'Batman 3' production to begin April 2011

dark-knightImage Credit: Stephen VaughanHoly sequel-news, Batman! At the London premiere of Inception, star Michael Caine revealed to Digital Spy that Christopher Nolan’s as-of-yet-untitled sequel to Batman Begins, and the $1 billion-worldwide-grossing The Dark Knight, is slated to begin production in April of 2011. Although Nolan, his brother Jonathan, and David S. Goyer are still working on the script, an insider confirms that, although subject to change, Warner Bros. is indeed on track for an April start date, and Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman are attached.

So far, Nolan himself has been reluctant to talk about the future of the caped crusader. Apparently he’s very much of the mindset that, until his current film, the critically-adored Inception, opens this Friday, he’s not interested in discussing details of his future projects. But Warner Bros. has also penciled in the next Batman for a July 20, 2012 release date. The studio was determined to set a definitive release date this far in advance due to the strong slate of other superhero movies to be released in the next two years.

So Bat-philes, does this news that the studio’s gears are turning get you excited for Nolan’s next comic-book opus? Or are you even more psyched about his hand in producing a Superman reboot?

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  • Josie

    I’m with Nolan, I will get excited after I see inception.

    • Jackson

      Man, EW is old! I’ve heard this news since last week. Stay on the game EW.

      • madison

        EW actually posted this news over a month ago but they are just reposting it because inception comes out and its by the same director

    • Mike

      OMG, I hope Heath Ledger is in this one. He was great as The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT!

      • CJ Bamert

        screw you

      • TvTroz

        Yeah, Mike, let’s see, not funny, tasteless, yeah…. FAIL

      • debi

        WOW Mike, how insensitive. That really was done in such poor taste. What a JERK!

      • Greg

        What, too soon?

        I thought it was hilarious, Mark, and even funnier that people pretend to be so sensitive. “What a JERK!” Hehe. Every man dies… not every man… really lives.

      • izzy

        u idiot hez dead -_______-

      • Batman

        im not sure if ur joking or not, but Heath is dead (RIP) so, he’s not gonna be in this one.

      • ernie

        I thought it was funny, Mike.

      • Dave Is The Man

        hahahaha great one mike. i love how people get so upset over the death of a person they have never met… and offended when someone makes a joke.

        bravo mike. well played.

      • Dave Is The Man

        I’m actually glad Heath died… it made The Dark Knight so much better!

      • Anonymous

        it’d be funny if he didn’t die so young. ‘loloz hez ded’ so tasteful guys.

      • Troll Hunter

        Quit feeding the troll.

      • chrisb

        LOL that made my day.. the guy was a great actor but unfortunately died, doesn’t mean we cannot joke about it. also, with advanced CG it would not surprise me to see him portrayed as the Joker in this movie Ala Brandon Lee in “The Crow”

      • randall

        I head they wee replacing him with Michael Jackson( Less make up required.)

      • joe


      • michael

        we would all love to see heath ledger in this one but he is dead… dont think that is gonna happen

      • ribbondeflector

        I’ll tell you who isn’t laughing – Heath Ledger isn’t laughing and you know why cause he be deads. That’s why and Joe thanks for the deep insight how that one got by us for so long is mind boggling.

      • Allison

        Poking fun at someone’s death is never funny. Period. Exclamation point.

      • Desmo

        “FAIL” This is getting so frocking old.

      • gigi

        Not gonna lie…I giggled. I think it’s still too soon for some Mike!

      • Carah

        Epic Fail on that joke, but seriously I heard Joseph Gordon-Levitt may replace him. They look a lot alike.

      • C Men

        That was hilarious. Maybe Gary Coleman can be in it too.

      • Daniel

        hits so sad that heath ledger wont be in this one R.I.P Heath

      • Brett

        Actually that was funny. Get over it people.

  • Madd

    GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m so excited. With this cast they could remake The Room and I would love it.

    • Ceballos

      Tell me I’m not the only person (and that it’s not just me and my GF), who’ve sat down and actually had a conversation about re-casting “The Room” with legit actors.

      (For example, I’ve got Mark Wahlberg locked down as Chris-R and I’m not budging.)

      • Madd

        You’re not. Really. My husband and I did the same thing.
        Lisa- Lindsey Lohan in her current druggie state (would make the SEW BOOOOOOTIFUL comments even more hilarious).
        Denny-Michael Cera
        Mark- Brad Pitt (for the random close up of his shaved face alone)
        Chris-R- Dwayne “The Rock” Jonson (hey, it would get him away from kiddie fare)
        Peter- first Eric Bana, then Edward Norton
        And Tommy Wiseau can NOT be replaced…he can nauuuuuuuttttttttttttt.

