Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 8

Chris-HarrisonImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again this season: I love the hometown visits. They are so revealing and such a good indication of who these people truly are. With that said, I can’t remember a season when the final four people stacked up like this. In my opinion, Ali narrowed it down to four great guys who all could probably make her happy in different ways. Usually at this point, there’s one person or family that makes this decision a little easier on the Bachelor or Bachelorette, but this wasn’t the case for Ali. On the contrary, things only got harder for her this week and it led to easily the most emotional rose ceremony we’ve had with her.

Ali’s week started in Tampa with Roberto. I did find it a little funny how Ali told a little white lie to his family when they asked about her first impression of Roberto. I don’t think she wanted to say that to the family that she initially thought he was hot. You can clearly see Roberto comes from a beautiful, loving family, and it’s easy to see why he’s such a good, caring man. Quick question for you: Did the baseball uniform work for you like it did for Ali? She was really excited to see him in uniform.

If Roberto’s hometown visit was great I don’t have the words in my simple little head to describe Chris’s hometown in Cape Cod. If you didn’t get emotional while watching this, you seriously need to check and see if you have a heart. Chris is such a terrific guy who has such perspective on life, and he obviously comes about that honestly from his family. His “pops” Ed is such a dear, beautiful man. You truly have to marvel at the attitude and outlook he has on life and love after the year he and his family have just had. The scene where Chris and his dad were talking on the porch about what his mom would think was moving to say the least. Fortunately, the other guys don’t get to see each other’s hometown dates, because after Roberto and Chris, who would want to try to measure up to that?

Kirk was next in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This hometown goes back to why I love this episode so much: You get to see such diversity across this great country and what makes people who they are. Yes, Ali was freaked out by Kirk’s dad’s workshop with all the dead animals, but that’s who he is and what he does. It was something so foreign to Ali, but that’s part of getting to know somebody’s family. Kirk’s family dynamic was obviously different than the others, but in the end it really didn’t seem to matter. As Ali said, he may not have had the best example of marriage, but he is loved and supported like no other, and that’s what counts.

Frank’s hometown visit in Chicago was by far the most interesting to me. While overall they had a great time and Ali ended up giving him a rose, they both continue to struggle with each other. Ali continues to worry why she can’t quite figure him out, and Frank continues to struggle with this process. He gets inside his own head so much that he begins to over-analyze the situation and their relationship. Ali is starting to worry now about the fact that it may not be the process he’s questioning, but rather it’s her he’s not sure about. This is clearly not over, and as you saw in the previews, it will come to a head next week in Tahiti.

After traveling around the world it was nice to be back in the old Bachelor/Bachelorette pad for the deliberation and rose ceremony. After all these years, there’s something very comfortable about that place. Somebody asked via Twitter this week about that house and who owns it. It is privately owned, and we have rented it out over the years to shoot all our shows. I feel a little bit like it’s my second home now as I’ve spent so much time there over the years. It probably didn’t look like it on TV, but deliberation was extremely difficult this week. Ali was exhausted and not at all looking forward to this rose ceremony. As I said above, I can’t remember a season where the final four have been so evenly matched. I felt for Ali; she was about to break up with somebody who had given her absolutely no reason to do so. She so wanted one of these guys or families to give her a reason, but instead they all made it that much tougher. It was an emotional, difficult night and it took us quite some time to shoot that deliberation.

In the end Ali chose to send Kirk home. Like last week when she sent Ty home, it was really more about her feelings for the other guys than anything that was wrong with Kirk. Ali just sees herself with Roberto, Frank and Chris more than she can with Kirk at this time. Next week we are off to Tahiti for exotic dates. I’m sure you’ve heard or seen in our previews that the situation with Frank comes to a head in this episode. Like the Justin situation, this is something you may think you know all about, but you truly have to see and hear it unfold for yourself. Something like this happening at such a late stage in this process will set in motion a series of events that will shape not only the rest of this season, but also Ali’s final decision and the future of all remaining on the show.

