashing anyone – just stating my opinion. And, since you don’t know my why does my opinion matter to you? If you don’t think you are an ahole that’s all that matters – right? But let me guess – you like that “Jersey Shore” show too right?

      • hollyw00d

        @OMGq – dude… if you hate the show so much why are posting your thoughts about it on a website? Seems you care a little too much.

    • Jordan

      I agree, it was a bit of an F U to fans of the show. I don’t think it was intended that way, but that’s how it came across…kind of like “Wow, I can’t believe you bought it…for 4 years! Gotcha! Anyway, thanks for watching I guess” The end. I know the show wasn’t entirely real (I don’t think anyone thought it was), but it was entertaining. I think the idea behind the ending was clever and actually really good, but the way it was executed came off a tad disrespectful and I was kind of diappointed.

      • taylor

        I absolutely agree, Jordan.

  • Viv

    I thought the ending was a desperate attempt to make the Hills relevant again. And the City finale was just as boring, unfortunately.

  • Joel

    Is this truly the end of the creepy flesh colored beard? Only time will tell. Time, and maybe DVD sales.

    • ILCE

      i doo retard and apperantlyy soo doo yhu ;**

  • rico

    who gives a f**k!!

  • obie

    Some of the girls work but none of the boys had a job. It’s time for reality…I think all will have a hard time adjusting to life without a camera in front of them.

  • DomeFoam

    Does this mean that Spencer isn’t really the devil?

    • Wills

      Unfortunately, that’s probably still true!

  • Andy

    Kristin’s “I’m going to Europe for awhile!” was probably the fakest part of the night. Also, was anyone else kind of sad that Heidi and Spencer were completely written out of the show? Granted, they’ve fallen off the deep end, but it would have been nice to get some type of closure from their crazy storyline. (Hopefully we don’t get said closure in a new reality show, though.)

    • Amy

      I felt the same way about Heidi and Spencer being written off the show – they were such a huge part of this program. I understand there were legal reasons but it still seemed weird that there were just a few clips of the two people who brought in the big ratings just a couple of seasons ago. Love or hate Spencer Pratt- he was a huge reason this show got SO huge. Every good girl (Lauren) needs to have an enemy. Such a shame.

      • annoyed

        I think maybe they (spencer and Heidi) made the choice. I mean their family can’t get ahold of them? Maybe they’re dropping out of hollywood for a little bit, only to jump back in and try to be even more famous.

      • Amy

        No, Spencer was hanging out across the street in disguise. He stated neither he or Heidi Montag had been invited to the after show or to be involved in any of the Hills finale hoopla. I think it was their choice to bow out of The Hills early due to the legal issues but they were just not invited.

      • jennrae

        Spencer threatened a producer so they couldn’t have him on the show anymore. And of course it was fake. Last season, the girls all hated Kristen. This season they were bffs like Kristen hadn’t slept with Justin. Come on, now. If that had been real Audrina wouldn’t have given Kristen the time of day.

    • rmgxo

      Apparently, Spencer didn’t want Heidi on the show because one of the crew was hitting on her.. that is why they never came back. Kristin has made it obvious on several occasions that the show is fake. She has poked fun at it on many talk shows. She even has made fun of the people that think it is real. I think Kristin was the most refreshing thing that has ever happened to the Hills because it wasn’t just about girl drama anymore.. she was more real than anyone and would tell it like it is whether it was fake or not. Not bashing LC or anything but I have been team Kristen since the Laguna days and I don’t think my opinion will ever change.

  • For real?

    It was a stupid ending. Clearly, they ran out of sh*t to film.

  • Jj

    I thought that the “reveal” at the end was absolute genius. It’s a funny wink to all the viewers who knew the show as fake but watched anyway. Brilliant!

  • Madd

    Duh it’s fake. Just like Heidi’s divorce from Spencer is fake.

    • Michelle

      I have a feeling that the “wedding/marriage” is fake, too.

  • Jase

    I’ll miss this show. It was fun. People always get really worked up about The Hills its seems, but its like, calm down! Its just fun. The finale was cool. You never know whats real and whats fake in Hollywood. Obviously some of the show was real – Heidi’s surgery, the end of Lauren and Heidi etc.

    • Karl

      Yeah some part of The Hills is real… but I know what’s not. Heidi’s breasts.

  • MK

    This ending redeemed the show for me. It pulled at your heartstrings, joked about the show’s questionable “reality,” and gave me a happy end to a series that I grew up with (I think I’d feel very different if I wasn’t their same age). After mocking the show in recent years, it gave it back a small amount of credibility for me, and I’ll miss it. http://www.thesmogger.com/2010/07/14/a-hill-arious-end/

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