      • Madd

        Batman: “WHERE ARE THE DRUGS?!!!!”
        Denny: “It doesn’t matter I don’t have them anymore!”

      • Ceballos

        Lisa- Britney Spears (2007-08 Rockbottom Edition)
        Denny – Cera (I’m with you there)
        Mark – Ryan Reynolds (Is able to look desirable with/without beard…can’t say the same for Pitt.)
        Chris-R: Wahlberg
        Peter: Kevin Spacey
        Claudette: Judi Dench (to class up the production a bit).
        Flower Shop Manager: Rosie O’Donnell

        I’m with you on one thing though…there is no replacing Tommy Wiseau!

      • Madd

        Well, if we’re going for someone who’s desirable with or without a beard….it has to be Jon Hamm. I get that a lot of people didn’t like him with a beard, but for some reason when I first saw it I pictured him as a lumberjack and then started thinking about how he would be the hottest lumberjack ever…

      • fireflystare221

        I’m loving these casting choices. I think the only person who could come close to comparing to Tommy would be Gary Busey.

      • fireflystare221

        Wait or Mickey Rourke…

      • Darrin

        Why, Riddler, why? You’re tearing me apart!!!

  • Ceballos

    Although July 20, 2012 is still a bit of a ways away, I’m a little surprised at how excited I just got that they’re going to be starting production on this thing (next year).

    Until then, bring on “Inception”!

    • Madd

      Yay Inception! My husband and I are going to the midnight showing tomorrow (“So what if I have to wake up at 4:30 to go to work the next day!” he said).

    • Phil

      I saw INCEPTION Monday night, and the movie is one of the FIRST truly enjoyable films that I’ve seen all summer! The only problem is, that the movie’s plot is SO intricate and the concept SO grande that all reviews of the films can’t possibly convey plot points as well as the awesome-ness that unwinds over 2 and a half hours. I hope the film out-performs ALL expectations this weekend & may even consider paying to see it again. The movie is incredible & deserves all the critical praise its receiving. The ensemble Nolan assembled rivals that of the BATMAN cast.

    • llevinso

      I’m more excited that they’ll start shooting here in Chicago in less than a year. Woohoo!! Get this stupid Transformers 3 cast out of here and bring in the real actors.

      • orville

        Oh man, just the possibility of breathing the same air as Michael Caine….I might just have to stalk the set a little.

  • Flying Monkey

    I’ll start getting even more excited once we receive confirmation on the next baddie.

    • Mary

      Anyone else hoping for Jim Parsons as The Riddler?

      • Ally

        If we were still doing the zany Batman of the 90s I would say that is an awesome choice, but for the new Batmans I would want Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

      • Brian

        No. Hopefully the Riddler won’t be anywhere near this. Hopefully Nolan chooses some awesome, obscure villain who’s actually frightening, and not just some lame Joker 2.0. Sorry, I’ve always thought the Riddler was stupid. The Humorer! The Questioner! Pfft.

      • Liz Lemon

        I’m actually hoping there won’t a Riddle period.
        I want a completely unexpected villain.

      • MCS

        i was hoping for someone completely unseen in any films. Maybe even harley quinn, if done well (what am i saying, its nolan, of course it will be done well) i think harley quinn would be cool

      • who cares

        jim parsons is terrible

      • David

        Love Jim Parsons, but for the Riddler. I would love to see a David Tenant riddler though…

      • David

        Make that “love Jim Parsons, but NOT for the riddler.”

    • Jeff

      My money is on Joseph Gordon-Levitt to replace Heath Ledger. Levitt is already working with Nolan (Inception) is a hugely talanted actor and even LOOKS like Heath Ledger!

  • harry


  • Anna

    EPIC!! Yessss :)

  • Klint

    This ‘news’ is almost a week old but good nonetheless.

  • Alfred Borden

    I’m going to get killed for this and I don’t care. “The Dark Knight” was completely, ridiculously, insanely overrated. Good film? Yes. The brilliant be-all-end-all comic adaptation delivered by the hands of God? No. It just wasn’t. Nolan, in my opinion, is a genius, but his Batman films — while perfectly high-end summer fare well about its peers (I have nothing against them) — don’t rank anywhere near his other work. Personally, I thought “Watchmen” was everything “Knight” was and more (I’m sure I’ll get killed for that too). I’m not a big fan of Bale as Batman. His breathy whisper was distracting, annoying and comical. He’s a fine actor, but his out-of-breath growl wasn’t his finest choice.