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  • alma

    I think ali don’t pick one of them in the end but I am sure she surprised the fans in the final when roberto won her heart and without engaged, just date I believe that. Chris should next bachelor! Frank really ruin and broke ali’s heart because she believes everything what frank said to her and realized that she falls for him then he’s back to his ex again. What a WASTE time. He’s the one who love to get an attention . If frank watch the bachelorette show now, he feels so fool and hurt her a big times!!! My team is ROBERTO *dimples*

    • Christie

      I agree- love Roberto. Although I think Chris is a really nice guy, too, so I guess we’ll see. Thanks for the blog, Chris!

      • Tina

        Im on Chris. Hes so ready for marriage and the kids. Hes ready for settle down. Roberto is soo hot but hes not ready for settle down because he has to travel many states for baseball which is not good for the family. Im on Chris Team

      • CJ

        I don’t think he plays anymore, right? That was his college uniform?

      • Dally

        Roberto is in insurance now. He doesn’t play professionally any more.

      • miss k

        ROBERTO!!! :)

    • shelbycheri

      Chris Harrison – you are an utter tool! Just wanted to add my two cents.

      • TinyTina

        Don’t listen to her, Chris…I think you’re my favorite part about the show!

      • SLB

        I totally agree. He’s also a d*uche.

      • janiceGee

        Then why do you read his blog, you donkey.

      • Carla in Houston

        Well said, Gordon…I mean janiceGee!

      • Mylissa

        Ditto to TinyTina.

    • jado

      Although the final men each have appealing aspects to them, I don’t think anyone of them is a perfect fit for Ali. She’s an urban city girl, who loves lattes, visiting galleries, going to vintage shops and trendy resturant openings, etc. I don’t see anyone really fitting that lifestyle bill. Closest man who comes to that is Frank, and maybe that explains why she’s attracted to him despite his issues and lack of life motivation.
      But Frank does not measure up on the emotional maturity and ambition side.

      • RK

        Urban city? She’s from a small Massachusetts town.

      • Tizzylish

        Jado – I completely agree with you. She may be from a tiny town in Mass, but she’s a San Fran girl now.

      • Tina

        agree with you but Frank is not good for her. Hes sooo parnoid and doubt himself. He is alike Justin, who has ex or still girlfriend he has a feeling for.

      • Mellissa

        Yeah, Ali is definately a City Girl.

      • wino

        plus, according to many accounts, frank is already in a relationship, much like Justin. i just wonder why Chris Harrison and the producers pretend like they didnt know the facts. They did, and wanted to milk the truth for ratings.

      • jado

        RK – Ali may have hailed from a small town, but she was drawn to a big city, and NOW enjoys the lifestyle it offers. I wasn’t born in a city either, but moved there as a young adult, and now definitely consider myself a cosmopolitan woman. I think Ali is the same way.

      • Sarah J

        Good point Jado. It seemed like at Chris’ home visit he was thinking of her moving in with him there – and I don’t get the idea that she would want to move from the city to a small Cape Cod town.

      • jules

        Chris lived in Manhattan, didn’t he? until his mom got sick and he moved back to the cape to take care of her. He likes the big city, wine, lattes, etc. too.

    • Karate Pants

      Why is everyone vilifying Frank???
      I would argue that he’s far more emotionally mature than most of the contenders, weighting this decision very carefully and taking his feelings – and hers – very seriously. I bet he’s a GREAT guy.
      I swear, most of you would prefer to see every guy lined up like sheep, blindly just “going for the next rose” rather than actually determining whether the relationship is truly right for him. baaaaaaa

      • RaRa

        You’ll vilify him too, after next week.

      • Karate Pants

        No, I won’t. I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with it. You know, Melissa Rycroft obviously harbored some feelings for HER ex (she married him), but no one’s attacking her. Sometimes people don’t realize how special someone is until the lose them, happens all the time.
        But I’m sure you’ll all jump on the producers’ bandwagon and attack Frank for his sincere, honest change of heart.

      • Mellissa

        I’m with Karate Pants on this one, actually. Frank didn’t come on the show with one, or multiple, lady friends at home. He came on the show with an ex. He realized while he cared for Ali, she was not a “sure thing,” and he knew he cared about his ex, and that his ex cared about him. They picked each other, and Frank was honest about that. The only reason he is “villanized” is because he didn’t pick Ali. I’m sure it would’ve been so much better for everyone if Frank would’ve played along, allowed perfectly decent bachelors to be sent home instead of him, only to break up with Ali eventually because he wants his ex more, right?

      • Karen

        You must live under a rock. Frank tells Ali he is leaving the show b/c he cannot get over his ex girlfriend. They, ABC, film his reunion with Nicole and you will see it all unfold next week. Frank should NEVER have come on this show.

      • Karate Pants

        No Karen, I know all of that. But you and the other sheep are vilifying Frank over it unfairly. I TRULY don’t think he came on the show under false pretenses, but rather he sort of realized that he was still in love with the ex, that his feelings for the ex were stronger than what he and Ali had, and he was honest about that with her and bowed out to follow his heart.
        Haven’t you noticed the comments he has made about how the process has made him realize that he left past relationships because of irrational fears?
        Let’s not all fall into the producers’ twisted trap of making Frank out to be the bad guy. I’m sure the moment he realized Ali was not the one, he told her so.

      • Holly

        I also agree with KP. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Frank realizing that his feelings for his ex are so much stronger than his feelings for Ali. If he had gone to the end and proposed and then gone back to his ex, I would think he is a scumbag.

      • wino

        I would use the term “ex” very loosely. Frank had a gfriend and the extent of what she allowed to happen on the show with Ali, is between her and Frank. But bottom line, he was involved with someone when he started the show. It was not a sudden ‘realization’.

      • timm t

        Karate Pants – get your head out of your ass and go read reality steve.

      • Karate Pants

        timm t, my ass is clear of everything, including my head. I’ve read Reality Steve *ONLY after ABC went ahead and spoiled it for me*, and I don’t see how I’m supposed be so outraged about Frank’s change of heart.
        wino, I haven’t seen anything that says that he was hiding a girlfriend. I truly believe it was an ex, and he DID realize that he still had feelings for her. But we’ll see, right?

      • Karpal

        He’s gay. Frank is Gay. DUH.

      • Mellissa

        Melissa Rycroft has gone on record saying that the only reason she went on the Bachelor was because she thought it might be something fun to do after a break up with an ex. She never thought she’d go far. After her whole adventure, she married said ex that she was trying to move on from. I saw this on a 60 Minutes Bachelor Special, straight from her mouth. No one is villifying her for trying to move on from an ex–maybe because she stayed with the Bachelor until he dumped her?

      • esosa

        Because he is a failure at life living with his parents at age 30something. COME ON!! He is like a character in a Woody Allen movie no offense to woody Allen characters intended. I find him so annoying with his buggy eyes and neediness. Grow the hell up Frank!!

      • Bea

        KP, I agree with you. I felt the same way about Jason Mesnick when the whole Melissa/Molly drama broke- I think the public all too often wrongly villifies people for exhibiting emotional maturity through their self honesty (however painful it may sometimes be) and following their intuition. Would we really rather these poor people keep up with whatever facade they’ve fallen into, only to then have it dissolve somewhere down the line?

      • Lin

        Great guy? Frank is a basket case, AND a jerk! He has continued on this journey KNOWING he still had feelings for his ex. He DESERVES to be villified. Besides, I can’t see what EITHER Ali or Nicole sees in him. He is not attractive at all, and his face always looks greasy.

      • RaRa

        Actually, Karata Pants, now that I’ve thought about it, I agree with you. Frank isn’t at fault for changing his mind. SPOILER ALERT – It’s the producers who are at fault – they let him make the trip to Tahiti, when he actually knew after the hometown visit (when he made the reunion with the ex-girlfriend) that he really wanted off the show.

    • jared4ever

      Am I the only one who think Roberto is way too good for her?

      • albertkitten


      • Kris

        It kinda sounds like Ali thinks Roberto is too good for her also.

      • Anony

        He’s a washed up minor minor league ball player who now sells insurance in a podunk town .. on what planet does any of that make him too good for her?