    • ltchy

      As much as I enjoyed Dark Knight, it really IS too bad that Watchmen didn’t find the audience that it deserved. The adaptation was brilliant and the ending was perfectly acceptable compared to the book. This will remain as one of MY favourite films of all time.

      • Nathan

        Yeah, it was pretty darn good and should have done more at the box office, but what does the general public know, Airbender made something like 70 million it’s first week.

      • shellibelli

        watchmen wasnt bad, but you had to have a lot of patience with it to get to the endand lets face it some of the writing was pretty bad. still i enjoyed it

        i would never, ever put it in the same category with DK>

        it would never compare to the Dark Knight which was writtern very very well and the acting was superb.

      • Nelly

        The Watchmen movie SUCKS! The comic book was a million times better.

    • Summer

      So, how’s the weather in troll-land?

    • Christian Naquin

      I thought the Dark Knight was awesome. Christian Bale is a good actor but a bad Batman. How Batman’s inaudible voice got in that film is a mistery. If they don’t focus on making a great story the third installment will suck just like the first one.

    • KC

      Are ya kidding?! Cuz Watchmen was a joke, too…

    • Carl

      No. Wrong. Can watch the Dark Knight over and over again, not so much Watchmen. Also all of the drawbacks the Dark Knight is accused of having (being uneven, dragging, the first half of the movie being the best part) are even more true of Watchmen. Several key actors in Watchmen also turned in horrid performances which were largely hidden by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Carla Guigino being excellent.

      • furniture

        where was carla? if you’re talking about Silk Spectre, her name is Malin Ackerman.

      • shellibelli

        carla was her mother.

      • Chaun95

        Okay, Carla was literally the WORST part of Watchmen, writing AND acting. The Dark Knight doesn’t suffer from the same ails Watchmen did, the latter simply confused people, as the most critical points in the convoluted storyline were under-developed and briefly glanced over. The DK isn’t the best movie ever, but IS vastly thematically mature where other comic movies drown in geekery… DK is relatable on humanity’s terms. I just saw Inception, and have been in perpetual wonder and awe since Momento. Thanks to Nolan for treating fantasy with humanity, because every one else is too cowardly to sell to real people.

    • Pre

      Watchmen was ok but got bogged down in it’s own “importance”. I realize historically, Watchman brought back grit to comics but now so many do that so it just wasn’t impressive anymore.

      I thought “Dark Knight” had a more interesting story and a better villain. Watchman relies on the “what a twist” mentality which has been overdone since it was first written as a comic.

    • Manx

      Yes! Agree X 1000 !! TDK was good the first time around but it doesn’t hold up on multiple views IMO while Watchmen gets better with each view as you discover something new each time

  • Marianne

    I think I’ll get more excited once they reveal the casting and new characters for the film!!

  • Briana

    There better be filming in Chicago! I know people down there!

    • llevinso

      Oh course they will be. Nolan has really made Chicago look and feel like Gotham in the new Batman movies. I can’t wait for them to come back and start shooting here!

      • Nathan

        Should have filmed The Losers at Wrigley Field.

  • bedc01

    David Tennant as The Riddler!

    • Michelle

      AMEN! All I want is this.

    • Jennifer

      I’ll third this. It may just be the fangirl in me, but I think David could do a brilliant Riddler, he can do the creepy thing pretty well, and we all know he can pull off a quirky character.

      And he’d be unexpected. I’d love it.


      Sweet Mother of Allah, NO! What a talentless hack that man is. He totally fruited up Dr. Who, we don’t need him fruiting up the Batman franchise.

    • What(chmen)ever

      No Riddler at all !

    • Rebekah

      If Nolan decides to have the Riddler as the villian in this film (which I’m sort of hoping he goes for a lesser known bad guy), then yes, David Tennant would be PERFECT–he was fantastic as Barty Crouch, Jr. in HP4. I just hope they don’t pick Johnny Depp, Jim Parsons, or Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They shouldn’t pick someone who is currently too recognizable as another character or personality in America.

  • jess

    yay!!…Batman back in Chicago…can’t wait!

  • Lorie


  • S.O.

    UHHH YEAH I can’t wait!!! SO that means if they start in 4/2011 filming, a trailer to Batman 3 will come towards the end of 2011. SOO EXCITED!!!

    • Grammar

      The release date is July, 2012. It’s in the article.

      • S.O.

        I meant when they start filming it in April 2011, by the end of 2011 we’ll see a trailer for it.

      • Niix Starkyller

        He’s talking about a trailer. It’s in the post. Smartass.

  • Marc

    Bring on Batman. I vote for Vincent D’Onofrio for The Riddler.

    • Nathan

      Good ol sarcasm, hopefully.

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