      • jared4ever

        You’re right, He’s WAY too good for her. :)

      • Ya Know It

        I don’t think Roberto is too good for Ali and vice versa. But @ Anony, I can guarantee you, Roberto is making much more money than the average individual selling “insurance in a podunk town.”

      • tee tee

        i agree, roberto needs a hot latino with funk and spice. i wish he could be the new bachelor. ali and him are cute but not the best match. he is way hotter than her

      • jared4ever

        Actually I think they are all kinda too good for her.

      • WeddGirl

        UM – Charleston, SC is NOT a podunk town!! HELLO!

    • D

      Wow, check your spelling and grammar…so bad.

      • D

        I was referring to the first post whose name is Alma.

      • T

        Seriously! I was like, “Is this in English??”

      • Thr33dub

        Maybe English isn’t her first language. She may write like I would if I were writing on a Spanish-language blog.

    • fred

      alma….what are you, 10 yrs. old?
      You write like it. No…a 10 yr.old could probably write better!

  • Rachel in Dallas

    Chris, do the dynamics among the men change after the hometowns? All season, these guys have been bucking each other up as if it weren’t the same girl they were after (e.g., Frank’s pep talk to Casey before the two on one in Iceland). We didn’t see a cocktail party, if there was one. I don’t recall if we’ve ever seen a cocktail party at this late stage of the show.

    It makes me wonder if, after the hometowns, the guys come back to the house with a new sense of reality staring them in the face which serves to distance them from each other.

    • RaRa

      But when Kirk was hugging the others “good-bye”, there seemed to be some genuine affection and caring between them.

  • Monica

    Ali has fallen for Frank because subconsciously because it repeats her pattern of choosing men who can’t love her back. This is clearly her challenge in life – to become conscious of this pattern and begin to find a way to break free.

    • smb

      Yes, unless it is a media “have to”, her keeping Frank in the mix indicates a big issue for her to overcome. His oddities have been clear since the start. As much as I adore Chris and Roberto, perhaps they are too nice and settled for such an unstable young woman.

    • coolcanuckchick

      Yes Ali needs to break the cycle of ‘If it isn’t a challenge, it isn’t real’. I’ve broken that cycle myself and allowed someone to Love me instead of being stuck on the fear of not being loved back. When your stuck on that the fear blinds you that it’s not real when love is given to you hence, going for more of a challenge & a struggle. Breaking that cycle allowed me to have the Love I’ve always wanted. I do hope she isn’t out there alone and finds love with one of them. They are all great so it would be such a loss! Oh and CH….you do make the show…You rock!

    • Sky

      I think you are on to something. There are those who perpetually pick emotionally unavailable people as partners. It is often also a reflection of our own issues. Being truly intimate is scary. Ali’s mainly superficial conversations with each man – and also about them i.e., “he’s so hot, he’s amazing, I can see myself with him,” etc. does not show any emotional depth. I don’t think she is there yet.

      • Sky

        Hey, dude, you stole my nick :)

      • tee tee

        lets not forget Ali does marking and pr for a living for an international company, she is trained to talk in easy breezy sound bites

  • Bob Guiney not really

    Let’s break this down, Chris…
    -The wife beater, sweater combo that Frank was wearing was beyond horrendous.
    -Ali is so into him and it makes me so nervous because I wonder if she can recover from the heartbreak in time to risk giving her heart to someone.
    -Frank is an idiot.
    – I feel better now getting that off my chest.
    -Adored Chris’s family and the love that they share is so apparent. She would be lucky to be married to a man like that.
    -She is ridiculously attracted to Roberto. Her insecurities may get in the way and he may be Jillian’s Kiptyn (you know…she thought he was too hot for her).
    -Highly analytical, neurotic Frank is an idiot. Did I already say that? It just feels so good.

    Love the show, Chris!

    • R3

      What was the “wife beater, sweater combo” you’re referring to, that Frank was wearing? Is there a particular type of shirt that wife-beaters stereotypically wear?

      • michelle

        a “wife beater” is a name for a white tank top that men wear. He was wearing one under his cardigan.

      • Laura

        I’ll just assume you’ve never heard the term. A wife-beater is a tank top, usually white, ribbed, and tight. My grandpa used to wear them as undershirts, but when worn as a shirt that’s seen, it’s a wife-beater. See episodes of Cops where they are ALWAYS on display with the domestic violence crowd.

      • RK

        He’s poor now, and can’t afford anything else. He also can’t afford a razor or glasses that weren’t made in the 50s.

      • franks’s shirt

        that was no typical wife beater, it was very very vneck metro light white shirt that appeared almost yoga/danceish style….his clothes are stylish, no?

      • Denice

        Yea, look in the mirror.

      • R3

        I had never heard the term before – go figure. We just call them “tank tops” or “undershirts” in my household! My husband only wears them under his shirts – not in view – so I guess I’m probably safe. ;-)

    • Tina

      yea I agree with you. I hope Ali pick Chris because Chris has a so good person and hes so ready for settle down for the marriage and having the family himself. Roberto is so good too and hot too but he will not settle down in the same place because he has baseball on his mind.

    • bter

      agree with you bob guiney not really. The clothes Frank was wearing were ugly and also distracting. I do not know what she sees in him. He should of left weeks ago in my opinion

    • dbaj

      The wife-beater was beyond distracting! Terrible neckline for a guy. Weren’t any stylists on set to rip that off him & burn it??

      • etm

        Please, if there were stylists, Ali’s rat’s nest would be the first order of business!

      • Weagle

        Nice, etm!!! She could have put on something besides jeans and a t-shirt to meet the parents too!

  • JS

    Chris = Nicest guy ever. His family was adorable. He needs to not be on reality television. I’ll be so sad if his heart is broken in the end.

    • kaf

      love, love, love Chris. I wish he weren’t on the show b/c I’m afraid he’ll get hurt. Even my husband admitted to being impressed with Chris and his lovely family!

    • Tina

      me toooooooooo I hope Ali is smart enough to pick whos guy. Im on Chris

  • PS

    I’m sorry, I do not understand the appeal of Frank. At all.

    It takes all kinds, I guess.

    • anne

      I agree! what is so great about Frank. Chris is soooo good looking and such a great person!

      • SLB

        I thought he was a dork from day one. They say his glasses are fake too. They definitely don’t help him in the looks department.

    • catgirl

      Frank definitely comes across a lot more sophomoric than the other guys. He doesn’t look like he should even be shaving yet.

    • Denice

      I think Frank is adorable. I love his style and his look. I also like his honesty, but I’m afraid I won’t feel the same next week.

    • Ya Know It

      If you’re goin’ for the status quo in the looks department, Frank is not going to meet that. But he’s got an offbeat magnetism, in my opinion. I’d date him.

  • Karen

    It will break my heart if she doesn’t chose Chris! He is perfect for her. And his Dad is the best! Roberto is sexy and sweet sure, but Chris is my type and I think he’d be the best for her. He reminds me of my amazing hubby :)

    • lagitha

      And I really hope that next season the new Bachelor is Chris’ dad!! He’s such a wonderful man, and I’d love to see a middle-aged season for a change!

      • Lily

        great idea!!

      • nuffsaid

        Agree! That would be a welcome change of pace.

      • debbie

        You beat me to it – Chris’ dad got to me immediately. PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE have an over 50 Bachelor/Bachelorette show.

      • Carie

        Me, me, me, I want to date Chris’ dad…..

      • debbieS

        I’m glad someone is thinking the same as me–it’s not only time to get new blood on the show, but how about trying an older set? Say, someone in their 40s? Maybe by that time, they’re ready to make a serious connection!

      • dbaj

        Totally agreed! He was so comfortable on camera, so warm & lovely! What a catch!

      • Sky

        Like Chris’ father would be ok with dating in front of cameras! Are you people crazy? People go on these shows to “get a gig”. Normal people, and certaninly someone his age, class and experience would NOT be ok to sign up for something this fake.

      • flivr

        amen, amen! Just send me Chris’s dad’s address!!

      • Donna

        I agree. Let’s see some “real” people – middle aged, honest to goodness people!

      • R3

        We would probably see more interesting conversation (with a middle-aged bachelor) and fewer gratuitous [T&A] beach and hot-tubs scenes! Bring it on!

    • just me

      im conflicted. i want roberto and chris to win for different reasons, but at the same time i dont want either of them for her. i dont think she deserves them. i just dont know

      • Bsd948

        I agree. I think Ali might be a nice gal, but she is too flighty and someone I would pick for Chris. He is an amazing man who deserves so much more. Question: Why did Chriss feel he needed this show to find a mate? He is quality all the way.

      • jared4ever

        I agree, I almost hope she dumps him in a way, I think he can do better than than her.

      • sarah

        Roberto seems sweet enough but kind of blah. Since I find Ali kind of blah too I’d be more than happy for them to end up together. Chris is by far my favorite guy of the season – he seems real and he has had some witty comments that have really made me laugh! But like some of you I think he is too good for Ali so I kind of hope she doesn’t pick him. There’s no doubt he can do better.

  • ChrisnAliFan

    Ali is at her best when she is with Chris. He truly brings out her softer side. He is the best catch to ever grace this show. I am doubtful that Ali is smart enough to realize this, since it looks like she fell for Frank: HOOK LINE and SINKER.

    • A

      I agree, Chris really is the best catch. I don’t think Chris will have a hard time finding someone after being on this show. But you can’t help who you fall in love with; Ali and Frank fit very well together, and Chris deserves someone better

    • reilly

      I do think Chris seems like a good guy, but it seems like he’s trying too hard with Ali. It’s like he decided he’s ready to settle down and get married and he’s in this situation that could lead to marriage, but I can’t shake the feeling that it feels like they’re both kind of forcing it or telling each other what they think they want to hear. I love Chris, but would hate to see him as the next Bachelor.

      • lorelei

        I agree, Chris looks pained at times like he is forcing it. and the “neck nuzzles” make it seems like they are more friends than lovers, he’s not into Ali with much passion.

      • Megan

        I totally agree! Chris is WAY too high caliber of a person with a heart of gold to be put through the mill of “The Bachelor.” He and his family are the kind of family I dream about being a part of someday. What a gem!

  • karenaperville

    Yes, Chris: Roberta was definitely HOT in his baseball uniform! ;)

    • RK

      Did you just call him a woman?

    • Tina

      yea Roberto is sooo hot but hes not ready for settle down with the family or new wife. Roberto has a dream for the baseball. Chris is ready for settle down for the family and marrying ali as his two brothers so I pick Chris.

      • Sky

        Yes, Chris might be ready to settle down, but Ali is not – she’s doing this show “to get a gig” (just watch what she will do in the months following this “quest for love”).

  • jean

    Where is the appeal of Frank. He is a real loser. Living at home still??? Ambition?? (none) Plus everyone has it over him in looks. He isn’t anywhere in the same league with Roberto and Chris.

    • Lola

      Plus, call me shallow but what’s with the loose fitting scoop-neck tank he was sporting under the cardigan. Were all his other clothes dirty? Ewwwww. And I don’t know any other men who wear thumb rings. Like I said, call me shallow. Don’t care. Buh-bye Frank. Never understood your appeal. Love a man who’s self-confident and real and that would be Chris L.

      • Sadee

        Totally agree Lola! That weird hanging “Flashdance” shirt under Frank’s sweater distracted me the entire time. YUCK.

      • Shelley

        I agree, Frank is such a dud!! What was up with the wife beater shirt anyways, ick!! He is very hard on the eyes! Ali needs to wake up or she will be single forever!!!

      • Dilemmameringue

        The Franskter is trying so hard to break free from his cookie cutter suburban upbringing. Lose the thumb ring (!), apply copious toner, and return that tank top to the women’s department.

      • Lilly

        Yeah Lola, totally agree and Sadee too, very distracting indeed. At one point I was thinking that I’ve never seen a man with cleavage before!

      • mccliza

        Totally agree. And what about that cheesy sweater thing poking out of his suit coat in the rose ceremony?

      • RK

        Yeah, that shirt made her look like a ho, as did her heels when visiting Roberto’s family — although it looked like his mom had even higher ones.

      • Dr JJ

        Same thought here. I said to my husband “what the hell is he wearing?!?”

      • teekay

        LOL, didn’t watch last night but you’re all making me want to track down a picture of Frank’s tank top. :D

  • jabber

    I fell for Frank, hook, line and sinker. He and Ali had the most natural chemistry I have ever seen on this show. I don’t know when he changed his mind. That kiss in the rain in NYC was electric.

    • SLB

      When he realized he still wanted to be with his ex-girlfriend?

    • Karate Pants

      I think his feelings for Ali were/are genuine, but he still harbored feelings for someone else.
      Hasn’t that ever happened to you?

      • Mellissa

        Not to mention that Ali isn’t a sure deal–he still has to “win” the final rose before they can be a couple. His ex is a sure bet.

    • Laura

      Yes, I agree some of the most natural chemistry moments have been with Frank. You can’t define chemistry!

    • MEP

      It was when she picked him last during the rose ceremony. He felt like the second runner-up and probably thought, I am not going to hang around only to get dumped by Ali.

      • Rene

        I agree. Why would she call his name last, knowing he was feeling insecure. It’s like she was taunting him.

      • Sky

        I think we all saw Frank’s pained and worried look as each name was called before his. For Ali do do that he confided his insecurities seems odd to say the least, and intentional. Perhaps he felt it was a message to him that he was #3 on her list. It might also be what ultimately made him realize this torture was not worth it. His time with Ali has been short.- Even if she picked him in the end, there was no guarantee of a “happily ever after.” He already had been with someone he obviously cared about but was not ready at the time to take it further, and instead walked away. I know I have done that, regretfully. It would take a great courage to admit that on public television – the ultimate audience of outrageously judgmental and opinionated people. Frank does not seem like he has anything to gain by doing so – except perhaps happy life with a woman he realized he really loves.

    • morningglory

      I think Frank also really, really hated this process, which forces people to watch the person they are attracted to make out with/date/hang all over other people at the same time. Yes, he may’ve known the concept ahead of time, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to live through when you’re actually doing it. All along, Frank has seemed genuinely attracted to Ali and interested in creating a relationship, but he’s also been uncomfortable knowing she is “with” other people (and I don’t mean having sex, just spending time with in an emotionally intimate way. He knows she is kissing and canoodling with all these other guys. He’s shown that’s hard for him.) I think he has realized he wants someone who is into him alone, not as part of a buffet. I don’t blame him. It’s why I would never do this show, because the whole idea that you can fall in love with one person while spending very little time with that one person and having to kiss and schmooze and “date” everybody else, too, is ridiculous.

      Anyway, I think Frank is cute. He seems smart and fun, in a more modern, city-boy way. Roberto is gorgeous and seems like an absolute sweetheart, Chris comes off incredibly nice and sincere and solid and everything you would want in a boyfriend you can depend on (and Chris Harrison is obviously a little in love with Chris L — bromance right there, folks!) while Frank is more quirky, vivid, faster, smarter, funnier. It’s just what type flips your switches. Do you want to date the type represented by Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford or Ewan McGregor?

      • Karate Pants

        Well put, morningglory!

      • antonio

        Antonio Banderas FTW!!

      • Sky

        I agree about Frank! I also believe that all 4 men are top quality choices as husbands and/or life partners. I don’t think Ali could have picked a better selection of men for the final countdown. There are some lucky women out there who will get the men not chosen. And, if she chooses no one, even more for others in the wings. Hopefully Ali will be able to look back without regret for whatever decision she made. How many of us women has the opportunity in life to be offered on a platter such an array of stable, intelligent, and good looking men. Having the cameras around and extensive criticism sucks, but it might be worth it to get that kind of selection handed to you to “test drive.”

      • Pam

        Frank’s deep introspection is an anomoly in this otherwise shallow procedure, which is probably why lots of people are turned off by him. However, I’m keeping an open mind on what REALLY happens in Tahiti. I believe there’s more to it than the brief teasers and spoilers have indicated. We should just wait and see how it plays out. We could all be quite surprised, happily or disagreeably.

      • lisa

        Pam I sure hope you are right because I’ve been extremely frustrate with ABC showing us their apparent break up so early in the previews then expecting us to buy into their relationship!!

  • Lola

    Not sure who I adore more: Chris L. or his “Pop.” It certainly appears Chris comes from an incredible family and I was in tears a couple of times while they were in Cape Cod. Not sure I want to see him as the next “Bachelor,” however. Sorry Chris but he seems too good for the franchise, and after this (if he’s not the final one) I bet Dennis, Mass. will see an influx of eligible lovelies.

    • kkp

      Yes, I wish I had a husband like Chris who came from a family like his with people who know how to love each other and treat each other with respect. As much as I want him to be happy, I hope he finds it off camera. Whoever it is will be a lucky woman. I’m sure his dad will be getting some calls now, too! What a great guy!

    • Shannon

      Agreed. I adore Chris, and I genuinely want him to be happy. He’s such a wonderful man. I hope he finds love off the camera. He’s a great interview on this show because he’s so real and unscripted and a little unpolished. He’s so NORMAL. But I don’t see him in the position of Bachelor, nor do I think he’d want to be. Whomever Chris marries in the future, she will be one lucky woman!

      • Lisa

        Completely agree with you Shannon. Chris is by far the best that has been on this show, ever. If he were not 10 years my junior, I’d be up in Cape Cod in a heart beat. Anyone would be lucky to have him, I just don’t think Ali is the perfect fit for him.

      • Rene

        Chris reminds me of Harry Connick Jr.

    • Ame

      I’m definitely heading to Cape Cod for him…. such a catch.

    • Sara

      I am heading to Cape Cod for Chris’s Dad! What a wonderful man.

    • Tina

      I totally agree with you, Chris s Dad is soo amzaing. I would choose Chris because the family gave very very good advice and example for Chris and a new wife. I would take Chris for myself and I would be very proud calling his dad “my daddy”

  • Dale Adkins

    Ali’s insecurities continue to plague her as they have from the beginning. She’s not ready to commit
    Chris L. for the next bachelor – definitely

    • kaf

      I disagree about Chris as the bachelor. He is too sweet to “date” 25 women at once!

  • swn

    Roberto is the hottest of them all. Swoon = Roberto in the baseball uniform. If Ali doesn’t pick him, PLEASE make him the next bachelor. Sigh, Roberto.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t think I am going to be able to stomach Chris getting his heart broken…you can always tell who gets their heart broken by who is the most real, take Kiptyn for example. Chris is real and that scares Ali…she keeps saying Roberto is too good to be true…I think he is great, but really Chris is too good to be true. Sure he doesn’t always look the most macho or whatever, he is still real and the best catch on this show ever. Real tears will be shed all over when Ali rejects him:(

    • DiMi

      Um, Kiptyn was a boring robot. Chris, I agree, is amazing.

      • Ame

        What? Kiptyn and Chris are my favorites on this show – ever. Kiptyn is the main reason I’ll be watching the Bachelor Pad. And Chris is just a doll. I was so greatful for my DVR last night so I could rewind that tower scene in his backyard… so cute!

      • Karate Pants

        Yeah, Kiptyn was a total robot.
        Love Chris L. though!

      • R3

        Kiptyn’s mom would be “monster-in-law”.

    • Tina

      me toooooo. I could not stand to see Chris being hurt or dump by Ali but I realllllly hope ALi still pick Chris. I fell in love with Chris because hes soo ready for setetle down for the family and marrying someone and ready for the kids. I love Chris. I also love Roberto too but I dont think hes for me because he has a big dream to play baseball and alot of travel ( may be not there for the family much)

      • R3

        You keep mentioning his dreams of baseball — I think he has retired from baseball and is selling insurance. Baseball was in his past.

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